Friday, March 16, 2007

Boy oh Boy oh Boys... Go to Sleep!

After a night of movies, video games, poker, television, drama, and more video games... the boys are 'supposed' to be going to sleep.

Fuzzy and friends (and siblings) devoured the pizza, about three slices each.  Then, it was off to play knock hockey and the Star Wars Miniatures role playing game. 

Then, chocolate and vanilla shakes made by Grandma, with our new Hamilton Beach Drink Master.  Very cool! 

Next, the Entenmann's chocolate donuts (as mentioned in the last entry), with candles.  All of their parents came and dropped off the overnight stuff, and we chatted a bit with friends, as the boys went off to watch 'Casino Royale' (which Hubby went back to the store to buy). 

Unfortunately, the boys barely watched for an hour before all heck broke lose and they decided to play poker with chips.  Texas Hold 'Em.  It was like a WPT Tournament gone wild!!!

Pumpkin led the boys, mind you.  The girl is a card shark.  Always has been.  At 3 1/2 she could play Gin Rummy and Crazy 8's when her five year old brother couldn't.  She looooves card games!

While playing poker, the trolls - I mean - kids consumed an entire bag of Tostitos, and good amounts of regular chips, Crunchy Cheetos and Gatorade.  Then, Fuzzy decided they should watch the tivo'd show from last night 'Are you Smarter than 5th Grader'. 

That made for some more bedlam as they yelled the answers at the stupid adults on the show and played their handheld video games.

They were generally acting like... these guys...  SpongeBob and Patrick, for those, not familiar with Nickolodeon! 

It seems like everyone was having a good time!

At 11 pm, I rounded up the posse of kids and sent them for pj's and teeth brushing.  The boys went up to Fuzzy's room and Pumpkin, much to her dismay, stayed with us downstairs.  She is very pissy about the fact that her father and I would NOT allow her to sleep with the boys.  Our explanation was illogical to her 10 year old mind and we did have bit of drama from her, on and off, all night.

At midnight, Fuzzy came downstairs, put his eye glasses away, and came in to the family room, where I was watching tv and Hubby and Pumpkin were snoring.

He declared that he was tired and ready to sleep, but his friends would not shut up.  (Imagine me trying to stifle a laugh)  I reminded him that he was 'Mr. All Night Long' earlier, when I had informed them ALL that their mother's had been promised this would NOT be an all nighter!  LOL 

I sent Fuzzy back upstairs with a dire warning to repeat to the group that I would be upstairs if I didn't hear quiet in five minutes.  By the way, Hammer, the eldest, was already fast asleep.

Of course, I decided to give them about a half hour.  I did just softly holler up the stairs to 'go to sleep' before I started typing. 

Some muffled giggles were heard as I first began to type, but I just checked them now and all is quiet. << phew>>

I will head off to bed now, since my six are down, plus the Hubby!

be well,


toonguykc said...

Count your blessings!  After all the junk they ate  -- you could have had multiple vomitings in your house.  It still might occur...but hopefully not until those other boys go back to their own houses!!  LOL


thebaabee said...

I remember those multi child sleepovers fondly.  I wasn't sick then.

Again, I must tell you that I think you are amazing.  Because you wrote how you were feeling and still did the sleep over thing.  I keep saying that I don't know how you guys do it with little ones. Mine are 19 and 21 and I find myself struggling at times.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to feel like this with young children.  My Friend you are an inspiration.  Hugs, Lu

fisherkristina said...

I used to love sleepovers!


eml625 said...

I'm glad you survived, it seemed you had lots to keep them busy though! Proper planning is the key !!! LOL
Now, in the morning, ENJOY that coffee and relax

cacklinrosie101 said...

I remember those sleepover days well.  My kids loved them.  They wore me out but at least fun was had by all.  Becky used to always complain that her friends wouldn't sleep.  LOL at the "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader."    HUGS  Chris

gazker said...

Russ got there before me on his comment, I am surprised they were'nt up ALL night with all that Junk they ate. That stuff musta bin full of 'E numbers' (bad ingerdients in the UK)......... I hope they worked it off eventualy.
Gaz ;-)

tenyearnap said...

No one puked? Wow!
Sounds like they had a great time.--Cin

frankandmary said...

Your kid oriented stuff reminds me so much of my bf's kids & their mom.  My mom was ill when I was young, but she did as many 'kid centered' things as she could.  She always said that there were people that saw their kids as gifts & you could tell by the way they spoke.....with you it is the way you write :-).

topazscorpio27 said...

Brave people take on little boys at a slumber party. I have two nephews and at certain moments I wonder if I ever want children considering.  As far as your daughter my godson was three when he learned gin,gin rumy and two when I taught him war and go fish.  I also taught him black jack when he was four.  I was bored and had nothing else to do.  That's my defense. -Dawn-

rebuketheworld said...

I miss my kids sleepovers. I didnt grow up with them. My parents were so damn strict. Its way cool that your open to your kids having those. We need those good memories to get through life. ~Raven

Anonymous said...

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