Thursday, June 29, 2006

Too Pooped to Pop or Think!

I am pooped today, my cousin's boys left yesterday afternoon. 

Last night, we had Pumpkin's piano recital.  She performed her two pieces very well.  :-D

And, since I am too pooped to think well, I stole this questionaire from Paul, at Aurora Walking Vacation  ,  and although he is a self proclaimed 'evil atheist', don't be alarmed folks, the 'evil' is a joke.  Paul is a great guy!

So, here are the questions and my answers!


1-What do you want people to say about you when you die?: I hope that I am remembered as being a good mom.

2-How long does it take you to get ready to go out?: If I am dressed, (unlike now, as I am in pj's) then I am ready!

3-If you were an animal what would you be?: Assuming you mean other than the animal I am, I would like to be a house cat.  Pampered, and having a nap named after me... Yup, that's the way to live....

4-What's your biggest fear?: My kids being hurt, which is I guess obvious.  Next to that, it would be that something would happen with my illness that would take me from my kids.

5-What’s your most prized possesion?: I guess my wedding rings.

6-What’s the funniest word you can think of?: I was going to say something witty for Paul's benefit but instead my daughter said to say 'constipated' and 'bubble'. Okay, there ya go.

7-Do you get along with your parents?: Yes, of course!

8-What do you look for in the opposite sex?: Strong hands, nice eyes, great sense of humor = my Hubby!

9-What was the most difficult thing you had to do?: I had a few things, but I think the hardest was walking out of the hospital OR leaving my knocked out child with the surgeon.  I had to do it three times, and it was awful each time, I left in tears.  (the kids all had ear tubes, and the boys also had adenoid removal)

10-If you were given one day to live what would you do? Spend it with my kids, hubby and parents, making happy memories!

11-If you could relive any day of your life either for good or to change it what would it be?: I wouldn't change a thing, because I believe everything is as it should be, so I would probably relive my wedding just for fun!

12-What's the worst feeling in the world?: Losing someone you love.  The best?: I will quote Paul - 'This is AOL, remember. PG rated journals. Sorry. Use your imagination.'

13-If you could meet anyone who ever existed who would it be?: My Grandma   why?: Just to spend more time with her, and ask her more family things that I would like to know for the kids.

14-What was the meanest thing you ever did as a little kid?: I was really sweet and naive as a kid, but I guess I would say that I probably made fun of someone that I shouldn't have.

15-What have you learned about love?: I have learned that love is something that grows and changes, lives and breathes, and it must be cared for and nurtured and worked or it will fail.

16-How have you changed in the past year?: I don't know, that is a tough one that would require much thought! 


Well, that is about all I have to give today!  lol  Hope you enjoyed it!

I will be back soon!

be well,

Monday, June 26, 2006

My Hubby's Problem

My husband has a problem.

You can read a previous entry of mine about this very same malady here:

The Homing Device

He loses things.  A lot. 

Not that there aren't places to put these things.  He just doesn't do it.

Today, for instance.

The alarm sounded at 6:45 am and I got up and woke my Hubby.

He left the bedroom and closed our bedroom door, so when the kids come down, it buffers some of the noise so I can sleep in while they watch some tv or play video games.

At 7:30 am, :::smash::: (because he cannot be quiet about it), Hubby opens the bedroom door, and starts to fumble about and then he asks,

'Have you seen my belt?'

I say, 'No.'

Mind you, he took said belt off his own body yesterday about 13 hours ago. 

He leaves.

At 7:20 am, :::smash::: Hubby enters again and begins to fumble about again.

Hubby asks,

'Uh, sorry, but did you see my wallet?' 

I say, 'No, but you went to Dunkin Donuts at about 1:30 pm yesterday, so you had it then.

He grunts, and then leaves. 

I guess he located said items because I finally fell back asleep until the kids started the ritual of 'letting me sleep' by waking me every 20 mintutes or so.

Now, I told you he has a problem.  It is baaaad, real baaaaad.  I need a 12 -Step Program for him, and I am not being funny.

Here is why.

Our dryer broke again for the second time since January.  It appears this time the belt that turns the drum snapped.  Of course, we had two loads wet before figuring it out, and hubby needed the polo shirts for work.  Too hot and humid for dress shirts in NYC this week.

Hubby gets the laundry loaded into our truck at 7:55 pm, after he showered all the kids for me. 

He pops his head into the family room where I have gathered the five kidlets to get them to settle in for the night...

'Where is my wallet?', he asks. 

I cannot even believe I am hearing this out of his mouth! 

After this morning, don't you think that when he took off his work clothes and put on casual shorts that he would have put in wallet and keys and change all together on one of the two 'man trays' that he has?

Oh no, not my husband!

He starts to look around, and I asked,

'Did you check your work pants?' 

He states it cannot be there because he knows he threw the wallet on our bed and/or possibly put it into his shorts.

Hubby then states that he is going to go the laundry mat to get the loads started.  He is gone for about ten minutes.

He returns and begins to fumble about the house like a fish out of water, until he comes to all of us in the family room in desperation.

He gives the exasperated look.  I get exasperated.  ARRRGHHH!

