Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Open Arms

My friend Helen sent this to me today in an email, and it reminded me of a very funny story.

There used to be this wonderful place called Green Acres Farm about 40 minutes from here (now out of business, condos instead).  It was a family run little treasure that had every farm animal you could imagine, and ran demos such as cow and goat milking, and even let you try it, hands on.

Every spring was magical there!  Baby time!!!  Baby animals of every sort!  The entire place was made up of small pens that you went into and got hands on with the animals.  You could feed them and pet them all that you wanted!

We decided to go, Hubby, myself, and Kathy, with the three kids.  Hammer was aged 5 1/2, Fuzzy, just turned 3, and Pumpkin was in the stroller, and was just over 1 year old. 

We were having a wonderful day, and headed into the pig pen.  Literally!  There was easily a 400 lb sow, and about 20 baby piglets running around this pen! 

The piglets looked just like Wilbur, in Charlotte's Web, or Babe, from the movie.  Truly, they could not have been cuter!!!  Even pinker and smaller than that cute little piglet above!

I stayed outside the pen as it was too muddy, and maneuvering the stroller around it would be too difficult.  Pumpkin was also afraid of the animals up close.  She was happy to wave at them from afar, and giggled while watching her brothers.

Kathy and Hubby went into the pen, each with their own assignment.  Kathy to keep an eye on Hammer, and Hubby to keep an eye on Fuzzy.

I was talking to Pumpkin and pointing to piglets through the chicken wire, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I stood up, and the mom who was standing next to me with her stroller asked, 'Is that your son?'

And, my eyes followed her point to Fuzzy, who was seemingly petting the sow and smiling...

    ...and that is when I saw it.

Fuzzy's little chubby toddler arm was up to the shoulder in the sow's large behind.

Yes, my toddler had gone all porcine proctologist on that pig.

(ps... for those worried about the pig, don't... she never stopped eating or seemed to notice!)

I screamed to Hubby, who couldn't tell from his angle facing the sow, exactly where Fuzzy's arm was located.  Hubby had the typical look, you know the one, the 'oh what is the over-reacting mommy freaking about now' look, until he got there, and saw the location of Fuzzy's arm!

Hubby grabbed Fuzzy up, mumbled 'Sh*t!' (precisely), under his breath, and ran to the men's room, while having Fuzzy lifted up in his left arm, and all the while holding Fuzzy's right arm out and away from his body so it would not contaminate any other part of him!

Kathy came running over with Hammer, and she actually did catch a glimpse of the 'horror', just as Hubby did, too.  I asked her to run to the men's room with some Purell I had in my diaper bag, to further help with the disinfection!

Luckily, we were able to clean and disinfect Fuzzy's arm, and get on with enjoying that day.  Fuzzy had no clue, and our horror, although intense, apparently was well hid, and he didn't develop any fear of pigs or other farm animals!

However, that day, and for many years since, the story of the 'Porcine Proctologist' has brought us a lot of laughs!

In fact, at least once a year, the retelling of the story reduces me, and many of us, to tears of hysterics!

I hope you got a chuckle or two, also!

be well,

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Shock the Monkey

Today, the kids and I played Texas Hold 'Em.

The kids kicked my butt and took me out first... lol

How about the Tuesday Twelve??

Word Association.... I say _______, you say _______ .

Traditional  -  How about getting married before you have kids?  That is what comes to mind.  I had to laugh today over at Lyn's today (see: Brits blog), when speaking about a co-worker, she said in so many words that she would rather be 'old and crabby' than 'young and stupid'.  I wholeheartedly agree.  lol (ps. not wanting to insult anyone here... )

Sentence  -  I hope Michael Vick will be getting a long jail one.

Gin  -  Cotton, and Eli Whitney who invented it in 1794.  I hate the alcohol 'gin', I prefer vodka martinis!

Harsh  -  Sentence, again what Michael Vick deserves.

Topless  -  Dancing?  Beaches? 

Defiant  -  Rosa Parks!  She rocked!  She never expected to become an icon for Civil Rights, but she wore it well. 

Hefty  -  Garbage bags, although we use the cheaper BJ's brand!  lol  Remember the commercials?  'Hefty Hefty Hefty, Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy'!!!

Food  -  Yum!  Is that an acceptable answer?  lol

Lenny  -  Kravitz.  Good singer...

Album  -  Photos.  I have so many I really need to put in albums.  <sigh.  I guess that will be my 'empty nest' project!  lol

Orchestra  -  Seats.  The best place to see a broadway play!  I have been lucky enough to have the first couple of rows a few times, when the tickets were bought through Hubby's job.  Fabulous. 

Sport  -  Football!  I am starting to get antsy waiting for the season to begin already!  Go Giants!  Go Jets!  Baseball is nice, but sometimes a gal just wants to see someone take a hard hit, know what I mean?

Okie dokies... catch ya all later!

be well,

Monday, July 30, 2007

You Learn

Today, at Pumpkin's request, we drove about 15 minutes north, to a library in another town.

Pumpkin's 4th grade teacher told the class at the end of the school year, that she got a part time job at this library.  And, Pumpkin really wanted to visit her teacher!

So, thanks to google maps directions, we headed out, didn't get lost, and found Pumpkin's teacher just heading into the library as we arrived! 

Mrs. M had a very tough year this past school year.  Her husband was killed in a hit and run, while out walking their dog, 4 days before Christmas.  They did find and arrest the teen, who had been drunk driving.  So sad.

