Wednesday, August 29, 2007

See You in September

Any Bugs Bunny fans remember this one from Saturday morning cartoons?  lol  I won't be here for Caturday... so I had to put these in now!

I leave in about 7 hours.  I can't sleep.  The prednisone pulse I started has kicked in!  I will be fine... probably will get about 4 hours... that will be enough, and will help me sleep good at the hotel tomorrow night!

I hope that everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend, even those of you in UK and Canada, who are probably not off!

I will do an entry about my Uncle Larry's memorial another time, I just can't now.  My parents and Aunt Bea did get there and back safe.

I am going to do another Alphabet Meme that I found, and I hope that while I am gone some of you (ahem) will attempt to do it!  Leave me a comment so I know!

The Alphabet Meme - Things you did or happened today!

A  -  Advised Hammer, at his request, on a few things for his upcoming first date, on Saturday with GalPal!

B  -  Boarding passes printed out for the tickets.

C  -  Comforted my Aunt Bea with a long hug when she arrived this morning at 9:30am.

D  -  Dialed the hotel to confirm reservations for our adjoining rooms - all set!

E  -  Emptied medicine bottles down to just the needed few days, plus a couple, because you 'never know'.

F  -  Found my favorite travel tote bag that I thought was lost.

G  -  Gave lots of extra hugs and kisses to Hammer today because he will be here with Hubby, and I will miss him!

H  -  Hammer sat with myduring 'family tv time', which his siblings usually never let him do, but they know that he needed it tonight.

I  -  Issued the 'care of dog and cat' instructions on a large sticky note, and stuck it on the cabinet as a reminder!

J  -  Joined Hubby on the couch to watch 'Judge Judy' for a half hour before dinner.

K  -  Kissed Libby and the cats and pet them a lot!

L  -  Laughed at Fuzzy and Pumpkin's antics, and Hammer's jokes.

M  -  Muddled through the day, taking my time, and yet now, it seems to have flown by!

N  -  Napped for about 1 1/2 hours from 2:30 - 4pm, thank you kids!

O  -  Obsessed about forgetting things, as if going to Indianapolis, near relatives and with relatives, is like going to the dark side of the moon.  (reminding myself again, now, to chill-ax.  lol)

P  -  Packed 2 wheelie bags, one toiletries bag, and my travel tote (that my purse fits inside).

Q  -  Questioned kids about handheld video games to bring and books for nighttime reading, and subsequently packed them.

R  -  Realized that I made the right decision after my parents returned looking emotionally worn out from the 10 hour round trip and memorial/wake.

S  -  Set the table with paper plates for our quick dinner of pierogies with cheese sauce and frozen pizza (for Hammer and Fuzzy, they don't do pierogies) 

T  -  Talked to my Uncle Eddie, and either he or my Aunt Deb will be picking us up at the airport.

U  -  Understood that my Hubby is on edge, nervous about me leaving without him, and that is probably why he snapped at me earlier.

V  -  Ventured into the basement to do a load of laundry. 

W  -  Wished that Hubby and Hammer and the dog could all come on the trip, but know that this worked out for the best.

X  -  Excited to see some relatives that I haven't seen in a long time.

Y  -  Yukked it up, laughing at a hysterical email from Gaz!

Z  -  Zippered and unzipped the suitcases, over and over!  lol

See?  A fun meme. 

And now, I will head to bed, and attempt to get some sleep.  I have to get up at 6am to shower ahead of everyone!

Don't worry about me, I will be fine.  Got my meds, and my parents, and other family to watch out for me and help with the kids, so this should be a snap!

Behave while I am gone and have fun!

be well,

Amazing Grace

Well, my parents left about a half hour ago.

The decision was made last night... I stayed.  My dad expressed his concern, too, and Hubby also made it clear, he thought it was too much for me.  Suffice it to say, things have not been that great for me physically, it is hard to argue that I can handle it all.

So, I did not go to Uncle Larry's service. 

Uncle Larry was all about the living, and as my dad pointed out, and he wouldn't have gone to his own wake, were that an option. 

True. :-)

However, I am still feeling really sad, and like I should be doing something.

Oh, I have plenty to do, laundry and packing... so while I do it, I am going to think about Uncle Larry and all the fun he is having on the Other Side, riding his hog, cigarette in his mouth, scotch in his hand, girl in the other, and another girl on the back of the bike.

be well,

ps.  Uncle Larry loved the color burgundy...  :-)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Purple People Eaters

So, here is a some meme fun...  Need to decompress my brain with something silly!

Alphabet of foods you hate, alternating with foods you love!

A  -  Apples :-)

B  -  Broccoli  :-(

C  -  Coffee  :-)  (and now you know why I started with a food in the 'like' category)

D  -  Duck :-(  (I don't like dark meat)

E  -  Eggs :-)

F  -  Figs :-(  (although I like fig newtons, go figure)

G  -  Gorgonzola cheese :-)

H  -  Halibut :-(

I  -  Ice Cream :-)

J  -  Jelly  :-( (any kind)

K  -  Kale :-(   edit: CRAP!  I screwed up with 2 hates in a row!  Dang! I am so fried...

L  -  Lobster tail :-)

M  -  Mushrooms :-(

N  -  Nachos :-)

O  -  Octopuss :-(

P  -  Pasta :-)

Q  -  Quail :-(

R  -  Ravioli :-)

S  -  Snails :-(

T  -  Tomato :-)

U  -  Urchin :-(

V  -  V-8  :-)

W  -  Watercress :-(

X  -  extra cheese please!

Y  -  Yams :-(

Z  -  Zababliogne :-) (an italian dessert with fruit and cream/liquor sauce)


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Goofy Goobers

I have 5 kids here today!  My three, and DogBoy and Peanut!

