Friday, March 30, 2007

Peep Peep

Do you recognize this sweet fluffy goodness?

It is a Peep!  They used to be only available at Easter, but now... you can get them all year long and for all holidays! 

My Hubby and the boys love them.  Hammer can't eat them right now because of his braces.  Pumpkin and I don't really care for them.

Looks like Hubby will be able to eat them very soon!  The diverticulitis is much improved!

The doc said that he can have any kind of liquid, and eat any stuff cooked with soup, except for beef or pork.  Chicken or fish is okay.  In soup.  He also can have milk, ice cream and cheese now.  Praise be.   Hubby is a happy man!!  LOL

Starting Monday, he can add breads and pasta.  Thank goodness!  But no meat as an entree, in and of itself.  The doc will speak to him again next Friday, and decide if he can add meats back then. 

His pain is still completely gone, and he has been happier, today.

Tomorrow, is Fuzzy's last day of his bowling league.  We are all going to watch his last 3 games and see him get his trophy afterward. 

I am going shopping with Mom to Macy's earlier in the day. 

Other than that, I hope to have a relaxing weekend.

In other news, I am still flaring.  Still have some weird numbness and tingling.  Today, woke up with one of my eyes sore and crusty!  Fun!  Not!  I felt it starting last night, and removed my contact lenses.  Ugh.

Isn't that graphic above great?  I got about 20 great graphics for RA, Lupus,fatigue and pain stuff from the Derasta graphics group that I belong to via email!  This week I was Member of the Week and got spoiled with lots of goodies! 

Thanks for reading...

be well,

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It is Thankful Thursday time again!

And thank you Gretchen, Living in Savannah 2 , for starting this lovely trend!

My Thankful things:

1.     Hubby is doing okay.  The pain has lessened considerably and he is on the mend.  It could have been much worse.  And, he hasn't been much more cranky than he was before he stopped eating.  

2.     Hammer's consideration and help.  I know I included this last week, but, I have been having a really tough time, and the little things he does sometimes make my day.  Today, after making me coffee, he stood behind me, played with my hair, and told me why I was the most beautiful mommy and woman in the whole world.  How could I not feel better after that?

3.     Spring weather has finally arrived!  Today is only in the 51 degrees, as opposed to the 60's we had earlier, but it is sunny and clear and beautiful!  Yay!  <<no rain, shhhhhh>>

4.     Baseball practice for Fuzzy's team starts today!  Hubby is head coach, but he has two GREAT other dad's that are assistants and have been for the last 5 years.  He will need the help today, since he isn't 100%, but Hubby is looking forward to this, also.

5.     My parents and their help.  It isn't supposed to be like this.  I am supposed to be doing stuff for them, making their lives easier, right?  But, no... here I am struggling, and they do so many things, so many little things and big, that make a huge difference in my life and that of the whole family, that I can't even begin todescribe it. 

     Most simply, I will say, they make it easier for me to be a good mom, and that means EVERYTHING to me.


Okay, now that I was a blubbering mess for a few minutes, I can now type again!  LOL

I have a funny to share with you.

This winter Hubby started to wear white under shirts for the first time ever.  When he would get home and change, he would leave on the white undershirt and put on sweats or flannel pj pants. 

Finally, after about two weeks, Pumpkin looked at him and said, 'Dad, don't you think it is time for you to change your shirt?  It has to be almost 2 WEEKS that you have been wearing that!'

Hubby cracked up, and it took him a minute to recover to explain to dear Pumpkin that every morning after his shower he put on a clean, new, white undershirt, NOT the same one each day! 


The MRI that I have to have has been scheduled for April 20th, with the EMG following after.  I may try to move it up sooner.  Depends on how Hubby is doing.

be well,

ps... remember to send me a link to a journal entry for CarnivAOL!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Meme... Your childhood

Is there a 12 Step program for meme's and quizzes?  I just can't stop...

The Childhood Meme

1. Are you a child of the 70s, 80s, or 90s?

Well, I was born in '65 so, most of my childhood was in the 70's.

2. Where were you born?

In the same hospital my kids were born, very near to my town, Hackensack University Medical Center .

3. What kind of home did you grow up in?

It was a side hall colonial.  Living room dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook on the first floor, 3 bedrrooms and bath up.  It was built in 1906.  It had a basement with a root cellar and an attic.  The garage was originally a chicken coop.  My parents bought it from the original owner.  I live 2 blocks from it now!

4. Did you enjoy your childhood?

Yes, it was very quiet and typical 'white bread' middle class.

5. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Depends on my age, I started with medical doctor, then physicist, then Wall Street executive.  

6. What do you want to be now?

A good mom to my kids, and someday, I would like to have a book of mine published. 

Who knew that being a mom would be the best thing I am and the most fulfilling thing, too???!!!!

7. What was your first best friend's name?

Hmmm, the first was Matthew, I guess!  Our mom's became friends when we were babies.   They moved before school started and the friendship died.  Then, my friend Fred, who I met in kindergarten and I am still friends with today.  My best friend, Kathy and I met in high school, but didn't become close until I graduated in 1983.

8. Is she still your friend? 

He and she... see above.

9. Can you name all the schools you ever attended?

I can, but I won't because my kids attend one of them now.

10. Were you closer to your mom or dad as a kid?

Both.  Then, at the teen years, probably my dad.  Then, back to both around age 20, when I got my head out of my butt and realized that I did NOT know everything.

11. What was the first record, tape or CD you remember buying?

Not sure it was THE first but the Grease soundtrack was definitely in the very first group!

12. How old is a good age to have kids?

Any age that you and your partner are committed to have them.  Kids are a blessing, but hard work.

13. Are you scared of anything?

I guess it depends on what you mean; spiders, eww.  But more seriously, something happening to my kids, hubby, parents, or even me (before I am done raising them).

14. What was your favourite class in elementary school?

Oh... everything.  But, probably, science, reading and music the most.

15. Did you buy school lunch or bring your own?

A mix of both, somedays I brought my own, somedays, I bought school lunch.

