Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Howloween!!!

Happy Howloween!!!!  Bwaa ha ha ha!!!!

Above are my 3 scary kids... Hammer is Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jedi from Star Wars), Fuzzy is a ghoul, and Pumpkin Muffin is Spiderella Witch!

Here are two pictures of our 'cemetary' and skeleton friend.


And, last but not least, the bargain from Cracker Barrel.  The fiber optic kitty on the left is the new one.  The fiber optic kitty on the right is the one I bought last year at full price! lol

Enjoy the holiday...

be well,

Monday, October 30, 2006

Laptop Philosopher

I finished the philosophy book last week that I have had on my nightstand.

This book was an overview of philosophy from pre-Socratic times through the contemporary philosophers of the 20th century.

The author, who is a philosophy professor in the U.K. worries that true philosophy is dead or dying.  He is worried that the only philosophy taught is merely a regurgitation of previous 'philosophical masters', when it should rather be teaching a process of how to ask oneself the hard and simple questions, accomplished by looking at the world, universe, nature and humanity, with the same simple wonder that spurred the pre-Socratic philosophers to ask the questions they did. 

I loved philosophy class when I was in college.  Yes, we did study the masters and studied their teachings.  Yes, we did then apply their methods to problems and wrote essays for class.  

I don't think I realized then how important the class was for me. 

I do look at the world with a sense of wonder.  I think most people do not and that is a damn shame.  Everyone should stop and marvel at this amazing universe as often as you can rather than just running like the hamster at the wheel, even though it is easy to do just that.

I try to be aware of my world around me, of nature's gifts.  I think you have to work at that. 

Work at being truly present in your life and aware.

While driving out to dinner Saturday night, there was the most wonderful display of the suns rays, coming down through clouds that was just magical.  Hubby and I enjoyed it for a moment ourselves and then drew the kids attention to it as well.  They were reading and would have missed it... it was something to be shared, and marveled at, together. 

It could have been missed had I been talking to Hubby without being aware, or if I had been zoned out listening to music. 

Take a moment to watch the squirrels chase and play, without worrying about them eating your roof, or watch the birds hunt for worms in the morning.  There is a simple beauty in even the mundane.

This morning I was struck by a moment of kindness between Fuzzy and Pumpkin as they were getting in the car for school.  Fuzzy carried her books out and she thanked him so earnestly because she was a bit overwhelmed this morning.  I caught that moment on Fuzzy's face where he felt really good for helping her. 

That was wondrous to see.  I could have missed it while rushing into the car, worried about the time and traffic, but I didn't miss it.  I am so glad for that.

There are so many 'bad' and 'negative' things out there in the world.  I don't think they should be ignored, but you need to balance the 'bad' with the 'good'.  Every day.  

One of my favorite quips is that 'Optimism is a form of bravery.'  Maybe so. 

Let's take it further...

Wonder then must be a form of hope.  Without hope the world is a sad, and desperate place.  So, be aware of all the things there are around you that bring wonder.  There are many, just cast aside the blinders.

Ask the questions, seek out the answers; they will bring more questions for you, and more wonder. 

And, that is the beauty of it.  That is the true magic in this world.  There is always more to learn, more to discover, more to consider.  Be open to it.

Become a philosopher in your life.

be well,

Weekend Update

I had a really nice weekend!

Fuzzy and I had a nice lunch together and then went to Barnes & Noble where we both located some book bargains. 

Dinner at Cracker Barrel was yummy!  Hubby got a deal on the last of a halloween decoration, too.  It is a fiber optic black cat and it was originally $45 and he got it for $15!  Don't you love a good bargain!   I do! 

The kids got all their favorite candy treats that only Cracker Barrel has at the store!  I got my favorite Vermont Maple Candy... yum! 

Thankfully, we were spared with all the wind and rain from losing any power.  Lots of people in the NY/NJ area really got clobbered.  We had some trees and big branches down locally, but nothing seemed to catch the wires, thank goodness.

Today and tomorrow are going to be in the 60's, which is great for Trick or Treating!  After school tomorrow we will go to our town center which is lined with stores on both sides, about 6-7 blocks worth.  We will go up one side and down the other side, which will produce several bowls worth of candy!

We also collect money for The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network as Fuzzy has food allergies and asthma.  Halloween is a great time to raise awareness. 

After we arrive home from gathering candy, I sit with 2 big Halloween bowls.  The green bowl, is for Fuzzy and represents 'green is go' which is safe food for him.  All the candy with peanuts or nuts or no label to tell for sure is put in the orange bowl.  Fuzzy only eats out of the safe bowl and only shares with Pumpkin and Hammer if they ask him and if he is feeling generous.  His prerogative, as he is the one with the allergies and the limits.