Their mom is a teacher, and she got a new job this year, and had to start an orientation training this week.  I volunteered last week to have the kids for a day!

Our kids (Bob & Ilene's, and ours) get along so well it is really wonderful!

With Uncle Larry dying, I forgot to tell you all about the shark tooth adventure with Boy Scouts on Saturday!  The boys had a good time but it was so hot that Hammer didn't enjoy himself as much as he could have were it cooler. 

However, the boys got some wonderful 50 million plus, shark teeth fossils!  Some from sand shark ancestors, and some from tiger shark ancestors.  Very cool.

The real adventure started for Hubby on the way out of the woods that surrounds the creek!  The boys in the troop were about 50 feet ahead of Hubby and another leader.  The boys were whacking the brush away with sticks.

Well, it looks like one of them hit a yellow jacket nest, because before they knew it, Hubby and the other leader were being swarmed!!  They ran out of the woods, but both were chased and stung!!!

In the end, Hubby had 7 stings!  3 on the right arm, one on the left, one on his right flank, one on his right foot, and one under his chin!  The other leader only had one!  They took Benedryl right away. 

Overnight, the stings got much worse on Hubby!  We had to call the doctor and get him started on a steroid course to help with the swelling and itching.  Yesterday, he was better, but they still itch. 

Never a dull moment here in Dawn's world!!!

Still not sure about tomorrow... more later.

be well,

Monday, August 27, 2007

Wish You Were Here

Thank you, everyone.  I am overwhelmed by the response. 

Things are hectic here.  The wake is Wednesday, and we leave Thursday, at 7am, to go to the airport for the flight to Indianapolis for the wedding on my mom's side of the family.

My parents are going to make the 6 plus hour round trip.  My mom doesn't want me to do it.  She is being a mom, and worrying about me, and wants me to conserve myself for the trip to Indy, with the two kids.  Between the RA/Lupus, the new med not working, the heat, the brain thingy and numbness/facial pain.  I just don't know either.

I could scream.

I haven't decided what I am doing yet.

I can't get this song out of my head, so I decided to share the lyrics with you all.

Uncle Larry would appreciate it.  Although, he was more of a country, and 50's rock fan.  LOL

Wish You Were Here Lyrics by Pink Floyd

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have you found? The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

be well,

Sunday, August 26, 2007


My uncle, my dad's eldest brother, died today at 75. 

This is the death of the first sibling on my dad's or mom's side.  My dad also has two older sisters. 

We were called yesterday and told that he may not make it through the night, and in true Uncle Larry fashion, he made it through the night to pass at noon today.  Unfortunately, for the last 17 years, my Uncle has lived about 3 hours away in Upstate NY (and that is without traffic).

Uncle Larry was like a cat, no less than 9 or 10 times, family has been told to say goodbye's to him - only for him to rebound.  There was three colon cancer occurrences, and many life threatening intestinal issues.  That isn't even counting the 5 critical motorcycle accidents throughout his life!

Most brought on by Uncle Larry and his hard living ways.  Drinking, smoking, partying, womanizing, riding motorcycles, and in general, not listening to any doctors orders.

In the end, it was his refusal to stop smoking, with the emphysema he has been battling for about 7 years, that took its final toll!!

One thing I will say way about my Uncle, he knew his flaws, accepted the consequences of his flaws, and was unapologetic about them. 

And, he was about as opposite of my dad as a person could get!  Which was kind of fun to watch!  lol

Growing up, Uncle Larry did live nearby with #2 of his three wives, and he was a fun Uncle.  He loved to spoil me, and was always like a mobile party being around him.  At Christmas time, he and my aunt spent many nights sleeping over.  Christmas morning when my parents would be busily cooking for the two families descending later in the day (20-30 some years), Uncle Larry would be assembling my toys, and playing with me non-stop!

Uncle Larry always bought me the biggest most obnoxious toy that I wanted that year, you know the one, the one your parents said 'NO' to getting?  Yup... he would always show up with it!!! 

I will never forget the year with the Barbie Townhouse, three stories tall, with a working elevator!!!!  It took my uncle probably 4 hours to get that elevator to work right, but he did it!!!  And, he was my hero as always!!!

Today, while we are waiting in a limbo to hear what the arrangements will be, and when, we are doing our best to remember his life, because that is what he did best! 

Living full and hard!!!

Until we meet again on the Other Side... I hope Uncle Larry is riding his hog, having a scotch, and has a pretty woman on his arm.

be well,

ps.  Roy Orbison was one of my Uncle's favorites, and for a while he managed a Roy impersonator/singer who was really great!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if every day was Caturday?

I laughed so hard when I saw that pic!!!  LOL

Pumpkin had a fun sleepover, and in the theme of this summer, the fun shall never end!!!  She is here now with Vi, and Vi's little bro, we shall call him Tee.   Right now, they are 'helping' Pumpkin clean her room.  Yeah right.

I am drinking coffee. 

Hubby is on his way home from a Boy Scout trip to sift through the sand in a creek for sharks teeth fossils that are millions of years old.  It is in central jersey somewhere... very cool.

Dan, who now has 2 blogs but, wants you to use this one,  The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind II , listed his 10 Top Literature Reads.  Like real literature, classics, not your personal fave novels and what not.

So, without further ado, here are mine.

1.     Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway

2.     The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck

3.     Moby Dick - Herman Melville

4.     The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

5.     Walden: Or a Life in the Woods - Henry David Thoreau

6.     The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka

7.     For Whom the Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemingway

8.     The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Tolkein

9.     Dracula - Bram Stoker

10.     Forever Amber - Kathleen Winsor

Of course, this is just my personal top ten, and there are many classics of literature that should be read!

