Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday - Ain't we got fun!

My Hubby has been sick all week.  He is stubborn and a baby, which makes for a lot of 'fun' (hear the dripping sarcasm) for me.

Finally, after telling him all week that he needs to go to the doctor, and that I thought it seemed like IBS or colitis, he went to the doc this afteroon and got told it seems like colitis or less likely, pancreatitis. 

Monday he goes for a bit CT scan of his abdomen and pelvis, and he has to drink a ton of dye stuff for it. 

Aren't we a pair?

The man refuses to eat blandly, which is the A number one thing he MUST do to let his inflammed intestines get a rest.  I have been saying this repeatedly and been being ignored.  Now, he will ignore the doc I guess.  

He had french onion soup and chicken fingers for lunch.  The chicken is too greasy, but he wouldn't listen.  <sigh>

I guess it is some kind of macho 'I don't do bland, that's for sissies' thing, which is strange, because my Hubby is usually not that kind of guy.  

Prayers please for Hubby and for me, that I don't kill him before we figure out what is going on.  LOL  

No, seriously, I hate when he gets any kind of big thing, because, he is the sole provider for the 5 of us, and as you know, I am falling apart on my best day.  I am more worried and scared about him than anything for me.  :(

be well,

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gazker said...

It must be a man thing, French onion soup and Chicken fingers, (goujons, we call em) sounds pretty bland to me. I have just had a spice strength 5 curry, now that's NOT bland!
Anyway's I hope he sorts himself out. Nothing worse than a dodgy tummy......... I know!
Gaz ;-)

klconard1 said...

((((((((Dawn and hubby)))))))))) Oh wow I know just what you mean about fretting over his physical problems more.  I, too, am dependent on my DH to support us without me being much help.  He is having an MRI of his back this afternoon.  I know all about the falling apart zone....  I live there too lol.  I am praying the tests will be accurate and there will be workable solutions.
loving you

lindaggeorge said...


Linda x.

tenyearnap said...

As someone with IBS, I can sympathize. But "bland" never helped me, either. If I feel like the symptoms are out-of-control, I switch to a mainly macrobiotic diet and feel good within a couple days. The biggest thing I found that I need to steer clear of (for the most part) is fat and dairy. That doesn't mean I'll turn down bacon or a grilled cheese sandwich.
;-) Take care of your big baby.--Cin

eml625 said...

((((((((((((((BIG HUGS )))))))))))))))  To you both !!
Prayers being said too!
Have a good weekend.

pharmolo said...

Hope your husband gets better soon, Dawn.

jckfrstross said...

men !!! i have the same hubby loves the spicy foods but i just cook baked chicken and baked tatoes for a change its good for everyone:) keeping hubby in prayer


toonguykc said...

You'd probably want to kill me too if I were your husband.  I just can't lay off the greasy, salty, spicy foods....even when I had ulcers ten years ago.  And French Onion soup is the nectar of the gods!!  Yeah.  You'd definitely kill me.  ;)


randlprysock said...

So sorry to hear hubby is having these problems.  I know what you are going through though sort of because I can't get mine to pay any attention to his health either.  And I'm having enough trouble keeping up with my own so I don't lecture too often... but you know, it is we women who look after our men and the nurturing comes out in us at times, sometimes in the form of one of my lectures.  LOL.  Hope ya find out that he is just needing a little yogurt or something easy like that.  Hugs,

coelha said...

:(  I'm sorry to hear that your husband is ill!  I'm keeping you in my thoughts--I hope things go well and he is back to normal soon!  Men are babies, and they are stubborn.  When my husband is sick, he hides away in his room, like the Beast from Beauty and The Beast..   Take care-  Julie  

dizarra said...

Oh dear-things will be OK...yes men are stubborn, and do they liston when you warn them they shouldn't eat that greasy thing? No-but I do believe everyone has a limit, even men, meaning when he gets sick enough, when he can't poop correctly, he will do whats right. I'm sure he will-a little encouragment is good also,
and try not to worry so! Think of YOUR health. Thanks for sharing, stop by my
journal, if you get the time-i know your busy-I posted some new pictures of me and my room and stuff. Comments welcome! ~Diane~PS: if you already have been over to my journal-i'm sorry! lol it's hard keeping up with the mail. Be well.

ksgal3133 said...

Many prayers coming your way!


hsauls said...

What I have found with Michael is that he approaches illness from a completely different perspective than I do... he pushes past, ignores his symptoms, goes on and on and then shuts down. I am a firm believer in taking care of myself at the first sign of trouble which enables me to "bounce back" more quickly. I need cuddling and compassion and attention when I'm sick. He wants to be left totally and completely alone. I have lots of little issues that are soooo very much not a big deal but they're the worst things I face, know what I mean? The fact that someone else is suffering doesn't make MY WORST THING any less irritating to me...
Anyways... hang in there... do the best you can and don't allow anyone to make you feel guilty for your limitations!

cacklinrosie101 said...

I'll add my suggestions to the bunch....have him ask to get a blood test for the celiac disease antibody.  Megan had all the same symptoms; was diagnosed with IBS and suspect pancreatitis also.  (AGA), IgG and IgA are the antibodies and a simple blood test will rule out celiac.  Ugh...I bet you're getting tired of all the "doctors" online.  HUGS  Chris

erarein63 said...

Sorry your honey is ill, and even sorrier that he is being a typical man!  My man, the doctor, is a bear when he is sick.  Makes us all run for cover.  Hope the tests go well.  Hang in there.  De ;)

PS.  If you want to email me your husbands symptoms, I can ask David what he thinks.  David is the smartest doctor I know (no basis opinion of course)