So, the Jets lost but the Giants won, so we are 50-50 in NFL happiness today!  lol

Thanks for all the suggestions for my hips!  You will be happy to know that they are feeling better again!  Yay! 

Oh, just one more thing.  Today, Hammer and I made homemade butter!  It is pretty easy to do.  We use an old baby food jar that I saved just to make it.  You just put in heavy cream and shake.  And, shake and shake and shake.  After it turns to whipped cream it will start to coagulate into butter with the left over liquid whey.  Dump the whey, lightly sprinkle with salt, and spread the butter on crackers!  A yummy homemade treat!

be well,


Friday, October 27, 2006

Warrior Witch

That's me... an RA Warrior. 

At least that is how I (and my online RA Email Loopies) like to think about ourselves.

It helps sometimes.  My hip is burning and aching tonight.  I think it is the weather... oh all right, maybe I aggravated it again being a little naughty, but only once.  And, that was days ago. 

Not feeling very warrior like right now.  :(

But, I will try to gather up my warrior strength and persevere.

A state of mind can get you farther than an ailing body quite often.  So, fight I will. 

Look out RA... here I come.  Tomorrow...

Yes, tomorrow.  Fuzzy and I are going to go out to lunch alone together.  I didn't chaperone his 6th grade social tonight, opting to switch with Hubby and let my hip rest.  As you can imagine, Fuzzy isn't very happy with me. 

Lately, that seems to be a trend.  I hope lunch makes up for that a little bit tomorrow.  It is always nice to do something with the kids individually.

Tomorrow night, we plan on going to Cracker Barrel for dinner!  I love Cracker Barrel!  The food is fabulous and the store is so much fun, too!  I am really looking forward to it.

I am not looking forward to the fact that it will be raining cats and dogs all night tonight and all day tomorrow.  Ugh.

However, this warrior shall push onward and upward.

be well,


Thursday Thirteen - Late Again

I am late again!  And, so far, so is Charley !

But, that's okay, I love him anyway!

This week my Thursday Thirteen is my favorite Halloween Candies!

2.    Mini Reeses Peanut Butter cups
3.    MaryJanes
4.    Bite sized Mounds
5.    Bite sized Three Musketeers
6.    Mini Goldberg Peanut Chews
7.    Mini packs of M&M's
8.    Mini boxes of Whoppers
9.    Hershey Miniatures
10.   Mini York Peppermint Patties
11.   Mini boxes of Junior Mints
12.   Fat Stubby Tootsie Rolls
13.   Mini Twizzler packs

It isn't that you can't get these candies year round, but I don't seek them out.  I am really not a big candy eater.  So, time for you all to share, too!

be well,


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Being the Bad Guy - Darth Mommy

I love this comic.  Two of my favorite things; coffee and Star Wars!

Lately, the kids have gotten a little over zealous in their attitudes - toward us and each other.  Hubby and I did a serious 'wing clipping' starting this past weekend.

Two of three of the kids have responded as expected.

Fuzzy, not so much. 

Tonight, should be a Boy Scout meeting for Hubby and the boys.

I (with Hubby's support) have decided that Fuzzy will stay home and instead, he will go to bed early.

As you can imagine, Fuzzy is just thrilled with me right now. 

Yes, I am the Evil Darth Mommy, sent here from galaxies afar, just to ruin his life and squash all his fun. 

Not.  But, I guess at 11 1/2, he just isn't going to appreciate that this is for his own good.  Fuzzy doesn't understand that he is over tired and in a down spiral of smart mouthing, whining, and losing his temper. 

All he knows is that I am ruining his fun.

Oh well.  Some day, he will have his own Little Fuzzy.  He and Little Fuzzy's mommy will get it then, while they are being the bad guys.

I will then get to be Princess Grandma and have all the fun!

Until then though, I will deal with being Darth Mommy.

be well,

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Book Meme

 Charley  and many others have done this book meme... So am I!

1. Grab the nearest book. If you are currently reading something, that'll be fine too.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your Blog along with these instructions.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet I know that is what you were thinking!

6. Tag 5 people.

I am reading several books right now and have several waiting in the wings.  The book at the top of the pile closest to me in the kitchen is the one that won.

The book is Jeff Shaara's 'To The Last Man', a novel of the First World War.