Okay... have a great Caturday!

be well,

Friday, August 24, 2007

View to a Kill

AOL ate my entry.  I am so pissed off.  Arrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!


So, here is a much shorter version of that entry.  Pumpkin is across the street for a sleepover at Vi's house!

The boys are having a boys only night!  They watched Austin Powers II earlier, and now are on Star Wars, the original.

More tomorrow... I am so aggravated!!! 

be well,

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am going to just jump into my Thankful's first...

Thankful Thursday

1.     Getting the Mail, first.  Sometimes I don't get there first, and things go a bit missing.  Today, I was first, and I received a second treat in the mail from a friend.  Thank you.  More than words can express, thank you.

2.     Alone.  Hubby took the kids to drive some golf balls, and I am home alone.  Alone time can be very nice.  After the last two weeks, it is very, very nice.

3.     Kathy.  My wonderful, selfless sister of my heart, who sacrificed a half day of vacation, and time with her own family, to come yesterday to spend the afternoon and evening with Hammer, for his birthday.

4.     Hammer.  For not complaining, not even once, that we didn't get to go away to Wildwood Crest, as we usually do, for the week of his birthday.  In this house lately, not getting a complaint has been rare.

5.     All of you.  Thank you, for all the wonderful birthday wishes for my dear sweet, Hammer!  He read them all, and just beamed from ear to ear!

6.     Coffee.  Ahhhhh... the smell of a fresh brewed cup of Hazelnut, the warmth as it goes down, the nutty smooth taste, and the silence of any empty house....  It is an 'Ahhhhh...' moment for me.   :-)


This afternoon, Pumpkin went across the street to Vi's house to do 'girly' stuff, so the boys and I decided to watch a movie that she didn't want to see.

'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' went into the DVD player, and Fuzzy and I laughed our silly butts off.  Hammer giggled at most, rolled his eyes a lot, and in the end, thought its genius was exaggerated by me.   Oh well, you can't please everyone.

I must confess, about 30 minutes after dinner, while playing video games with Fuzzy, I got a bit of vindication.  Hammer quoted the movie!  LOL  I think it is growing on him...

'Just a flesh wound!'  LOL

Yesterday, was a tough day for me.  The headache was awful, and the numbness and facial nerve pain was really tough to deal with, but I made it through.

Today was so much better!  I so wish that yesterday, I felt the way I did today when I woke up!  Especially since it was Hammer's birthday!!!  ACK!  What it is, it is... can't change it. 

My dad treated us to lunch today, as he had off from work for labs and a doc appointment!  It was another birthday treat for Hammer!  Fuddruckers... yummy... the best burgers!  While there, we ran into a lady using a walker who was probably my age.  She could walk well, it must be a balance/weakness issue, and she probably has Lupus or MS.  I think I ran into the same woman and son, at the theater recently.  If I run into her again, I think I will start up a conversation!

I read a good book over the last two days, 'Scent of Darkness' by Christina Dodd.  Very good, a supernatural thriller type.  A quick read, too.  I also read the latest Lisa Jackson... can't remember the name of it, and too lazy to get up and look, but it was also very good!

More later...

be well,



Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to You!

Fifteen years ago, at 11:30pm on 8/20, my labor began with Hammer.  My mucous plug dislodged (don't ask, those who know, know...), and I had some mild contractions. 

Hubby and I ran over to the hospital, after we spoke to the OB doc on the phone, and they checked to be sure my water didn't break, also.  It didn't.  Back home we went and at 4 am on the 21st, I was trying to sleep.  We both had to be at my OB docs office for a non-stress test at 9:30am, so the sleep was too short, and my last.

Up at 8:30am, and my mild contractions had stopped!  The non stress test was fine, and I was sent back home, assured by my OB doc, that my labor would restart again real soon. 

For those not familiar with a non-stress test, they strap you up to a monitor that checks for contractions, movements of the baby, and the baby's heart rate, and then have you drink a bunch of sweet stuff.  If the baby is good, the heart rate will go up and movements increase.  If that doesn't happen, it is an indication that something isn't right.

Hubby and I went out to breakfast at the diner, and then went to my parents house.  Hubby immediately fell asleep on the floor.  I tried to nap, but spent most of the day chit chatting with my dad. 

At 4pm, I had a contraction again.  Mild, no big deal.  Hubby just woke up, and he wrote it down in his note pad.  Another one at 4:20, another around a half hour later, and then back to 20 minutes.  It seems that this was it, labor is back!

We went to a local restaurant, the Crow's Nest, and began a tradition of the place to eat before having a baby.  The meal was great, and would end up being my last until sometime on Sunday! 

After dinner we headed over to my Aunt Mae's & Uncle Joe's house, and every 15 - 20 minutes, I had a cute, mild contraction and Hubby dutifully wrote it down.  Everyone at my Aunt's did a pool of when the baby would be born, Saturday or Sunday and how much would the baby weigh.  I remember we watched America's Most Wanted, and I believe a Yankees game, back and forth.

Hubby and I were home alone in our apartment by 11pm, and trying to get some sleep.

I couldn't sleep.  Hubby was in snore-ville.  I took over writing the contractions down, which were now more intense and at 10 minutes apart.  I wanted to sleep but just couldn't.  I also had to run to the bathroom a lot as my body cleansed itself.  The fun was starting to wear off, and the contractions, not so cute.

By 3am they were about 5 minutes apart, but occasionally I would go back up to 8 or 10 minutes.  I soldiered on alone.