16. Broken any bones or had any freaky accidents as a kid?

I tore all the ligaments and cartilage in my knee after playing Statue Tag, where you fling people and yell freeze.  Oh, and there were many, many more... lol

17. Were you a mean kid?

Oh no.  Not a mean bone in my body!  lol 

18. Favourite board game of all time?

Trivial Pursuit, although some would say it isn't a 'true' board game.  I guess going by more traditional definition my favorite would be Scrabble.
19. Did you play house or pretend to be a super hero?

Both!  I loved to play house, and occasionally, when the boys would no longer play house, I would play Bat Girl or Wonder Woman to their Batmans, Spidermans, and Supermans!

20. Seriously, are you still just a kid at heart?

I think in some ways, yes.  I still love card games and board games.  I love to play Scrabble and Yahtzee with the kids and other games, too!

Come play!!

be well,

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Meme-ish Thing

Here is another fun meme/game list that I saw somewhere.

10 things I hate

1.  Broccoli (I don't know, it always comes to mind first!)

2.  Intolerance, prejudice, stereotypes, closed minds (Any extremist mentality makes me crazy.  Or people who think their, idea, religion, way of life, makes them 'superior'.)

3.  Child abuse or molestation (I could keep going on this serious vein, but I am sure you can all guess the rest.)

4.  Animal abuse (okay... just one more)

5.  Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc. ('nuff said)

6.  Toothpaste not rinsed out of the sink (pet peeve)

7.  Bed covers and blankets mussed up before getting into bed (I have to make it just so, before I can sleep, and I married someone who kicks out the tucked in edges.  It doesn't go very well.)

8.  Toilet paper must roll from the top (another pet peeve)

9.  My kids bickering and fighting with each other (I was an only (until Kathy at 17) so, they can make me cry when they get  really mean with each other, but that happens rarely thank goodness.  I will say 'You don't know how lucky you are to have each other' to them a lot... I usually get eye rolls back.  Hubby is one of 7, so it rounds it out! lol)

10. Nasty lyrics in hip-hop with the f-bomb dropped every other verse (Just unnecessary to me.)

Fun right?  Okay... now your turn!!!  Russ, I know you will love this one!

be well,

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Diagnosis and a Sick Day

Hubby had his CT scan yesterday.  Just got the results.  It is diverticulitis.  We thought it couldn't be that because he had no fever, but, no sac of infection has formed yet in the pocket, so that is good news I guess.

Hubby will start Cipro antibiotic and another medicine Flagyl.  He cannot eat ANY solids, clear broth/liquid ONLY from now until Friday, when he returns to the doc.  He is to go to the hospital if he begins to feel worse in any way. 

Of course, he is not happy about the food restrictions, but he is NOT a complete idiot, and will follow them.  As of right now, he is at work, and the doc said it is okay, if he takes it slow and doesn't push.  Hmmm, we'll see.

Doc told him his favorite Shop Rite brand of iced tea is okay to drink, so he will live on that, Swanson chicken broth and jello. 

Wish me luck, I think Hubby will be cranky.  Have I mentioned that he is 6'3", with 54" shoulders and about 300 lbs?  He need to get back down around 280, but this is NOT a fun way of doing it!! 

This man gets cranky when he skips one meal!  Yikes!  LOL

As for the sick day, that is what the kids are having.  Fuzzy and Pumpkin. 

Pumpkin had herself worked up into a frenzy last night over a fitness test in gym that she felt she would not do well because she hurt her leg. 

Fuzzy has a scratchy throat from the weather changing that is Spring... typical allergy stuff. 

Mostly, it is a mental health day.  And, 'Mommy is a sucker day'... but that is alright, everyone needs one of those occasionally!

be well,

CarnivAOL - It is coming to MY BLOG!

Guess what??   You know how I am always bugging you all about CarnivAOL ?

It is coming here!  To my journal!!!  Next, Tuesday, April 3rd!

So, all you have to do is email me, with your blog entry that you want to have featured!!!  (before midnight on Sunday, 4/1)

Now, isn't that fun and easy???

be well,

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

What's in a Name?

I found this meme/game out in la la land...

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following... They MUST be real places, names, things... 

NOTHING made up!  If you can't think of anything, skip it.

You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your Name:  Dawn
Famous Music artist/group:  Daughtry
3 letter word:   Den (my dad's nickname and a fun room)
Color:         Dove grey
Gift/present:    Diamonds (he he he)
Vehicle:      DeLorean  (I did come of age in the 80's)
TV Show:   Dresden Files (& one of my fave book series)
Country:     Denmark
Boy's Name:   Dennis  (gotta go with Dad's)
Girl's Name:   Darlene (gotta go with Mom's, yes our initials did all match until I added my Hubby's)
Alcoholic drink:  Double Gimlet on the rocks (duh...)
Occupation: Doctor
Flower:   Daffodil
Celebrity:    David Duchovny
Food:       Donut
omething found in a kitchen:   Dishes and dishwasher (thankfully!)
Reason for Being Late: Dirty diapers (when the kids were little)
Something You Shout:   Dammit!  or Dang!

That was fun!  Okay... going to bed now... Come play tomorrow!

be well,

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Word Game

I found this over at Russ' blog Inner and Outer Demons  .

No rules, just give one word, or babble about the word in red, whatever comes to mind!

  1. Groovy :: 'Feelin' Groovy' that song, is it Herman's Hermits who sings it?  And, the 70's in general.  My uncle Jimmy and his fringed leather jacket, his velvet suit he wore to my Uncle Eddie's wedding... yup groovy. 
  2. Jealousy ::  An unnecessary emotion/feeling that is a waste of time and energy, and generally does not figure into my life at all.  
  3. Watching ::  All my son's baseball games, which are starting soon.  It is a good year, if I don't have to miss any due to my lupus/rheumatoid arthritis.  And, I think of Tivo and what a pleasure it is and wonder how did I survive without it?  LOL 
  4. Kenny ::  I think of Kenny Rogers.  Saw him once live with my parents and Kathy.  My parents new song since the 80's has been 'Through the Years'.  I made sure to have it played for them at my wedding in 1991, and so did Kathy at hers in 2000. 
  5. Games ::  Being a mom now, first I think of the kids and the various video game systems and games that we have about the house.  Then, I think of the games I play in my graphics group, and the games I play online, and then Trivial Pursuit.  My favorite board game!
  6. Bread :: Garlic bread, foccacia bread, any homemade bread.  Yummy!!! 
  7. City :: In spite of what some people may say, New York City is THE best city in the world.  Period.  Hands down.  Beats them all.  You name it, we got it and more and to the nth!!!  'Nuff said.
  8. Stems :: I have to say that I thought first of flower stems, clipping the ends of the beautiful white roses Hubby sent me, my favorite, for our 15th Anniversary that just passed in November.  I have to say, I agree with Russ about Stem Cell Research.  There lies the key to cancer, Parkinson's, immune system disease, etc.  
  9. Birds :: Alfred Hitchcock's movie, and that sound when they attack Janet Leigh.  Akkkk!!!   
  10. Listener :: What I try to be as a friend.  I can't be the doer anymore, but I can always be the good listener!!! 

