Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Our Booga

Our Booga has gone to the Other Side, and is now talking with her hubby, Pop, catching him up on all things earthly.
Her passing was quiet and peaceful and the way she wanted it.  It has definitely been all on her terms the last few days.  Yesterday, there was a scare and everyone ran to her bedside.
She told everyone to go home and get back to life!  'What, are you all going to do, stare at me, waiting for me to die? Now shoo!'  
Booga was very clear that she was ready to go, and was going to do so very shortly, and that Pop was waiting for her to come.   She even joked that he was starting to get impatient.
I am doing this entry in red, the color of her favorite shoes, leather flats, that she even wore for the last week at the hospital.  Sometimes, in bed.  Why have to fuss with getting them on and off all the time she asked? 
The kids are sad, especially Pumpkin, which was to be expected.  I think she is starting to come to terms with it though, as I have spent the last week preparing her for coping with her grief.
Throughout the wake and funeral, over the next few days and weekend, we will all try to focus on celebrating Booga's life, her sense of humor, and her feistiness, and especially her love for all of us.
Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers...
be well,

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thankful Moments

It has been a long weekend.

I have been thankful for different things at different times.

I am very thankful that my Booga is not in any pain, and that it looks like she will make it back home (with help), which is where she wants to be, now, and when her time comes.

I was thankful for Pumpkin Muffin staying by my sister's house and having only two kids for a bit.  It seems to lower the decibel level considerably in the house.

I was thankful when my Pumpkin Muffin came home, because the house was too quiet without her.

I was thankful for the time Fuzzy's friend spent here at the house and the time that Fuzzy spent over at their house!

I was, and still am, thankful for Hammer being very attentive to my feelings, and considerate of my birthday all weekend.  It is the little things that matter, and he really seems to get that.

I am very thankful for my birthday presents, especially my new Keurig coffee maker that makes piping hot cups of Green Mountain coffee that is to die for!  Yum!

I am thankful that my parents are here, living in our same house, albeit upstairs in their own apartment space.  I am so happy that they are here to share in everything that goes on in our lives, day to day. 

I am thankful that hubby started the process of putting up the outdoor Christmas decorations, and did the laundry this weekend.

I am thankful that today is Libby's 5th birthday and that each and every day she licks me and loves me, our family, and the cats!  Even though 5 years should mean she is calmer, I am glad that she is still a crazy puppy!

I am thankful that the Jets won today, and that (for right now) the Giants are winning, too.

I am thankful that our microwave is apparently not broken and reset just now as we unplugged it!  Yay!

I am very, very, thankful that we began our Christmas shopping and should be done very soon! 

I am so very thankful for all your good wishes and prayers for Booga and myself and my family.  J-land is a wonderful place to be!

be well,

Friday, November 24, 2006

Woohoo Black Friday

I love Maxine, but today we disagree!

More on the shopping in a minute...

Hubby and I had a wonderful late breakfast with the boys at IHOP.  Pumpkin Muffin is visiting down at her aunt's house, where we had a fabulous Thanksgiving yesterday!

I have to give props to my sis, Kathy!  She is a magnificent cook and really put together a great dinner, from atmosphere to food to company!  Perfection!!!  Hubby, the boys and I came home last night stuffed and happy from having a great holiday!

After breakfast, we dropped the boys off at home and set out to two stores.  Neither are in big shopping malls, instead they are in strip malls, which may be why we had a good experience.

The traffic was heavier than usual, but not horrible.  Hubby and I got close parking spots near each store we wanted to visit.  Our shopping was also successful, great sale prices and we found what we needed to get!

I am happy to say that shopping for 2 of my 3 nephews is done and that I am about 85% done with Hammer and Fuzzy, and about 70% done with Pumpkin Muffin!  Yay!

On a somber note, we have had some bad news.  My cousin's grandma, our Booga, who has always been like a grandma to me, and a wonderful great grandma to my kids, is in the hospital.  She is almost 84 and unfortunately has cancer that has spread from lungs to her brain.  She has not had any pain and the only sign was a sudden confusion on Tuesday that signaled something was amiss.  We are hopeful that she will be able to come home with some help from hospice for a peaceful passing, whenever that may be.  We love her so, and will miss her terribly, but she has been ready for a while, since her hubby passed about 2 years back.  He was her soul mate and best friend, and life has been tough for her without him. 