"I want every staff officer in London to know your name.  I want every enemy pilot who flies the Western Front to live in dread that his next opponent will be Richtofen!"  He straightened, turned away with a wide smile.  "Indeed.  This is precisely what we need.  The newspapers will put this on every front page."

I had to do six sentences to not break up the last quote!

Rather than tag five people, I want everyone who hasn't done it to give it a try!

be well,

An Algebraic Discovery

Yesterday, we made a wonderful discovery!

My Hubby can help homeschool Hammer, too!

Hubby stayed home again yesterday, more for mental health and less for his sinus infection, but regardless he stayed home.

Hammer and I have been working on algebra together.  It isn't my favorite and it has been a challenge for me to find the right mode of presenting it to Hammer.  Usually, he just reads the text (for example in bio, chem, etc) and does the tests himself, occasionally asking for clarification.

Algebra has been different.  I have suspected it is because he already understands inherently the advanced workings.

Yesterday, we confirmed that.

Hubby started to work with him.  He loved algebra and the advanced maths, and has remembered more than I forgot, which is good.

He was able to figure out what I couldn't.  That Hammer can do 5-6 step problems in about 2, which was causing all the confusion for me.  They worked together for about 2 hours and made lots of progress. 

I had just recommended getting an advanced math tutor, but now it looks like we can hold off on that and continue to work throught the workbooks and texts at home.  Hubby will just take over!

This is wonderful for me.  I have always been the 'point person' with Hammer's education.  I am happy to be able to share it. 

I think it is good for Hubby, too.  It is good for him and Hammer to have this to work on together.  Over the years, Hammer and I have grown very close over school work, I think it will open up a new dimension for father and son, as well.

be well,


Monday, October 23, 2006

Please Speak for these Honored Dead

I am so behind on journals, but I need to ask for your help.

More human remains have been discovered at the site where the  World Trade Centers collapsed.  The first set was discovered on Thursday; more were discovered yesterday.

These aren't just bits and fragments, but entire long bones, arms and legs and even partial skulls of those who died there in this criminal act.

Normally, when human remains are found at any construction site, work is halted and the forensic specialists take over and complete the search, excavation and recovery of remains.

Mayor Bloomberg has not allowed that to happen. 

The families of victims are furious. 

I am furious.  Obviously, there are still remains there, after all the promises made by the city that there were none. 

The families are calling for a special Federal forensic unit to come in and do what is necessary.  Mayor Bloomberg has refused.

1200 of the over 2800 that perished at the Trades never received any remains to bury of their loved ones.  Such a travesty, yet they thought everything was done to recover their loved ones. 

Obviously, not.

Who can speak for these honored dead?  We can.  You and I and everyone.

It is our duty on their behalf.  On behalf of their families.

Please click this link and follow the directions to send Mayor Bloomberg of NYC and email demanding the construction be halted at the site and the Federal Forensic team to be allowed to come in to search and recover remains.

Here is the link: NYC.gov

Thank you in advance... I know that all my j-land friends must be as horrified as I am at the lack of compassion and responsiveness being shown for these honored dead and their families.

be well,

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Time is Relative...

Wow!  Has it really been that long since my last entry?  Yikes! 

I am doing pretty good!  My hip is behaving, the inflammation is down, the nerve no longer trapped, but it is just a teensy bit still sore.  Working around that....

My IV went well in the city!  One stick each for the blood draw, the IV, and the flu shot.  Yes, I am now officially, armed and ready for defense of the flu!  lol 

It was sad to be going to the building where the plane crashed.  My nurses said they were there that day and had no idea what had happened until the next day.  Most of the staff that were in the actual building struck thought it was just a routine fire drill when they were evacuated.  No one was injured from the Hospital staff. 

I have had a busy week with the kids and family, lots going on each day this week, so that is why time has been relative for me.  Get it?  lol

Today is the first of many Halloween celebrations.  Pumpkin Muffin went to our town recreation department's Halloween party and contest today with a friend.  She has a party on Tuesday for Girl Scouts.  Fuzzy has the 6th Grade Social which is a Halloween costume party on Friday.  Then, Tuesday next week will be the big day! 

So, no Mets in the World Series.  :(  So sad.  What a year they had... too bad that it ended this way. 

Pumpkin Muffin also finished her Girl Scout cookie selling this week.  I am proud to say that she made her goal of passing 100 with a whopping 102 boxes!  Fourth year in a row!  Yay!

I can't believe how fast time is passing!  It seems like it was just a few weeks ago we were in Wildwood, not 2 months!  Wow...