Mrs. M is 72 and she and her husband were just planning on retiring this year to begin to travel together.  Mrs. M did not retire as planned, she credits her wonderful 'kids' for helping her to keep going in the face of this tragedy. 

It was really amazing to see.  The kids totally rallyed around her the whole year, writing her notes and giving her hugs when they saw she looked sad.

I actually had Mrs. M thirty years ago when I was in the same middle school.  She was the reading specialist at that time.  I was in one of the 'higher' class levels so we took spanish 4 days a week and reading skills one day a week.  Other classes took reading 5 days a week. 

As it turned out, Mrs. M's little library had an excellent young adult section, and Pumpkin took out 3 books at her teacher's recommendation, and Fuzzy 6 books!  Yay!  We also had a very nice visit with Mrs. M.  You could tell she was just thrilled to see Pumpkin Muffin, and introduced her around as her star student!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that these three kids have inherited my love of reading!  ;-)

Hammer didn't get any books today, but he has several piled up to read right now, here at home, so it's all good!

This afternoon we are heading over to the pool.  Bob and Ilene's children, Peanut and DogBoy are on the swim team, and they have a swim meet tonight!!  It should be fun! 

The kids can actually cheer on their friends from in the water!  So, you can imagine how excited the kids are to go!

In other news, I made my appointment with my rheumatologist for August 7th!  Okay????  lol

Thank you all for your comments yelling at me, as soon as I got online, I remembered - 'Uh oh!  Call the doc!' lol

be well,

Sunday, July 29, 2007

American Pie

How about a meme?  You know the drill... copy and paste, put in your own answers.

Answer with 2 words only...

1. Where is your mobile phone?: kitchen charging
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend?: husband gaming
3. Your hair?: blonde shorter
4. Where is your father?: kitchen sink
5. Why do this meme?: why not?
6. Your favorite thing to do?: hug kids
7. Your dream last night?: lunch hubby
8. Your favorite drink? fresh coffee
9. Your dream car?: Cadillac suv
10. The room you're in?: kitchen laptop
12. Your fears?: hurt kids
14. Who did you hang out with last night? hubby kids
15. What you're not good at?: hiding feelings
16. Muffins?: chocolate chip
17. One of your wish list items?: mini vacation
18. Where did you grow up?: New Jersey
19. The last thing you did before this survey: cd-player on
20. What are you wearing? comfy pj's
23. Your computer:? no son's
24. Your life?: happy fulfilled
25. Your mood? cheerful happy
26. Missing?: nothing important
27. What are you thinking about right now?: 'American Pie'
28. Your car? burgundy suv
29. Your work?: being mommy
30. Your summer? NO SCHEDULE!
31. Your relationship status? soul mate
32. Your favorite color(s): sage wine
33. When is the last time you laughed?: just before
34. Last time you cried?: last week

More later...

be well,

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Black Dog

I couldn't let cats have all the fun... so here is an loldog for Caturday, too!

What an afternoon! 

If you notice, on the last entry at the very top, under 'Hearing...', I mentioned Pumpkin's pouting.

That turned into a full blown over tired, hungry, hormonal meltdown. 

It was as if Linda Blair, as the Exorcist girl, Regan, had possessed my daughter... she was crying, unreasonable, and irrational.  All that was missing was pea soup, I swear, her head turned.

The gist of Pumpkin's lament was that she didn't want to go out to dinner, but she didn't want to stay home alone either.  She couldn't understand why everyone couldn't just stay home because she wanted to stay home.  UGH.

After trying to reason with her unsuccessfully for over 30 minutes, I finally arranged that Hammer would stay home with her, and that her grandparents would bring her and Hammer, chicken fingers and fries from her favorite townie restaurant. 

There by, I thought, satifying Pumpkin's dilemma.  She could stay home and wouldn't be alone.

So, I go to the playroom, where she was huddled under a blanket in tears, and inform her that I arranged this for her, and picture me... fat, dumb and happy, thinking this was perfect... but wait...

Pumpkin looks at me blankly, then screws up her little face and cries, 'Now you don't WANT me to come to dinner with you??', and bursts into a new chorus of crying!!!


So, after explaining three or four times, that I WANTED her to come to dinner all along, and I had just given up, and made different arrangements that I (apparently, wrongly) thought would make her happy, finally, Pumpkin decided to stop crying, get out from under her blankie, washed her face, did her hair, and got in the car to go out to dinner.

Couldn't the gods of hormones spared me from that hour long saga and just fast forwarded to her getting into the car?

No, I guess not.  Ugh.

After that, all was fine!

We went to a wonderful family run restaurant that we hadn't been to in years!  It is called the Mason Jar, and all the drinks are served in, you guessed it, mason jars!  They have a big and varied menu, and everyone was very happy with their dinners.

On the way home, we popped into the video store, and the kids are watching FireDog, their pick of the evening. 

Everyone is smiling and happy!

Hubby and I even got to 'pay some bills' for a good twenty minutes alone!!!  << wink, wink >>

Yup, everyone has a smile on their face now!!!

be well,

ps... some more Caturday cats!


Honky Cat

It's Caturday!  (see icanhascheezburger.com)  

And, I stole this pic from Dan's new blog!  (I am too lazy to link it right now, but I did a few entries back... bad Dawn)

So, we all went bowling today!  It was fun!  Only Fuzzy and Pumpkin bowled.  Hammer wasn't in the mood, so he just watched with Hubby and myself.

