Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Regarding the Pain Scale...

I decided to this Pain Scale as a way to help my family relate better to how I am feeling and coping on any given day.  I also shared it with a group of about 15 women and one man that I have had the pleasure of being in an email loop for over 2 years. 

I wanted them to have it to use for their families and friends and even doctors.

While on the Remicade I was usually between a 2 and 5.  Not bad, believe me.

Now, since it has worn off and the new medicine has not begun to work yet, I am between a 6 and 8.  Yesterday was an 8.  Today is a 6 so far. 

But I am going out Christmas shopping in the 15 degree weather anyhow.  Things MUST get done!  So, I have motivated myself this morning with coffee and the promise of a nap later...lol.

Be well,


klconard1 said...

Bless your heart dear, I am praying for you that the new treatment will be so wonderful when it kicks in that it's worth all of this suffering!
loving you

cdittric77 said...

The prayers of my wife and I are with you always.
With peace and love,

sdoscher458 said...

My prayers are with you on a daily basis, I have slight R in my joints so I know how stiff, and painful that can be...I can only imagine what you go through...be strong, hoping that the new stuff works for you.....Sandi http://journals.aol.com/sdoscher458/LifeIsFullOfSurprises

lv2trnscrb said...

disregard my last comment, Dawn; should have read ahead. I think you did an excellent job listing that and then sharing it with your family and friends.

Be careful out there in the cold weather.


thebaabee said...

I printed the pain scale out.  It's exactly right.  You are just  wonderful.

I give you a lot of credit braving the cold and pain to go out today.


jckfrstross said...

i love this scale thanks for putting it in your journal


backstagek said...

Thank you so much for your Pain Scale, my husband said he can relate better to my pain, he is really good to me. I was on Remicade til it seemed to quit working, now on Humira weekly. It really helps for now. I also have Lupus, RA, Fibro and evrything that seems to come with it. Thank you for your journal and all the wonderful people that respond. Everyone has helped me understand myself so much.God Bless Everyone. Enjoy every moment. Angel

eml625 said...

Ok-- now I get it.... Hope your doing better now. Be careful shopping.


sangrialel said...

My kids pediatrician uses this with the kids.  It works great!  Lelly