Friday, June 9, 2006

Doggie Disaster

Yesterday morning, just as the kids were getting dressed for school, Libby put her paw through our family room window trying to get a squirrel that dared to come on the patio! 
The previous owners had this crazy window that is 3x4 panels that starts 10 inches off the floor.  Nuts.  It was double paned, she broke the interior pane when she was a puppy.  We try to keep it blocked with furniture.
Back to the accident, Libby sliced open her paw and caught an artery.  Needless to say she was bleeding uncontrollably.  I had to have Fuzzy help me get her down and hold her still to apply pressure. 
We sent Pumpkin out the door to go to school with my neighbor across the street, she looked in shock and upset at all the blood.  We called my dad who raced home. 
It had now been almost 30 minutes of direct pressure, and it would not stop bleeding, or even slow down!
We got her into the car and raced to the town vet (even though they are not my current vet).  Waste of time, as usual, they were open, but no doctor until 10am. 
We raced to my usual vet about 15 minutes away, they are a complete 24/7 animal ER too.  It was almost an hour since the accident and I was still applying direct pressure!  Needless to say, my hands was very cramped and still hurts today!
As we got to the animal hospital, the wound was still dripping, but slower, as we got inside.  The doctor examined Libby, while she licked his face, and concluded that yes, she needed stitches, inside and out.  And, she needed to be sedated to do that. 

We picked her up at 3 pm.  She was still groggy.   The doctor said it was even worse than he had realized since the bleeding had been slow when we got there.  After he irrigated it, the wound opened again, and then he saw it was really bad.  He said she was a lucky dog!
She will be on leash only for potty trips outside, and otherwise she will be in the house, with a wrap and plastic booty thing. And the doggy head cone, which she hates, but she needs it, or she will chew off the bandage.
She even has doggy pain killers!  Poor Libby! 
Well, if it isn't the kids, it's the dog!  Yikes! 
I had to scrub the floor in the dining room from the blood, when we came home while the dog was in surgery.  It was not fun and the blood was dry and thick.  My knees were killing me! 
CSI would have a field day here... everything would be glowing.
Hubby put plywood there in the hole for now.  We have always wanted to put a sliding glass door there and a deck, so, maybe it is time to re-do the window situation.  That will depend on budget!
be well,
ps... read John Grogan's 'Marley and Me' for more labrador retriever adventures!!!  His book helped me to understand my crazy pup much better!!!


dwhee70041 said...

Dawn,  give Libby a big wet kiss for us.  We love puppy dogs!  Milo sends one too.  David

sangrialel said...

OHHHHHHHH the poor baby!!!  Linda

dawngepfer said...

Ripken is sending Get Well Puppy Wishes Libby's way!  Poor baby - and I'm glad you're alright, too (hand cramps & bruised knees...)

cacklinrosie101 said...

Aw, poor Libby...glad you got her to the vet's in time.  We have a huge picture window in our family room.  Grizzly, my lab mix, is always smacking against it when I'm outside and he's not.  I always have this vision of him crashing through it some day.  Hope your doggie is better soon.  HUGS  Chris

jckfrstross said...

oh no glad libby is on the mend:)


klconard1 said...

Yikes what a day dear!  Poor Libby.  Poor Muffin.  And poor Dawn; wow I bet you hurt all over by now dear.  Praying for healing for Libby and a better tomorrow.
loving you

artloner said...

OMG!  Poor Baby!

Poor YOU!

SO glad you got help in time!


ps:said like a TRUE dog-nerd-owner.

eml625 said...

OOH Poor Libby !! I'm glad everything turned out ok. Make sure she doesnt over do it with the doggy pain killers !!!  LOL.  
Take care

plittle said...

I love yellow labs. They are my second favourite breed of dog, after "Shadows."

lurkynat said...

I'm so osrry for Libby!
hope she's better soon

ah4labsrule said...

Dawn, I found your journal while doing a quick search for journals with similar topics to mine.  What a surprise to find you own a Yellow Lab.  I own two Labs, a yellow male and a black female; they even have their own blog.  My best wishes for Libby's quick recovery -- labs certainly can do some goofy things.

lv2trnscrb said...

poor Libby; I do hope she is feeling better by now. Thse collars they have to wear are never fun. Koda wore one after he was neutered and was miserable for 3-4 days.

Marley and Me; I never laughed so hard or cried so much about a book before. Marley at obedience school; Marley at the beach; Marley on a plane. Great book and writing.


dornbrau said...

Poor puppy!  She looks so sad in that picture, but I'll bet she's up and into trouble again in no time.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Is that the trick to getting the doctor's attention? Licking his face? Well, next time I get sick or have a "Dianna Disaster" I'm going to try that!
LOL Smiles:)
Hope Libby is feeling better.

inquestoftruth said...

Poor Puppy!    That is one pretty dog!

wfhbear said...

The "Boys" send there best to Libby. Hope she gets well soon. Regards, Bill.

seglm said...

Get better Doggie Libby!

What a beautiful dog.


madmanadhd said...

OKKKK...... so...... I pop in to check on one little entry to see how my bud Dawn is doing and read about blood and guts (it took guts to do what you did). There are many reasons why I have NOT changed careers to the blooming, growing field of health care.... the top reason is my aversion to BLOOD! Lucky pup to have you there... calm, cool, collective... and NOT PASSED OUT as I would have been.

OK nuff said back to writing. Hope all is well and no more "diggie disasters"... or any other for that matter.