Now, five kids and myself join the darn search.  We tear apart the couches in two rooms, sift through all the dirty laundry, all the closets, upstairs and down, and look under beds and furniture everywhere.

I ask about the pants and he says again that the wallet is not in the pants.  I wonder how he can be so sure but he then asks, what was I wearing when I brought down the kids laundry basket and made the comment that I was all sweaty?

I tell him - 'Your pants.' 

He rolls his eyes and cries out, 'No. My shorts!'


I now start to look for the pants.

I locate the pants.

I pull the dang, freaking, &%#^@& WALLET from the pants!!!!!

He then smartly listened to a barage of me calling him some choice, yet PG-13 names, and ran by all the kids hysterically laughing at his stupidity, and returned back to the laundromat.

I tell you, the man NEEDS HELP.

I am still incredulous that it could happen, TWICE in one day!!!

He is untrainable, incorrigible, and frustrating as all hell.

If you hear of any programs to help with this kind of problem, please forward the web site to me!!!

be well,



A new Questionaire!

This is a new questionaire from Linda at Sangria Times

What curse word do you use the most?  sh**

Do you own an iPod?  An mp3 player, but it is shared
What time is your alarm clock set for?  6:45 am to wake my hubby only... it is summer!!  Yeeee haaaaa!!!
What color is your room? Sage green
Flip flops or sneakers?  Sneakers, my joints need the support, but I do have a pair of Merrill flip flops that I love!
Would you rather take the picture or be in the picture?  Take the picture
What was the last movie you watched?  Underworld 2, with hubby
Do any of your friends have children?   Almost all of them do
Has anyone ever called you lazy?   Not that I know of!
Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep faster?  yes
What CD is currently in your CD player?  The bose in the house has U2, Joshua Tree.
Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk? If I am drinking it then, chocolate milk, but I haven't done that since I was pregnant last, some ten years ago!
Has anyone told you a secret this week?  Yes
Have you ever given someone a hickey?  Many years ago, oh how young and stupid you can be...
Who was the last person to call you?  Hubby
Do you think people talk about you behind your back?  Oh yeah, I am the one who 'homeschools her eldest', lots of whispers about that....
Did you watch cartoons as a child?  yes, didn't everyone?
How many siblings do you have?  None biological.  One sister of the heart.
Are you shy around the opposite sex?  No
What movie do you know every line to?  Pretty close with Moonstruck
Do you own any band t-shirts?  I used to, but not anymore!
What is your favorite salad dressing?  Thousand Island or Ranch
Do you read for fun? Always, read 3 books in the last 5 days!
Do you cry a lot?  Define a lot!!
Who was the last person to text message you? My hubby at my daughter's dance recital rehearsal
Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?  we have both
Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoo?  No
What is the weather like? Still freaking raining!!!
Would you ever date someone covered in tattoos? It's about the personality for me... so probably, but in general I don't find it attractive.
Is sex before marriage wrong? Not to me, but to each his/her own,  I do think you need to be mature and in a committed relationship
When was the last time you slept on the floor? At my uncle Ed's townhouse in Fairfax, VA, when I was about 22 with Kathy!
How many hours of sleep do you need to function?  at least four, but then I will pay later
Are you in love or lust?  yes
Are your days full and fast-paced?  oh yes!
Do you pay attention to calories on the back of packages?  Sometimes
How old will you be turning on your next birthday?  41
Are you picky about spelling and grammar?  yes...for myself though, not others
Have youever been to Six Flags?  Yes, we have one about 45 minutes from here!
Do you get along better with the same or opposite sex?  Both
Do you like cottage cheese? Ewww... no
Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?  Side and back
Have you ever bid for something on eBay? Oh yes!
Do you enjoy giving hugs?  Yes, and getting them too!
What song did you last sing out loud? This is funny, I was mocking to my kids a song that came on the radio, it was 'Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns and Roses
What is your favorite TV show?  Grey's anatomy, CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, House... lol
Which celebrity, dead or alive, would you want to have lunch with?  Dead, Jimmy Stewart, for Kathy!  And, alive, J.K. Rowling, to talk about Harry Potter and being a mom!
Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?  Probably last week at my daughter's dance recital...they were for her!
What one thing do you wish you had?  Better health, no RA etc.
Favorite lyrics?  The lyrics to my wedding song, 'Time in a Bottle' by Jim Croce  click  here 
There ya go... hope it didn't bore you all too much!
be well,

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!

Today, is day 3 of rain.  :-(

I am definitely ready for it to leave!

My IV medication visit in NYC went well.  Thank you for all the good wishes and prayers!  They worked!  My IV went in easily in my right arm and this month, no blood draws!  YAY!

Later that afternoon, we went to the town pool as a family, and a great time!  We joined the night before, and this is our first time joining in about 5 years.

This is the same pool that I lived at when I was a kid, all summer long.  I also swam the swim team there, too.  It is fun sharing the memories of my years there with the kids now, as they make new memories of their own.

On Thursday and Friday, I brought the kids there myself, and they were a great help bringing in the chair and towels and beach bag, and getting it out.