It is a gray day today... looks like showers are going to move in again. 

I really have to call and get a rheumatologist appointment.  I have pushed my luck far enough.  My left hand looks like a baseball, my left elbow is red, bruised looking and very swollen with nodules, and my feet are also a mess.  My right side is also hurting and swollen, but not as badly.  My left always seems to get it the worst!  UGH.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus are standing up and smacking me upside the head saying, 'We are still here and messing with you!  So, you have a brain tumor, who cares!  We are the ones that mess with you daily!!!'. 

Yes, thank you, how stupid of me to forget.  <<<sigh>>>

I guess my 'ignore them and they might go away' plan has failed. 

I knew it last week, and each night this week, as I layed down to try to sleep, and my body parts screamed at me in throbbing pain, I said, 'Tomorrow, I will call.'

And, I didn't. 

So, Monday I REALLY have to do it.   Pfffft.

Other than that, life is good.  :-D 

Happy Caturday!

be well,

Friday, July 27, 2007


Yay!  It's the weekend!  Yippee!

The kids and I had a good lunch at Wendy's today! 

After that we headed to Border's!  Fuzzy found an interesting book to read for fun, and Pumpkin got 2 more in the book series she is reading.

It started to drizzle a little bit, so we punted on going to the pool.  Hubby got out of the city early so, we picked him up and had a snack at Starbucks.  They really have yummy homemade cakes and cookies, too.

Then, Kathy came after her last required day of camp for the blind and visually impaired.   We went to a favorite restaurant in the next town, that has the thinnest pizza crust you have ever seen!  Seriously, it is no thicker than a manilla folder.  It was a great treat for Kathy, and all of us, since we hadn't been in a few months!

Hubby was tired and cranky-ish... it is after all only a week since he was in the hospital.  So, after dinner, Kathy headed home to her house, and we all flopped about ours.  Leaving later to travel south for Kathy works better on the famed NJ Shore traffic.  Fridays can be bumper to bumper all day.

A little while ago, Pumpkin and Fuzzy were reading Rachel Ray recipes to each other in bed.  Hubby has been sleeping on the couch since 9:30pm, and Hammer is upstairs reading.  Everyone had a quiet night watching a movie, baseball or playing on the computer.  Nice.

Not sure of the rest of the weekend plans... but that is just fine by me!

As long as we are all in good health, I am sure it will be fun!

Hope your weekend is off to a good start!

be well,

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I know Kitty, I know... me neither.

BUT, it is after 11pm, so I am drinking a nice fresh hot cup of hazelnut decaf... MMMmmm...

The kids slept really late today, noon to be exact, and now they are up in bed reading because they can't quite fall asleep yet. 

We are so wildly off schedule this summer. 

Anyhow, I swiped a meme of the web to share.  Meme is such a strange word.  Unique to the 'world of blogs'.  Basically, it is used to describe any online game, survery, or list that gets passed on blog to blog.

Faithfully, as your Princess of Meme's... I find them, do them, and hope you do to.

Here is the latest offering:

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...They have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! Try to use different answers if others you saw have the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your own name for the boy/girl name question.

Okay... My first initial is 'D'.

Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Daughtry  (oooh, and I seem so hip and current, too!)
4 letter word: Dang! (one of my personal faves)
Vehicle:  Denali (it's a GMC truck that seats 7, and we always need 7 seats, so that is why I know its name)
TV Show on air now or will be in fall:  Dresden Files (not as good as the Jim Butcher books, but good enough to watch)
City: Denver (got nothing on that, it just popped into my head)
Boy Name (not your own):  Derek
Girl Name (not your own):  Dayna (almost our dd's name)
Alcoholic Drink:  Darth Vader  (that's right, not just your favorite man on the Dark Side, but a cocktail, too) 
Occupation: Doctor (better known as 'those whom I visit too often')
Something you wear: Diamonds (as in my wedding band)
Celebrity: Dave (Letterman)
Food:  Delmonico steak
Something found in a kitchen: Dishwasher (I am listening to it still)
Reason for being late: Diaper Duty!!! (2 D's, and long over for me)
Cartoon character:  Deputy Dog (I loved him too, Julie)
Film Title: Dog Day Afternoon (2 D's again)
Something you shout: 
Dammit! or Dangit! (both work equally as well)


That was fun!  I am looking forward to ALL of you doing it!  There are lots of great letters out there, C, M, R, J, I, K, L, H, E, D, G, B ... c'mon out my wonderful J-Land friends, give it a try!

Tina (the Harry Potter reading kitty) has located the new hamsters.  Apparently, she finds the two of them much more intriguing than our previous single hamster.  She is sitting on the arm of the couch staring at them, hungrily, right now. 

Peng and Brownie are blissfully ignorant of the cat!  Otherwise, I think they would be hiding in their wooden castle!  lol

Libby is horribly jealous of the new additions to the family!  If any of us look at them, she actually nudges us away from their tank and cage!  She also starts to whimper and jump to get your attention.  While I was holding one, she jumped up and tried to knock the hamster from my hand!!! 

We are all paying Libby lots of extra attention so she knows that we love her as much as we always have loved her.  We have enough love to spread around, but Libby wants to be sure!!!  lol

Tomorrow, the plan is to go out for a nice brunch again, just the kids and I, then head over to the town pool!  (which is already today, since it is just after midnight!)


be well,

Thankful Thursday

It's that time... Thankful Thursday! 