My boys know, and are sad, but are doing okay with it.  Pumpkin will find out tomorrow, and I know itwill really hard on her.

Prayers or peaceful wishes for Booga would be appreciated.

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are having luck shopping or enjoying a restful day, whatever your pleasure!

be well,

ps.  Booga was a pet name my cousin had for her grandma because when she was a baby and toddler her grandma called her Booga Bug.



Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I love Harry Potter

Here is the link to a sneak peek at the new movie, due out in July!

Sneak peek at Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Thanks to Holly over at Welcome to My Life!

This was the best birthday present I have received so far today!  Of course, I haven't gotten any presents yet.... 

be well,

Happy 41st to Me!


It's here!  My 41st birthday!  Ugh!

I had to come here and make an entry to use Dianna's wonderful little picture frame of me above! 

I am princess for the day!  ha ha ha 

Off to get the kids to school! 

be well,


Monday, November 20, 2006

IV Day

So, today was IV medicine in NYC day.  And, see the rheumatologist day too.  All went well, one stick each, IV and blood draw, which always starts me smiling! 

My rheumatologist is happy with how everything is going and doesn't have to see me until March 2007.  All is good.

This is a very short and very busy week, following a busy weekend, too.

Hubby and the boys were away with the Boy Scouts.  They went up to West Point Military Academy and did the tour and the museum that is there.  We have done it before as a family and it is a wonderful experience.  Then, they camped out in cabins at a scout camp nearby.

Pumpkin Muffin and I went out to dinner by ourselves to a chinese buffet.  Normally, she would have really enjoyed the buffet and eaten up a storm.  However, she was still not 100% from her ear infection.  Poor thing.  We still had fun enjoying each other's company one on one.  We came home afterward and watched The Pink Panther remake with Steve Martin.  Very funny.  :-D

Yesterday, Pumpkin had to complete her project on penguins for school.  She finished her speech, we did a poster full of pictures and made her a mask.  Today, I typed her speech, so now, all is set for tomorrow's presentation.

Tonight I am invited to a spa party, but I am just too pooped to pop.  I think I will get a catalog and order something instead.

Tomorrow, Hubby has another 4 hour Boy Scout leader class.  The last one for a while, thank goodness.

Wednesday is a half day for the kids, and they cannot wait! 

It is also my birthday.  I can't wait to see what the kids have picked out for me.  They are very good at knowing exactly what I want!  We will also all go out to dinner locally.  It gives the kids a chance to sing with the waiters and waitresses.  Who wants to cook any the day before Turkey Day anyhow?

41.  Ick.  How did that happen?  I feel like I have been kicked over the hill against my will!  tee hee  It is so strange, it just seems like I cannot possibly be that number.  I don't know how to explain it.  Maybe I don't have to since you all get what I am driving at.  Maybe not and I am insane.  Either way, it is just a number, and I am happy and blessed and that is all that matters!

Turkey Day will be spent at Kathy's house!  I can't wait!  I am bringing my homemade cranberries and maple glazed carrots.  My dad is bringing 2 pumpkin pies.  I also can't wait to spend time with my sweet nephew!!!  They also have 2 sweet kittens, Beau and Bello, that I don't see often enough either who are already 10 months old or so.  Then, there is the delicious spread that she will have.... yum yum!

Pumpkin can't wait because she is staying over her uncle & aunt's until Saturday!  She is so excited and loves being the 'big' one and the helper for a change!  My nephew is 3 1/2, so that makes her not the baby while she visits!  lol

Then, Friday and Saturday will be Christmas shopping time!  Yippeee!!!  Christmas will be knocking at the door real soon!  I love the holiday season, especially Christmas.

Blessings of the season to you all!

be well,

Sunday, November 19, 2006

30 Thanks

Thanksgiving brings me, and most of you, to thoughts of our blessings.  Many j-landers have been lisiting their blessings one at a time, each day of the month. 

Instead, I decided to list them all here today.

