Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sunday Hello

Happy Sunday to you all!

There they are... iced coffee's, my Elixir of Life. 

I will not be doing an enema with it though, no matter what some people say.  Please see the entry in Paul's journal for more info on that.

Let me recap.  You all know that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.  These are diseases of the immune system.  My immune system mistakenly attacks my own joints (and other organs at times) and while doing so causes inflammation, joint damage, and pain. 

In order to stop it from doing that, I take medicines that suppress my overly active immune system.  These meds are much like chemo therapy for cancer.  Some are exactly the same.  Just not as strong in dosage.  I also take meds to avert the side effects of nausea and hair loss.  But I digress.

The bottom line is this.  In order to live with these diseases, I have to suppress my immune system, and that makes me susceptible to getting sick.

Like now. 

My kids bring home a cold.  They are better in 2 days. 

I get the cold, it progresses to bronchitis, I am sick for two weeks and I am still not all better.  

Yup, 2 weeks plus.  And, I am still taking meds, and coughing up crap from my lungs.  I can't sleep flat or I choke.  Fun.

One friend of mine, also with RA and on meds like me, suffered for 6 months after a bought of bronchitis before she got completely back to normal. 


I do not have the time or patience for that.  I have 3 kids! I have things to do!  I need to exercise and lose weight!  I have a big anniversary coming up!  I have holidays to prepare for soon!

If only coffee could fix it all for me.  <<sigh>>  I love my coffee.

Okay, now that I have gotten that pity fest out of my system, I am done. 

Onward and upward!  I am going to relax today, watch some football, fold some laundry, (thank you Hubby) and have a great pasta dinner (thank you Dad).

be well,



jckfrstross said...

i do hope you feel better:) this year has been bad early with the sickness. its here really bad my folks have both got it now, earlier are pastor and his wife had it. So  you are not alone my friend keeping you in my prayers


klconard1 said...

(((((((Dawn))))))))  Bless your heart dear, I am sure sorry it's hanging on so long!  I am praying for you.
loving you

dawngepfer said...

Hang in there, my friend.  Thinking of you...  (((hugs)))

cacklinrosie101 said...

I love those elixir' favorite.  I just had one this morning.  My mother has Crohn's disease and takes some vicious drugs to suppress her immume system.  It's no day at the beach.  I still love your upbeat attitude.  LOL...I'm submitting an entry to Paul.  You twisted my arm.  HUGS  Chris

eml625 said...

Love my Iced coffees too !!! I sure hope your feeling better. Thanks for the recap. It's helps to understand.

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn
love and hugs!
What anniversary is it? Congratualtions in advance Dawn!:):)
Hey I'm really sorry that you are sick!:( thanks for the great explanation!
Yes I read Paul's entry about coffe enemas! lol! ilmao! :) Hey did you see what Dan wrote Lol! take care dear Dawn! love ya!(((((Dawn rocks)))))))

oxobagladyoxo said...

I hope ya get well soon hun! It must be tough though. I hope ya have a great night hun!! :) BTW I will be stopping by again soon.


mrsm711 said...

Coffee You say?  That is my Fix-All.  Your comment in my journal "Latte' Dah" brought me to you.  I'm looking forward to reading more.  You are definately on my alerts.  Nice Journal.  :)

lv2trnscrb said...

anything you can do, Dawn, to build up your immune system so you aren't so susceptible to colds (like extra vitamin C or something??)

the coffee looks delicious


sdoscher458 said...

Oh it's got to be hard with three kids bringing everything home like that.  Keep hoping they will come up with a miracle cure for all these dam diseases...Sandi

helmswondermom said...

Hope you had a great Sunday!  Sounds like some good plans :)  

wfhbear said...

Looking at those Dunkin Donuts cups makes me homesick. I can't get good old Dunkin Donuts coffee here. I hope that your sickness is short lived and that at some point you become more immune to these things. Regards, Bill.

ksgal3133 said...

mmmm iced coffees :)
I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Lots of prayers!


memes121 said...

You are in my prayers friend.

rebuketheworld said...

Everyone should go every three months and get a professional full on enema....I dont know anyone that wasn't shocked how they felt the next day...clean out those intensines and see how you skin will look in a few days, how you will feel and the shallow usually loose 5 lbs a pop........I am no heath guru...but will blow your mind how you will feel the next day..

I'm a coffee addict myself....I hope you can get some rest...I know the holidays are so busy and especially for women....maybe you can get a fresh breeze from a nice quiet walk, a few times a week..that usually helps me..-Raven