Monday, April 30, 2007

Oops, I did it again!

I meme'd again! 

I am going to call this the Tuesday Twelve!   Very original, I know...  lol

Okay, so I say _______ , and you say _________!  You'll get it in a minute!  Copy and paste it if you want to play, too!

1.     stroke - Three Blind Mice... you know, the clock part 

2.     sketch - Russ, and his art blog, Beat at Joe's

3.     poke - dead cats... inside joke with Hubby, I know, it seems sick, but I love cats... it isn't anything bad...

4.     doh - Play-doh.  J wants me to play with it at his house, which is great because the last time Pumpkin played with it, Libby ate it and pooped pretty colors for two or three days.

I also hate Play-doh.  Kathy knows this... I could do a whole entry on why... but I won't.   LOL

5.     tongue - Piercing.  It seems like ever waiter/waitress in the NYC Metro area has their damn tongues pierced lately.  Ewww!  

6.     post - I think of posting a message on a message board or a journal entry.

7.     twirl - Spinning in a pretty dress when I was little, watching my daughter do it and remembering that wonderful, happy, light feeling.

8.     fore - PG journal here, so how about golf!

9.     cup - Coffee, of course!  What else? 

10.    curly - The Three Stooges.  I don't even like them, but there it is, in my brain.

11.    float - The Late Show with David Letterman, he does this thing called 'Sink or Float' and throws things into a big vat of water after he and Paul make their guesses.

12.    snooze - 'Ya lose!

I hope you liked it!  I had fun! 

be well,

Hazard to Myself

There we were... at the bowling alley. 

Edit: (I forgot to say that this happened on Thursday last week... before I knew that the falling was not my brain!)

Kathy could not convince little J to put on the bowling shoes.  He was horrified and only wanted his shoes.  Hey, it's not like I blame him.

So, I headed back to the counter to speak to the manager about allowing him to bowl in sneakers.  I mean, c'mon, he's just 4, right?

And, then it happened.  I stepped down with my left foot and was already coming up with my right foot when my whole left side gave out.   Ankle twisted as my leg wouldn't respond, and my left arm wouldn't help me stop myself either.

I fairly quickly, but not fast enough got my right arm up, and was able to at least break the fall against the counter, but my right wrist got scraped, and smooshed and bruised with all my weight being thrust against it and the counter.

The manager fussed and I tried to recover.  Shoe problem sorted out I limped/stumbled awkwardly back to Kathy and all the kids.

Smile on my face, greeted the horror on Kathy's and I told her, 'I am fine, just a little twist of the ankle, and I bumped my wrist!'  Insert more big smiles here. 

I sent Hammer to get ice for my wrist.  I was ignoring the ankle completely and since my leg was still weak and numb it didn't hurt - a plus right?  My wrist, on my right side which was feeling pain just fine, was really throbbing!

Hammer returned, sans ice, and said that the cafe lady has to report the incident, and then will bring ice and forms.  Yay.  So, the ice arrived with the assistant manager, and he filled out forms.  I signed. 

I guess it was in caseI wanted to sue.

They got to the line, any medical issues to report, I said no.  I mean, please... the line was this long ______________ .  I would need pages and pages of space!  LOL

Anyhow, then, Kathy follows me and the assistant manager when I had to show them 'exactly' how it happened.  I said I turned my ankle on the mat. 

Not true, but I didn't want the kids or Kathy or anyone worrying. 

So, I thought I was very smooth when I tried to demonstrate how it all happened. 

Apparently, not.  When I spoke later to Kathy, and admitted the truth, she told me she 'knew it'.  I laughed.  She said she figured either a) I was lying (and poorly) to keep her from worrying or b) I really believed that was what happened and was in a sort of denial about it.  LOL

My best friend and sister of my heart knows me so well.

That night, when I finally got off legs, took off my shoes and showed Hubby the ankle, he freaked!  It was bad, really bad.  All kinds of black purple and swollen like a big fat grapefruit.  Pfft... I've had worse.  lol

As you can see, it really is good that I know for sure now that the brain thingy isn't causing my symptoms!

Strings have been pulled at the hospital where my dad works and where they have a first rate MS Center.  I will be seen by their head neurologist on Friday am.  That is a relief.

I spent the day on the phone getting the copies of all my tests from my hospital in NYC put onto cd.  That is the latest thing. 

I also spent a ton of time trying to find an ENT or Neurosurgeon who participates with my insurance who can look at this cyst/tumor brain thingy.  UGH.  No luck so far.  I have given up for today, having reached my quota of stress and frustration. 