At 5am, I woke hubby with a punch.  I know not nice, but I was in pain, and I yelled at him 'Here is your notebook, I am tired of doing this alone!'   I remember his eyes getting wide and seeing him wake up the fastest ever, as he took in the way I looked, stooped over and in pain, and seeing the numbers in the notebook at 5 minutes apart. 

At 7am, we decided to go to my parents house, as they are less than 1/2 mile from the hospital.  I remember Hubby helping me get out of the car, and having to stop half way to the door for a contraction.  After we got settled, since my contractions were about 3 minutes on average apart for the last 2 hours, at 8am, I called the doc.  And, to the hospital we went.

At this point I will compress the rest of the story for you. 

Unfortunately, even though my contractions were very strong, in the 100 plus range on the monitor, I was not dilating very much.  Stalled at just 2 cms, which I was before labor.  They broke my water and gave me pitocin.  That just made me throw up, and the pain worse. 

Finally, although it took from 8:30am until 6pm, I was dilated enough for them to giveme an epidural.  I could smile again, talk and laugh.  I was totally ready to go!!! 

Unfortunately, my body was not.  They maxed me out at the top pitocin dosage, but I only barely dilated to 5cm's.   Time for a c-section. 

Hammer was born 9:53pm, on Saturday, August 22, 1992.  He was 8lbs and 8 3/4oz.  He was 21 1/2 inches long. 

I will never forget his face when Hubby held him for the first time, while I was still on the OR table.  His eyes were so big and blue, and he just looked at me, with a sweet smile!  Once they dressed him, and put him in the blanket in Hubby's arms, he didn't cry at all!

Hammer was soooo alert, and he looked from Hubby to me, and we both felt like he was just taking it all in, 'Yup, this is my mom and dad!' 

His poor head, which was (is) huge, was coned on one side and bruised from where it had been smashing into my pelvis for the last twodays!  They feared a skull fracture, and had to xray his head right away!  Thankfully, there was none, but it did take almost 3 months for his head to take its normal shape. 

And, that was the amazing story, of Hammer's first birth day.  And, the birth of my first, eldest child.

These stories become legend for our kids, and there is so much more.  Like how during the 14 plus hour wait for my parents, which was shared by my Aunt Mae and Uncle Joe, the dining room table fell apart as they sat at it.  

Or how, Kathy was left home alone, and how Leslie snuck in to see him and I early in the morning before visiting hours because she worked at the ER! 

Dearest Hammer, you are my first, my eldest,  and I cannot believe it has been 15 years since you were held, first in your father's arms, and then mine.  The time has flown, yesterday you were a sweet baby, today a young man.  I am so proud of the person you are and are becoming, each and every passing day. 

I wouldn't have thought it possible on that day, but I do love you more now, than I ever could then. 

Happy Birthday, Hammer.

be well,

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Against the Wind

Ahhh... just what I needed... LOL

Someone made a comment about how my hair looks doing it myself, well, it looks just like that pic on my side bar, but no dirty blonde peeking out from underneath on the top.  I am lucky that my hair is very easy to do, and I don't have any grey hairs to deal with either. 

Always a plus side! 

And, without further ado, the Tuesday Twelve!

(Someone mentioned it was hard to do this meme after reading my answers.  What I suggest is this, get a pencil and piece of paper, and just quickly jot down the bold words, without reading my answers.  Do yours first in an email to yourself, then come back and read mine!  Okay?)

Tuesday Twelve

The word association meme that follows the formula:

I say __________, and you say _____________.

Copy and paste into your own blog, if you would like to play along.

Bust  -  Boobs.  As in, 'We must, we must, we must increase our bust...' a childhood chant while exercising... silly, I know...

Kisses  -  Hershey's!  My cousin is there this week, on vacation with her husband and kids.

Elbow  -  Tennis.  That's what they all say...

Snap - Crackle, Pop. Rice Krispies!

Brush  -  Hair.  I immediately think of how my daughter hates do this in the morning, but has the craziest wildest morning hair you have ever seen!

Serve  -  Waitress.  I could never have been one. 

Under  -  the Boardwalk by Otis Redding.  Makes me think of the beach, sand, and romance.  Although, I would never actually want to go 'under' the boardwalk.  Ewww.

Race  - Amazing.  The tv show.  I love it.  You get to see exotic locales, learn about their culture, and people watch the ones who are racing.  Fun!

Cream  -  Coffee.  I actually prefer half and half, but I did it again, Bill!!!  LOL

Waffle  -  Belgian.  With syrup and butter please....yum.  I swear these memes always make me hungry!

Flick  -  Your Bic!  Remember those commercials from the late 1970's???  Yeah, too young?  Smack yourself for me, okay?  Good...

Beast  -  Beauty and the Beast.  I love that Disney movie!  I mean, Belle loved books... I love books!!! Belle tamed the Beast, I tamed a beast!!!  lol  ::: waving, Hi Honey!:::

Ta da!  

Okay, since I was very grumpy before, I would like to apologize and say, that the easier to clean hamster cage is good, it is very easy to do my hair (as I said above), I wish I could make things better for my mom at work, and the three wonderful, amazing, smart, kind children that I have are worth the occasional sneeze spritz of middle agedom.  :-) 

And, as my dad always says, 'It is better to get older than the alternative (death).'  Yup, you are right, Dad. 

Life is good, even when you feel grumpy. 

be well,

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Turn the Page

::: sigh:::

Tonight, my uncle Jim, from Minnesota, who is in NJ on business, met us at a favorite restaurant for dinner.  It was really nice to see him!  Those of us going to IN for the wedding, will see him and his whole family there on Labor Day weekend.  I am really looking forward to that!

Did you ever just want to turn ahead a few pages in life? I do. 