I missed it last week, with all the confusion of Hubby coming home and going directly to the hospital... I apologize for that!

1.     My kid's forgiveness.  Yesterday, I was cranky, and there were definitely times when I was short tempered with them. 

As they all climbed into bed with me around noon, I told them I was sorry, and they all told me that it was nothing to apologize for because everyone has those days.  They even quoted Hannah Montana and sang for me.  lol

2.     Hubby being on the mend.  It was a scary ordeal.  Unfortunately, his phlebitis on his arm from the IV is still an issue, but otherwise, he is much, much, better.  I am very happy for that.  Hubby likes being the big, strong, healthy guy, and I like him being that, too.  (He is a horrible patient! lol)

3.     The new hamsters.  Peng and Brownie have really been a great stress reliever, providing a needed distraction for all!  They are so sweet and adorable and love being held, I highly recommend them over regular hamsters or gerbils. 

4.     JK Rowling.  Thank you for the wonderful Harry Potter series.  It has been wonderful to read and enjoy over the years.  Fantasy gives us a world to escape to, yet, with her theme of good vs. evil, it was a wonderful morality tale as well.

Remember, it is truly our choices that define who we are in life. 

A golden morsel of advice that this book series punctuates over and over.

5.     Kathy.  Last night, after doing a college class requirement at a camp for the blind, Kathy came for dinner and slept over, as we are much closer to the camp than her home. 

Even though we didn't get much time without kids hanging on our words and bodies, it was just nice to be together for a few hours! 

6.     Coffee.  I was cranky yesterday WITH it, imagine how I would have been without!  LOL


Interestingly, my dad and I had the same brainstorm recently.

We both ordered Rachel Ray cookbooks!  LOL  Mine arrived first on Monday, and dad's yesterday!

The kids are totally into the recipes, which is just what we hoped to do, get them to want to try new things! 

Each kid is going through the first book right now and are putting their initial in the margin at the top if they are interested in trying it!   This way we can zip through and find the ones all three want!   Then, they will help prepare the food!  Yay!

Next week we will try the first recipe!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Everyone was amused or confused by my wanting a dragon.  LOL  I want a sweet dragon, like the lovestruck one in Shrek, or like Spyro.  And, it will drink coffee like me.  And, I could ride on it...

Okay... I know, silly, but everyone is entitled to be a little silly now and then... keeps us young!

be well,

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hey Ya

FYI, I want a dragon.

That being said, I am in a weird mood today.

You can all help by doing me a favor. 

Go read this blog:   Beneath the Surface 

The bloggers name is Dawn... what more could you possibly want?  She is also very funny and kind, and not enough people read her.  So there.  Go, and visit often.

About the hamster's cojones.  Apparently only the Chinese Dwarf Hamster is so GI-normously well endowed.  Our regular hamster, Lightning, that just passed, was a male too, and his were not this pronounced all the time. 

I am cranky-ish today.

Here is a meme that I nicked from the WWW.

If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be:

A Keurig Coffee Maker with a lifetime supply of Green Mountain Coffee K-cups, a 'Carpe Diem' mug (like on my sidebar), and a laptop.

What type of food do you eat at your grandparents house?

My grandmother, while she was alive and living near me, was not a good cook, so she took me out.  A lot.  We shopped and ate out at malls.  It was great!  I miss her so. 

She was the only person in my life who always made me feel perfect, special, gorgeous, smart, and super loved, every moment I was in her company.

Do you have food rules?

Yes.  The foods on the plate should not comingle.  Ick.

Do you know how to cook?

Yes, and I am good at it.

I am annoyed with:

Walmart.  And it's Dan's fault.  No, actually, it isn't Dan's fault... but I will rant on this at another time in another post.

What child-related smell do you not like?

I am thinking that poop and vomit are the obvious choices here, unless someone out there actually does like these smells.  lol

What sea creature scares you?

Hmmm... Anything big enough to eat me and that would.

What was the last thing to make you cry?

I can't answer this on the grounds that it will embarrass me.

What serial killer do you find most disturbing?

I find them all very disturbing, however, Dahmer makes me want to vomit the most, I guess.

Who knows a secret or two about you?

My hubby and Kathy.  And, I know theirs, so it is all good. 

Have you ever burned yourself?

Oh heck yeah.  On the oven, the toaster, a frying pan, in the sun, on hot pizza cheese, coffee... the list goes on and on.

Who is/are your hero[s]?

My parents and my kids.

Do you believe in things that last?

Yes, I do, if this is alluding to marriage.  It is hard, but worth it.  It can be done.

Does anyone regularly tell you they love you?

Yes, my hubby and my kids, and sometimes my parents.  My cousin Karol tells me all the time too.   She rocks.  ;-)

What's the most confusing thing to you?

Why do we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway?

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?

Yes, and I am.  I believe that teachers are actually 'facilatators'.  Kids naturally want to learn.  You just need to guide them well.

<FONTSIZE=4>What is one thing you've learned about life?

It is an amazing gift, full of great highs and lows.  It should never be taken for granted, but always treasured.

Okie dokie... signing off for now.

be well,

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fat Bottomed Girls (or male hamsters, in this case)

Look at the rear area of this hamster!

The sales girl laughed when I asked if it would be hard to pick out two male hamsters... Now, you can all see why!! 