If only Dr. McDreamy were real!!!  lol

be well,


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Say, Say, Say (repeating... earlier entry)

Today, Hubby and I talked to the kids about the growth that was found via MRI and CT scan and some of the options upcoming. 

To that end, I have decided to reprint most of my earlier entry.

I made a snafu by not crediting a quote, so I fixed that also...

Here it follows:

<<<<<<<So, I had the ct scan.  And, I have results... The tumor/mass is this (copied from the ABTA ):

"Epidermoid cyst/tumor:

These cysts are more common than dermoid cysts. They are usually benign, but they will slowly recur if not removed completely. Unlike the dermoid variety, they occur more frequently in the brain than in the spine.

Epidermoid cysts are most common in middle-aged adults. The most common sites in the brain for these cysts are the cerebellopontine angle (see figure 3) and the pituitary area.

The treatment of choice is surgical removal. "  

However, mine is in the base of the skull to the right at reaching up toward the right ear, but not near it yet.  It is NOT in the gray matter at all, it is between the dura (the protective lining around the brain) and the skull.  Called the 'intracranial epidermoid cyst/tumor', which is good.

I will be going to an ENT about treatment/removal since it is not infiltrating brain matter, at the recommendation of the radiologist.  I was lucky enough to have one of the top 10 radiologists in NYC.  She was wonderful and very, very helpful.  They most commonly handle these.  Next week, I start that process.  Finding an ENT that takes my ins..yada yada.  I already have the ones that my internist says are good.

This is the BEST possible brain tumor to have.  They are slow moving, benign and since it is not in the gray matter that is great.

However, it does not address ANY of the symptoms I was having.  The wonderful radiologist, who spoke to me personally, (because I insisted and made friends at the ct dept) and another physician have told me the same thing - see an MS specialist.  And, that is something I will also be addressing soon.  Believe me, that is wayyyy better than having the tumor/cyst causing it!  (( In other words, the weakness and numbness, that has caused falls,  is looking more and more like relapsing/remitting MS. ))  More on that later...

Thank you... obviously your prayers have worked.  Believe me, I read everything there was to read on the possibilities.... and this was the BEST possible outcome!  I CAN and WILL handle this fine.  :-D >>>>>

I wanted to put this in because I know many J-Land friends are busy on the weekend and may have missed it. 

A special shout out to Guido, for also having printed the entry in his blog for me on Friday, before we spoke with the kids!

The kids all took a vote and decided 3-0 they want it removed asap... especially because as I was reminded 'I am not getting any younger!'  LOL 

Tomorrow, I will begin to make phone calls anew and begin to work on setting up appointments for the process to basically start on the next phase! 

Thank you for being there with me!  I am sure I may still need you all some more yet in the future too!

be well,


Saturday, April 28, 2007

All About Soul


My Hubby sang this song very pointedly to me yesterday in the car, as we were driving home from NYC. 

Thank you honey... you are my Prince.


And, I could sing this back to you changing all the "she's" to "he's".  Thank you...

Billy Joel - All About Soul Lyrics

She waits for me at night, she waits for me in silence
She gives me all her tenderness and takes away my pain
And so far she hasn't run, though I swear she's had her moments
She still believes in miracles while others cry in vain

It's all about soul
It's all about faith and a deeper devotion
It's all about soul
'Cause under the love is a stronger emotion
She's got to be strong
'Cause so many things getting out of control
Should drive her away
So why does she stay?
It's all about soul

She turns to me sometimes and asks me what I'm dreaming
And I realize I must have gone a million miles away
And I ask her how she knew to reach out for me that moment
And she smiles because it's understood there are no words to say

It's all about soul
It's all about knowing what someone is feeling
The woman's got soul
The power of love and the power of healing
This life isn't fair
It's gonna get dark, it's gonna get cold
You've got to be tough, but that ain't enough
It's all about soul

There are people who have lost every trace of human kindness
There are many who have fallen, there are some who still survive
She comes to me at night and she tells me her desires
And she gives me all the love I need to keep my faith alive

It's all about soul
It's all about joy that comes out of sorrow
It's all about soul
Who's standing now and who's standing tomorrow
You've got to be hard
Hard as the rock in that old rock 'n' roll song
But that's only part, you know in your heart
It's all about soul

Thank you sweetie... for being my Prince... and always being there.

be well,

Here I go Again!


My hubby and the boys are gone again! 

They left last night at 5pm for the Weeboree, which is for the Weebelo Scouts to come for the weekend and learn about moving on to become Boy Scouts!   Big doin's in the scout world, believe me!