30 Blessings and things I am thankful for now and always.

1.     My kids and they constant joy and challenge they bring my life.
2.     My hubby, my friend, partner, soul mate, lover and great dad.
3.     My parents, who are always there to help and share.
4.     My sister of my heart, Kathy, for being my caribiner clip keeping me clinging to the rocks when they all seem to crumble away from me.
5.     Kathy's hubby and my nephew... more joys for all of us to share.
6.     My cousin and her hubby and her two boys, for also being close like a sister and the joy of our kids sharing great friendships, too.
7.     All my extended family... I am so fortunate to have wonderful aunts and uncles and cousins and family friends that enrich my life in many ways.
8.     Our family pets that give love unconditionally.
9.     Coffee.  You knew it would be near the top didn't you?
10.    My email Loopies... Their support and friendship helps me to cope day to day with the challenges of my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
11.    Books for all the adventures and learning discovered and yet to be discovered in their pages.
12.    Border's Book Store for giving me back an earned percentage of the money I spend there so I can buy more books!
13.    The J-land community and all my wonderful friends that color my life!
14.    The internet and the information highway that it provides as support in so many ways for my family needs.
15.    The wonderful nurses at my hospital that have become friends and allies against RA and help me stay calm during my IV meds.
16.     My rheumatologist for helping guide me and get me to a better place while fighting RA.
17.    My kids teachers who are helping to provide them with an education.
18.   That my kids understand and enjoy their parents supplementing their education to help them become more educated and well-rounded.
19.    Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America.
20.    My daughter's natural gift for the piano that never ceases to amaze!
21.    Hammer's Asperger's support staff, for helping us navigate through some challenging times and helping us land here in a much better place, and for the support they still give.
22.    Fuzzy for having great doctor's that helped to get his asthma finally under control.
23.    The Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Network for providing invaluable information, support and products to help manage Fuzzy's food allergies and asthma.
24.    That all my children have responded to the spirit of giving that they have been raised in and try to give back to those less fortunate than them.
25.    That my children also try to support worthy charitable causes such as stray pets, saving the rainforest, and endangered species, also.
26.    The wonderful home that I have with my Hubby, kids and parents.  It may not be perfect, but it is ours, and I love it!
27.    The ability to be a stay at home mom since my daughter was born and until now.
28.    The magic of television and the entertainment and education value that it gives when not abused.  Thank you especially to the History Channel, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, The Learning Channel, Animal Planet and others.
29.    My country and the freedoms that I do not take for granted and for all the men and women, present and past, who have helped to guarantee them.
30.   The continued blessings and bounties that I am so happy to have each and every day of my life, and that I am not blind to wondrous gifts around me each and every day.

A wise man said, "Communciate, Appreciate and Validate your loved ones each and every day."  I try do try to, and so should you.  In a blink, it can all change or be gone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

be well,

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Weekend Assignment #139 - Light or Dark

Ahhh yes, the great debate.  Scalzi decided to go there.

Check it out: Weekend Assignment #139

To the dark side or to the light?

In homage, I, too, have posted a Star Wars Cartoon, but of course, mine is relating to coffee.

Back to the assignment at hand, Dark or Light?

Do we speak of good and evil?

NO!  Turkey meat!  Where do you stand????  What color is your Lightsaber, er, I mean turkey meat?

With Luke and Yoda over on the Light Side, or with Vader and the Emperor on the Dark Side?

The Battle started in my house as a kid.  Mom, totally on the Dark Side.  Dad totally on the Light.  Me, following Dad on the Light Side. 

Why?  I don't know, it just seemed right.

The Battle of the Meat Shades began.  Each year, Mom would taunt us about the Dark Side, but we held strong.

Then, suddenly, one year it happened!  Dad started to nibble in the medium area, and then, before you knew it, Mom's Dark force drew him over, too!  Ack!  Forever lost...

Every year, now from both of them, I had to hear about the juicy dark meat, yadda yadda, 'just try it', yadda yadda, 'you'll never eat the Light again'...yadda yadda.  Still, I held strong to the Light Side.

Then, Kathy, the sister of my heart, moved in and became part of the family.  Unfortunately, she was already tainted and strong in her love of the Dark Side.  Mom and Dad gain yet another Dark soul for the Battle, and I found no ally there.  <sigh>

Then, I married.