Wasn't that fun?    


Okay... now you try!  LOL

So, apparently, although Hubby has not spoken one word to me about it, he has read my previous journal entry and decided to be nicer.

Hubby is also feeling better.  I know it for a fact because last night, for the first time in a week, he decided to act all cutesy and make a pass at me.  Pffft.  Which I dropped right on the floor.  Since that didn't work, he left me to continue to watch Saturday Night Live and headed to bed. 

Good thinking, dear. ;-D

Hubby took the Fuzzy and Pumpkin bowling today for a quick 2 or 3 games.  They had fun. 

Speaking of bowling, Fuzzy topped his personal best yesterday in his town league.  He bowled a 138.  His previous high was 129.  He was very excited, and we are all very proud!!!  His last week is coming up this Saturday, and he is talking about joining a summer league to keep his bowling fresh! 

Last night we all went to dinner together, Hubby, the kids, my parents and I, to our favorite local restaurant.  Charlie the waiter took good care of us; it is like going to a friend's house, they bring you your drink without asking, and what not.

Then, we made a stop for me to run in and purchase hamster stuff.  He gets his fruit nuggets and seed mix in one little dish, then he gets a snack dish with fresh dried fruits, fruit sticks, and yogurt drops. 

Today we cleaned the cage and redid the bedding and all.  Our little Tweak, is a well cared for hamster!

Libby got some great exercise today since the temperatures were mild and it was sunny.  Hubby and I let her run and play in the front of the house for about a half hour.  She is a very tired puppy now!

Even the cats had a treat today!  We had a baked ham for dinner and Pumpkin and Tina looooooove their meats!  So, I gave them little bits of ham all during dinner until they were full up!

Now, it is family time, where we all sit together and watch a tv show to end the evening, before the kids go up to read in bed, and sleep.

be well,

ps... here is the character Tweak from South Park.




Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Gonna Ramble On...

Thank you, for all the support and kind words and advice for Hubby.

I just need to ramble a bit... It is so hard.

You see, just because he isn't well, doesn't mean that I suddenly am well.

So, we have been just snapping at each other and I hate that.  He has been a little 'snappish' with the kids too, and it is hard.  They are used to seeing me 'not well', but not Daddy, and now both of us are not so hot.  

My poor babies.

My friend Tracey, who has been absent from J-Land for a long time, wrote a journal entry this week that I almost missed!

Here is the link to her journal for those of you who remember her, or would like to check her out:   in one*hip*mama's head 

I want to quote something from her most recent journal entry.

<<<Do you ever feel that, even though we have a chronic illness, others think we can control our daily lives?  As though we can wake in the morning (or afternoon) and say, "I'm not going to be affected by lupus today">>>

Yes, I really do.  I think my Hubby in his sick state, which he doesn't like, and isn't used to at all, has assumed that I can just 'step up to the plate' for him, as he always does for me.

Unfortunately, I can't.  I still feel like sh*t, and I will feel the same tomorrow. 

I will have a hard time going to sleep.  I will have more numbness and pain and spasms tonight and tomorrow.   My mouth sores, are not going to just disappear.  My joints are not going to stop being swollen and achey.  My fatigue is not going to vanish and leave me full of energy.  My cognitive function is not going to switch from pea soup to clear broth, because I want it to do so. 

I will still be struggling. 

Another J-Lander who put it well in her journal is Carol, of The Spine Line Too , in her entry called 'The Pain Letter', which I will copy an excerpt from for you now.

<<<I look normal. Don't let my outward appearance fool you.  I am in pain. I am not the same person I was a year ago, or two years ago, or 4 depending on when it was you last saw me. I look healthy, I am not.

My condition changes from day to day, sometimes every hour to hour. Today I might be able to walk with you a few miles, tomorrow I may not be able to get off the couch. A week ago I almost felt human, next week I may feel like something less than what the cat dragged in. I may WANT to do all the same things I use to do, to work out, take long walks, socialize, keep some balance of household order, but I may not be capable of it.

If I say "MAYBE BE LATER"  please understand and accept this for what it is, which is not an excuse, it is a reason. I don't enjoy my new limitations; I hate it, I might even be physically able to do today what you wish for me to do, but if I know  without a shadow of a doubt that pleasing you will mean for me later a incredible amount of pain, I MUST say NO , I am not lazy, I am HURT.

I absolutely do not want pity, This is no reason to feel sorry for me==life is not perfect and life happens to all of us. This is the hand that I have been dealt. And I intend to play it out,I don't blame the world  for what I suffer. I don't rally against God, this is no one's fault, not even my own.

I do not crave attention, I did not decide one day that I was tired of living  like a normal person, and that the means to a life of never again having to work, having my whims catered to, having  friends and family treat me  specially, involved creating symptoms no one could see under a microscope. I loved my life the way it was, I was never depressed, and I had plans, this isn't a cry for your attention, IT JUST IS.

I don't feel sorry for myself. Why should I? Things don't always work out the way you want them to...this is one of those times. I can live with who I am now. I may not enjoy each day  as much as I use to. but I still live for each day and embrace  whatever I can get out of life. PAIN is my companion...but pain is NOT me.

 Carol has chronic back pain, but you can see that her words work well for any and all of us coping with chronic illnesses.