Pumpkin had her Girl Scout SleepOver last night, in the basement of a town church.  She had a blast!  They have a DJ, pizza at 9pm, games, and movies and very little sleep!  LOL

Yes, that means that last night, I was alone!!!  It was glorious!

I am never/rarely completely alone!  So, I rented the movie, 'Running with Scissors' and watched it.  I read all of Augusten Burroughs books, so it was great to see the movie. 

I went to bed early, it was such a long, stressful week, I really needed that. 

And, I slept really, really late!!!  Pumpkin finally made me get up at 1:30pm!   Poor grandpa, he kept her busy by having her do food shopping and errands with him; until he could take no more!  LOL

As I caught up on emails, Pumpkin painted with her new paint tubes with the brushes attached.  Oh my... lots of fun, and thankfully, the mess was fairly contained!

Tonight, we are going out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa to our favorite town restaurant!  Charlie, one of our two fave servers, will be so happy to be tortured by us for two hours!  LOL

Tonight, Pumpkin and I are going to watch 'Dreamgirls' on DVD!  I couldn't believe that it was already out!  I can't wait to see it...  Pumpkin really wants to see all the singing.  It is PG-13, I hope it isn'ttoo 'adult'.  Thankfully, a whole bunch still goes sailing over her head!


Without getting very specific, I have to say thank you to all of you.  My J-Land friends have been a huge help this week, and I felt all your love and kindness.  And, obviously, all the prayers, stirrings, and positive thoughts have worked!

be well,

ps... I am so sorry I missed 'Thankful Thursday'.... I will make up for it this week!



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Too Much Time on My Hands

I nabbed this from Brits blog it looked quick and fun!  Copy, paste, and play along.

1.   If you had to choose between buying paper towels or napkins, which one would win?

paper towels... very versatile!

2.   What first appealed to you about blogging, and why?

I have always loved to journal and write.  I also wanted to share my experiences coping with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, raising three kids, including one with Asperger's Syndrome that I homeschool.  I figured that my situation is pretty unique and it may appeal to others!

3.   Do you prefer to wear shoes, slippers, or go barefoot in the house?  Why?

Slippers, nice cushy ones.  My feet hurt too much when I am barefoot.  So, a pair of comfy Merrell shoes/sandals, would be my second choice.

4.   Let’s say you’re camping, with whomever you want.  What one thing about home would you miss most?

Camping?  Is that like staying at a Ramada or Motel 6 instead of a Marriott  (or one of their affiliate) hotels? <<snicker>>

5.   Ice cream or cheesecake?  What flavor?

Ooooh, cheesecake.  At most places, just plain is fine for me, but at the The Cheesecake Factory I prefer the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake or the Dulce de Leche.  OMG... they are paradise on earth!

So, another little meme for ya!

be well,

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Bed of Roses

Karyl at Karyl's Glimpses of Eternity  sent this flower meme for me to do.

I love flowers but Fuzzy is allergic to many flowers, plants and bees, and has asthma so we keep flowering plants to a minimum around our house and garden.

Karyl’s Flower Meme

1.     What is your favorite flower?  Roses (but not red...)


2.     What color is it?  White, the purest, whitest, white.



3.     Annual or perennial?  Perennial


4.     Does it grow in a hothouse or yard?  I think they can grow in either!


5.     Does it grow in your yard?   No, but we had 2 types of red roses and one pink rose bush in the house where I grew up, 3 blocks away.



6.     Look out your front window.  What flowers do you see?  Describe them.  6 yellow daffodils that just bloomed 2 days ago.  Soon, there will be more.



7.     If you don’t see a flower out your window, what do you see that is soothing for the eyes and spirit?   Lots of evergreen bushes and our front lawn that is very lushly green, thanks to lots and lots of rain!  Most often, I see my kids playing out there... that is the most soothing thing to see for me.



8.     If it’s too early for flowers there yet, what will be coming up soon?  The azaleas, mums, tulips, etc. 



9.     Any landscaping in your front or back yard?  Yes, evergreen bushes, azaleas, and we plant yellow marigolds each year by the drivway which also has some azaleas.  The marigolds help keep bees away as Fuzzy and I are both allergic.   I love sunflowers... I would love to plant them, maybe this year!



10.    Any hardscaping (patio, rock or stone pathways, concrete walkways, etc.?)  No, just the path to the front door.  We do have a dog statue, and 2 kid statues. Small garden style ones, not big.


11.    Do you prefer mulch or rock in or around your flowerbeds?  We use red cedar mulch around the bushes and our three trees.  Our trees are framed with faux rock edging in a square.  We have a Japanese Maple and two flowering trees that I thought were dogwood, but my dad says no, but he doesn't know what the are.  They flower. lol  One is white, and one is pink.  Much like in the graphic with this sweet kitten!




