Friday, June 16, 2006

The 10 Days from Hell

Last Friday started the week from hell.  Yes, I am still in the midst of it....
Satan was feeling particularly snarky today and decided to let me get to a computer. lol
Last Friday am was Fuzzy's world travel day at his school.  Each child set up their desk like travel agents and displayed their reports that they worked on each month about their country, money, food and other items as well. 
Fuzzy did Canada, eh.  It was a lot of fun and we were there most of the morning.
Then, at 5 pm was the playoff baseball game.  They lost.  It was a good game, against a 'stacked' team (full of travel league players), and our team was the only one to ever make them sweat.  Most of their wins were games with a 10 plus margin.  We lost by only 5 runs.  Yeah, and that made them sweat, to the point they used a pitcher that they bragged they were saving for the next day's championship game.
Fuzzy had the bad luck to get up to bat, bottom of the 6th (last inning), with 2 outs.  Yes, he struck out swinging.  He was 4 for 5, but did that matter?  No. 
We now had less than 1 hour to make it to the huge scout crossing over and receiving his Arrow of Light.  He worked on it for 4 years.  It was a one time only cermony and honor.... 
Did he want to go?  No.  Fuzzy was bawling over the out, going on and on about how awful he was as a ball player, and that he let his team down.  Ugh.  I had to coddle him into the scout uniform, and into the car, and the tears didn't disappear until he got out of the car to join his friends.  Amen for that!
To be fair, Hubby was almost as disconsolate as Fuzzy.  He really wanted to win that game.  Really, really bad.  You know how there is always one coach that has a 'holier than thou' attitude and all the parents hate it?  This was that guy.  All the parents on the team wanted us to beat him, too. 
Sad, but that is the kind of emotion this guy evokes, to the point you don't even care it is about the kids... you just want to cram a loss down his throat for a change.  Ugh.
So, here we are at the Scout shindig.  They do this really cool bonfire ceremony and Indian headdress thingy and story and presentation of the Arrow of Light and then the big crossing over the bridge and welcome to the Scouts thingy.  The last scout barely gets over the bridge, and before refreshments, WHAMMO!  Lightning, thunder and wind storm from Hell.  UGH.
We all made a mad dash to the car!!!
We went to Friendly's though with another family for ice cream and food.  It was good.  The kids plopped into bed followed by parents after this too long, too stressful day at around 11:15 pm. 
Suddenly, it is 11 am and Hubby and Fuzzy jump out of bed! 
Everyone slept thru the 9:30 am Championship game!  Now, there is a mad rush like crazy to get to the field for the Baseball Awards BBQ and trophy presentation.  It begins at 11:30 am and Hubby is a head coach!!  Yikes!  They made it in a nick of time.
Sunday, we went shopping and tried to rest knowing that there is much more crazyness to come!
Monday starts the week of half days, Fuzzy's class has a pizza lunch for winning the music department's class of the year thingy.  Orthodentist for the boys at 3pm.  Fuzzy is at a friend's house, I pick him up, go to the orthodentist, and then bring him back to the playdate and then pick him up at 5:30 pm for dinner.  Pumpkin and Fuzzy hang out with neighborhood friends.
Tuesday, Pumpkin's graduation!  Yay!  11 am ceremony.  In our town, the kids leave the K-3rd grades school and go to the middle school which is 4-8th grades. 
Must rush to pick up Fuzzy at 10:30 am, get across town to her school.  We make it and then listen to songs, via voice and recorder, listen to memories of all the years past and then watch 95 students get their diplomas!  Hoot and holler for Pumpkin, take pictures and OH YEAH... don't forget to sweat and almost pass out because it is 90 degrees and the ceremony is in the sun and getting hotter during the 110 minutes that pass. Yes, I counted.
The frenzy continues...  We hand off Pumpkin afterward to her friend's mom for a graduation pool party and rush out with the boys.  We had to go across county to Hammer's neuro-pedi-psych appointment to meet his new interim doc (regular one's mom passed) and get new scripts for his meds.  Knock wood, all is great with him.  Want to keep it that way and of course, this was the ONLY appointment we can get. 
So, we rush off for the 25 minute commute, stop for lunch, thank goodness we had time for that, and then get to the appointment.  All went well, and we get home at about 4 pm, and relax for dinner.
Just before dinner we get phone call that Fuzzy is getting an Academic excellence award which is TOP SECRET and we must attend the 9 am ceremony the next morning, which is Wednesday for those keeping track. 
Although, as parents, Hubby and I are thrilled, Hubby's had appointments for his job that he moved due to Pumpkin's graduation on Tuesday!
So, Hubby moves heaven and earth to take yet more time from work.  We go to ceremony.  Fuzzy receives award for Academic Excellence and Good Citizenship, which means his year end averages were all 92 or better and he is a student leader in the eyes of the faculty.  Take pictures, this ceremony is indoors, but we are still sweating, no a/c. 
Then, we rush out and I drive Hubby to the Ferry, one of the few ways to get him into NYC now that rush hour is gone, or I would have to drive him all the way into the city.  I am still at the waters edge in NJ and could throw a rock to Manhattan, but hey... who's measuring!
It is Wednesday and the last day of school.  I rush home, and have 30 minutes to feed dog, walk dog, secure dog, gather up Hammer and get to Pumpkin's school for the 'clap out'.  This is when as the outgoing 3rd grade leaves for the last time, all the 1st and 2nd graders and kindergartners, teachers and parents, clap them out the door and across the school property in a little parade.
I make it.  I clap.  Oh, yeah and I sweat too, it is really HOT!!!
THEN, jump in the truck and rush across town to Fuzzy's school that got out at the EXACT same time... and get him from behind library with all the other kids waiting for parents in the 'race' from school A to school B.  
I then took the kids to BK for an end of year lunch with mom, and that was really nice!
Wednesday night the boys and Hubby attend the new Boy Scout group that Fuzzy officially crossed over into and who is courting Hammer to join.
I got a big surprise when they got home!  Hammer joined and was elected Assistant Patrol leader of the incoming group!!  A scout with 3 years experience is the Patrol leader, and Fuzzy and his four friends from scouts are also in the Patrol.  Very exciting stuff!  The boys were really excited and Fuzzy was so proud for his brother.  It was really nice.
Yesterday, Thursday we got to go to the Yankee game!  Except for Punpkin, who chose not to go,  who will spent part of the day at Grandpa's work and then the rest of the day and evening with Grandpa and Grandma.
The Yankee game was wonderful even though they lost!  It is always really cool to be at the game.  The seats were in Loge and we were completely shaded and not hot at all!  It was heavenly, for a change!  lol  Melky Cabrera hit his first Major League home run!  We also saw A-Rod and Bernie hit homers. 
The problem was leaving the Yankee game, we sat stuck in one of the parking garages not moving more than inches for over an hour, due to an accident.  However, then we made it out and came back to NJ for chicken wings at Hooter's!  Yummy!
Today, is Friday and the kids let me sleep in until 11 am, which was nice.  We have to bring Libby to her doctor's appointment at 2:30 pm, for her bandage change and check up on her stitched up paw.