Not a lot going on here; I was quite 'excited' over a new metal mesh hamster wheel, since it lets the pee drip through, because I was tired of cleaning the dried pee off the 'old' solid plastic one, but really, who wants to hear all about that?  Sorry, so sorry.

As if I wasn't feeling insecure enough about my weight, my brain tumor, my lupus/RA, and going away with 2 kids without hubby, my cousin brought me two of her very best 'fat' dresses that no longer fit her anymore since she lost weight.  :::sigh:::  I know that she didn't mean it that way, and I appreciate the thought, but, yeah, you know what I mean.

I did color my hair today which was very over due.  To save money, I have been doing it myself, which I hate, but I 'suck it up for the good of team', as they say.  (I don't know who 'they' are but I hate 'them')

To try to make it more pleasant for myself, I only do it when Hubby is home (and he was home early today), and I announce it to all, and then LOCK myself in the bathroom for the entire time.  After putting the gunk in my hair, I read a magazine and drink coffee/water, by myself, all the while. 

I can still pretend, I am a diva at a salon can't I?

Yeah, it isn't quite as much fun, but I go girl! 

(The hardest part is squeezing the bottle of gunk out with sore hands, and then the blow drying and styling.  You should see the swelling on my hands and wrists tonight, ugh.)

Let's see, what else.  My mom is in horrible mood, which I think is 80% work related, 10% my dad, and probably 10% me.  I don't know what I did, but I am sure it is more what I didn't do.  I do try my best, Mom.  Really.

Libby, the infamous yellow lab, has the beginnings of another ear infection.  The extremely damp last 5 days, with on and off drizzles, has taken their toll, the poor dog.  :(  She hates the ear drops I have to put in her ears, but loves the slice of American Cheese she gets with it, so she does take them like a trooper. 

I just realized something neat.  I will be 42 on November 22nd.

Libby will be 6 on November 26th, which in human years is 6x7=42. 

So, yes, Libby and I will both be 42 this November!  Woohoo!

I wonder if she will 'spritz' when she sneezes, too, or if that is just a joy of human middle aged women, who have popped off three kids?  ::: sigh :::

Yeah.  Tomorrow, book sorting, general 'getting ready for school' stuff, and organizing and downsizing, around the house.  Wish me luck, the kids don't exactly 'enjoy' this stuff!  lol

And, please, stay tuned for more heart stopping excitement.

be well,

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Show Me the Way

 Ahhh... can you smell the sweat?  Hear the grunts and the tackles?  See the colors... the formations... the grass stains?

That my friends, is how you know it is FOOTBALL time!  Yes, the NFL pre-season has begun... none of that 'futbol'/soccer crap (sorry Gaz, Lyn, Kath, Linda et al), but the real All American deal!!!!  Wooo hooo!!!!

The pigskin is on the loose again!!!!!   The Giants, the Jets, Favre, Shockey, Brady, Leinart, the Mannings!!!  YAY!

Can you tell I really love football?  I do!!!  I love football and all it heralds... the autumn, nature's magic show of colors, crisp cool air, Sunday's watching 'the games', Monday's talking and reading about it, and then, getting ready to do it all again for the next weekend!  And, once football starts, the end of baseball season is near and that is exciting, too!

<<<sigh>>>  Yep... I am a happy gal!

So, let me catch you all up on life at Dawn's Crazy House of Summer Kid Fun Madness!

Karol, my cousin, arrived at 10am with Dunkin Donuts and her youngest son, who will be hence nicknamed 'Red', thanks to his gorgeous strawberry blonde thick hair. 

We drank coffee, ate donuts or bagels, drank more coffee, and caught up on life.  It was very nice.  The kids, ran around like loons, played video games, ran in and out of the house, you all know the drill. 

About 3 pm, we said our good byes.  Karol and her family went today to Hershey Park for some more family fun and kiddie madness.  God Speed, Karol.  LOL

Of course, I will be seeing them all in Indianapolis, Labor Day weekend!  Our hotel is the same!  Yay!  I am looking forward to more time together, and visiting with other membersof our family that we don't see much at all due to geographic location issues!  Yay! 

Another high point on Saturday, my parents (thanks, mom and dad) took the kids out to dinner so that Hubby and I could go out alone.  This was a very much needed dinner out.  We haven't had a quiet dinner alone in about 2 months or so, and I needed it, being the at home mommy and host of Summer Kid Madness.  LOL

Today, was the Yankee game that my mom won 6 tickets for at the baseball end of year festivities.  Hubby took Hammer and Fuzzy, our friend Bob and his son, DogBoy, and their friend Russ!  AND, the Yankees won!!!!  Woot woot!!!  The Pennant Race is on, and the Yankees are doing their late season hot streak!!!  Yes!!!!! 

We do not usually have the opportunity to go to this many games, but it all happened at the same time!  LOL  Pumpkin and I had a girls day again, which was really nice!  We went bowling, and Pumpkin did great.  We also had lunch their together, during the bowling, and on the way home did a quick errand at the drug store, where Pumpkin walked out with Twizzlers and sidewalk chalk.  What's not to love???

In other exciting news, Fuzzy was invited to be a Student Ambassador at his school by the new incoming principal.  As an ambassador he will be a 'big brother' to a specific incoming 4th grader to the school, and will help show them around and advise them for the year!  Also exciting, is that his classmate and our neighbor Vi (a girl) who lives across the street was also asked, as was DogBoy and Russ, Fuzzy's friends and fellow scouts!  I am so excited and proud for them all.

It was a really nice weekend, kids, family, baseball, football, good food... can't complain.  I could, but I won't! 