12.    If mulch, natural wood or recycled rubber mulch?  I guess I answered that... natural red cedar mulch.


13.    If rock, what kind and color?  No rock.


14.    How do you keep the weeds down?  Hubby put down that black netting stuff under the mulch.


15.    If you could forever banish one troublesome weed in your flowerbed or yard, what would it be?  Dandelions.   UGH! 


Thank you, Karyl!!  You have been so wonderful, thinking up memes for me, all on your own!  And, they have kept me busy!  This one I coordinated the graphics so that was fun, and time consuming!  Thank you!


be well,


Don't Worry, Be Happy!


Ahh... much better...   Today, I am in a better place!!!  Thank you everyone! 

I am going to do a quick meme now from Cin and Julie, at Coelha Thoughts .

I have another wonderful spring gardening meme that I am going to do later from Karyl at Karyl's Glimpses of Eternity !

Coffee and memes!!!  Ahhh.....

Now, for the quick meme:  10 Things You Like to Do Alone!

1.     Go to the bathroom.  Unfortunately, as soon as I go in there is always an emergency that requires immediate entry of one or more children.  No, it doesn't get better as they get older, anyone who said that - lied.  LOL

2.     Write.  I love to at night when everyone is sleeping and the house is quiet.

3.     Ride in the car alone.  Such a simple thing, but it so rarely happens, that I really enjoy it sometimes! 

Remember, I homeschool Hammer, so between that and the two younger ones, I am rarely alone, ever!

4.     Shop for clothes.  I like to shop for myself by myself.  I don't know why... again, it just comes from not having a lot of alone time.

5.     Sleep.  I like having no snoring Hubby next to me, or snoring child, whatever it may be!  LOL 

6.     Play Jewel Miner.  It is like a Zen thing for me... especially at times when I am stressed, I can just play it for hours and think nothing... that can be very good!

7.     Read.  Usually, there is someone around, so I read a lot at night when everyone is sleeping so I can really get 100% absorbed in the book!

8.     Shower.  Another tricky proposition, but I do try to keep them out and leave me alone as much as I possibly can!!! LOL  However, Pumpkin loves to come in and talk at me through the shower curtain non-stop!

9.     Walk.  Sometimes just walking down my dead-end street is a nice way to clear my head!

10.     Run to the drug store.  You know, wandering the beauty aisles, and what not, slowly, alone.  It used to be CVS, 5 blocks away, now it is Duane Reade.  Since the kids were little, this was always 'Mommy's little escape'.  I could be going to get one little item, but it would always take me a good 45 minutes!   Even now!

That was fun!  Thanks!

So,yes, I am having a much better day.  I even went outside and played a game of HORSE with Fuzzy with the basketball.  For those of you who don't know what it is, you take turns making shots, and if you make it and the other person misses from the same spot they get a letter.  Whoever spells 'horse' first loses!

Fuzzy won, but we had a lot of fun!  Then, I watched Pumpkin play him, and she won! 

Unfortunately, it has started to drizzle.  Dang it. 

Pumpkin got a little sun burn on her arms over the last two days, bad mommy... I forgot to get out the sunblock and put it by the door!  The weather has been so crappy... well, sunblock was NOT something we were thinking about.  lol 

Tomorrow, Kathy and J are coming to spend the day.  We might all go bowling.  That will be a lot of fun!  

My next meme will be up later!

be well,


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to Save a Life

My dear friend Karyl, from Karyl's Glimpses of Eternity , sent me over this meme as soon as she read my entry!!!!  Thank you so very, very much! 
Karyl’s Weather Meme

1.     What is the most beautiful weather component you’ve ever seen?   In 1986, I visited my family in Minnesota with Kathy and we saw the most amazing rainbow.  It was huge, complete, and as clear and as vibrant as if you painted it with finger paints.  Amazing.


2.     What is the scariest weather component you’ve seen in person?   I didn't see it, but there was an awful storm when I was a kid, I think 5th grade maybe.  There was a mini tornado that whipped through our town.  I remember we all went into the basement shelter.  When we left school later, trees were down, and 2 teachers cars were completely upside down in the parking lot! 


3.     What’s your favorite art with weather in it? My favorite would be this, Tiffany View of Oyster Bay Stained Glass , it is a beautiful scene looking out at Oyster Bay Long Island.