Their 'cajones' are HUGE!  Look how tiny its left paw looks next to those suckers!

If that translated proportionately to a human male, it would be like two volleyballs dragging behind your thighs!  LOL  The hamsters totally waddle when they run in the wheel... is it any wonder? 

I hope you enjoyed that visual humor! 

Okie dokie... time for the Tuesday Twelve!

I say ___________  and you say ___________!

Deputy  -  I think of Clapton singing, 'I shot the sheriff, but I didn't shoot the deputy...'

Name -  THAT TUNE!  I can name it in 4 notes, Bob.

Arrested  -  'but not convicted' as my Hubby is wont to say of his very wild younger years prior to me in his life!

Trade  -  Embargo.  The leftover vestiges of majoring in Economics. 

Old  -  Exactly how I feel as I crackle and pop as I exit bed in the morning.

DNA  -  Watson and Crick, the scientists that deciphered the double helix structure of DNA.  My doctor that just died has a picture in her waiting area with both men.  She met them at a conference. 

Dwarf  -  Chinese Dwarf Hamsters, like Peng and Brownie, of course!  I cannot tell you how adorable they are!  I just had Peng sitting in my hand.  They love being held! 

Newspaper  -  The Our Town.  Our sweet little townie newspaper.  I have been in it... my kids have been in it... everything you need to know, and don't need to know, is in the paper!  My aunt and uncle that now live in IN still get our townie paper!  Isn't that great???

Michael  -  The Archangel and my cousin Karol's husband.  I went to Catholic high school... and Michael is Catholic... so, it just works in my head.

Certificate  -  Kathy's goal!  She is in school for her master's degree and her Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired Certificate.   While being a wife and mommy and working full time.  Kathy rocks!

Daisy  -  My cousin Leslie's daughter who just turned 2, and Daisy Duck!  Pumpkin used to looooooove Daisy Duck!  She was so thrilledwhen we saw her in DisneyWorld after almost the whole week of waiting! 

Cell  -  Myosis and Mitosis (how cell division happens), from biology.  Hey, you know I am a big nerd, and love science, so this should be no surprise!

Alrighty then!  Copy and paste, and put your in your answers, if you want to play along with this word association game!

No sleepover tonight for the kids because their friends were busy, but tomorrow they will go to the pool together!

be well,

Purple People Eaters

I have some pics to share!

This is Brownie, my daughter's hamster!

This is Peng, my son's hamster.

Peng was also in the other picture that was dark in the entry below, when he was in the wheel.

Next is a picture of my daughter, Pumpkin Muffin, holding our cat Pumpkin!  Confusing enough for you?  LOL

Aren't they both gorgeous?   I wonder what my cat is thinking...

Next is Tina, stealing a read at the Harry Potter book, while Hammer was getting a snack.

And, last but not least, we have Libby!

Libby is wagging her tail excitedly at the prospect of getting a biscuit. 

Tonight, we are hoping to have Bob and Ilene's kids, Peanut and DogBoy, sleep over!  Yes, I know, I am a glutton for punishment! 

But, it is summer, and Pumpkin had to cancel her sleepover with Peanut when Hubby was in the hospital.  And, if you have 4 here, it might as well be 5!  lol

I'll be back later with the Tuesday Twelve!

be well,

Monday, July 23, 2007

Killing Me Softly

  After the hamsters death last week...

I started thinking about the kids and how they were coping with it.

I also started thinking about this brain tumor, and how just knowing it is there has put a sharper focus on my own mortality.

Then, I started thinking about death, in general. 

Yeah, I know... uh oh.  lol  So, here I am sharing some of those thoughts with you.

As humans, we are the only living beings that KNOW we are going to die.  As 'sentient' beings we are aware of ourselves, aware of our thoughts, aware of our limitations as a species, and thusly, aware of our own impending deaths, as well as those of our loved ones.

That is huge when you think about it.  No other species on Earth 'gets' that.  Dogs, cats, monkeys, dolphins... They don't 'know' that they are going to die.  That their child could or that their parents will... they just don't understand the concept of 'death'. 

Of course, that isn't to say that they don't have the will or drive to live or survive.  However, it is innate, it is instinctual for them, not part of their thought process.  There is no awareness of 'self', or introspection for them.

Interesting, isn't it?  Some would say that they might be better off, and some would feel it for certain. 

I don't think so.  Knowing is a gift.  We know life is a gift. 

Yes, it is hard.  Yes, there is pain and loss.  But there is joy, and love, and happiness... you just have to feel it and be open to it. 

There is a great quote by Pope Paul IV that I want to share with you:

<FONTFACE="COMIC size="4" MS? Sans>"Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows."

I love this quote because of it's spirit and it's truth. 

I don't think anyone has to 'tell us' right from the start as we do slowly come to the realization fast enough, in my opinion.  The hard part is to keep that urgency pushing you to live your life to the fullest. 

Do the things you want to do.  See the things you want to see.  Learn the things you want to learn.  Make lists and goals, and even if it is little steps, begin to take them.  Find the balance between 'making a living' and 'following your bliss'.

Appreciate the people around you, and let them know how much they mean to you.  You may not get to tell them tomorrow, so do it today.  Do it every day.  Speak the words; don't assume 'they know' how you feel.

Listen to your family and friends.  Don't stop there though, don't just listen, hear it fully, and validate their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. 