I am so frustrated.  I want to pick up the slack.  I want to be able to be Wonder Mom, and be so fantastic that the kids don't even notice that they are down to two 'half parents'.

I wanted to be able to go to lunch today with Hubby and to the doctor's office with him, but my body didn't.  I want to be Wonder Wife, too. 

I have given up trying to be Wonder Daughter.  Thank God I HAVE Wonder Parents.

Frustrated.  I am very, very frustrated.  <sigh> 

Who knows... maybe tomorrow I will wake up and have a good day.  I think it will stop raining, so that should help.

I do feel better after the rambling.  <g>

be well,

Friday - Ain't we got fun!

My Hubby has been sick all week.  He is stubborn and a baby, which makes for a lot of 'fun' (hear the dripping sarcasm) for me.

Finally, after telling him all week that he needs to go to the doctor, and that I thought it seemed like IBS or colitis, he went to the doc this afteroon and got told it seems like colitis or less likely, pancreatitis. 

Monday he goes for a bit CT scan of his abdomen and pelvis, and he has to drink a ton of dye stuff for it. 

Aren't we a pair?

The man refuses to eat blandly, which is the A number one thing he MUST do to let his inflammed intestines get a rest.  I have been saying this repeatedly and been being ignored.  Now, he will ignore the doc I guess.  

He had french onion soup and chicken fingers for lunch.  The chicken is too greasy, but he wouldn't listen.  <sigh>

I guess it is some kind of macho 'I don't do bland, that's for sissies' thing, which is strange, because my Hubby is usually not that kind of guy.  

Prayers please for Hubby and for me, that I don't kill him before we figure out what is going on.  LOL  

No, seriously, I hate when he gets any kind of big thing, because, he is the sole provider for the 5 of us, and as you know, I am falling apart on my best day.  I am more worried and scared about him than anything for me.  :(

be well,

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thankful Thursday

That saying really touched me, for it is so true.

Russ, thank you for reminding me that there is no 'normal' and whatever kind of entry I place in this journal, you are here for me.

It is Thankful Thursday!  Thank you Gretchen for beginning this trend.  Visit Gretchen here Living in Savannah 2 she has some great news this week!

My Thankful Thursday things:

1.     All of my j-land friends, who are always there with support and a quick smile for me.

2.     My email Loopies, my guardian angels.  

3.     My new neurologist, who was wonderfully thorough and was also very caring and likeable.

4.     My Hubby finally made a doc appointment for himself to get checked out tomorrow afternoon.  He has had something intestinal going on since Monday night. 

5.     My Hammer being the most kind, considerate and thoughtful child, to the point of anticipating things to help me.  Last night, it brought me to tears as I kissed him good night and thanked him for all his help. 

6.     Coffee.  Although, Gretchen usually does 5 things, I am sure that adding more is okay.  And, you all know how I feel about coffee!


Today is very spring-like here.  Which is nice, since it is actually spring!  It is 66 degrees and the snow is melting fast!  I don't know if winter has had its last hurrah quite yet, but just because it started late, doesn't mean it has to stick around late!

Oh, I should have added being thankful for Tivo!  Tonight the tv will be monopolized by March Madness Basketball again, and I am so happy that we have three or four shows to watch instead!!!  Yay!

Pumpkin had her final day of chess club today.  The club was a mix of levels of expertise in grades 4 - 8.  

Pumpkin qualified to play in the mid level intermediate tournaments.  She was to play today for 3rd or 4th position.  Her competitor and friend, couldn't go to chess today so Pumpkin automatically placed third.

My daughter, having such a sense of justice and fairness, felt badly that she was 'given' the place rather than earning it with the game win.   I told her to view it that she and her buddy both earned third!  With that, I got a smile.  

And, she needs to remember that she did in fact finish ahead of some 5th and 6th graders!  I am so proud of her!  Pumpkin worked really hard and learned a lot about chess!!!

be well,

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Poked and Prodded

I had to go to the neurologist today for an evaluation.

I have been poked and prodded.

I have been stuck with pins and found I was numb in places I knew, and in places I didn't.

I have been pushed against and made to push back.

I had to walk in straight lines in strange ways, and close my eyes and tilt my head back, and pray the doc or my Hubby would catch me because I was going down.

I had to regurgitate most of my medical history from age 19 until now.

There was good news and not so good news.

The good news is that the doctor does not think that I have Multiple Sclerosis.

The not so good news is that it seems that I do have Peripheral neuropathy  which does often pop up with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

In fact, the doc mostly believes that all of the 'new' and some of the 'old' stuff I have going on is linked to my Lupus not being the 'sleeping giant' that I thought it was being.

So, the next step is and MRI of my brain, neck and spinal cord.

Then, following that, an evoked potential EMG in his office.  For those of you not familiar with the test, it is when they stick small needles into your nerves and run electric through them to test your nerve function.

The last time I had one, in 1986 on my forearm and wrist, I passed out on to the floor.   My doc today assured me that I will be laying down and he will stop if it is too distressing.

He mostly wants to get my left leg and foot done because that is where most of my trouble is coming from.  And, the entire bottom of my left foot was numb and I didn't even know that!  LOL

Ahhh yes, the joys of an immune system that likes to attack its own body!

Well, at least I am not going crazy!!  That would be worse right? 

I will let you all know how the testing goes.  I don't even have a date for it yet.

I will be on tomorrow with a good 'normal' update I hope!

Oh yeah, please go over to CarnivAOL it was published yesterday and the entry will tell you where to click to so you can check it all out!   Next issue, in two weeks, I am the host!

be well,


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Pinch of this, A Dash of That

I snagged this from Cin, but she is private.  She snagged from here... dollarShort/VoxTrott...
By the way... AoHell is not sending all alerts today... so double check the places you frequent!
Name your top 10 most played bands on your iPod or stereo or whatever. You know, this past week.

1. Bonjovi
2. Def Leppard
3. Frank Sinatra
4. Randy Travis
5. 80's Mix CD
6. Billy Joel
7. Nickelback
8. Led Zeppelin
9. Johnny Cash
10. Mozart (various selections)

What was the first song you ever heard by 6 (Billy Joel)?