My mom always told me when I was a kid that time begins to go faster each year, the older you get.

She sure had that right.  Time is flying.

Live, love and laugh... for the time we have is a just a blink!!!

be well,


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hi Ho Hi Ho To CarnivAOL You Should Go!!

<-------------------  Clicky Clicky the Linky!!!
Explore the new journals and highlighted entries from those you know and those you don't!!!!
be well,

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sore hip, Can't Complain

I have had a sore hip since Saturday, but the good news is that today it is almost back to normal.  The inflammation in the right hip pinched my sciatica, which was painful and not fun.

Such is the life with RA.  Too much whoopee with the hubby earlier in the week.  Dang it. 

In spite of that, it has been a nice few days! 

Friday night was my book club which I hosted!  I did a wine and cheese party for snacks.  I had 2 whites, a Chardonnay and a Reiseling, 2 reds, a Cabernet and a Merlot.  I had a variety of cheeses, spreads, bread and fruit.  For dessert decaf coffee  and chocolate cake.  Everyone seemed to enjoy and I had a nice time hosting!

The book was 'The Usual Rules' by Joyce Maynard.  I didn't complete the book.  Not that I didn't have time, it was too upsetting for me.  It was about a girl whose mom dies in the World Trade Centers.  I read about 2 chapters and stopped.

But, the conversation was good and I enjoyed listening to everyone's impressions of the book.

Saturday we went out to dinner with the kids and stopped to get their Halloween costumes, in spite of my hip.  I just used a cane. 

Hammer is being a Jedi Knight again, so didn't need anything new.  Fuzzy got a new costume, a Gauzey Ghoul with light up red eyes.  Kind of zombie looking to me, but what do I know.  Pumpkin Muffin got a costume called Divine Witch, I would call it Spiderella, because it is red and black with a sheer robe with spider webs all over it.

This for the girl who screams and shrieks if she sees a spider in the house and then cannot enter that room alone for a day or two. 

I guess it is a coping mechanism to get the costume with the webs?  That is my theory anyhow.  I could be thinking too hard.  lol

The Jets and Giants both won on Sunday!  Very exciting for all the football fans in the house!  I like them both.  My dad and Fuzzy are big Jets fans, Hubby and Hammer are all for the Giants.  Pumpkin could care less! 

Tomorrow, it is off to NYC for my IV medicine, Orencia .

I will be parking in the basement of the Belaire, the building that was struck by Yankee Corey Lidle's airplane.  Thankfully, that was on the 72nd Street side, not the 71st Street side that connects to the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Scary times, huh?

I will also get my flu shot tomorrow.  Usually, it is an adventure trying to get it.  This year so far so good!

That is my story of late... hope this finds you all happy and healthy!

be well,

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Finsh the Sentence Meme

I found this over at Just Mary and thought I would play along!

C'mon... everyone do it... just copy and paste and finish the sentence with your own thoughts!


Rainy days ~ are perfect for having a pajama day.

My favorite toy ~ would have to be my computer!

Symbiosis is ~ those cute little Remora fish that live on sharks and clean them.

Your enemy will ~ usually be found within yourself.

Your friend will ~ be your anchor on the rough waters of life.

I will never ~ have another love, like that with my hubby. 

I share ~ my life with my kids, parents, and hubby everyday and it couldn't be better!

Every time I ~ go to a store that has books, one will leave with me.

My biggest mistake ~ I wouldn't change for fear of altering how my life has turned out!

An open book ~ will be finished soon.

Give me ~ coffee... and I will be happy!!!

I admire ~ many writers and hope to get published someday!


I tag you all!  ;-D

be well,


Friday, October 13, 2006

Trick or Treating Thru J-Land

Happy Halloween J-Land! 

I have seen this on a few journals recently, and the idea is for everyone to do an entry with the same title - as a little J-land unity Trick or Treating!

My last entry about the books on my nightstands has been really fun because everyone has been asking great questions!

Some of the books I have read already.  All the RA related books I have finished and use for quick reference to reread when needed.  I have also read all the Latin books and reread them time and again.  The 'Egregious' book is a book of words not often used in the English language.  I like to reread that one skipping around for fun as it is in alphabetical order.

'The Book of Peace' by Ben Stein is a great treasure that I read front to back when I first bought it.  It is filled with about 500 affirmations, and I reread random pages every morning or evening.  The Harry Potter book has been read twice already, and I will read it again.  I read 'The Mephisto Club' by Tess Gerritsen and it was fabulous, worthy of its best seller status right now.  I have read the 'Vampires...' book as I have all of Katie MacAllister's books.  They are fun, light, romantic reads but filled with adventure, I recommend them, often. 