Each of us is immortal in that we will live in the memories of those that are left behind.  That is true for us all, no matter if we believe in an afterlife or do not. 

It may be your kids, your siblings, or your friends.  Maybe it will be those you worked along side with, while helping others, or rescuing animals.  Maybe it will be people here in J-Land who always remember your writing, your kind comments, your kindness. 

All of us have the opportunity to affect others and be remembered by them. 

And that is pretty amazing.

So, don't live in fear, don't live in your head.  Reach out to those around you and find the joy. 

Because all the cliche's are true.

Life is too short.

You only live once.

Time stops for no one. 

be well,

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

I love the way this kitty is sitting on his owners lap!  Too cute!

Today is raining.  I hate rain. 

I won't complain too loudly, because all those poor people in the UK have been clobbered, and (thank heavens) we are not flooding in our basement at this time.

But, dang, it makes my body ache!  Ouchy!

IHOP was good for our brunch today!  Yummy!  Then, we ran a couple of errands.  A new laundry basket from Target... stuff like that.

And, I needed a new hair mousse.  Other women will get this, somehow, when you change your hairstyle, you need to change all your hair products, too.  They just don't transfer well!  Especially for such a drastic change as I did from very long and one length to much shorter and very layered!

In other news... the hamsters are adorable!  

Here is the teeny little furry blur on the wheel!  I promise to get better pics soon!

The kids are really enjoying them!  I am too.  They like to just sit in your hands!  These are like little chipmunks more than hamsters.  I don't know if that makes any sense... but it does to me.

Hubby is going back to work tomorrow, but it will be a short day.  I am glad because I think it is still too early, but he won't listen to me. 

be well,

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summertime Blues (or yellow and orange, for me!)

I am loving the cats expressions in this... lol

I am killing time until I have to give Hubby his dose of medicine.  I set my alarm to get up and do the next one in 6 hours too, and he wonders why I have a headache... LOL

I also changed my blog colors!  I decided to go bright and sunny for a while!

Okay... A meme I stole from Lyn at Brits blog !

I Live: in Northern New Jersey.

I Work: as a stay at home mom and homeschooler of one.

I Talk: a lot, just ask anyone!

I Wish: I knew why Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair!

I Enjoy: my coffee, my family, and my friends!

I Look: for the silver lining in everything!

I Find:  myself lacking.

I Smell:  like the Sour Cream potato chips I just scarfed down.

I Listen: to my mother, and on most days, she doesn't annoy me. <<wink wink, right mom?>>

I Hide:  little.

I Pray:  and believe in a strong personal spirituality.

I Write:  everything down or I seem to forget it.

I See:  'why the hell it means so much to me'.

I Sing:  with my kids or alone in the car!

I Laugh:  as much as I can, because life is too short not to!

I Can:  play 'Heart and Soul' on the piano. (right Fred?)

I Watch: lots of educational shows with the kids! 

I Yearn:  for a vacation, this year has been a doozy.

I Daydream: now and then.

I Fall:  because I am a big klutz!!!

I Want:  to win the lottery.  (he he don't we all?)

I Cry:  pfft!  At everything lately!  Mostly because I disappoint myself, or my feelings get hurt, or because the kids amaze me! 

I Burn:  in the sun, so I stay under the umbrella mostly!


I Love:  my hubby, and I am so happy that he is on the mend!

I Rode:  shotgun today.

I Sometimes:  want scream really loud.

I Hurt:  in a lot of places today.

I Fear:  big honking hairy spiders that show up while Hubby is away or asleep.  Dang it.

I Hope:  to someday get my book done and be published!

I Break:  for animals?  LOL I really don't 'break' things... not thatI can think of anyhow! 

I Eat:  at the wrong times.

I Bathe: no, I usually shower! lol

I Drink:  COFFEE.  And, water, seltzer and brewed unsweetened ice tea. 

I Stop:  to admire babies all the time.  I miss that stage!

I Save:  the kids school stuff in a container. (not everything... but the special stuff plus some art and writing)

I Hug:  as much as I can because it feels so good!

I Meditate:  before sleep.

I Play:  everyday with the kids!

I Miss:  my Kathy being close by.

I Hold: onto memories.

I Forgive:  you, if you found this boring and skipped to the end!

I Drive:  my mother nuts when I feed the dog off my fork, but I still do it at least once or twice a week!  I can't help it!  She's my last baby!

I Learned:  that 'peng' is traditional chinese for 'thunder' yesterday. 

I Dream:  about some wild things.

I Have:  the best coffee maker in the whole wide world!

I Don't:  stop worrying.

I Made:  my journal colors different for summer!

I Believe: in love.

I Wait:  for no one.  Bwa ha ha ha! 

I Need:  to get an appointment with my rheumatologist.

I Owe:  a lot to my parents, they are amazing.

I Hate:  intolerance.

I Feel:  like a squishy, chubby, middle aged, mommy, right Hubby? lol

I Know:  that tomorrow we are going to IHOP for breakfast.

I Wonder:  about having grandchildren someday.

I Applaud:  teachers, they are usually underrated.

I Love: truly madly deeply!

Wow, that was long... probably similar to one I did a while back, but your answers always change, don't they!  Come play along if you would like!

Well, the medicine has been doled out, so I am now going to try to sleep!

be well,

Let's Go Crazy

This pretty much sums up the last few days of my life!