The first one?  I have no idea.  Probably 'Piano Man', but that is just the first song I associate with him.  I did buy my first album of his in 8th grade - 'Glass Houses'.

What is your favorite album of 2 (Def Leppard)?

I would have to say 'Hysteria', followed closely by 'Pyromania'.  And, the videos.... Oh Joe Elliott and those torn up jeans singing 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'.... be still my beating heart!!!

What is your favorite lyric that 5 (80's Mix CD) have sung?

I will choose my favorite out of the songs on this CD...  And, it would be from B-52's 'Love Shack'.  "You see a faded sign at the side of the road it says 15 miles to the Loooooove Shack!"  Tin roof, rusted, BABY!!!  Kate Pierson has the voice and range of an angel.

How many times have you seen 4 (Randy Travis) live?

Never.  I love the album 'Always & Forever'.  Love that baritone voice... he could read or sing the phone book and I would be entranced.

What is your favorite song by 7 (Nickelback)?

I like the song 'Photograph' for what it's lyrics do for me... which is to bring me back in my memories to the 80's when I was a teen.  My favorite of theirs overall musically is 'How You Remind Me', the lyrics are good too, but it isn't a happy song.  Rocking bass line though.

What is a good memory you have involving the music of 10 (Mozart)?

You wouldn't think I had one but, I do!!  During my pregnancy with Hammer we used to put a Sony Walkman (you remember cassettes, right?), on my ever expanding tummy with 'Ein Klein Nachtmuzik' blaring...  And, he is a genius - nature or nurture?

Is there a song of 3 (Frank Sinatra) that makes you sad?

Wow... no, I don't think there is one!

What is your favorite lyric that 6 (Billy Joel) has sung?

I have so many but the one that comes to mind is from 'It's Still Rock n Roll To Me', that all my friends in my freshman year of high school loved to sing very pointedly to me

"Should I try to be a straight A student?  If you are then you think too much!"

How did you get into 3 (Frank Sinatra)?

I don't really remember!  Frank was just always around!  I began to appreciate him more as a teen.  He had an amazing tone to his voice... not often found.

What was the first song you heard by 1 (BonJovi)?

It was their first single release 'Runaway'.  Not one of their best, but it was the beginning.

What is your favorite song by 4 (Randy Travis)?

It would have to be 'Forever and Ever, Amen', about growing old with the love of your life and loving that person more and more and more with each passing decade.

How many times have you seen 9 (Johnny Cash) live?

Never in concert however, I did meet Johnny Cash when I was about 4 or 5!  I was at the circus in Madison Square Garden with my parents, and Johnny and kids were across the aisle from us.  All in black.  He signed an autograph for me on my circus book.  :-D

What is a good memory you have involving 2 (Def Leppard)?

I would have to say watching the video of 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' on many nights on MTV with Kathy drooling over how hot we thought that Joe Elliott was in those jeans! 

Is there a song of 8 (Led Zeppelin) that makes you sad?

'What is and What Should Never Be', represented a friendship with benefits that went through many twists and turns and ultimately is no longer.  We would always be ready to jump deeper into a 'real' relationship at the wrong time for the other.  I always thought the friendship would last though.  He bugged out when I got engaged to Hubby. 

What is your favorite album of 5 (80's Mix CD, doesn't work so, I will do Billy Joel #6 instead)?

The Stranger

What is your favorite lyric that 3 (Frank Sinatra) has sung?

Hmmm... Favorite Frank lyric... I guess... 'I get no kick from champagne, mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all, so tell my should it be true, that I get a kick out of you!'

What is your favorite song of 1 (BonJovi)?

I can't choose between 'I'll Be There for You' and 'Always', yes, I am a sucker for Jon and a ballad.  What can I say... I am a Jersey Girl!!! lol

What is your favorite song of 10 (Mozart)?

I have to stick with 'Ein Klein Nachtmuzik'.  That was why we chose it for Hammer... I loved it!

How many times have you seen 8 (Led Zeppelin) live?

Never. Although, my cousin, Leslie saw Plant and Page many times a solo artists, and I have a picture of her getting a hug and kiss from Robert Plant.

What is your favorite album of 1 (BonJovi)?

Easy.  'New Jersey', of course!

What is a great memory you have considering 9 (Johnny Cash)?

See answer above about meeting him!  I also have great memories of my dad playing Johnny Cash on 8 track in the car a lot!!!!

What was the first song you heard by 8 (Led Zeppelin)?

I am sure it was 'Stairway to Heaven' and it was my Uncle Jimmy's albums that got me interested.

What is your favorite cover by 2 (Def Leppard)?

I don't think they ever did a cover song.  Or had one done of their songs yet!  LOL

This was fun...  A little too vanilla and varied for some J-Landers, I imagine!  But, that is me!

be well,

A J-Land Friend in Need of Support

Look!  I used a morning the MORNING!  

Makes you wonder what other feats of amazingness I can do, huh?  LOL

Okay, moving on to the real business at hand...

My friend Tish has Lupus and is trying to FINALLY, once and for all, quit smoking!

Her journal was private, but last night I convinced her to go public!   She needs support and encouragement while trying to quit... and where better to get it than from all the wonderful J-Landers?!

So, please click here ---> All Things Are Possible 

And, say 'hello' and add Tish to your AOHell Alerts so you can keep cheering her on in her daily battles with Lupus and turning her back on the cigarettes!

Thank you, everyone... in advance!!!

be well,


Monday, March 19, 2007

Have you ever.............????