Friday night, the rain started, at about 8 pm; we had left the pool at 7 pm... it was good timing. 

Since then, the rain hasn't stopped for very long, and the skies have been gray and dark.  The whole weather system has wreaked havoc on my joints, but I am feeling pretty good since my medication on Wednesday. 

Today, my cousin and her hubby dropped off her two boys for me to watch until Wednesday afternoon!  We all had a nice family visit and dinner.  My dad made a fabulous homemade meat sauce and raviolis.  Magnifico!

My kids are so excited to have their cousins here for the next few days!  The eldest is the same age as Fuzzy and youngest is the same age as Pumpkin!  Hammer has a great time with them both, too.  It will really be a fun time for all!

Three days, five kids... hopefully, the rain stops!

As long as the weather permits, the plans are to do the town pool and the arts & crafts program in our park.  If I get desperate, I will do a movie, but fingers and toes are crossed for the rain to let up!  Movies are so expensive now!

Then, Wednesday my cousin is planning on coming as early in the day as she can to visit with me, which is always nice.  The kids can still spend time together and we will all do dinner together, too.

The kids settled down nice tonight, and everyone was sleeping by 10:30 pm!  Can't complain about that at all!

Libby got her stitches out Friday, and her leg has been prounounced officially healed!  Yay! 

That catches you all up to date with me!

I am still having a hard time getting around to all the journals I want to visit... be patient with me, dear j-landers!

be well,

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Needle a Month, Keeps the Doctor Away... ha ha ha

Tomorrow is IV day in NYC!  Yippeee! 

Which explains why I am still awake... I get a little bit antsy, and especially after my little phlebitis-y thing last month...

Well, what will be will be.  I will make sure they go for the IV in my right arm, giving the left a rest.  That is all I can do, the rest is up to the sweet and capable RN's that care for me while I am there.

Remember how I said my sweet kidlets were 'letting' me sleep late?

Here is a run down of how that works, using this morning (uh, actually now, yesterday morning) as an example.

5:45 am     Alarm goes off and I go wake Hubby for work.

6:30 am     My mom leaves for work, and although she is very quiet, I have to pee, so I can't just roll over and go back to sleep.

8:30 am     Fuzzy comes in to tell me that he has slept late this morning, until just now!

10:00 am     Fuzzy and Pumpkin come in to wake me to confirm that I would, in fact, like to sleep late, possible until 11 am-ish.

10:20 am     Pumpkin returns to tell me her playdate has been confirmed for 12:30 pm, at her friends house.

10:50 am     Fuzzy arrives, phone in hand, asking if his friend can come over for a playdate at 12:30 pm.

10:55 am     I tell Fuzzy to hop in the bed and talk to me for a minute as I get my wits about me to get up because I have a horrible headache. 

Fuzzy looks at me with a confused look and says, 'But, Mom, don't you want to keep sleeping for a while longer?'

Uh, sleep?  Yeah...but, I give up!  I don't know how much more of this 'sleep' I can take!!!!

Instead, I just smiled, and got up, and stumbled to the kitchen for my coffee. 

In case I haven't said it enough, thank the Lord for coffee, and for the GENIUS that first poured hot water over the crushed roasted beans!  THANK YOU!!!!

be well,

A 43 Question Survey!!!

A cool survey... that both Linda of Sangria Times and Paul of

Aurora Walking Vacation posted and I stole from them!

43 of the MOST random questions...

1. Where were you 1 hour ago?
      Here, at my kitchen table, on the wireless laptop, reading journals that I have been very behind in reading.  (see the last 2 journal entries as to why...)

2. Who will be your next kiss?
Probably one of the kids but maybe my hubby or the dog!

3. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?

       Yes, the roses we bought my daughter last week for her graduation! 

4. When is the last time you went to the mall?

        I have been either shopping online or in free standing stores or mini malls.  It has been about 3 months since I have been in any real 'mall'.

5. Are you wearing socks right now?

        No, I am barefoot in my slippies.

6. When was the last time you went out of town?

        Define "out of town." Yes, I have trouble with this one also.  The answer could be either, last night, when I was shopping one town over at the bookstore, or it could be February, when we went to the Poconos skiing. 

7. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?


8. What was the last thing you had to drink?

        Coffee. Ah, sweet, sweet addiction. Nectar of the gods... blessed lifeline... etc etc etc... you get the picture.

9. What are you wearing right now?

        I am wearing a pink t-shirt that I got on the cruise last year in St. Maarten's and denim capri pants.  Oh yeah, and slippers.

10. Have you been in a car wash?

        Yes, hasn't everyone???? 

11. Last fast food you ate?

         A homemade egg salad sandwich on wheat toast.

12. Where were you last week on Saturday?

        Other than out to dinner to On the Border, mexican restaurant, I was home. Of course, that is the Saturday that was 10 days ago... because that is how I read this.

13. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?

        No, just books. 

14. When was the last time you ran?

        I guess when we played Parents vs. Scouts kickball.  I hate running though.

15. What's the last sporting event you watched?

        Yankee game the other night.

16. What is your favorite class?

        Egyptian history.

