Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A J-Land Friend in Need of Support

Look!  I used a morning graphic...in the MORNING!  

Makes you wonder what other feats of amazingness I can do, huh?  LOL

Okay, moving on to the real business at hand...

My friend Tish has Lupus and is trying to FINALLY, once and for all, quit smoking!

Her journal was private, but last night I convinced her to go public!   She needs support and encouragement while trying to quit... and where better to get it than from all the wonderful J-Landers?!

So, please click here ---> All Things Are Possible 

And, say 'hello' and add Tish to your AOHell Alerts so you can keep cheering her on in her daily battles with Lupus and turning her back on the cigarettes!

Thank you, everyone... in advance!!!

be well,



eml625 said...

Heading over there .
I love the colors in that  butterfly tag.
Be well,

candlejmr said...

I stopped over, left her a comment and told her you sent me!


pharmolo said...

On my way

rdautumnsage said...

I stopped by and left a message on her latest entry. (Hugs) Indigo

gazker said...

Gonna say Hi now