I haven't started the Brad Meltzer 'Book of Fate' yet, but I probably will soon.  I am about 3/4 of the way through 'Longitude' by Dava Sobel, but I have not started her other book on my nightstand, 'The Planets' yet.  I also have read about half of the 'Philosophy' book.

I think that covers it!  And, I have about a dozen or so more books on the nightstand.  Most have been read and need to get moved out of the way for some new ones soon!

be well,

ps... I have said many times on this journal how much I like to read.... scary huh?  lol

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday 13 - 13 Books on my Nightstand

It is that time again!!!  The Thursday 13... go see Charley to get the rules and play along with us!

13 Books on my Nightstand

1)     'I Always Look Up the Word Egregious' by Max Nurnberg

2)     'The Hospital for Special Surgery Rheumatoid Arthritis Handbook' by Stephen Paget, MD and Michael Lockshin, MD

3)     'Longitude' by Dava Sobel

4)     'The Book of Fate' by Brad Meltzer

5)     'Good Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis' by the Arthritis Foundation

6)     'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' by JK Rowling

7)     'Get a Grip on Philosophy' by Neil Turnbull

8)     'The Gift of Peace' by Ben Stein 

9)     'Latin Quips at your Fingertips' by Rose Williams

10)    'The Mephisto Club' by Tess Gerritsen

11)    'The Planets' by Dava Sobel

12)    'Even Vampires Get the Blues' by Katie MacAllister

13)    'Latin Can Be Fun or Facetiae Latinae' by Georg Capellanus

As you can see, I have quite varying tastes in my reading.  Fiction, non-fiction, best sellers, science, latin, educational and medical!!  

And, this is only about 1/2 the books actually at my nightstand!

be well,

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mother Daughter Grandma Day of Sharing

Saturday was a special day.

Pumpkin Muffin decided that she was ready.

Twice, since she turned nine, we have made it to the mall and she decided that she was not ready.  This time, I knew she would do it.

Pumpkin Muffin got her ears pierced!  Grandma and I were so proud! 

Pumpkin decided that while daddy was away (who keeps trying to convince her not to do it) it was time.  The holidays are coming and her birthday afterwards, and she wants some earrings!

Although being very nervous, she was determined.  After the first one was in, and a delayed 'Ouch', she steeled herself for number two.  Another exclamation of 'Ouch' and it was all over!

Tears flowed from her eyes, relief that it was over, but she was smiling and laughing.  The best moment for me was yet to come.

Pumpkin got down from the chair and walked to the mirror.

The smile that spread across her face was magical as she looked at her newly bedecked ears with a sense of pride and of course, girly happiness!

That was the best moment for me. 

And then we did what girls like to do after a big life changing moment... we went to lunch to celebrate! 

I was nine when I had my ears pierced.  I had to have it done at the doctor's office at my dad's insistence.  Which meant the old fashioned way of needle and thread!  Yuk!

Hubby was not thrilled at Pumpkin getting her ears pierced either, however, he was resigned to the fact that the day was coming.   We agreed that anytime after her 9th birthday was fine.  To Hubby it represents the first steps toward being a teen, and womanhood.  Neither of which he wants to see happen to his baby girl.  Ah, well, he will just have to cope since we all know that time waits for no one.

Pumpkin's ears getting pierced represents the first tenative steps toward becoming a young woman in my eyes as well.  Instead of being in denial, I choose to hold my Pumpkin's hands and walk side by side with her. 

I hope she continues to want me there every step of the way. 

I don't want it any other way.

be well,


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NO INTERNET!!! Pray for me...

Our broadband has gone all wonky, and I have not been able to maintain an online connection for very long! 

A nightmare, I tell you!

I would like to thank those that have emailed me, worrying that I am sick, it is so kind of you to care!

The cable guy comes tomorrow, so hopefully, I will back online freely very soon!

be well,

Friday, October 6, 2006

Merry Catmas!!!!

My good friend, Paul, has turned me on to the holiday of Catmas!

To celebrate you need to put pics of your cats in your blog!

Here is my Pumpkin, the black cat, and the elder pet of the house at 11 years young.

Not to be left out, here then is Tina.  She came after the dog and is therefore, Libby's best buddy.  She will be 5 years young this December.

So, a Merry Catmas to you all!

be well,

A Day Late... Thursday Thirteen

I am sure that Charley won't be upset with me, so here is my Thursday Thirteen list, a day late.