Looking forward to more exciting things this week!

be well,

Friday, August 17, 2007

You gotta be a Football Hero

Hubby, Hammer, Fuzzy and Dill are all sitting in the drizzle at the NY Jets game.  My dad passed when the weather went south.  I don't blame him, it is just a pre-season game.

Then, Pennington, first time he puts his freakin' hands on the ball in the pre-season, throws an interception?  HELLO???  Not a confidence instilling move there, Chad.  Ugh.

Pumpkin is also out this evening.  The new Disney movie, High School Musical 2, is premiering on the Disney Channel tonight.  Her friend Meg, who used to live across the street from us, is having a few girls over to watch it!  Pumpkin is thrilled, because she and Meg were so very close, up until she moved.  Then, even though it is just 2 towns away, they just can't keep up the friendship the same way anymore.  :(

So, yes, you counted right, that leaves me alone in the house.  A nice treat after the hectic week that just passed.  :-)

I found this Friday Fill-in meme to do.  What the heck!

Friday Fill-in

1. There's Coffee and then there's decaf.  LOL

2. Subscribe to
 TV Guide, I think it is one of the few entertainment mags worth the money. 

3. I love a good book because it allows me to escape within its pages.

4. My favourite position is reading a book! (and the other thing is none of your business!  LOL)

5. I need to quit worrying too much, but I am waaayyy better than I used to be.

6. I need to start walking on my treadmill again.  No matter how fatigued, or how sore I am.  :-/

7. And as for the weekend, tonight (Fri.) I'm looking forward to the quiet, tomorrow my plans include visiting with my cousin, Karol, when she picks up Dill, and Sunday, I am going to relax and maybe go to the pool!

And, that as they say, is that.  Not much else to say... so I am signing off for now!

be well,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Life

Tonight, the kids watched a Will Ferrell double header. 

First, was 'Stranger than Fiction', which I thought was going to be too serious for them, but they were riveted.  Afterwards, Pumpkin told me it was one of the most amazing movies she ever saw!  High praise!

Next, they watched 'Kicking and Screaming', although they had seen it before, they all agreed it had been a while and it was good and funny!  Again, they were excellent while watching.

I think they exhausted themselves earlier!  After the weather cleared, they took the their rambunctiousness outside, before and after dinner for a while.  Dill and Fuzzy even got in some hoops, so that was nice. 

Hubby took them all to Dairy Queen for ice cream, and brought me back a treat, too.

All in all, in spite of it being a particularly difficult day for me, it was a good day!  I was able to manage the facial nerve pain, and function, although, the kids didn't ask much of me at all.  I played some cards, made some food, got some drinks, that was about it for me today!  LOL

I found this meme a while back, and finally decided to do it, as it was time consuming, and tonight, I had the time.

You won't be surprised with #1!!!

10 quotes that represent your life's philosophy

In Latin, "Carpe Diem, quam minimum credula postero!"  In English, "Seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow!"
-Horace, Roman philosopher/poet (65BC - 8BC)

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship."
- Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 1274)

"It is our choices, not our abilities, who make us who we are."           
 JK Rowling, through the character of Dumbledore, in the Harry Potter series.

"While there's life, there's hope.
- Cicero (106 BC - 43BC)

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends."
- Corinthians 13:7-8.

"A well spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death.
- Leonardo DaVinci  (1452-1519)

"Do every act of your life as if it were your last."
- Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor (121 - 180)

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love."
- Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor (121 - 180)

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.
- John F. Kennedy 35th U.S. President (1917 - 1963)

"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons."
- TS Eliot (1888 - 1965)


And, yes, I even found a quote about coffee by a noteable poet/author/playwright!  LOL 

I think my new personal fave coffee quote is, 'Decaf is the Devil's blend!', but it is an anonymous one, and too playful!

Good ole' TS though, sounds like he knew a thing or two about living by and through the java juice!

Okay, signing off now, hope you all have a great Friday!

be well,

Thankful Thursday

This is a great cat pic... right, Kathy?

Thank you everyone, for your kind comments.  I am so sorry that so many of you have gone through this kind of disappointment.  Many of you have experienced it because of divorce, and that is as sad. 

However, there are more important things to do in this entry as it is time to count blessings for Thankful Thursday!

1.     Coffee.  Yes, my friends, on this particular Thursday, coffee has moved to the top of the list again!  LOL

2.     Dill.  I really am enjoying this special time with him!!!  I tell you, he is great for my ego!  I get to hear all the great things that I do, that his mom doesn't do!  LOL  Sorry, Karol!!!  And, believe me, I know mine would be doing the same!!  The grass is always greener as they say!!!

3.     J-Land/Blogging.  This blog is a wonderful outlet for me.  And, J-land has provided me with great support and wonderful true friendships that I am very blessed to have found!

4.     Pumpkin.  My daughter is becoming more and more mature and compassionate with each and every passing day.  She is probably my biggest protector in the house, always 'watching out' for mommy.  Thank you, Pumpkin.

5.     Vicodin.  The makers of vicodin, specifically.  Thank you.  On days like today, when I am feeling so much facial pain that I want to scratch at my face, it provides me with relief but leaves me functional.  Both good things.


Well, gotta make sure the younger three kids don't kill each other.  Supposedly, they are playing Hide and Seek, upstairs.  It sounds like a full tackle version of the game.  Someone will end up crying, probably Pumpkin!

Catch you later... do your Thankful Thursday if you can!

be well,


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You've Got a Friend (or not)


Hey!  ::: waving ::: Is anyone out there?  Too quiet around here...

Earlier today, I read this on Donna's blog at This and that, and hockey!

