Monday, July 9, 2007


Hubby had his colonoscopy late this morning. 

Everything went great!  The doc said that he has no evidence of inflammation or infection now, and although there are pockets, he is not on any restrictions diet wise for the diverticulosis!  Yay!

Needless to say, Hubby is thrilled!

However, he does indeed have an infection in his toe, where the bee stung him.  So, he is on antibiotics for the next 10 days. 

However, this afternoon at the doctors office we got bad news.  Our internist, had passed away.  She had a bone marrow transplant last year, for bone cancer, and was due back shortly to the office.  Even though, it had been more than a year, she contracted a virus, RSV.  For most of us, it would be a cold, but it was life threatening for her.   It had looked like she had licked it, and was getting PT to get ready to come home, when the virus flared again, and her body could take no more. 

Rest in peace, Maggie, you were a healer, quick with a smile and a laugh, and the best and most caring doctor I ever had.

Last night, Hammer and I went back to see the Transformers movie again, alone.  I had missed some parts taking Pumpkin to the bathroom, and Hammer just really wanted to see it again.

Since he and Fuzzy are leaving Sunday for a week of camping, I am going to try to do something alone and special with each one this week.  This was Hammer's special thing.  He loves Transformers, and he reads fanfic websites, and an online role playing game based on the them every day.

I stand by my first review of the movie.  Worth every dime.  Amazing effects, great story.  Something for everyone.  Go see it.

It looks like Fuzzy has survived the bee sting without any side effects.  It has been 48 hours... we should be safe now.  Knock wood... thank goodness.

My cold is mostly gone, except for that little bit of phlegm that annoys you every time you try to lay down to rest.  Then, I get a tickle and I cough.  It always seems to hang on that way longer in the summer.  Ick. 

My body is still out of whack from being sick though, and it has put me back a little bit.  I feel fatigued and out of sorts again, and I hate that.

be well,


swmpgrly said...

get that man some

libragem007 said...

I hope you get well soon..oh my 4 y o love the Transformer too that's what he wants for his bday this August.
Take care,
Gem :-)

tenyearnap said...

Sorry about your doctor.
The Boy and I saw Transformers yesterday and he really got excited and has been wondering what the toaster would look like if it "transformed." And the microwave and the iPod...hee hee. --Cin

tendernoggle said...

AQw I am so sorry about your doctor...God rest her soul. I hate cancer!
I hope you get to feeling some better soon..and I am glad that the tests turned out so good for your husband. Bless his heart; that stuff you have to drink will nearly kill you! lol
Yall take care,
love ya,

coelha said...

My older kids went to see Transformers and they loved it!  :)  I'm glad to hear about your husband, but I'm sad to hear about the intern :(  I hope you are completely better soon!  Julie :)

klconard1 said...

Rejoicing with you that the colonoscopy went well and nothing bad in it, yay!  for veggies and fruits for your hubby!!!
I am sure sorry your internist passed on for something that took advantage of her lowered immune system.  That really is horrid.
I hope you get to feeling better soon!
loving you

rdautumnsage said...

Awesome news about Hubby. He should of listened to you with the bee sting. The boys will treasure the alone time with you before camp. Glad to hear the cold is mostly gone. Rest up when you get a chance to try to regain some of your energy!
(Hugs) Indigo

jckfrstross said...

great for hubby:) so sorry about the doc:( have a good week


cherry2sweet2eat said...

i thought RSV only infected infants. may she rest in peace.

astoriasand said...

Great news about Hubby I am so happy for you.Sorry he has infection though now in the toe,but the antibiotics will do the trick quickly lets hope.Good films always sway us back to watching them over and over again.I hope Hammers sting is in the clear now as you say.I am so sorry about your doc whata sad thing to have to happen after fighting so much.My condolances go out to you.I hope you can mange to shake off that feeling of fatigue it is awful I get it plenty,so I do know where you are coming from.Grrrrrrr.Have a lovely day tomorrow,I hope everyone feels that litlle bit better Take Care God Bless KATH

sunnyside46 said...

I am glad that Hubby had good news.Hope you feel better soon too
Caitlin has seen Transformers twice too and just carries on about how good it is.
I don't think it would be my cup of tea.
I read a great book the other day. Last of the Honky Tonk Angels by Melissa Moyers

helmswondermom said...

I'm glad the colonoscopy went well, and I hope the infection in his toe clears up soon.  I am so sorry about your internist.  That is so sad that she caught that infection and her body was just too weak to fight it.  That's pretty much what happened to Eler Beth's school principal a couple of years ago.

nay0114 said...

Glad everything went well and hubby got some meds for the toe infection. My grandson had RSV when he was a little baby so sorry for her. You went to see it again now I know I'll have to watch it sometime which my grandson was older. More campers leaving everybody has kids camping this year. Thats sweet that you wanna do something with each one alone. Hope you get so rest.
Take care, Chrissie

pynkcannon88 said...

Im glad ur husband is fine and im so sorry for your lost!


toonguykc said...

Hopefully you can ALL be feeling 100% for a long, long spell!


eml625 said...

Happy to hear the colonoscopy went well !
What a wonderful idea it is to do something special with each child. I should try that.
big hugs,

pharmolo said...

Pleased to hear of the favourable result from your hubby's colonoscopy, Dawn. Hope you recover quickly yourself :-)

deshelestraci said...

How sad about your doctor!  Good news about your hubby!  Good deal for him!  Except of course the bee sting.  Have fun with your kids this week!

sangrialel said...

I hope your feeling back to normal soon.  LInda

ktkamanski said...

Hope you start to feel in sorts soon! I did see Transformers and thought it was good! Hope your enjoying your day!

wfhbear said...

Glad to hear you all are mostly getting straight with the health problems. I am going to go see Transformers. I think it looks like a great movie for kids and I a just a real big one. My Regards, Bill.

randlprysock said...

Glad hubby's doctor visit went well!!!  Sorry to hear about the intern.  That is so sad....  Hope the antibiotics work fast on that toe.

madmanadhd said...

Ah yesssss the good ol colonoscopy... so glad he was able to get it done the first time... you see my wife hasta have em done every 5 years since her mom died of it and her grampa got by with a bag for the last 15 years of his life. A "Go Lightly Cocktail" and the runs once every 5 years aint such a bad deal when you look at the options eh? This last time though she wasn't "cleaned out" enough so after doing exam #1 on Monday could only do broth for the day then hit the Go Lightly again and try exam #2 Wednesday. She was a tad weak after the ordeal but all went well with her... as it did thankfully with hubby.
  BUMMER about your intern... life's too short. I was just thinking that whilst walking through a cemetery to get back here afta lunch. All them folks had lives and important stuff too and in the end... it ended. The ultimate "time out" eh?
  So enjoy life and live in the moment no matta the pain or drain.
Thanks for the movie review, my daughter wants to see Transformers real bad but we haven't found the time.
  Shesh I get awfully wordy sume-times. Outa here.

gazker said...

I am so glad you are feeling better Dawn. Am I too old to see transformers?
Gaz xxx