Saturday, April 7, 2007

Another Meme!!!!! (can't believe I forgot to name it)

[1.] Male friend: Hubby
[2.] Female friend: Kathy
[3.] Cousin: Karol
[4.] Vacation: My honeymoon, followed by DisneyWorld in April 2001
[5.] Time of Day: Family time, before the kids go to bed
[6.] Day of the week: Saturday
[7.] Food: Italian
[8.] Memory: birth of the kids

[1.] Person you saw: my Hubby laying on couch as I exited bathroom
[2.] Talked to on the phone: Pumpkin making sure we brought her & Hammer home food
[3.] Text: Hubby
[4.] Imed: my daughter for fun a while ago, I don't IM, I email otherwise
[5.] Message over myspace: Don't do myspace... EVER
[6.] To hug you: Fuzzy while we were at dinner
[7.] To kiss you: Fuzzy, same time...

[1.] What are you doing now? Duh... this meme!
[2.] What are you wearing right now? jeans, blue terry cloth henley style shirt, long sleeves
[3.] Better than yesterday? Hmmm, no I would say the same!

[1.] Is: Easter
[2.] Got any plans: relaxing at home with the family
[3.] Dislikes about tomorrow: need to get laundry done

[1.] Number: I have a lot of, I won't bore you!
[2.] Song: many, but always my wedding song, 'Time in a Bottle' by Jim Croce
[3.] Color: sage green
[4.] Season: Fall, the crisp air, leaves turning colors...

[1.] Missing: Nothing really!
[2.] Mood: Happy
[3.] Wanting: Hammer to feel better fast, and for NO ONE ELSE TO GET ILL!

[True or False:]

[I am a cuddler]: True
[I am a morning person]: False (although, I was most of my life!)
[I am a perfectionist]: True in some areas, False in others
[I am an only child]: True
[I am currently in pajamas]: False
[I am very shy with the opposite gender]: False
[I can be paranoid at times]: True, I think everyone is at times, but not much
[I enjoy country music]: False (although there is some I do like)
[I love/like smoothies iceys]: True (but I love COFFEE and Iced Tea more... however my mom will kill for a Slurpee!)
[I enjoy talking on the phone]: False 
[I have a hidden talent]: True (just ask Hubby <<waggling eyebrows>>)
[I have all my grandparents]: False... they are all gone now :(
[I have been told thatI am random]: False
[I have or had broken a bone]: True (wrist, toe, foot)
[I have done something illegal]: True (I drank while underage.)
[I have had major/minorsurgery]: True (pfft, too many)
[I have had the cops called on me]: NEVER... I am and was a good girl!  LOL  Doesn't mean I didn't have fun, though!

Wasn't that fun?  C'mon... play along!!! 

be well,

ps... Hi, my name is Dawn, and I am addicted to memes.

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gazker said...

Dawn, you aint addicted to memes are ya? ;-)
Gaz xx

rdautumnsage said...

Loved the answers. Still laughing over your last comment about being addicted to these things.LMAO!!!! Have a wonderful holiday tommorrow hon, may it be filled with all the love and peace you so richly deserve. (Hugs) Indigo

nightmaremom said...

very cute :)
hugs and Happy Easter

toonguykc said... are a meme-aholic.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step!  LOL


tenyearnap said...

Now you've gone and reminded me that I need to do laundry. Yes, and no one else in your family is to get sick for a good long while! --Cin

eml625 said...

Dawn, I have said this before , but we are alot alike !

sunnyside46 said...

I am an only child too
I always hated it , so fate had it that my kids were born 10 years apart so I basically had TWO only children.

topazscorpio27 said...

Had to borrow this one.  I put it in my journal.  -Dawn-