<<<<<I don't mind showing strength and courage, but sometimes it's nice to just let it go and know the person you're talking to isn't going to run and hide because they don't want to hear it.   I know and understand that sometimes folks just can't deal with it for personal reasons, but friends should be friends at all times.  Not just in good ones.  I often wonder if they even realize their absence is taken so personal after a length of time.  How feelings change when that happens.  How the foundation of the relationship begins to crumble.  It's sad really.  I don't think I whine about things too much.......... do you?  Yet folks have made themselves so scarce like I might be catchy.  ::wiping tear::>>>>>

Oh no, Donna, you don't whine too much at all.

And, you are not the actual 'sick' person, that is actually your sister (send prayers and check out Donna's blog if you haven't).

As I was reading this, I was nodding my head in agreement.  I know many of my lupie/RA pals out there, will also.

There is a huge slice of America that has no idea how to relate to people with illness of any sort.  Chronic, acute, life threatening, or not, it doesn't seem to matter.  These people just leave you flat. 

It doesn't happen overnight, but the signs are there from the start.  The vague 'hmm's', the 'quick' subject change should your 'illness' issue come up.  Then, the phone calls start to come less and less.  Then, they just stop. 

You can run into them somewhere, and they act like nothing is wrong!  Like everything is just fine.  It isn't.  If you approach them about their 'distancing' from you, you will be told, that you are being silly, it's just that they are soooo 'busy'.

Do I sound like I know a thing or two about this? 

Yeah, I do. 

First, it was a friend, and it hurt, a lot.  She fought her own battle with cancer, just before I met her.  I expected that because of that she would be able to 'handle' my illness issues better.  It didn't work out that way.  Since our kids are good friends, the friendship has limped along, although we only see each other with the kids or spouses now.  Our separate friendship, just two women, two moms, dried up completely.

However, she didn't inflict the wound that hurts the most.  A cousin of mine (not Karol, and no one who read this blog), who lives only 2 towns away from me, with whom I was very close to during the the 5 years before being diagnosed, holds that distinction.  Although the relationship continued for a while after I was diagnosed, I did notice an immediate difference.

I didn't want to believe it though, so, I kept making excuses in my head.  Telling myself that I was imagining the 'tone of voice', and the 'sudden subject changes'.

The final break happened when she had a good excuses to use.  She went back to work part/time and suddenly, there was no time, not even on the days off, or the weekends, or anything.  However, she was continually busy with her 'friends' each weekend.  I thought Hubby and I were 'friends' with her and her hubby, too, but it became clear that I was mistaken.  Then, her hubby had a medical emergency, and my offers of assistance were rebuffed, after all, he wasn't 'really sick like a person like me.'  And, the phone calls completely ended, and then the emails, too.

But the worst insult happened this year.  Even though the relationship was 'none' at this point, we are related, and we received an invitation to my cousin's daughter's college graduation party.  It happened to be the same weekend as the Boy Scout Beach Jamboree, so we could not attend, and when I RSVP'd, I also told my cousin about the brain tumor.  At this time, everything was still up in the air, and very scary and uncertain for me. 

Would you believe that I never heard from her since then? 

Oh, I got a note from her daughter, thanking me the check for graduation, how she wished we all were there, and wishing me well.  Not a word from my cousin.  Not an email asking how is that brain tumor thing, or what did the neurologist say - nothing.

I won't lie, it hurts. 

It is also especially difficult because the kids don't understand it either, and are hurt and confused.

She makes my friend look like Dr. Phil.  And, to be fair, the friend I spoke about above, did call me, just to see how I was after the neurologist, and did offer to help out in any way she could.  Of course, since then our relationship is back in limbo, but at least she did that!  And, I am thankful.

Bottom line, any kind of chronic or life threatening illness will truly weed the posers out of your life.  There is definitely a clarity that you find, on the other side of this kind of hurt.   I don't need fair weather friends or relatives not willing or able to give me, what I give them. 

It is their loss.   I will survive.  I continue to go on, and I do so with a smile!

I do not have to waste my energy on them.  I don't have extra Spoons to waste on anyone, anyway.  Maybe they did me a favor in the long run. 

Bottom line, 'what it is, it is'. 

After this brain tumor curve hit, I find myself saying that a lot.  LOL

Donna, I am sorry that you are going through this also, but at least you have us J-lander's.  I know J-land has helped me.  And, you know that friends like Jim, will be there in your life, willing to give you their all.

Thanks for listening to my rambling tonight.  I sure hope someone is out there to comment!  It has been waaayyy too quiet!!!

be well,

Paradise by the Dashboard Light

No, I am not doing an entry on the subject of the above song!

However, I did want to mention that Phil Rizzuto, Yankee Champion, and Baseball Hall of Famer as a player and radio/tv announcer, died yesterday at 89.

 The famed shortstop in 1955.

Phil's #10 has long been retired, but up until the past year, as illness and old age took their toll, he was a frequent visitor at the Yankees clubhouse.

Even if you are not a fan of baseball, you may know Phil from his contribution to the Meatloaf mega-hit, 'Paradise by the Dasboard Light'.  Phil's famous catch phrase, forever immortalized in rock, 'Holy Cow, I think he's gonna make it!'.

Today the 'boys' of the house were at the 'House that Ruth Built', for the last game in a series against the Baltimore Orioles.  It was a beautiful day, 81 degrees and sunny, with clear blue skies.

I would like to say the Yankees won, but I can't. 

Hammer, Fuzzy, Dill, and Hubby were winners though.  Today was hat day (freebies), and they had a great time!  They got to see the video memorial of Phil Rizzuto, saw the #10 painted in front of each dugout, and saw the Yankees playing with #10 patches on their uniform sleeves. 

It was a special day.  This Yankee blue font color is to honor that day, as well.