17. Your dream vacation?

        Paris, to see the Louvre. 

18. Last 3 people's houses you were in?

        I guess I could say my parents, but technically, we are all in one house, their apartment is 2/3 of our upstairs.  Then, I guess my friend Theresa's and then my sister, Kathy's! 

19. How old are your parents?

        My dad is 66 and mom is 60!

21. Do you miss anyone?

        Yes, my grandma, my great aunt, who have passed.  I also have aunts and uncles who live out of state and cousins that I miss seeing regularly.  

22. Last play you saw?

        Aida on Broadway.

23. What are your plans for today?

        I guess what I am doing right now.  Letting my kids have a play date and catching up on journals!  

24. Who is the last person you commented on myspace?

        I don't go to Myspace. It's silly. To expand on Paul's comment, I think Myspace is dangerous because kids under 18 can use it and be abused through it.  It concerns me, greatly. 

25. Ever go to camp?

        Yes, with the Girl Scouts in 7th grade.  I don't plan on doing it anymore, my style of camping in going to Holiday Inn instead of Marriott. lol 

26. Were you an honor roll student in school?

        Oh yes, always, top honors.  Look for my Hubby's comment which will say 'Nerd'.  lol

27. What do you want to know about the future?

        That my kids will grow up into productive happy members of society and will live long and healthy lives.  Isn't that every mom's most ferverent hope?  It would be wonderful to 'know' it and not have to worry about it, but, alas, life isn't like that.

28. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne

        No, just a coconut body spray, does that count.

30. Where is your best friend located?

        Do people have "best friends" at 40?  Well, yes Paul!  I think so??  Mine lives an hour away, and I hate it.  She is my adopted sis, Kathy.

31. Do you have a tan?

        Yes, but no one would ever even guess it at all!  I am fair, that my tan can only be proved by showing a little of my even whiter tummy!! lol

32. How old do you want to be when you have kids?

        Oh Paul, don't be so snarky!  I wanted to do it before I hit thirty and I actually had my first at 26 and 9 months exactly.

33. Do you collect anything?

        Just lots and lots of books.  I also have various antiques, mostly art glass, and crystal, and some furniture.

34. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?

        Not since 1987, I got a speeding ticket.  Hubby and I were together when he was pulled over for speeding in 1996, but we were let off with a warning. 

35. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?

        Yes, you should never drink from a can, not only is it dirty but you can be cut badly.  Take my word for it, I saw many bad soda can cuts on kids and adults when I worked for plastic surgeons.

36. How do you like your drinks?

        Cold, and with a straw, unless it is hot coffee, then hot!

37. Do you like hot sauce? 

        Yes, but not super hot!

38. Last time you took a shower?

        Last night, but I haven't washed my hair since Sunday am. 

39. Who do you have a crush on?

        My hubby!!!  And, I always will. 

40. What is your mood?

        Mostly happy?

41. Are you someone's best friend?


42.Are you rich?

        Monetarily, no, far from it.  But, I have my hubby, my kids, my parents, a house, a car... that about covers it.

43. What do you think of the person who took this survey before you?

        I think both Paul and Linda are great people and I enjoy reading their journals!
So, that's all folks for now!
be well,

Monday, June 19, 2006

Real Life Smack Down

Whew!  It is done! 

And, thank the Lord for COFFEE!!!

The culmination of the Week from Hell was this weekend, with dance recital rehearsal and then show on Father's Day!

The rehearsal day was the usual, very long, very drawn out.  A lot of work goes into a show with about 300 kids and 45 acts. 

Pumpkin had three performances, and therefore 2 costume changes.  First was hip hop, followed by tap, then ballet.  The shows theme was broadway, but for hip hop the songs were just popular hits. 

I did the changes at the rehearsal, but on Sunday, my sister came up and did it with Pumpkin.  She did that last year to help out and it was really nice because it let's me really relax and enjoy the show, and the fruits of running her around all year to three dance classes.  Plus she gets time really bonding with Pumpkin.

It is hard for me wrestling those stocking on and off sweaty legs and doing it awkward positions with my rheumatoid arthritis.  Thanks Kathy - you are a lifesaver!!!!  And, Pumpkin loves that you do that 'just for her' wink wink, nudge nudge!!!

Pumpkins hip hop song was Hollaback Girl (the clean version) by Gwen Stefani.  The dance was great both days, but the day of the show it was phenomenal!  Pumpkin was actually center stage leading the group at times, it was very cool!

Tap was Pinball Wizard from Tommy!  They actually had the girls perform as if they were mad and annoyed and there were 3 girls mouthing the words, and Pumpkin was one of those!  She mouthed, 'How do you think he does it?' and it was great... it looked so over exaggerated with hand movements at home when practiced, but on stage.... perfect!!!  The tap steps were also much harder this year than can see that the girls really have advanced!

Last but not least, was ballet with Pick a Pocket or Two from Oliver.  It was adorable, Pumpkin was one of Fagin's pick pockets as were all the older girls in her class, and they were teamed up with younger girls playing the orphans that they were trying to convert!  Adorable and well acted and well danced!

The show was about 3 hours long!  A long day! 