4.     What’s your favorite movie with weather in it?  Oooh... I love 2!  'The Perfect Storm' and 'Twister'!!!!


5.     Favorite book with weather in it lol? That links to the last question... 'The Perfect Storm' by Sebastian Junger!


6.     What type weather is your most favorite?  Toss up between 65, sunny and no humidity, and snowing, but a nice dry snow.  LOL


7.     What weather makes you want to leave your state for the day when it arrives?  Rain!!!!!  Yukky!!!!  Also, the week or two in the summer with high 90's and almost 100% humidity.  ICK.


8.     What is your weather today?  Today is sunny, not that humid and 72 degrees.  Very nice. 


9.     What was the worst weather you’ve had this year?  That dang noreaster we had 2 weekends ago that brought tons and tons of rain and flooded our basement.


10.    When the weather is so bad you can’t go out, what favorite activity do you do inside?  LOL  I am doing it right now!!!  Or writing for my book, or reading, or watching tv if it is night time.


11.    If you could order your weather, what would you order for tomorrow?  The 65 degree and sunny day that I mentioned in #6.


12.    If your family could make the weather happen by voting, for what weather would the majority vote?  Oh, definitely 65, sunny and low humidity!!!! 


13.    If you could have only one weather temperature and style, what would it be?  65 degrees, sunny and low humidity! lol  I think I am starting to bore you all!


14.    If you were stranded somewhere remote because of weather and could have the famous rescuer of your choice, who it would be?  Hmmm, the entire special forces unit from the tv show, The Unit.  And, oh yeah, they'd be topless.  LOL   Well, you asked!!!


Thank you, Karyl!!! That was lots of fun and kept my brain busy for almost a whole 45 minutes!!!  Yay!!!!


be well,


Bad Day

I guess it was bound to happen.  Chinks in the armour and all that...

The good news is though, my ct scan is scheduled for Friday morning at 11 am.

The bad news... the waiting... and that it is getting to me today.

I wish I had another meme to do... oh well, maybe I will find one later! 


 LOL  This is me today... and it made me laugh, so, I am sharing it with you!!!!

Today, Pumpkin has her piano lesson and Fuzzy has baseball practice. 

Pumpkin had a fun sleepover last night, but barely got any sleep.  That means she will self-destruct after dinner. 

Kathy is going to take off from work on Thursday and come up to visit with J.  That will be fun and will help keep my brain off of frustrating things, I think. 

Between my family and J-Land... I may keep my sanity! 

Have you noticed that all of my journal titles since Friday have been song titles?  Just a little mental game to keep me focused on other things! 

I will probably check in later if I find a meme!

be well,

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Waiting

From Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers song 'The Waiting':

The waiting is the hardest part
Every day you get one more yard
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part

Yes, it is.  And, so those of us who wait, meme.

10 Word Associations - Write the first word that pops into your head after reading the words in bold.

Lost :: Sanity (call me if you've seen it! LOL)

Idol :: Immunity (yes, I love 'Survivor'!)

Spoken ::  I love you's.

Life ::  Carpe Diem (latin = Seize the Day)

Tonight ::  Johnny Carson

Fingernail ::  Fuzzy (I had to cut his earlier... lol)

True :: Romance

Give up ::  Never!

Shining ::  Happy People!

Nowhere :: to go, but all dressed up! lol

Today, was the kids first official day of Spring Break.  We had a $20 earned gift certificate from Modell's Sporting Goods Store, so we headed there to get 2 new basketballs for no more than the $20. 

Unfortunately, one of them had to be pink and my dearest Pumpkin took offense to that.  She got over it when she realized that the two balls we found were the only 2 balls on sale for $9.99 and it was them or none.  She suffered gallantly through the pink as the kids played with friends this afternoon. 

@@   @@   That's a double eye roll for my little drama queen.

They also managed to convince me to pick up BK for them for lunch.  (Burger King for those unfamiliar with the fast food lingo)  $16 worth of chicken crowns and chicken fries, and $4 worth of fries, including the tax.  Amazing. 

Then, they mostly played outside with our neighbors kids all day.  There was tent building, basketball, and nail polishing. 

Tonight, Pumpkin is sleeping over at our neighbor's house across the street.  Their daughter is actually Fuzzy's age, 12, and Pumpkin is 10, but they have been good friends over the years anyhow.  They also have a son who will be 7 soon. 

Fuzzy, Hammer, Hubby and I watched 'Dancing with the Stars' and snacked on microwaved soft pretzels.   Yum!

Earlier in the evening Grandpa bought Slurpees for the kids.  Grandpa even ran Fuzzy over to buy a new video game with a gift certificate he still had from his birthday last month.  Fuzzy had a lot of fun playing it, and was very gracious thanking Grandpa often afterward.  That made me smile.  And, he shared with his brother, Hammer, too.  Another reason to smile.

