Monday, June 30, 2008

Green Mountain Madness

We're back!!!  Today was a day of rest and laundry, you know how it is after vacation! 

The pictures from vacation are above for you to check out. 

Ben & Jerry's was AWESOME!  Everyone who works their is so happy!  The tour was fun and the tasting great!  The graveyard was cool!  Check out the Coffee Buzz Buzz flavor!  I wish they still had that one!  lol

The kids had a blast behind the timeshare place playing in the brook and looking for rocks.  The water was crystal clear and so pretty!

The President Calvin Coolidge Homestead and Gravesite was an excellent site!  They had a cheese factory started by the Presidents father, and baby animals!  So cute! 

We also went to a quarry and granite cutting facility.  The kids sandblasted their own individual designs on a granite tile!  You can see them above. 

One of the restaurants that we ate dinner at was made from a caboose!  It had the interior cupola of the caboose set up with tables.  You can see Fuzzy at the table, and thru the porthole!

The lake was gorgeous too.  Pumpkin fell into the lake off the boat launch!  Silly girl!  The kids loved getting their feet wet though!!

I know it is a lot of pictures... I hope you enjoy!  Too tired to do much more of an entry right now! 

be well,


Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're Having a Party

.... and apparently, so are you in my journal!!  Yay!

Vermont is awesome!  Absolutely gorgeous... God's country, as one would say. 

The mountains are so green and lush, it is obvious why it is the Green Mountain State! 

More to come soon!

I donate some Ben & Jerry's for dessert to the party!

be well,

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yes, my plans, my packing, and all that it takes to get a family of 5 on the road is going well.

My parents and Hubby and I purchased a Magellen GPS thingy for the car today.  We split the cost, and will share it as needed!  I am happy because it will be great to have with all the sightseeing we are planning on doing!  :-)

I hope everyone has a great week, while we are visiting Vermont!

be well,

ps.  the perfect lolcat...

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday!  My favorite day of the week!  It is always so easy to be 'thankful' on Thursday because the weekend is so near!  Thankful Mondays would be much more difficult, don't you agree?  I may have to try that sometime... lol

Until then... we carry on with Thankful Thursday!

1.     Lolcats from - they make me laugh!

See?  Funny!

2.     Missie!  Thank you for the 'Latte' sidebar!  I love it!

3.     Kids!  Pumpkin received an Academic Excellence Award and three others today at the school end awards!  Fuzzy will receive his tomorrow!

4.     Hammer, who makes a mundane errand fun by just being with me for the ride!  Thanks, my sweetie!

5.     Today is Hubby's last day of work before vacation!  Yay! 

6.     Sunday we leave for vacation in Vermont!  Yay!

7.     My parents will take care of the pets while we are away - thank you, Mom and Dad!

8.     Coffee!  The thing that powers me!  Yay!

9.     Books.  Oh how I love them!  I think I read 3 so far this week.  One re-read and two new.  I have 5 paperback to read anew starting today.  I should save them for vacation...but I think 2 will be enough if the weather is nice!  LOL (and there are bookstores in Vermont, I am sure!) 

10.     There has been a pleasant drop in temperature and humidity!  My body LOVES that!  The RA/Lupus are quiet again!  Yay! Yay!  YAY!

Can you tell I am in a very good mood and really looking forward to vacation?  lol

Last night, Hubby and the boys picked out all their classes for merit badges for Boy Scout Camp.  They will leave exactly 2 weeks after we come home from Vermont!  Ack! 

Where is this year going?  How can it almost be time to start Christmas shopping again? 

Speaking of Christmas shopping, I have heard that Vermont has fabulous shopping, so I may start up there!  Yippee!  Yeah, at least half of you probably want to kill me for even mentioning that, right?  lol

So, I am going to turn off alerts probably starting tomorrow.  I have to get us all laundered, packed, and ready to go.  Plus, when Hubby is home he tends to turn my schedule on ear!  LOL

I think we are bringing the laptop with us for the trip, so if anything earth shattering happens and you think I need to know it... Email me! 

Hmmm... I think that is it! 

I will try to pop off another entry before we leave!

be well,

ps... Our cats all howl and meow and BEG for bologna or ham, so this cracked me up!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Books - A Meme Part 2

Back again, just a few left.

Comment from: wwfbison
"The Wild West...the one period I would travel back to if we could do time travel.

This one was harder than I thought it would be, Lisa!  I have lots of books that mention different 'Wild West' ish type stuff, but nothing really of that era in non-fiction.  

However, then I remembered a great book! 

Historical fiction writer, Jeff Shaara rocks!  This book, 'Gone for Soldiers' is set in 1848 in Texas during the Mexican American War.  It may be a part of Wild West history that you have not explored.  My favorite part is how all the men working together as US Army, infantry and calvalry, meet again 12 years later often opposing each other in the Civil War. 

Also, fabulous books to be read by Jeff Shaara, 'Gods and Generals' about the beginning of the Civil War up to the day before Gettysburg, and 'The Last Full Measure' starting the day after Gettysburg.  Gettysburg itself is the focus of 'Killer Angels' written by Michael Shaara, Jeff's dad, shortly before he died.

Comment from: sunnyside46
"Biographies of famous people from the sixties...

Nope.  You got me, Marti!  I have lots of people early than the 60's... maybe a few sports heroes, but most from before or after the 60's!  Dang it!  I thought I had Professor Richard Feynman's autobiography or biography, but I can't find it.  Dang.  He was a really cool and funny professor of physics from California Institute of Technology that began the true exploration of quantum theory, and made it more readily accessible to physics students (like Hammer) and regular people, like you and I, who might be interested in it.

Also, Leigh... I don't read Judi Piccoult, so, I don't have  any book to recommend along that vein either!  Ack! 