I am very happy to say that Hubby is doing much better.  We even went out to eat last night.  A local restaurant is closing, and we wanted to go there one last time with my parents.  Hubby had chicken francaise over rigatoni in the francaise sauce.  It was really good, and he is doing fine. 

Hubby does have a bit of phlebitis (inflammation) in the vein where his IV was located.  He has been keeping moist heat on it today, it should clear up in a day or so. 

The day after Hubby left camp, another assistant Scoutmaster from our troop had a seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital!  Thankfully, at last word, all his test were negative on the big things (brain bleed, stroke) and he was to be released today, to follow up back here with docs.  Scary stuff!

Other news is that even though the boys missed 1/2 of Thursday and all of Friday, they did do enough to qualify for all their badges.  They were, according to the scoutmaster, 'the best prepared boys of all' (insert big mommy grin here)!  Yay!  Thank you again, for your kindness... you are all the best!  I will be around to your journals soon!

Yesterday, we went also went to the pet store!  I am now mommy to 2, yes 2, Chinese Dwarf hamsters!  One is Fuzzy's and one is Pumpkin's.   They are brothers and are very cute, but they won't stay still long enough for me to get a non blurry picture!  I will put one up in the next few days, though! 

Fuzzy decided to name his Peng, which is the chinese word for thunder.  Pumpkin's in named Brownie, because he is brown and sweet!  LOL  Brownie is slightly browner and bigger than Peng, and Peng has an extra black stripe, so we can tell them apart. 

Or at least the kids can...   Smile 

Amazon came through yesterday, and we did receive our two Harry Potter books!  Not until 4pm... which was hellish, but, they did arrive!  I did a very fast read through the book, and ended about last night at 2am.  It was AWESOME!!!  Full of action, mystery, adventure, romance... perfect.  I am now going to re-read it again, slower!  lol

Today we went to the golf center.  Fuzzy drove a bucket of balls, and Pumpkin and Hammer played mini-golf.  Hammer beat Pumpkin by 2 strokes, but it came down to the last hole!  They went back and forth all the way; Pumpkin is improving her putting skills!  Hammer claims the 'greens' were more uneven than usual... lol

So, how about them Yankees!  Woo hoo!  They woke up the last few games!!!  It is so nice when the pitching and hitting do great together!  Now, if they can just continue that... lol

I am going to try to catch up on journals now!  Be patient with me, I promise, I will get through it all!

be well,

thanks to Donna for this graphic of D's Designs

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bringing it All Back Home

I brought Hubby home from the hospital in time for dinner!

Hubby was discarged on oral antibiotics, the Flagyl and Cipro, for the next 10 days, and can start to eat again, slowly. 

We are all just happy and relieved that he is home from the hospital. 

After dinner, I layed down and napped from 6 - 8pm... I was exhausted.   Stress, and not much sleep last night, or this week, caught up with me!

Thank you all for your kind comments and support!  I really appreciate it!  You are awesome!

be well,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dr. Feelgood

So, I just got home from the hospital at about 11pm.

Hubby was sent directly from the doctor's office to the Emergency Room. 

The diverticulitis has flared its ugly head, 10 days after the colonoscopy showed everything to be hunky dory.  UGH!

It was so bad, and Hubby in such pain, they were worried he had an abcess or blockage.  Thankfully, the CT scan showed none of that, just a big whopping infection.

Hubby white blood cell count was over 17,000, not good.

So, he is admitted to the hospital on IV antibiotics.  Flagyl and Cipro, IV fluids, too.

Can you believe that after the morphine kicked in and Hubby took a nap he started begging for food?  Men!

They let him have clear broth, jello, and tea.  He was happy afterward, which is a good thing, since he will be on fluids only again for a while! 

I left him playing with the plasma tv, and wireless keyboard, he was going to read his email and then, maybe get a movie on demand.  Yeah... it is like being in a hotel nowadays at the hospital. 

It will probably be late tomorrow or on Saturday before he is released.  Depends on how fast they get the infection under control.

Thankfully, the Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmasters are all so wonderful, they will be taking down Hubby's tent and packing up all of his and the kids stuff, and bringing it back to us.

Hubby had to just leave it as is and catch the ride home with our friend Bob!  He was a mess earlier today... I knew he was going to the hospital as soon as I laid eyes on him. 

Please send prayers and positive thoughts!  I don't know when I will be back to update you... probably not until tomorrow night at the earliest.  I am going back to the hospital with the kids tomorrow.

Thank you all for all your kind comments so far today, they mean so much to me!  You are all the best!!!

be well,

Home (they are en route)

Hubby and the boys are on their way home right now.

Unfortunately... not for a good reason!

Last night Hubby thought the problem with his stomach was over when I spoke to him at 11pm.

Well, about 3am it started all over, lots of pain.  Hubby broke out in sweats and almost passed out. 

He has an appointment with the Physicians Assistant/RN that helped him through the diverticulitis at 2:15pm.  Right now, he and the boys are in the car.

Hubby is just hoping to get back on antibiotics and then head right back up so the boys don't miss any classes.  The boys wouldn't let him leave without them... they miss me and their sister too much! 

So, I am happy that I am going to see them, worried sick over my Hubby, and not sure what is going on!

More later....

be well,

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sounds of Silence

The kids made me take a picture of this sign at Chili's on Saturday night!  Funny, huh?! 

That was the last night we, all seven of us, were together.  :(

My house is too quiet.  I am really missing my boys.  The big one, and the littler ones... a lot. 