We went out afterward to a nice dinner for Father's Day!  My dad picked the restaurant and the choice was excellent!  I had the best Chicken Cordon Bleu I have ever had.  Mmmmmmm, I will be remembering it for a while! 

My Hubby and Dad were great sports about the day being mostly not theirs!  They both enjoyed seeing Pumpkin so much, I think it made up for it! 

Pumpkin was very sweet and at dinner she made everyone stop for a minute and listen to her and then she thanked Daddy and Grandpa for sharing their day with her.  Very sweet... she is a special little girl!!!

As for me, well, I have been smacked down!  lol  Not surprising, after the crazy ten days and having to cope with chronic disease and pain, true.

I am tired and sore but trying my best to keep up with the kids today!  They let me sleep until 11am... very generous of them!

I am so terribly behind on reading journals!  I am so sorry and I promise to try to catch up later this week!

be well,


Friday, June 16, 2006

The 10 Days from Hell

Last Friday started the week from hell.  Yes, I am still in the midst of it....
Satan was feeling particularly snarky today and decided to let me get to a computer. lol
Last Friday am was Fuzzy's world travel day at his school.  Each child set up their desk like travel agents and displayed their reports that they worked on each month about their country, money, food and other items as well. 
Fuzzy did Canada, eh.  It was a lot of fun and we were there most of the morning.
Then, at 5 pm was the playoff baseball game.  They lost.  It was a good game, against a 'stacked' team (full of travel league players), and our team was the only one to ever make them sweat.  Most of their wins were games with a 10 plus margin.  We lost by only 5 runs.  Yeah, and that made them sweat, to the point they used a pitcher that they bragged they were saving for the next day's championship game.
Fuzzy had the bad luck to get up to bat, bottom of the 6th (last inning), with 2 outs.  Yes, he struck out swinging.  He was 4 for 5, but did that matter?  No. 
We now had less than 1 hour to make it to the huge scout crossing over and receiving his Arrow of Light.  He worked on it for 4 years.  It was a one time only cermony and honor.... 
Did he want to go?  No.  Fuzzy was bawling over the out, going on and on about how awful he was as a ball player, and that he let his team down.  Ugh.  I had to coddle him into the scout uniform, and into the car, and the tears didn't disappear until he got out of the car to join his friends.  Amen for that!
To be fair, Hubby was almost as disconsolate as Fuzzy.  He really wanted to win that game.  Really, really bad.  You know how there is always one coach that has a 'holier than thou' attitude and all the parents hate it?  This was that guy.  All the parents on the team wanted us to beat him, too. 
Sad, but that is the kind of emotion this guy evokes, to the point you don't even care it is about the kids... you just want to cram a loss down his throat for a change.  Ugh.
So, here we are at the Scout shindig.  They do this really cool bonfire ceremony and Indian headdress thingy and story and presentation of the Arrow of Light and then the big crossing over the bridge and welcome to the Scouts thingy.  The last scout barely gets over the bridge, and before refreshments, WHAMMO!  Lightning, thunder and wind storm from Hell.  UGH.
We all made a mad dash to the car!!!
We went to Friendly's though with another family for ice cream and food.  It was good.  The kids plopped into bed followed by parents after this too long, too stressful day at around 11:15 pm. 
Suddenly, it is 11 am and Hubby and Fuzzy jump out of bed! 
Everyone slept thru the 9:30 am Championship game!  Now, there is a mad rush like crazy to get to the field for the Baseball Awards BBQ and trophy presentation.  It begins at 11:30 am and Hubby is a head coach!!  Yikes!  They made it in a nick of time.
Sunday, we went shopping and tried to rest knowing that there is much more crazyness to come!
Monday starts the week of half days, Fuzzy's class has a pizza lunch for winning the music department's class of the year thingy.  Orthodentist for the boys at 3pm.  Fuzzy is at a friend's house, I pick him up, go to the orthodentist, and then bring him back to the playdate and then pick him up at 5:30 pm for dinner.  Pumpkin and Fuzzy hang out with neighborhood friends.
Tuesday, Pumpkin's graduation!  Yay!  11 am ceremony.  In our town, the kids leave the K-3rd grades school and go to the middle school which is 4-8th grades. 
Must rush to pick up Fuzzy at 10:30 am, get across town to her school.  We make it and then listen to songs, via voice and recorder, listen to memories of all the years past and then watch 95 students get their diplomas!  Hoot and holler for Pumpkin, take pictures and OH YEAH... don't forget to sweat and almost pass out because it is 90 degrees and the ceremony is in the sun and getting hotter during the 110 minutes that pass. Yes, I counted.
The frenzy continues...  We hand off Pumpkin afterward to her friend's mom for a graduation pool party and rush out with the boys.  We had to go across county to Hammer's neuro-pedi-psych appointment to meet his new interim doc (regular one's mom passed) and get new scripts for his meds.  Knock wood, all is great with him.  Want to keep it that way and of course, this was the ONLY appointment we can get. 
So, we rush off for the 25 minute commute, stop for lunch, thank goodness we had time for that, and then get to the appointment.  All went well, and we get home at about 4 pm, and relax for dinner.
Just before dinner we get phone call that Fuzzy is getting an Academic excellence award which is TOP SECRET and we must attend the 9 am ceremony the next morning, which is Wednesday for those keeping track. 
Although, as parents, Hubby and I are thrilled, Hubby's had appointments for his job that he moved due to Pumpkin's graduation on Tuesday!
So, Hubby moves heaven and earth to take yet more time from work.  We go to ceremony.  Fuzzy receives award for Academic Excellence and Good Citizenship, which means his year end averages were all 92 or better and he is a student leader in the eyes of the faculty.  Take pictures, this ceremony is indoors, but we are still sweating, no a/c. 
Then, we rush out and I drive Hubby to the Ferry, one of the few ways to get him into NYC now that rush hour is gone, or I would have to drive him all the way into the city.  I am still at the waters edge in NJ and could throw a rock to Manhattan, but hey... who's measuring!
It is Wednesday and the last day of school.  I rush home, and have 30 minutes to feed dog, walk dog, secure dog, gather up Hammer and get to Pumpkin's school for the 'clap out'.  This is when as the outgoing 3rd grade leaves for the last time, all the 1st and 2nd graders and kindergartners, teachers and parents, clap them out the door and across the school property in a little parade.
I make it.  I clap.  Oh, yeah and I sweat too, it is really HOT!!!
THEN, jump in the truck and rush across town to Fuzzy's school that got out at the EXACT same time... and get him from behind library with all the other kids waiting for parents in the 'race' from school A to school B.  
I then took the kids to BK for an end of year lunch with mom, and that was really nice!
Wednesday night the boys and Hubby attend the new Boy Scout group that Fuzzy officially crossed over into and who is courting Hammer to join.
I got a big surprise when they got home!  Hammer joined and was elected Assistant Patrol leader of the incoming group!!  A scout with 3 years experience is the Patrol leader, and Fuzzy and his four friends from scouts are also in the Patrol.  Very exciting stuff!  The boys were really excited and Fuzzy was so proud for his brother.  It was really nice.
Yesterday, Thursday we got to go to the Yankee game!  Except for Punpkin, who chose not to go,  who will spent part of the day at Grandpa's work and then the rest of the day and evening with Grandpa and Grandma.
The Yankee game was wonderful even though they lost!  It is always really cool to be at the game.  The seats were in Loge and we were completely shaded and not hot at all!  It was heavenly, for a change!  lol  Melky Cabrera hit his first Major League home run!  We also saw A-Rod and Bernie hit homers. 
The problem was leaving the Yankee game, we sat stuck in one of the parking garages not moving more than inches for over an hour, due to an accident.  However, then we made it out and came back to NJ for chicken wings at Hooter's!  Yummy!
Today, is Friday and the kids let me sleep in until 11 am, which was nice.  We have to bring Libby to her doctor's appointment at 2:30 pm, for her bandage change and check up on her stitched up paw.