Time to do the Have You Ever meme...

failed a test? No, I am a big nerd.
gotten an F on your report card?
Again NEVER!
gotten a D on your report card?
Oh no no no!!!
had a crush on a teacher?
Yes, in high school, the freshman english teacher was new, young and cute!
been hit on by someone a lot older than you?
Oh yes... unfortunately... yes!!!  The kind where you want to shower afterward... like ewwww.... 'you're my dad's friend!!!!'  ICK! 
been grounded?
Oh yes.  Many times.  For stooooopid reasons, like not bringing the laundry upstairs, or being 10 minutes late for curfew.  Duh.
been drunk?
Yes, exactly 2 times.  Other times just really happy!  LOL
kissed someone without knowing their name?
given someone a lap dance?
Only my Hubby and it was for his 28th birthday, if I remember correctly!
slept over someone of the opposite sex's house?
Yes, my good friend, Fred, that I grew up with!!!  I used to stay over at his house all the time!  He had two sisters that were older than us and I used to sleep in their room, or sometimes we would all sleep together in the family room or living room!  We used to stay up late watching scary movies and talking... I miss my Fred, he lives in AZ now!
had someone of the opposite sex sleep over your house?
Yes, Fred... and then Hubby before we were married, he slept on our living room couch. 
dated two people at the same time? 
Oh yes, that is what 'dating' is for, but once the relationship moved more serious, I never cheated on anyone.
had a crush on one of your best friends?
A guy friend, yes.
dated one of your best friends? Yes. (not Fred, by the way...)
been proposed to?
Yes and married now for 15 1/2 years!
been told you look like a celebrity?
No, but my mom got told a couple of times she looked like Olympia Dukakis when her hair was short!
cried while watching a reality show?
Yes, Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  It totally destroys me at the end each time.  I am such a sap.  We don't watch it often, because it makes my Hubby upset that I get upset!
cried while watching a soap opera?
Oh yes, yes, yes...
been in a play?
Yes, many!!!!  I loved being in plays all thru grammar school and high school!
had a good part/lead in a play?
In grammar school, I got too be Betsy Ross at the Bicentennial Celebration in 5th grade.  In high school I had some named parts but never 'the' lead.  Dang it!
fallen asleep in class?
What?  Me?  The teacher's pet?  Never!
played a full game of Monopoly? Oh my... I never did, not until engaged to Hubby.  Never my favorite game, but he loved it.  His childhood friend Kurt and his fiancee Lisa came over, and Hubby and Lisa attacked Kurt and I and drove us out of the game.  Silly us, we thought it should be fun!  Oh no... those two cut throats then played alone as Kurt and I ate and watched tv together until we made them STOP!!  Ugh.  I have never played Monopoly again since.  Hubby says I am 'too nice' for Monopoly.  Fine with me! 
been hospitalized?
Oh yeah, many times!  Too many to list! 
kissed in the rain?
Yes... <sigh>  Now, I would catch pneumonia and die.  LOL  Those were carefree days....
thrown up in school?
In the bathroom in high school, thank goodness never in the actual classroom!
cried in school?
Oh yes!!
gone to school in your pajamas?
No, that wasn't 'in' back then!
made one of your parents cry?
My mom definitely, my dad doesn't cry.
had a stalker? 
Oh yes, an ex-boyfriend.  Followed me on dates and everything.  I think it was my dad who threatened him and he finally stopped.  I had gotten real sick during that time... my nerves... my stomach was a mess.
stalked someone else? No, never.
avoided someone?
Oh yes, who hasn't!
worn a band shirt without even knowing anything about the band?
Are those still in?  No, I always knew and liked the band on my concert shirt!
kissed someone way older than you?
If way older is 10 years, then yes.
kissed someone way younger than you?
Hmmm, I was 20 and he was 17... it was destined to end... Different worlds and all... him a senior in high school, me a junior in college... LOL But that was as young as I ever went and it was short lived!

Pete, the doorman, at the theater... He was a little hottie... remember him Kathy???  LOL There was this theater party and I got handcuffed to the poor kid for about, oh I don't know 3 hours!!!  It was funny and innocent... really!  Ooops... I digress...

sang loudly in public? Oh yeah...  Life is too short as they say! 


If you decide to play, tell me so I am sure to check it out!

That was a fun stroll down memory lane!

be well,

Oooh!!! Thank you!!!!!

Well, don't I feel like a idiot!!  I am calling off the ferocious comment pooch!  LOL

Truly, thank you all... I should know better, but I was surprised to only have three this am and I do look forward to them so much!  Especially, when I first get on for the day!

So, sorry for that, everyone... and thank you!!!


Pumpkin is having her piano lesson here at the house again, just today.  Her teacher, Mrs. G, has macular degeneration, which was stable but recently progressed that she cannot drive in twilight or night.  So, since September, all the lessons have been at Mrs. G's house. 

All the kids love this because Mrs. G has a $23,000 concert grand Steinway in her living room!!  Mrs. G is an amazing lady, who is an accomplished pianist and graduate of Juliard. 

After having children, she taught school in our town, and in fact, was my third grade teacher, 33 years ago!  Yikes!  Shhhhh... don't tell anyone I am that old!  LOL

Mrs. G came to us today because Pumpkin insisted that something is 'off' with the piano and it is out of tune.  I didn't hear it. 

Guess what?  Pumpkin was right on the money!!!!  Mrs. G was very, VERY proud of her for being able to pick it up so quickly!!!

So, am I!!  Pumpkin has such a gift.  In three short years (the anniversary was this January), she has come a long way.  She is already playing difficult composers, such as Lizst, before most would be able to try.

The difficulty is getting PUMPKIN to realize what a gift her natural ability is and that she could and should go far with it! 

Anyhow, signing off again for now...

be well,

Where are you?

All the 'Carpe Diem' fans seemed to have disappeared!  My comments have been dwindling... Have I gotten boring?  Or is it too much?  Huh... wonder what is up...

Anyhow, much like the cat above... All I can say is... UGH!

I know, I know... it isn't morning. 

Fuzzy called from school at 12:30 pm with a headache and upset stomach.  Hubby has the car today, so I had to call my mom, who thankfully, could leave work, and she picked up Fuzzy and brought him home.

Fuzzy is camped out in the family room, watching educational tv with Hammer.

I think my party boy couldn't handle all the partying!!!  :-D

Yesterday, my cousin Karol came for a visit with her two boys.  It was a really nice visit!!!  We got caught up with all the gift giving with the kids, and got to catch up on life, too.

It was really nice!  Spending the time with Karol, is just like when I spend it with Kathy... I miss them so much more after they are gone!!!  I keep wishing and hoping that the fates will conspire, and one or both of them will end up moving closer to me!!!