Well, today was hump day... another day closer to them coming home!

be well,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Yay!  My first lolcat!  

Thank you, Krissy, at Sometimes I Think for putting up an lolcat builder web site!  You can try it yourself here: LolCat Builder » Home   

And now, for the good news.

Fuzzy tried to do the Wilderness Survival, but he totally had another panic attack over at the site.  Hubby was there, and brought him and another boy, Joe, who was upset back, too. 

Our Scoutmaster told the boys not to be ashamed of their emotions, that being able to your express yourself in this complicated world is a good thing.  He told them that they did 'their' best, and that is all that matters. 

As long as Joe and Fuzzy attend the rest of the 1 hour long day classes this week, they will receive their badge.  Yay!

Fuzzy sounded so happy and relieved.  And, so was I!!! After I got done talking to him on the phone (all about the snakes, bears, food, and bugs), I got on the phone with Hubby and started to cry!!!!  The relief just flooded out of me!

Although, I am still a little worried, Hammer is still there!  Fuzzy told me that Hammer is turning into a mountain man!!!  LOL  I doubt that, no video games in the Wilderness, but I am really happy for Hammer, too.  Hammer is there with the older scout, who went to help Fuzzy, and Fuzzy's friend, Russ, who is a good friend of Hammer's, too.  I know they will probably just talk all night, and that is just fine.  :-)

So, now that I got this wonderful news, and made my own first lolcat, I am going to go to bed and sleep a good sleep!  I think! 

be well,

Straight Up

I'm baaaack!!!

So, I decided not to email or call the Pumpkin's BF's mom.  I figure that there will be a moment when it will come up, and that will be when I will say something. 

Poor Pumpkin got up at 6:15am today, so she went to bed at 9pm.  Should have went sooner, but it was still light out.  We are sleeping in tomorrow together.  :-)

Meanwhile, Fuzzy ran into the tent, dodging Hubby, called me hyterical crying that he doesn't want to do the Wilderness Survival Badge tonight.  Ugh.  He will be with Hammer, his friend Russ, and one of the older boys even volunteered to do it again, just to help him! 

Hubby is handling it, and here I sit, and wait and worry.  I know it will be fine, but you know... it's that mommy thing!

It is Tuesday, so here is my Tuesday Twelve!

I say ___________, you say ______________ .

Phone  -  Cell.  My pretty new pink Razr.  I am such a girl!  lol

Potato  -  Chips.  Yummy.  Kettle cooked please...

Clip  -  Board.  It makes me think of work.  I had a pink clip board that I kept I my 'to do' list on!  Do people still use clipboards? 

Alpine  -  Mansions.  There is a town in Northern New Jersey called Alpine and it is basically a super wealthy town.  The only kids that go to the public school are the maids, butlers and landscapers kids.  One of the docs I worked for lived there, and his house... MANSION was awesome!

Super  -  Man.  Fuzzy was Batman boy, and Hammer was Superman.  <sigh>  Now they are all grown up... kind of.  LOL

Last  -  Wow, a bunch of things rushed at me all at once!  'Last of the Mohicans', 'Last Comic Standing', 'About Last Night'.  I guess the theme is entertainment!  A book, a tv show and a movie!  LOL

Fifth  -  Bacardi 151.  And a night 'Once upon a time, not so long ago...'  Although it was loooong ago.  BONUS - Can you name the song and artist from which the italicized quote was taken?

He he he... my money is on Ellen!

Grape  -  Icee.  You know, the long skinny frozen sticks of flavored ice that you cut the plastic off the top and eat by pushing it up, and some melts and you suck it out of the plastic?  Grape is Pumpkin's fave, and she just had one before.

Mix  -  JiveBunny.  Did you ever hear of them?  Or remember them from the 80's?  They made this really quirky album where they mixed a bunch of song samples together and made new songs out of them. 

Magnet  -  Refrigerator.  I have lots and lots!  Everywhere we go, I try to get a magnet!  And, I always try to get one for Kathy, too!  I say 'try' because my brain fog sometimes gets the best of me and I forget!  LOL

Ginger  -  Gingerbread cookies.  And, coffee.  Now that I know Green Mountain only carries it for seasonally, I will TOTALLY stock up.  Like a freaking warehouse.  Seriously.  Hubby may have to move out to make room.  LOL  ;-)

Maid  -  A magnet on my fridge... It says, 'M is for Mother, not for Maid!' LOL

Okie dokie.  That kept me occupied for about 45 minutes. 

Now what.  Ugh.  I am really worried about Fuzzy.  Hopefully, Hubby will call soon and tell me something!

Oh, and why did it take me 45 minutes? 

Here is why: 

She has been totally beside herself tonight.  Libby always gets nuts when Hubby goes away because she gets all 'Alpha' and overprotective.  However, she was pretty quiet on Sunday and last night.

Foolish me.  I thought it was a new trend.  Nope.  Tonight, she is barking at every car that drives by, every time my neighbor lets their dog out, and well, you get it... at everything.

Just now, I let her out for a quick pee, and someone was crossing the street.  OMG, you would have thought they were attacking the house in full ninja gear.  She starts going ballistic.  My dad actually came running downstairs from bed to help quiet her down.  Ugh.

Fear not, dear J-Land friends, I am safe from any and all outward threats!

Unfortunately, the worst things tonight are from inside my own head!!!  lol

be well,

 Not me, I have been laying here the whole time...