Then I plan to mostly rest to get ready for....
Dance recital weekend!  Yes, dear friends, I get to spend all day, usually about 6 hours Saturday, at a dress rehearsal where the lighting and sound are tweaked at retweaked.  UGH. 
Then Sunday will be the 3 1/2 hour show, and it is supposed to be 95 degrees.  This auditorium has a problem with the a/c if the temperature goes over 80 degrees.  EVERY year on dance recital weekend it has been in the 80's or 90's.  Dang Devil!!!
After the dance recital we will go out to dinner for Father's Day to celebrate both.
I am really looking forward to that dinner because it will mean that...

Monday is coming and the 10 Days of HELL will be over.... but will I be alive??? lol
I hope I didn't bore you all but that's what's going on!  I will try to get to journals soon!
be well,

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just checking in...

I just wanted to let you all know that Libby is healing and I am okay, too. 

Just very, very busy with the kids and an incredible amount of things on our schedule! 

I will be back to read and update you all soon...

I will probably delete this when I do... lol

be well,


Friday, June 9, 2006

Doggie Disaster

Yesterday morning, just as the kids were getting dressed for school, Libby put her paw through our family room window trying to get a squirrel that dared to come on the patio! 
The previous owners had this crazy window that is 3x4 panels that starts 10 inches off the floor.  Nuts.  It was double paned, she broke the interior pane when she was a puppy.  We try to keep it blocked with furniture.
Back to the accident, Libby sliced open her paw and caught an artery.  Needless to say she was bleeding uncontrollably.  I had to have Fuzzy help me get her down and hold her still to apply pressure. 
We sent Pumpkin out the door to go to school with my neighbor across the street, she looked in shock and upset at all the blood.  We called my dad who raced home. 
It had now been almost 30 minutes of direct pressure, and it would not stop bleeding, or even slow down!
We got her into the car and raced to the town vet (even though they are not my current vet).  Waste of time, as usual, they were open, but no doctor until 10am. 
We raced to my usual vet about 15 minutes away, they are a complete 24/7 animal ER too.  It was almost an hour since the accident and I was still applying direct pressure!  Needless to say, my hands was very cramped and still hurts today!
As we got to the animal hospital, the wound was still dripping, but slower, as we got inside.  The doctor examined Libby, while she licked his face, and concluded that yes, she needed stitches, inside and out.  And, she needed to be sedated to do that. 