Pumpkin and I played cards for most of the day.  We played gin rummy, crazy eights, trash and 21.  We also went shopping with Grandpa (my dad) for backpacks.  Pumpkin got a magenta Jansport, and Fuzzy a cool camouflage one.  My kids really need good backpacks.  If we get the less expensive kind from the drugstore or toy store, I end up buying another one right after Christmas.  Ugh.

They are heading to their scoutmaster's house right now, to go over their latest badge work.  So, it is just Pumpkin and I again!

Pumpkin is all showered and in her jammies, enjoying having the Wii to herself.  I am also in my jammies, enjoying the quiet!  LOL

I am doing better with the plaquenil.  I have noticed that yesterday and today, my stomach seems less bothered by it.  I am trying to be smart enough to eat when I take it, too.  It helps.  I am still swollen and sore though.  My toes, hands, wrists and elbows are throbbing.  I will survive!!!  :-)

be well,

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reeling and Rocking

What a busy day today!  

Drove 40 minutes out to pick up Dill, then drove 40 minutes back!  

Took all the kids to GameStop to return used video games for credit, and then used the credit to buy a new game.  Trying to get three kids to decide on a game is always fun.  Finally, they agreed on Super Paper Mario for the Wii.  (Dill didn't get a vote, but he was the easiest to please anyhow!)

Came home and had a sandwich while feeding the kids.  Ran to BJ Warehouse with my dad on an errand.

Came back home and took a vicodin, and sat down to relax for the first time since getting up at 10ish!!!  

Of course, then Hubby called to announce he was on the bus on the way home, which was great, since he said he would be very late, but now my dad had to run and pick him up, since I took the vicodin.

About 45 minutes after Hubby came home and we all relaxed for a bit, it was out to dinner (thanks mom and dad), for a 'step' above fast food, to celebrate Dill's arrival! 

Straight from dinner to the local market to pick up some munster cheese, a quiche, cut up cantaloupe (since my hands are not cooperating), tzatziki dip (for carrot sticks/veggies), and pizza bagels (big ones, homemade at the market, just have to cook).

Hubby is taking Hammer, Fuzzy and Dill to the 1pm Yankees game tomorrow!  The kids are soooo excited!  Hubby got the tickets from his company's box.  The seats are great.  They are in the loge area, and in the shade!  Rain or shine, good seats!  There will probably be a tribute to Phil Rizzuto, since he died today.  (the 'holy cow' guy!)  

That is why I got all the doings for a special lunch tomorrow for me and Pumpkin.  We will be here together.  I think we will play cards and some board games together.  We are also going to run out with my dad to pick up school backpacks together.  :-)

In other exciting news, Hubby was also given tickets to the Jets pre-season football game on Friday!  So, the plan for that is for Hubby to take, my dad (who is a huge Jets fan), Fuzzy and Dill! 

Pumpkin, Hammer and I will wait for tickets to a Giants game! LOL  Although, I like the Jets, too... I am up for whatever!

So, yes, it will be a busy week, and real treat for Dill!  And, his birthday is in 2 weeks, so this is really nice; I am glad we can do this for him! 

Okay... talk to you all later!

be well,

ps... The dragon at top is me, now, in the beginning of the week... and the one below... me at the end of the week!  LOL

Monday, August 13, 2007

Tutti Frutti

  Yes, it looks like you did kitty!

Today, Pumpkin wanted some watermelon.  We had a 1/4 of one in the fridge.  Just need to cut it up right?


I couldn't. 

I really hope this plaquenil helps me soon. 

There I was, with my knife, and my swollen baseball hands, and I barely made a dent.  My sweet Pumpkin decided to have something else, and wait for Grandpa to come home and cut the watermelon.

Yep.  My 67 year old dad, who has OA of his hands, can kick do far more than I, with my entire, RA/Lupus ridden body.  ACK.

Anyhow, the point of the story is that after dinner, I had 2 slices of watermelon.  It was delicious!!! 

It is time for the Tuesday Twelve!

The word association game where I say _______ and you say _______.

Here goes:

Juicy - Watermelon.  Yep, it was very juicy and yummy.

Temptation - Honor in resisting them, and doing what is right.

Laboratory - Blood sucking vampire phlebotomists/who can never get a vein on me! (sorry, I must have let something loose there! lol)

Maid - Yes, please.  LOL 

Olympics - I think of Greece and the first Olympic games.

Pearl - S. Buck, the author.  I loved 'The Good Earth'. 

Fire - House.  It was a huge part of my youth.  It was less than 100 yards from my front door, and my youngest uncle who lived with us for many years, was a volunteer fireman.

Bond - Glue.  I guess the back to school commercials are seeping into my brain after all!

Kick - Boxing.  I have been hanging out with kids too much.

Gear - Shift.  I loved driving a stick!  I think everyone should do it once, you really learn to understand the mechanics of driving and cars once you do.

Cub - Scouts.  Mine are 'Boy' Scouts now.  Yep, definitely hanging with kids far too much.  lol

Magnetic - Personality.  :-)

Okie dokie, copy and paste, and let me know when you do it!

Remember, I am trying to make this a weekly feature, spread the word!

Tomorrow, I am picking up my cousin Karol's son, my godson, who is coming for his summer visit, until Saturday!  I haven't seen my cousin all summer, or the kids, so, I am looking forward to it. 

Since, my 'nephew' (yes, I know it is my cousin's child, but we are close like sisters, so we do the Aunt/Uncle/Nephew thing) is going to be here for a few days he needs a nickname.  It will be Dill.  Yes, like a pickle.  Don't ask, it makes sense to those of us in the 'know'.  LOL

Anyhow, I expect it to a busy week!  There are some surprises in store for the Dill!

be well,