Why won't I be moving?  Well, our little hamlet is perfectly located for Hubby to get to NYC each day.  With a car or via mass transit, he has many options from here, and that is key for his job.  The most work for his industry, major construction and renovation, is and will always be in NYC.

So, who knows... maybe someday one of my two K's will move nearer!!!  :-D

In the meantime, we do our best to see each other often, and use the phone and the computer to keep in touch.  Isn't technology grand?

be well,

Time to unleash this ferocious hound...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I decided to play!

Russ, over at Inner and Outer Demons decided to play this... so I stole it from him to play along!

1. What was your favorite animated cartoon series when you were little?  I loved Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Josie and the Pussycats, Tom and Jerry, and Yogi Bear!

2. What was your favorite "live action" children's series when you were little?  Probably a toss up between Wonderama and HR Puffnstuff!!!  Remember, the Banana Splits?  I loved them!

3. Who is your favorite muppet character?  Cookie Monster!  I had the puppet and my dad, much to my mom's dismay, used to eat cookies with the puppet and smash them up and make a mess just as Cookie Monster did on Sesame Street!  It was great!  Our dog, a terrier mix, Pepper, loved it, too!

4. Take the quiz: What is your Sesame Street personality? 

I am Cookie Monster!  Yay!  I never liked Big Bird either Russ, but I loved Snuffalupagus!!!

5. Have you ever appeared on a locally-produced children's show, or would you have ever wanted to?  I wasn't, but would have loved to be on Romper Room!  Ohhow I loved that show!  My mom was on Howdy Doody and American Bandstand!

6. Cartoons like "The Flintstones," though animated, were really intended for adults. What's your favorite adult (non-porn) cartoon?  I loved 'The Family Guy'... Stewie rocks!  I also loved Ren & Stimpy!  Powdered Toastman used to make me laugh until I cried!  Anyone up for a round of 'Happy Happy Joy Joy'?  The Tick was another big fave with Hubby and I! 

Okay, now you play...

be well,

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wearin' the Green with Purple Bags Under the Eyes

I am sure that no one is surprised to see that this mouse and I would have a lot in common today!

The boys got up around 7:30 am... too early.  The resulting mayhem woke me also, but thankfully, Grandma came to the rescue.  She was up since about 5:30 am anyhow.  Yay.

Hubby let me sleep in and got the extra boys handed off to parents as he shoveled the 8-ish inches of snow and ice that had drifted into hard blocks around the cars.  Our boys reluctantly began to pitch in.  LOL

It was the usual Saturday routine around here.  Pumpkin has 2 dance classes, and Fuzzy has bowling league. 

About 4:30 pm we headed out to pick up a birthday gift, and then to dinner at Chili's. 

After Chili's to Chef Central to pick up....

drum roll please....

The New Keurig B70 Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewer!

Yay!  As soon as we got home, I brought the B60 upstairs for my mom and dad, along with K-cups for them, and then unpacked and primed my the new bigger machine!

Perfect!  I am drinking a cup of decaf Green Mountain Hazelnut Cream right now!  Yummy!

AND - fyi - Hubby did get his payment last night while the kids were all playing Mario Party 7... I treated him to a little party magic of my own!!  LOL  The kids were never the wiser....

And, in honor of that... I have this graphic for Hubby, just in case he has forgotten -

Tee hee...

Anyhow, tomorrow is yet another birthday celebration.  My cousin Karol is coming to visit with her two boys.  My dear nephew (as we have decided to have the kids address us and Aunts since we never had sisters but are close), Karol's youngest, is 7 weeks younger than my Pumpkin, and is turning 10 next week. 

Karol has not seen Pumpkin for her birthday yet, either.  Usually, we all see each other at Kathy's, but remember, my whole family missed J's 4th birthday because we were all sick.

And, Karol lived with my family for a few years also, as a youngster and as an adult, and is very close to my dad, and wants to see him to celebrate his birthday, too.

So, tomorrow afternoon, the 5 kids will frolic and play while all us adults chit chat for a few hours.  We will cap it off with some scrumptious chocolate cake with candles for both the boys!  Being Sunday, Karol will want to head home early.  School night!

I hope you are all having a great weekend, and I will try to catch up on Sunday night!

be well,

(ps... this is what I wore for Hubby.... NOT!  There were too many kids for that! )

Friday, March 16, 2007

Boy oh Boy oh Boys... Go to Sleep!

After a night of movies, video games, poker, television, drama, and more video games... the boys are 'supposed' to be going to sleep.

Fuzzy and friends (and siblings) devoured the pizza, about three slices each.  Then, it was off to play knock hockey and the Star Wars Miniatures role playing game. 

Then, chocolate and vanilla shakes made by Grandma, with our new Hamilton Beach Drink Master.  Very cool! 

Next, the Entenmann's chocolate donuts (as mentioned in the last entry), with candles.  All of their parents came and dropped off the overnight stuff, and we chatted a bit with friends, as the boys went off to watch 'Casino Royale' (which Hubby went back to the store to buy). 

Unfortunately, the boys barely watched for an hour before all heck broke lose and they decided to play poker with chips.  Texas Hold 'Em.  It was like a WPT Tournament gone wild!!!

Pumpkin led the boys, mind you.  The girl is a card shark.  Always has been.  At 3 1/2 she could play Gin Rummy and Crazy 8's when her five year old brother couldn't.  She looooves card games!

While playing poker, the trolls - I mean - kids consumed an entire bag of Tostitos, and good amounts of regular chips, Crunchy Cheetos and Gatorade.  Then, Fuzzy decided they should watch the tivo'd show from last night 'Are you Smarter than 5th Grader'. 

That made for some more bedlam as they yelled the answers at the stupid adults on the show and played their handheld video games.

They were generally acting like... these guys...  SpongeBob and Patrick, for those, not familiar with Nickolodeon! 

It seems like everyone was having a good time!

At 11 pm, I rounded up the posse of kids and sent them for pj's and teeth brushing.  The boys went up to Fuzzy's room and Pumpkin, much to her dismay, stayed with us downstairs.  She is very pissy about the fact that her father and I would NOT allow her to sleep with the boys.  Our explanation was illogical to her 10 year old mind and we did have bit of drama from her, on and off, all night.