Could it be I would have help in this Battle?  Nah.

Hubby is no damn help.  He hates turkey.  Yes, you read right.  He hates it.  Eats all the sides, skips the bird.  On Turkey Day. 

It isn't right, but, I am not perfect either, so live and let live.  I love the guy anyway. 

The Battle of the Meat Shades rages on in our vector of the universe.

Enter the kids.  Who knows, maybe one, just one might be the Luke to my Yoda.

Hammer was all Light Side until my Mom started to work Vader's charms on him about 2 years ago.  Now, you had better just keep your hands and feet away from the leg, or have your lightsaber ready, because he will fight you for it!

Dang that woman, she even got him to eat all dark meat chicken and goose and duck!  I fear that Hammer, my young padawan, is truly and forever lost to the Dark Side.  The Dark Side is just that strong, says my Mom.

Pumpkin Muffin will eat anything that tastes good and is put on her plate with gravy.  Dark, Light, whatever, just heap on the gravy and mashed potatoes, and shut up already about the whole big 'Battle' because she is hungry and just wants to eat.

'Nuff said, and as you can see, no help for me there either.

That leaves Fuzzy.  Fuzzy still remains on the Light Side! 

Yet, my triumph is hollow.  This one ally of mine is only here by default.  He really is not all that fussed over turkey at all.  I fear someday he will exit the Battle completely, like Hubby.

So, the Battle of the Meat Shades rages on!  They with their taunts  and lures of juiciness, and promises of great reward.

Fear not, fellow Light Side compatriots, I know you are out there, and I will not succumb to the Dark Side.

The Force and the Light are strong in me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  :-D

be well,

ps... Extra Credit was to share something I am thankful for this holiday, and I will do another entry for that later.

More Ears...

We are back!  Yep, double ear ear already perf'd and draining and the other is ready to blow!  Ear drops and antibiotics it is for my little Pumpkin!

And, she had to have the dreaded 'stick' to check for strep throat.  You know, the gaggy thing...but, she handled it like a pro.

School is a big 'maybe' for tomorrow for Pumpkin.

Fuzzy threw a temper tantrum this am and stormed out of the house to the truck without grabbing his lunch.  I then put the lunch in the refrigerator and forgot to bring it to him, as I planned. 

A little unplanned cosmic karma, but now, Fuzzy is home and is fuming mad at me.  Of course, at 11, he doesn't see how he contributed to the situation at all.  Ugh.  I do feel badly though, dang mommy guilt.

Tonight, we are going to have White Castle for dinner!  A treat for the kids and me and my dad!  Yummy!  My Hubby will suffer through it for us!  lol

This weather, and the fact that I am due for IV medicine for my rheumatoid arthritis, has left me with swollen, stiff hands, wrists and elbows.  Ugh.

I am just happy the hips and the resulting sciatica is behaving.  Especially after the fun weekend away!  <<wink wink nudge nudge>>

My hands look like baseball mitts.  Ugh. 

be well,

Wrench in the Day


So, the plan was that today would be a great day for me to catch up on stuff.  Not!

Pumpkin Muffin has an ear infection/situation.  Her right ear is draining fluid and smells badly.  Her throat is sore. 

None of these are good things.

So, off to the pediatrician we go.

Wish us luck.

If Mother Nature is reading my journal, I have a request.

I have not seen any sun in about 2 weeks.  It has been rainy, grey and too warm for autumn.  The mold is growing in the leaves and everyones allergies in this house (including the dogs) are very aggravated.

Please Mother - send us the dry & cold weather and send the rain to those who need it, like say, the Utah Arizona desert area.

Thank you.

Now, back to you, my faithful journal buddies!  I hope your day is going better than mine!  I will try to check back with you all later!

be well,

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sorry I am late!!!

I am so behind on journals!  I miss you all, and will get there soon!

Let me fill you in on the rest of the Anniversary celebration!

Hubby and I went to the hotel and it was really, really nice to have alone time!  And, my hips are good, thanks for all the concern!  lol 

Thanks to my parents generosity we were able to do dinner at the nice restaurant in the hotel!  The food was gourmet and fabulous!  One of the best dinners out I have had in a while!