We picked her up at 3 pm.  She was still groggy.   The doctor said it was even worse than he had realized since the bleeding had been slow when we got there.  After he irrigated it, the wound opened again, and then he saw it was really bad.  He said she was a lucky dog!
She will be on leash only for potty trips outside, and otherwise she will be in the house, with a wrap and plastic booty thing. And the doggy head cone, which she hates, but she needs it, or she will chew off the bandage.
She even has doggy pain killers!  Poor Libby! 
Well, if it isn't the kids, it's the dog!  Yikes! 
I had to scrub the floor in the dining room from the blood, when we came home while the dog was in surgery.  It was not fun and the blood was dry and thick.  My knees were killing me! 
CSI would have a field day here... everything would be glowing.
Hubby put plywood there in the hole for now.  We have always wanted to put a sliding glass door there and a deck, so, maybe it is time to re-do the window situation.  That will depend on budget!
be well,
ps... read John Grogan's 'Marley and Me' for more labrador retriever adventures!!!  His book helped me to understand my crazy pup much better!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Pumpkin Muffin's Major Sunday Snafu

My dear daughter has this knack for doing things that I am always shocked at, and that the boys never tried! 
Like coloring on walls when little....
Like stuffing the bathroom sink and overrunning it....
Like playing in the park down by the other street...
Oh, if I really wanted to think about it, I could come up with so many more things!
And, like on Sunday.  She had her friend S over for a play date, and the little girl from down the street, K.  I was taking a nap and Hubby decided to let them go upstairs in her room.  I probably would have made them stay outside, since it was gorgeous for a change... but, c'est la vie.
I was up and at the computer when Pumpkin came downstairs and announced that she had something to say. 
In her words, " We were playing camping in the closet and something bad happened."
I recognized what was in her hand, Hubby didn't. 
Hubby said, "What?"
I said, "Is anyone hurt?"  lol
She said, " No, but when I used the closet shelf for a bunk bed it came down."
Hubby looked at me, puzzled, I said, " She climbed onto the white wire racking in the closet and it yanked out of the wall, dear."
Then he got it.  duh.  We told her to get the girls and go outside and we would deal with the consequences later.
My daughter, ever the negotiator, says, "I know it was wrong, so I don't really need a punishment, do I?"
Bwaahaaahaaa haa haaa haa - I thought in my head.
Outloud, I said, " I guess when the shelf yanked from the wall, that was the big clue that it was wrong?  Oh no, you will be grounded."
LOL - She skulked away and played outside after that but wasn't finished with her slick maneuvering yet.
Next thing we knew, her friend, S appeared.
"Dawn, it was really my fault what happened in Pumpkin's closet.  It was my idea to play that game."
Dang, my daughter is good!  She convinced her friend to come in and fall on her sword for her! 
I asked, "Maybe, S, but don't you think that Pumpkin could have played the game without climbing on the shelves?"
To which S replied, "Uhhh...."  I told her thank you and sent her back outside to play.
Too much.... I have had about 8 boys upstairs playing in the boys's room, and although they have been loud and crazy, they never thought to climb on the closet shelves. 
Only my Pumpkin Muffin.  She is truly, one of a kind!
ps... And, school gets out soon!  Yee haa!  let the games begin!
Be well,

Monday, June 5, 2006

10 thing that make you say "Life is Good'!


Charley over at Courage has been tagging people for a fun meme...

List 10 things that make you think "Life is Good"! 

And, even though he didn't tag me, I can't resist!

1.     My kids ( you knew that was going to be #1, didn't you?)

2.     My hubby (okay, sometimes he falls under the 'things that make you want to scream' category, but mostly not!)

3.     My parents ( I am very lucky to have my parents living with us and they are a HUGE help)

4.     My pets (the fur babies and the comfort they give, especially on my bad days, are treasures in my life)

5.     My computer and the internet ( being able to connect with others that homeschool, deal with Asperger's/Autism and Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus, has been a huge benefit and gift for me )

6.     Coffee  ( thank God for the first South American or African indegenous people that poured some hot water over crushed beans )

7.     Books ( I think I would lose my mind if not for all the exciting novels I read!  And, I love to learn )

8.    Making Jewelry ( I love my new hobby... very zen like...and the act of creating something from parts is very rewarding )

9.     Television  ( I love certain shows as much as reading! Sopranos, Greys Anatomy, CSI, Criminal Minds, Survivor, just to name a few )

10.     KC Masterpiece BBQ Potato Chips ( guilty pleasure...that actually represents all the sinful foods that one can enjoy! )

My dear annoying daughter keeps yelling 'Pierogis' at me because she loves them so much it apparently rocks her world.  I think they would be very close to #1 on her list, knocking her parents and siblings even further down.  Dang. 

Actually, Pumpkin has just confirmed that yes, in fact, her ENTIRE list would be all food items.

Gotta love that kid....