Hubby and I took a nice walk alone after dinner, holding hands all the way.

Then, we took Libby outside and gave her a real work out playing fetch.  More smiles.

So, all in all, a good start to the kid's Spring Break.

A nice day and evening for all of us.  :-D

I have many blessings.  And, they help keep me busy and focused on what is important.

Thank you to my 2 K's today, too.  You know, I know.  Thank you.

be well,

ps... I have the insurance approval... just waiting for the CT scan department to get me scheduled. 

Glory Days

Fuzzy had his second game of the season on Saturday at noon.  It turned out to be one of the most exciting games that I have ever seen played!

He and his team won, 12-5, which was nice, but what was better was the fielding and the hitting!  They were at a new field that our town just put in this year.  A player on our team hit the first homerun on the field!!!  It was 240 ft out at the center field point!!  Amazing.  His next up, he hit another one over right field! 

Fuzzy was walked to first and then stole his way, one at a time, all the way home!  All the kids hit well and fielded better!  They backed each other up and came up with all the right throws when they needed! 

It was very exciting!  Poor Hubby was really bummed out that he missed this game!!  I sure hope they keep it up for the rest of the games, or at least one more so Hubby can see it first hand.

So, the kids have been told about the need for an additional test, a ct scan for me.  And, that is it. 

And, speaking of that, the doctor was busy with other patients today and hasn't finished writing it all up for the insurance, so the doc's assistant says she will be sure he finishes it later and tomorrow she will get the approval code from insurance and call me with the first available appointment. 

It disappointed me a little, but I am still holding up okay.  I just want it scheduled and done.  The waiting is the worst part, I am sure you can all imagine and agree.

So, apparently spring is over in NJ.  We had 3 beautiful spring days in the high 60's and mid 70's from Friday until yesterday.

Today is 88 degrees.  UGH!  Mother Nature is really ticking me off!!!!

be well,

Ps... This tag means more to me now than ever....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Daddy's Home!!!

So, yes... Hubby is home!  He is all officially trained and even has a patch for his uniform that says so!  It was actually very informative and a great experience.  :-D

To celebrate we went to dinner with the kids at Stewart's Drive-In.  I don't know if you all know of Stewart's Root Beer, but it is yummy, and they still have restaurants that you drive up to and get car service.  You put on your headlights, and the waitress gets your order.  You are served in your car, as the trays hook onto the window! 

The kids love it!  The food is good, and it is just fun!  In the 1950's the waitresses used to be on roller skates!  Can you imagine?  The weather was gorgeous and it was the perfect family treat!!!

Somehow, I missed actually doing entries the last two days since they were so busy.   Although, this kind of counts as Sunday, since I haven't been to bed yet!

I will fill everyone in more tomorrow! 

I want to do Russ' music meme!  He actually got it from Cin, but I can't link you to her blog as she is private. 

Here is Russ' blog link: Inner and Outer Demons 

Here is the meme/quiz/questionnaire thingy: 

A bit of song association...I'm going to give you a some words and then you tell us what song best describes them.

The weather:  "It's Raining Men", The Weather Girls (Why? Because I am an 80's chick, of course!)  But after this glorious weekend we just had how about "It's a Sunshine Day" by The Brady Brunch, heh hehheh... do remember that catchy tune?

Your state of mind:  "Pressure" by Billy Joel and "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin, enough said of that! LOL

Cheese: I think of Brie and France, so that led me to "Lady Marmalade" by Patti LaBelle, the original!

Wine: "Red Red Wine" by UB40, song by a redhead who sounds like a Jamaican Islander, also an 80's song.  lol

Sports:  "Centerfield" by John Fogerty, because it is baseball season around this house!!  And, "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen, too.  (Again, 80's and NJ... lol)

Spring: "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Led Zeppelin and "Walking on the Sun" by Smashmouth.  The Led Zep brings me back... way back...

Road Trip:  Oh this is a fun one!!!  All and any of BonJovi and Def Leppard, back when I was in my late teens and 20's and now!!!  The kids love to listen to the greatest hits cds of both!!  lol  Also, the Eagles Greatest hits, which is two cds in and of itself.  Great for the road!