Then I plan to mostly rest to get ready for....
Dance recital weekend!  Yes, dear friends, I get to spend all day, usually about 6 hours Saturday, at a dress rehearsal where the lighting and sound are tweaked at retweaked.  UGH. 
Then Sunday will be the 3 1/2 hour show, and it is supposed to be 95 degrees.  This auditorium has a problem with the a/c if the temperature goes over 80 degrees.  EVERY year on dance recital weekend it has been in the 80's or 90's.  Dang Devil!!!
After the dance recital we will go out to dinner for Father's Day to celebrate both.
I am really looking forward to that dinner because it will mean that...

Monday is coming and the 10 Days of HELL will be over.... but will I be alive??? lol
I hope I didn't bore you all but that's what's going on!  I will try to get to journals soon!
be well,


artloner said...

Dear GOD!

Well, all I can think to say is: Take YOUR meds and stay hydrated!  All that is ridiculous. (Not your fault, either) I know ya'll are SO proud of your kids and want them to be involved, but DANG!

Love ya Dahlin'...stay cool!


jckfrstross said...

oh my you have been busy:) its almost over


dawngepfer said...


Not boring @ all...  I have times like this, too - spurts of everything hitting @ once and all you can do is plug away taking it event by event.  Amazingly, you get thru it and look back and ponder, "How the heck did I pull that off???????????"

It's fun!
Be well yourself,
the other Dawn

aeelarual said...

and your Mother wonders why you look frazzeled?

sunnyside46 said...

I was out of breath just reading it!

sangrialel said...

I am worn out just from reading it all Dawn!!!  Linda

klconard1 said...

Dawn dear, I am exhausted just hearing about all of that activity lol!  My goodness dear, I would need four months in bed if I did half that much!
I am praying you can hold up to the last bit of great fun and still be able to function afterwards!
loving you

lv2trnscrb said...

I'm exhausted just reading this, Dawn. I do hope that come Monday, you have some long fun summer days of doing nothing but enjoying the kids.


tlgf1968 said...

holy hell, dawn!!~  i lost five pounds just reading this!  will be praying that you make it through the weekend :)

wfhbear said...

You have managed to tire me out completely. I am heading to bed for a nap. I hope that the weekend relaxes a little for you. Regards, Bill.