I tag Dianna, Luanne, Gem,and the Other Dawn!

Be well,

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Weekend Assignment #114 - Dislike/Like

John Scalzi, over at By The Way...  has a new assignment for us as follows:

As we go on in life, we find things we didn't like when we were young, we develop an affinity for as we get older. With that in mind, here's your Weekend Assignment:

Weekend Assignment #114: Name a thing you like today, that your younger self (teen) would probably roll his or her eyes at. People, places, things, ideas, philosophies -- all of it is up for consideration.

Extra Credit: Name something you didn't like then that you still don't like now.

I was really at a loss at first with this one!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized the answer was clear.

Coming of age in the 80's, which was a very 'me' time; I thought I had my life all planned out when I started college.

I would work on Wall Street in a very demanding and exciting career of high finance.  I would marry by age 25.  I would maybe have one or two kids, but not right away, since my career was so important.

I would keep working after having kids and would never be 'just a stay at home mom'.  I would NEVER like that!!!

Luckily, true love and maturity were wise and patient masters for me.

After finding my true love, I changed careers and work became just a job that I enjoyed, and was a means to pay our bills.  Having a family and being able to stay home with kids, became a dream, for the future!

I did get one thing right, I married 13 days before I turned 26! 

I was finally able to stop working and stay home with our kids when I was pregnant with my third child!  I don't regret leaving work at all.

I have been blessed with the best job and opportunity ever.  The rewards have been abundant, and my life truly changed by the experience.  I learned and have grown as much as my children have over these years.

Being home with the kids, watching them grow, and being available to them all the time has been a wonderful, magical gift!

I can't believe I ever thought that I would 'never' do it and that I would 'hate' being a full time mom.  I was so wrong, and that adage proved true, 'Never say Never'!  LOL

For extra credit:

I hated broccoli then, and I still hate it now!  Everyone would say, 'just wait, someday you will love it!'  Well, I suppose it could still happen, and I wont' say never, but I do really doubt it!


Friday, June 2, 2006

A Thousand Words...

Yes.  That is what a picture is worth. 

I guess I could stop typing.

I can't.

I had an epiphany while commenting in another journal this evening, giving comfort for someone else struggling with chronic illness.

My mom said to me today, and I quote,

'Maybe you need to look into some pills to take or something because your quality of life is awful.  And, if this is how it is at 40, how will it be at 50?'

Mom made the mistake of speaking with Hammer within earshot who quickly rounded on Grandma as if she were a grizzly and he was loaded for bear! 

The conversation was dropped after soothing Hammer, and reassuring him Grandma meant no harm, and was not being critical, just concerned.  Mostly, concerned over my fatigue.

I have been chewing on it all day.  I don't know what I looked like when my mom said it, but I felt like she threw a pot of cold water on me.

After six weeks of hell, I am feeling pretty good!  My joints feel way better since my IV infusion, the mouth sores are under control and mostly gone, and the head cold is finally starting to leave!  

I mean, damn, compared to some of my fellow Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus sufferers that is almost perfect!  

Any one who struggles with diseases of the immune system, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriatic Arthritis etc, can tell you that the fatigue is worse than the pain. 

Here are some great articles for those interested to read:

This first one is a great overview and full of suggestions

Fatigue in Rheumatoid Arthritis 

It is actually from the hospital in NYC that I go to for treatment.

This second article is a disturbing one.  It is about a study that has found that in spite of all the great new meds to help slow progression of the disease, the fatigue and pain is still ever present in patients lives.

Daily Pain, Fatigue From Rheumatoid Arthritis

I could have told them that one.  lol

Yes, the fatigue is still there.  Yes, I slept in today, after getting the kids to school, and have all this week, between the ER, the head cold, and my dang 'friend' showing up after a 50 day hiatus, I don't think I am any more tired than most would be.

Okay, maybe, I am.  But, I do have a chronic illness that unfortunately has this damn side effect.  

Maybe, my life sucks more than I realize it does.  I mean, this is my mom.  She would know right? 

I am truly at a loss.  I honestly think I am more upset about her perception of my quality of life than I am upset at my actual life status.

What to do?  Go back to pretending and sneaking naps again?  Maybe.  That is what I did in 2002 before I was diagnosed.  I was so exhausted and so convinced that I was going insane or dying, I just slept all the time and hid it from everyone. 

I hid the pain, the frustration, everything.  Things were really bad then.  Maybe they are now too?  Maybe I need a different perspective, I am not sure.

Maybe, I am just upset because no one 'gets' it.  Unless you have this just can't.

So, eventually, probably in a day or so she will read this entry and feel bad she upset me.  Don't be, Mom.  I can't verbalize what I am feeling.  Better to just leave it be.  And, I know you didn't mean to upset me, you were concerned.  Watching your child be sick, no matter what the child's age has to suck, too. 

Life is so hard and so complicated dealing with chronic disease. 

I started a journal to share, in hopes that it would help other's out there.  Family dynamics are so hard, without having illness in the mix. 

I don't seem to be able to help myself with this one, but I have faith.  I have hope.  And, hope has wings...

Tomorrow, will be a better day.

be well,