At midnight, Fuzzy came downstairs, put his eye glasses away, and came in to the family room, where I was watching tv and Hubby and Pumpkin were snoring.

He declared that he was tired and ready to sleep, but his friends would not shut up.  (Imagine me trying to stifle a laugh)  I reminded him that he was 'Mr. All Night Long' earlier, when I had informed them ALL that their mother's had been promised this would NOT be an all nighter!  LOL 

I sent Fuzzy back upstairs with a dire warning to repeat to the group that I would be upstairs if I didn't hear quiet in five minutes.  By the way, Hammer, the eldest, was already fast asleep.

Of course, I decided to give them about a half hour.  I did just softly holler up the stairs to 'go to sleep' before I started typing. 

Some muffled giggles were heard as I first began to type, but I just checked them now and all is quiet. << phew>>

I will head off to bed now, since my six are down, plus the Hubby!

be well,

Party Like You're 12 Years Old n You Just Don't Care!


3 twelve year old boys plus my own three kids for a rockin' pizza party and sleepover!!! 

After a night of tossing and turning in pain, thanks to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and a huge snow storm, bigger than anything we had all winter.

Yup.  You read right.  We now have more snow on the grown than we did all winter, about 6 inches, I guess, and it is still snowing.

Hubby went with Hammer and picked up the boys and Pumpkin from school and took them to the bowling alley alone.  6 kids and one adult driving, meant I didn't go.

Hubby expects payment later.  <<< wink wink, nudge nudge >>>

With a house full of 6 kids... hmmm.... Odds?  Slim to none, but he can dream can't he?  LOL

I am ready with bags of potato chips, tostitos, cheese doodles, and crunchy style cheese doodles, and Fuzzy's favorite (and mine), Entenmann's Rich Frosted Donuts.  Yummy! 

The movie Eragon is rented (we couldn't get Casino Royale) and ready to go.

I have had three cups of coffee and taken my meds.

The pizza should arrive at about 5:30 pm and the truck with Hubby and kids should arive in about 10 minutes at 5 pm.

Catch ya later... 

be well,


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday!!!

I almost forgot!!!  Yikes!!! 

And, that would be bad... because especially on days like today, I need to remember all the blessings in my life!

1.     My family!  They are my inspiration to keep chugging along!

2.     My pets!  Even though Libby has been quite naughty lately, pulling garbage out of a bag, knocking things off the counter, ripping open bags that she thinks may have food, she is a source of unconditional love and affection, and that is priceless!

3.     Kathy, the sister of my heart, who after seeing her this weekend, I am so mindful of how much I hate that she lives 45 minutes away.  I miss her being 'physically' more in my life terribly.

4.     J, my nephew, Godson, and Kathy's dear babe.  He is growing up so fast and he really makes me smile and laugh.  He just has this way about him, like a stubborn old man in a four year old body!!! LOL

5.     Coffee.  Yes, I said it again.  Yes, I know you all know.  But, it is one of those simple things that mean so much in my little world!  Really, you have no idea.   Sometimes, on rainy, painful, sore, fatigued days like this, it is such a moment of pure pleasure and something that is just for me.  ;-D

Okay, I feel much better now!

Yesterday, my sweet Pumpkin asked me, 'Mommy, are you an optimist?'  I answered, 'Yes, things could always be worse.'  She smiled and said, 'I thought so, and that is what I say, too!'

And, then she hugged me and said, 'I am so lucky to have you to talk to and you are the best Mommy ever!' 

If I could bottlethe feeling I had after that moment... I would be a mega billionaire!

 be well,


Good Morning, Afternoon, whatever...

It isn't my fault that too many coffee graphics assume that the morning is the only time people drink coffee!!!

Because, hey, it is about 1:30pm here... and I am drinking my third luscious cup of the Nectar of the Gods, we call coffee!

I am having a yummy Green Mountain Hazelnut Cream, with half n half and no sugar.  Yummy! 

Today is rainy and yucky.  According to my forecast today's arthritis index is 'very high'!!!  Meaning a 'very high' likelyhood of pain.  Yeah, no crap Sherlock.  

I shouldn't dis them... they are the first weather service to include an index like this and it is great!

Here is what their Arthritis Index - 'What is this?' section says:

The fact that weather has an effect on how arthritis is felt by its sufferers is well documented, with surveys showing as many as 93% of arthritis sufferers believing that weather affects their pain level, and 68% believing that weather severely affects their pain level. Patients with arthritis often claim they can predict the weather, based upon their pain level, and a number of studies have been conducted to test this hypothesis. While these studies show that the effects of weather can vary from person to person, many show that arthritis pain is increased by a variety of weather factors, which may swell inflamed arthritic joints, stretching the inflamed joint lining and capsule, thereby increasing the pain of arthritis.

Among the types of weather that may increase joint sensitivity and arthritic pain are:

1. Changes in atmospheric pressure, especially falling pressure
2. Changes in temperature, especially lowering temperature
3. High or increasing relative or absolute humidity
4. Relatively low atmospheric pressure
5. Low temperatures
6. Precipitation

Arthritic pain can be especially severe when these conditions are combined, such as during chilly, damp weatherwhen pressure is low and falling.

Now, AccuWeather has developed an index that combines all of the weather factors that may affect arthritis sufferers, and summarizes the most likely severity of weather-related arthritis pain in one easy-to-understand scale, from Low to Extreme. Available exclusively on, the AccuWeather Arthritis Index forecasts this level for each of the next several days, so arthritis sufferers can have advanced notice of when they are most likely to have increased pain, allowing them to take appropriate medication and to better plan activities.
Very true... all of it.  And, it does help.  Yesterday, I could feel the bad weather coming in and it is nice to go somewhere and have it confirmed.
This great for people with all kinds of arthritis, not just Rheumatoid Arthritis, like me.  So, if you have older loved ones with osteo, you might want to share!
It also gives the allergy index which is great since Fuzzy is heading into that Springtime allergy fest!
Anyhow, Hubby is working from home today which is always nice.  ;-D  He is on the computer doing a huge Excel sheet of specs for 650 windows that need to be replaced somewhere in NYC. 
be well,