As we were waiting for our drinks, I realized that the Giants football team were in the process of checking in for their curfew night! 

The next thing I knew we were having dinner five feet from Eli Manning, Dave Diehl, and Matt Hasselbeck!  They hadn't ordered yet and Eli said hello to me as he passed, so Hubby went over and got his autograph made out to me! 

Then, as we were waiting for dessert Jeremy Shockey came in!  I ran like a teenage girl over to him before he hit the elevator and he very kindly gave me his autograph, too!  He was very sweet and HUGE!!! lol

We also said hi to Tiki Barber!  He has a million dollar smile and is so approachable!  We met him before and have several items that he signed for us, so we did not bother him for a signature again. 

Needless to say, our 15th Anniversary that was supposed to pass virtually unnoticed, ended up being a wonderful treat thanks to Marriott award points, my parents, my Hubby and the Giants!

Unfortunately, my good fortune didn't rub off on the Giants as a team!  The Chicago Bears routed them on Sundaynight.  Boo hoo!  There is always next week, though!

Since then the week has been busy!  I am sorry that I haven't been online very much! 

Go visit CarnivAOL the new edition is out now!  Thank you, Paul!  You are a great guy and put in a lot of time to do this for J-Land!!!

be well,

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Anniversary Celebration Continues...

Yesterday was wonderful!
Not only did Hubby send me that beautiful email but a dozen of my favorite long stem white roses showed up at the door, too.
My daughter (with her grandpa's assistance) also suprised me and her dad with a dozen long stemmed red roses, to mingle in the vase with the white. 

She said, and I quote, "The white roses are you and the red are dad and mixed together they are beautiful like your marriage."
Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard?
My mom and dad also treated us out to dinner with the kids.  We went to the Longhorn Steakhouse and it was great!
Tomorrow night, Hubby and I are using our Marriott points for a free evening at a local Marriott hotel!  My mom and dad also gave us money in a card to use for a really nice dinner!!!
And, today, Hubby came home with my favorite appetizer from a fancy local restaurant!  I ate it with glee!!!  Don't worry, I will pay him back for all this spoiling tomorrow night! <<<wink wink nudge nudge>>>
I am so excited!  Our 15th Anniversary is turning out to be a wonderful celebration!  Much more than we anticipated!

The kids are not that happy with us going away overnight without them.  We haven't done it in a long, long time.  Hammer and Pumpkin Muffin put on a happy face fairly quickly, but Fuzzy was really not happy.  He still isn't but after 24 hours of getting used to the idea, he is better.  Someone doesn't like when his mommy isn't around for himto snuggle with before bed.   Shhhhh don't tell anyone!  lol
Frozen pizza tonight!  Yummy!!! 
be well,

Salute to Veterans

Happy Veteran's Day!

My dad is a Navy veteran of Vietnam, he just caught the beginning and was involved in an evacuation.

My Uncle Ed, my mom's brother, did two tours in Vietnam, and was in-country.  He also served the Army Reserves for 25 years.

My Uncle Larry was in the Navy and served in Korea.

I salute the veterans of the past, mine and yours, and those unknown but to their loved ones.

Thank you.

I salute every man and woman today who puts on the uniform of our country to serve at the will of our government and protects us.

Thank you and may you come home to your loved ones one day.

Anytime we see a man or woman in uniform the kids and I always walk over to them and say, 'Thank you for serving, have a good day!' 

I recommend it to you all, too.

Btw, politics and serving our country have nothing to do with one another.  Do not take out the will of 'politicians' on those who serve.  That is a travesty.

be well,

Thursday, November 9, 2006

15 Years of Wedded Bliss Today

Today is 15 years since I married by best friend, soul mate and love.  We have been blessed; I have been blessed.

Here is the email I woke up to this morning:

"Words cannot express how much I love, need, miss, or respect you. I cannot believe how God has smiled upon me, with bringing you into my life. That is how I know he exists.  All that is good, positive and right in my life comes through you.

Life always does not seem fair or right or have a plan, but I know whatever comes my way, with you by my side, we can overcome. We have conquered many tribulations already together as a team, and I look forward to continue with you by my side.