Radio:  "On the Radio", Donna Summer (Russ said that was 'gayness', but I thought it, too!)  I also remember J Geils Band "Centerfold"  while laying out at the town pool one year in high school!  That catchy sing songy riff... 'Na na na na nanaana nanna'

Yawn:  "I Don't Know Why" or any of Norah Jones.  Sorry, she puts me to sleep!!!  lol

Your favorite movie:  This was easy for two of my favorite movies.  "As Time Goes By" for Casablanca, my favorite version being the kick ass version by Frank Sinatra.  Awesome.  And, for Moonstruck, "That's Amore" by Dean Martin, which is also on the fab soundtrack for that film! 

TV: "Who Are You?" by the Who, the theme for the original CSI, which is my favorite.  CSI Miami has "Baba O'Reilly" and CSI NY has "Won't Get Fooled Again" both, also by The Who.

That was fun... Copy and paste and play along if you want!  I'll be back tomorrow! (actually, later today... duh... lol)

Russ... remember your answer to spring???   Take a look at my graphic under my name... it is just for you, my sweet friend.

be well,

Friday, April 20, 2007

On My Own...


Hubby is camping until Sunday at the final Scoutmaster training that he has to complete at this level as an assistant.  This training is a must for him to be able to continue on camping with our boys. 

What really sucks is that he is away on the first beautiful, warm weekend, with that bright fiery yellow thing in the sky.... oh yeah, the sun!  Sorry, it's been so long I forgot its dang name!

However, the time should go quickly for me.  Tonight, Pumpkin is at a 6 girl sleepover at her best buddy's place.  Fuzzy is at a middle school dance with his buddy, Russ.  They have a DJ and games and snacks for the kids, and it is sponsored by our town's community program to promote drug free kids and teens!  Afterward, Russ will be sleeping over here!  So, still three kiddoes for me, just 3 boys!  lol

Tomorrow, is dance class for Pumpkin, and baseball game number 2 for Fuzzy!  And, that is the extent of our plans so far.

I will probably be very naughty and have the dog sleep on the bed with me tonight and tomorrow, but I think he will forgive me this weekend.  ;-) 

I hope everyone in J-Land gets to enjoy a little sun and fun this weekend!  Especially the fun!!

be well,

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Thank you all for making my proud mommy moment complete!

Working on the essay with Hammer, and then watching him practice was really great!  Last night, when he came home from the Scout meeting, he was just beaming ear to ear! 

I wish I could have been there to see it!  Being homeschooled he doesn't get moments to shine like that very often, so this was a wonderful opportunity, and it went better than I could have hoped!

It is that time again!  Thankful Thursday, and a shout to Gretchen over at Living in Savannah 2 for bringing this to my life.

1.     J-Land.  For your support and love and for indulging me in my proud mommy moment!

2.     Hammer.  For always surprising me with your skill and maturity and growth when it is needed most!  And, you are right, your Asperger's is a gift, a blessing.  It has helped the neuro-typical ones in your family to be more appreciative and be in awe of the differences that make you special.

3.     Libby.  For following me all over the house, all day and all night.  And, for giving me the best doggie kisses.

4.     Baseball.  Fuzzy had his first game last night and had to rush to Boy Scouts.  He played catcher for the first time and did a wonderful job.  He is a great third baseman, too.

Unfortunately, I missed the game.  It was very damp and only about 48 degrees, and I just couldn't sit on bleachers in that.  Fuzzy did not get upsetlike he used to do.  He is starting to understand that it isn't me that wants to be home, it is the RA/Lupus stuff keeping me home.

5.     Hubby.  Poor Hubby.  The basement floor has to be ripped up and re-done differently, and he has coped pretty well!!  We are blessed to be able to do the work ourselves... well, I am blessed that he can do it himself! 

I haven't said anything online about the VT tragedy.  I received this graphic today, and wanted to share.  Last night, I put the ribbon up in my side bar.

As a mom, my heart goes out to the parents of the victims.  How horrible... having your child pass before you is something no parent ever wants to deal with, and under these circumstances, all the more awful.

I don't like to bring up political issues, particularly controversial ones, but I must say.  We need a Federal standard of gun control.  A minimum level across the board, that states can go harsher on, but never less than.

It is time.  Period.  No, it will never stop the basic criminal element from getting handguns, however, the majoirity of the time they only kill themselves.  Harsh, but true.  However, having waiting periods, and deeper background searches can make it more difficult for disturbed youths/adults from obtaining guns.

Right now, if you live in a state with tight controls (like NJ/NY) you just drive south and get it with your drivers license or fake ID of sorts at the local Walmart. 

Okay... enough of that. 

My prayers are with all affected by this tragedy.

be well,

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hammer's Talk for Autism Awareness Month


Hammer is going to speak tonight at his Boy Scout Troop meeting.  I am printing his talk here for you all, but it loses something, because Hammer actually ad libs when he presents it... he has practiced it twice, and it has amazed me each time! 