13 Things that made me Happy this Week

1.     Coffee
2.     Feeling Better
3.     Fuzzy's good grades on tests from last week
4.     Pumpkin Muffin is starting to sell GS cookies - Yum!
5.     Read Tess Gerritson's latest, 'Mephisto', Excellent!
6.     My rheumatologist is squeezing me in for an appointment the same day as my next infusion. *** Just got a call now, I am not seeing her until November's infusion.  Ugh.  Whatever!
7.     I loved the new tv show 'The Nine'.
8.     I played a new game online called 'Funny Farm' at shygypsy.com.
9.     My hubby!!!  Just because!
10.    My kids, also, just because!
11.    My pets, just because!
12.    Sleeping late most of the week, because Hubby drove the kids.  I think that is why I am finally feeling much better!
13.    My mom getting my house clean...she is the best!!!

Although the sky is cloudy today, it is a lovely cool fall day, my favorite! 

My hubby and the boys are going away with Boy Scouts for a Camporee this tonight!  Just me and Pumpkin Muffin for the weekend! 

Pumpkin Muffin has a surprise planned for Daddy, too.  I will explain that more, later!

be well,

ps... Thanks Dianna, love the tag!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

It's CarnivAOL Time

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Lots of great entries to read this week! 
Go now... and explore!
be well,

Monday, October 2, 2006

Dizzy Dinner

Dinner tonight was a comedy routine that you just couldn't script!

Hammer couldn't wait to escape to watch a show he had paused on Tivo. 

Therefore, he was not part of the aforementioned mayhem that I will now recount for all of you!

Pumpkin tortured Grandpa, Daddy and myself with her fortune teller.  You know, the kind girls make out of paper, and have colors and numbers and really silly fortunes inside when you lift the flap.  Yeah, one of those.

I am going to marry my son, become a lifeguard and get rich.  Grandpa loves nature and is becoming a fashion designer.

Fuzzy and Pumpkin tried to out do each other with whipped cream on top of their pudding.  Pumpkin won.  More whipped cream than pudding for dessert in her bowl.

But, Fuzzy took the cake of craziness.  He decided to lick the pudding remnants out of his bowl.  Yes, I said lick! 

Then, once I proceeded to tell him that it was gross and he was acting like the dog, he put the bowl on the ground next to Libby, and licked his bowl next to her, while she licked the remnants of pudding from mine.  Ugh! 

Loony toons, I tell you!

I then announced that if there was a Candid Camera spying on us, we'd be locked up.  Fuzzy thought that was a great idea and begged me to take pictures.  Pumpkin agreed and began to lick her bowl. 


So, they are all in the process of getting their chocolate smeared faces (and bodies) showered. 

They are still yakking and laughing about dessert and licking the bowls. 

I love my silly, funny family!!!

be well,

ps.  Don't you love the 'Evolution of Coffee' picture???

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sunday Hello

Happy Sunday to you all!

There they are... iced coffee's, my Elixir of Life. 

I will not be doing an enema with it though, no matter what some people say.  Please see the entry in Paul's journal for more info on that.

Let me recap.  You all know that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.  These are diseases of the immune system.  My immune system mistakenly attacks my own joints (and other organs at times) and while doing so causes inflammation, joint damage, and pain. 

In order to stop it from doing that, I take medicines that suppress my overly active immune system.  These meds are much like chemo therapy for cancer.  Some are exactly the same.  Just not as strong in dosage.  I also take meds to avert the side effects of nausea and hair loss.  But I digress.

The bottom line is this.  In order to live with these diseases, I have to suppress my immune system, and that makes me susceptible to getting sick.

Like now. 

My kids bring home a cold.  They are better in 2 days. 

I get the cold, it progresses to bronchitis, I am sick for two weeks and I am still not all better.  

Yup, 2 weeks plus.  And, I am still taking meds, and coughing up crap from my lungs.  I can't sleep flat or I choke.  Fun.

One friend of mine, also with RA and on meds like me, suffered for 6 months after a bought of bronchitis before she got completely back to normal. 


I do not have the time or patience for that.  I have 3 kids! I have things to do!  I need to exercise and lose weight!  I have a big anniversary coming up!  I have holidays to prepare for soon!

If only coffee could fix it all for me.  <<sigh>>  I love my coffee.

Okay, now that I have gotten that pity fest out of my system, I am done. 

Onward and upward!  I am going to relax today, watch some football, fold some laundry, (thank you Hubby) and have a great pasta dinner (thank you Dad).

be well,