In closing, I really do feel that you are my soul mate, and I really am the luckiest man in the world.

Happy Anniversary

Wow... that email made my day, my week, maybe even my year.

Seems like just yesterday that we walked out of the church together, hand in hand.

The journey from then until now, has been magical.  Looking forward to the next 15 years, and the next, and the next....

be well,

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I got this from Paul

who explained that everyone did it in February. 

Everyone but me! 

So, I want EVERYONE to do it now.  Go to the two links below and pick my good traits and my bad traits!  The site compares it to the ones I picked for myself. 

It is really interesting and I love stuff like this that makes you think about yourself!!!

This is the link for good traits:Interactive Johari Window - Describe PrincesssAurora

This is the link for bad traits:The Nohari Window - Describe PrincesssAurora

Thank you!!!

be well,

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Some Fun...

I am borrowing this from over at Bad Altitude!

Taking the letters of your first name and describe your life!


D  =  Devoted.  Devoted wife, mother, daughter and friend.

(okay, that is the way I see it, I could be wrong!  Just saying...)

A  =  Addicted.  Addicted to coffee, of course!

W  =  Wacky.  How could it not be with 3 kids, 2 cats, a yellow lab that jumps through windows, a hamster, a Hubby and two parents (mine) all under the same roof?

N  =  Nourished.  Nourished with the abundant love of my family!

See, that was fun!  Now, you do it! 

By the way, I am on my third cuppa joe!  Yum!!!  Just starting to feel the pep returning to my step!  lol

be well,


Idiots! Stand up and be Counted Today! (the idiots are the politicians, fyi)

Amen to that Brother Robot!

As I sit here this morning, with my fresh cup of hot coffee, Elixir of Life, I am struck by my annoyance this year with Election Day.

I have always been a believer of the hype.

You know the hype - 'Your vote counts!'

And, I still believe it does, and I am appalled by the fact that some 40% of people who could vote today won't, but will be plenty vocal about their unhappiness with this or that in the government.

I have always felt, if you didn't vote, then shut the heck up.

But, this Election Day, I just can't wait for it to be over. 

The phone calls, the mailings, the commercials...

Please... just... stop.

The negative ads and the resultant mudslinging has been horrific! 

Newsflash:  I already know why he or she sucks!  WHY should I vote for you?  What do you stand for or against?

Ugh.  Today and tonight, it ends.  The NJ Senatorial race has been ugly.  I think I know who will win.  I mean, one candidate is under investigation for the 5th or 6th time in his career, but finally this time by the Feds. 

Makes it a no-brainer for me. 

Being in the NY/NJ/CT Tri-State area we are lucky enough to get to see NY and CT's ugly campaign ads too.  Joy. 

The only one not slinging mud in those elections was Senator Hillary Clinton, who is going to be re-elected in a landslide as she was basically running uncontested.

NY Comptroller race?  Ugly.  CT Senatorial race?  Super Ugly!

I can't wait for it to end.  I have Tivo, and I don't even get stuck watching all the commercials and I am sick of it!

Today, is the day.  All the idiots, good and bad, almost all mudslingers, will be counted.  Amen to that.

Aren't I just a ray of sunshine this morning?  I guess I need more coffee!  lol

be well,

Friday, November 3, 2006

The Sum of My Mood

My mood exactly!  My dad just got me a hot hazelnut Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Yum.

Pumpkin Muffin is sick.  I think it is her allergies.  The warm weather and rain made the mold go wild again and allergies can really make you feel crappy all over.  So, she missed a half day yesterday and a whole day today.  Her stomache is whacky too... no fun.

The picture above is a Constructicon, which is a Transformer for those of you who don't know.  Transformers are gigantic, intelligent robots that change forms and are from other planets.  They originated in the 80's with a cartoon, and have been redone a few times in cartoons and in a movie.

They also have a huge fan following online that Hammer is really into.

They also have a new live action/computer animated movie coming out in 2007.

Hammer found a bunch of cartoons about the coffee loving Constructicons (who transform into construction vehicles) and shared them with me, and now I, with you!

The way I see it, any alien species with a love of coffee will be welcome in my house!!!

be well,