He is a really good public speaker!  Not something that Aspies usually do well at, so this was a pleasant surprise! 

***  UPDATE: 10pm  Hammer did his speech for his troop and it went fabulous!  He received a standing ovation!


April is Autism Awareness Month.  Mr. Trapp has asked me to speak tonight because I have a form of high functioning autism called Asperger’s Syndrome.


There are many different degrees of autism.  Think of the spectrum of colors.  At the far left you have yellow, and that would be like Asperger’s and other high functioning forms, and all the way on the right you have the deepest darkest purples, and that would be like Kanner’s Autism, so severe that you cannot speak, communicate or be touched.


Autistics have their own way of thinking.  They are often misjudged by those of you who are neuro-typical, we don’t say ‘normal’ because everyone has their own ‘normal’.  Neuro-typical is how all of you without autism think.


Autistics think differently which does not mean it is inferior. And, thinking differently is not the same as thinking different things.  It means that our brains are wired to process and react to information and stimulation around us in a very unique way.  The best thing that you can do is remember that anyone with autism is not being different to be ‘difficult’, it is just how we are.


Autistics and Aspies, like me, get overloaded by things that other people hardly notice, and each of us has our own set of sensitivities.  In order to cope with overload we have to allow for ‘down time’ and time to ‘decompress’.


For example, I have some sensitivities.  Sometimes noise can really be painful and difficult for me to handle.  I often will use soft ear plugs that dull the noise and help me cope. 

I also have a problem with bright lights.  Sometimes I have problems with tactile things too.  I can be bumped gently and have it feel like I was tackled.  Other times, I can bang a part of me and not even notice. 


My pain scale is all messed up, too.  I have a hard time recognizing internal body pain, like stomach aches, and ear infections, until they are super bad.  I broke my nose once, and when the doctor snapped the bone back into place with a metal rod, I never stopped talking to him about Star Wars.  He was amazed because most grown up people, men and women scream, and some even pass out! 


I also have something called dysgraphia which makes it painful to hold pens and pencils for a long time.  I do a lot of my school work orally because of that.  I also like computers better, buteven that can be stressful after a while.

I am also particular about my foods.  I don’t like the different things on my plates to touch.  I am pretty lucky though, some kids and adult Autistics only eat white foods, like Larry on the show Numbers, or only eat 2 or 3 things ever for their whole lives!


One of the most difficult situations for Aspies and Autistics are social occasions.   Groucho Marx once said, “I’ve had a wonderful time, but this wasn’t it.”  This illustrates how many of us feel.  I love being with people, but it can be really hard when they don’t get me.  I am pretty sensitive and can easily have my feelings hurt.  Once people understand where I am coming from, then we usually get along fine!  Chit chat can be tough, but if you come to me and ask me about things I like, we can really have a great conversation! 


Autistics and Aspies often have tics or do repetitive things called, ‘stimming’.  It isn’t meant to be annoying to everyone around us, but sometimes it may seem that way.  Some kids and adults may rock, flap, tap, sway, pace, hum, make weird sounds, stare at walls, etc.  These behaviors are calming for us as we are being bombarded by all the things that you neuro-typical people never even notice.


You may have noticed my tics.  Sometimes I will make a strange noise, or rub my face.  No big deal.  Just ignore it! 


Many Aspies, like myself, and other high functioning Autistics are very smart, but not all of us.  Usually, our smarts or genius is in one or two specific areas, and we struggle with others.  However, all of us here on the Autistic Spectrum are exploring alternate realities with our different thinking and brain functions. 

This can lead to great creativity and inventiveness.  Many studies now believe that Albert Einstein had Asperger’s Syndrome.  He certainly did look at the world of physics in a different way in his time, no one can debate that fact.


Other famous people who have admitted to being on the Autistic Spectrum, or who are now thought to have been after researching their lives using the definitions of Autism, are Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Orson Welles, Mozart, Carl Sagun, and there are more. 


There are a lot of great books out there to read about Asperger’s and Autism.  My mom has a bunch and she is always willing to loan them out.  Some are made especially for kids, and some for adults.  Just ask me about them.


Well, I hope this was interesting for all of you.  I will take any questions you might want to ask me now.  First though, I am going to ask my brother, Fuzzy, to come up and help me.  You see, I will answer you from my point of view, but Alex may have more to add, since he is my neuro-typical brother living with me and Asperger's each day.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe learned something you didn't know!  If you have any questions,please ask, and Hammer and I will answer them!

be well,