Friday, March 2, 2007


I am pretending that I don't have sore throat that feels like I am swallowing glass, because I am very sick of journaling about sickness.  (but I am taking antibiotics that I had here, don't worry about me)

The rain from the crazy storms that wreaked havoc around the country blew through here last night and this morning.  We have a flooded basement.  And, that is with a sump pump.  Ugh. 

Thankfully, only one small spot is wet by the new floor section.  The rest was contained in the unfinished part.  Hubby has a lot to do when he gets home today.  :(

I am sitting here drinking my last cup of Green Mountain Gingerbread Coffee.  :(  It was a seasonal flavor and won't be sold again until next fall!  I am so sad. 

It won't slow down my coffee consumption though, I have just moved on to different flavors.  I like the French Toast and the Hazelnut Cream a lot. 

Hammer has started his own journal.  It is private at this time, as he is only 14 1/2, but it will be good typing/keyboarding practice for him, and good practice getting his thoughts into words and then on paper.  That can be a very tricky thing for kids with Asperger's, and it is something that Hammer needs to work on.

Pumpkin will be able to make all her dance classes this weekend for the first time in 3 weeks!  Yay!

Yesterday, as I pulled the February calendar page off to reveal the month of March, I was amazed at how full the month is already!  Wow!  This weekend is the only one with nothing written on it, except for the usual, Pumpkin's dance classes and Fuzzy's bowling.  Otherwise... clear.

I think that all of us will enjoy the quiet!!!

I was really happy to see how many people responded to the article on Chronic Pain!  Many of you are forwarding it around, too, and that is great!  If it touched just one person, I would have been happy... to see several helped, well, I am really jumping up and down!  (well, figuratively, my joints hurt too much to do that for real today, RA sucks)

Have a great weekend...

be well,




gazker said...

Have you tried Whittards coffee, with Macademia nuts....... lovely!
G ;-)

mrsm711 said...

Hammer sounds so adorable.  If her were public, all of us j-landers would bombard him.  He would have no time to study.  LOL.  Your coffe selections sounds dilicious.  :)     Tracy

coelha said...

:(  I'm sorry you are feeling sickly and sad... :(  I hope the day gets better soon!!  It's a good age for you son to start blogging--he may become a good writer like his mommy!  :)  Julie

lindaggeorge said...

You and me both, I'm sick of this virus and had the day of school today as I'm feeling so rough. Im hoping a long weekend might put me right.

Enjoy the coffee, sounds lovely.

Linda x.

luddie343 said...

Wow, Gingerbread coffee?  Sounds wonderful!  Nice news about Hammer, and of course the dance stylings of Pumpkin, while Fuzzy bowls away.  Hope you use this weekend to do absolutely nothing and just relax.  Thanks for your visits, they're always a delight!  xoxo

jckfrstross said...

you are such a special lady:) and i am so glad to call you my Friend! That articile has helped me and Donna and Katie, so far. I think its great that Hammer has a journal. Its wonderful!!! have a good weekend


tenyearnap said...

((((Dawn)))) sorry you are sick again. Have you considered keeping Typhoid Pumpkin in a bubble?
That coffee sounds so good.
Good for Hammer writing his own journal. Everyone's comments on my son's journal have been so sweet that he keeps asking me "Any new comments?" For some reason, he has Monday off from school so I am looking forward to this weekend.
Thanks again for posting that article. Feel better; spring is almost here.--Cin

dcmeyer420 said...

Hugs. My daughter get sick a lot too because her immune system is compromised with the Lupus. Her life is a series of good days and bad days. I hope you'll feel better soon and with spring and summer past approaching, I hope you'll have a lot of not only good but really GREAT days ahead.

hsauls said...

Do you have a single cup coffee maker? I loved the green mountain gingerbread!!!!
Sorry about your sore throat. I'm doing the same thing about a broken tooth. I can't bear to tell Michael... he's leaving on Sunday to take over this very demanding job... six hours from us... while keeping up this home for me and the kids... supporting his son in South Dakota and his other son in South Georgia... I'm going to just hope the tooth doesn't abcess before we get married (and I have dental insurance) in the new few months. I'm also not telling him about the earache I've had for three days... or the fact that I just found out that I forgot a 1099 on my tax return... for the past two years... and I've got penalties for last year that will obliterate my refund for this year... I just can't bring up anything negative and I won't blog negative because he READS my blog!
Sorry about the water in the basement... that sucks... we're on a hill...
just try to breathe deeply... today will pass...

toonguykc said...

Ditto on what Cin said...on everything except for the coffee part.  I don't drink coffee -- only Diet Coke for my caffeine needs.  Once a few people leave comments in Hammer's journal he will really get addicted to blogging and want to type more and more.  That's how I got hooked!! ;)


eml625 said...

I hear you about the rain. We had a leaky roof !! I HATE water leaking... anywhere!
Feel better.

rdautumnsage said...

Your a true life saver with that article it helped me tremendously. As for Hammer keeping a journal, I think it's an excellent idea. Kids that age are between being a full fledge teenager to leaving behind childish wants and needs. This will give him an outlet to express how he feels. (Hugs) Indigo

zosche973 said...

I hate to read your not feeling well, and this weather doesn't help at all! We have
been lucky here, our basement doesn't get flooded, this house is right at the top of a hill, small incline really, but right on top; my neighbors aren't so lucky, they are always complaining their basement's are flooded; my furnance has been leaking water, a lot of water, and I'm nervous about it, I don't know what to do!
I don't want to call repair men, because they will have to  turn it off to fix it, and who knows how long that woll take? Trying to hold off one more month-have my fingers crossed; not too sure if you read Helen's journal, 'My Everyday Life', but
her husband Ken heeds prayers! He is in ICU and she lives in Alabama, or there abouts, and the weather is twice as worst there than most parts; it was unseasonally warm today in New Jersey, 50 noon time ; try to have a good weekend, and thanks for sharing like you do, your a strong person, and wish I could be more like you; take care~Diane~

stansgirl2004 said...

I'm trying to have a great weekend but like you my throat feels like i've been swallowing glass. When will this hacking end. I just can't seem to stay in bed though
hope you feel better
Hugs, Marina