Linda (swmpgrly), I guess those were the only ones that I struck out on!  Not bad!!  LOL

Here is a picture of one of the four main library type areas we have in the house:

That is just a partial view, too.  The top was too messy to share!  LOL  Lots and lots of books around here! 

I wanted to add pictures and reviews of some of my absolute favorite non-fiction books.  I will do that sometime after vacation though! 

There is much packing, laundry, organizing, etc, that needs to be done before we go to Vermont!  Ack!

be well,


Books - The Meme

At long last... here I am with the book recommendations meme!

Okay first:

Comment from: eml625
"OK Give me a book on Rock music from the 70's..............


Ellen, I don't have a picture for you, but the book that is somewhere in this house is called, 'Where they are Buried' by Todd Benoit!  It lists soooooo many icons of music from the 70's.  It describes how they died and where they are resting now!  There is even a great story about him running into Bob Dylan and they visit a grave together.  The book was lent out to one of the kids friends, but as soon as you asked, I thought of that book!

Comment from: chat2missie
"How about a self help book that you would highly recommend,

I don't really have many self-help books that do not revolve around Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and/or chronic illness, but this one does kind of fit the bill. 

If you have ever been interested in Eastern philosophy, Buddhism, in particular, and wanted it presented in an easy to digest way - this book is great!

I really enjoyed it, and even if it isn't your cup of tea, your son might love it, Missie!  It relates all the principles of Buddhism to being a Jedi Knight.  :-)

 Hi Dawn,

OK, how about "taxidermy"?  To be honest, I'm not very personally interested in the topic but would be amazed if you have a book on the topic.  Amazed ... and perhaps a little worried.

Okay, Marty... You can stop worrying... a bit!  LOL  I don't save many fiction books forever, except for some of the series that I really love!  

So, here is a picture of some of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series:

Somehow, I missed the book in the pile that I wanted to point out!  'Dead Beat' puts Harry (who is a wizard and the good guy), up against bad guy necromancers (evil wizards that raise the dead, yes, zombies).  In order to defeat the evil guys from taking over all of Chicago and eventually the world, Harry re-animates the t-rex, Sue, from the field museum. 

Not quite taxidermy, but close enough.   And, these are a great series of books, I hope you try them out!

Comment from: luddie343
"Oh Dawn I'm desparate for sometime good on 10th century Cypriate art - Byzantine.  Surely you have something current?  My library is growing fungi of some sort - help!!!  and btw, LUV those kittehs!  xoxo CATHY "

Ha!  Got it Cathy!


There is a whole section!  Cypriate and otherwise for you to peruse!  My daughter loves looking at this book!! :-)

Comment from: lv2trnscrb
"how to adjust to a move in a new city
cute idea Dawn!

Well, since I know you have moved into your second home in California, this book came to mind!

Simon Winchester gives a great history of all of California, and geological factors that make it shake, rattle and roll today.  Rather than just addressing the quake, Winchester takes you across the country on the trip he made from the Boston area to Cali.  Teaching you all the while the history and science of our country's land mass. 

It may not help you adjust to your move, but reading and learning always makes me feel good.  Enjoy!

Comment from: swmpgrly
"captain marvel....dont ask me where that came from but thats what came to my"

Captain Marvel it is:


This is just one of many comic related books we have with Captain Marvel.  This is a graphic novel.  Enjoy!

Okay... still a few more to get together... second installment will be later today, I hope!

be well,

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Pussycat Pussycat - Meme update

I hope all men had a good Father's Day, whether you father kids, pets, or nieces and nephews, or friend's kids... I salute you!

I am beginning to take pictures for the meme... Sorry I am behind, but life is hectic! 

Here are some cute pictures though!

This is Suzy, laying on my legs...


Isn't she sweet!

Then here is Pumpkin, the elder kitty, who immediately hopped up on my lap as soon as Suzy left, just to show her who is boss!  lol

Oh yes, as we watch tv in our family room, there are all kinds of kitty vs. kitty dramas, and kitty vs. doggy, and even, kitty vs. hamster.  Suzy likes to sit on top of the hamster cage.  Poor hamsters.  We make her get down, but what about when we aren't here or are sleeping?  lol

A good weekend was had by all here in Dawnland.  Hubby is much better, and is out at a full day of work.  ::: finger's crossed:::  I do hope that it isn't too much for him, but there is only 4 days of work for him this week. 

Sunday we leave for Vermont!  Yay!  Originally, Hubby was pushing for a busy active vacation in Washington, DC, and I was the lone hold out for a relaxing vacation.  Guess who is VERY happy that we are having a nice quiet relaxing week in Vermont now?  Yep, you guessed it.  Hubby.  LOL

Okie dokie... off to do busy life stuff... ACK.

be well,

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ask Me- And I Will Deliver Meme

Today, I worked on organizing the books in the boys room and the play room, again.

And, dang, we have a lot of books.  Books on every subject... which gave me an idea!

Why not turn it into a meme!

In a comment, ask me to recommend a book on any subject... be as obscure as you want... we may surprise you or at least be close!!  We cover all modes of science, history, animals, and physical world, from A to Z, or so it seems!  People alive, dead, and where they are buried!  Fun facts!  Weird facts!  Numbers, comics, television, movies, classics... Oh it goes on and on...  If I don't have it, I will get as close as I can! 

I will then give you book recommendations from our home library, with a review and a picture of the book!  If you want something for a child specifically, let me know the age!

Go!  Ask away!!!  I think this will be fun!!!

I can't wait to do this!  Yay!

be well,

ps... I like my rose colored glasses!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday


Yay!  Pumpkin Muffin's year long Nepal project is done!

Today was the travel expo, 'Around the World in 180 Days' at the school!  On her desk, at left, is the report, handmade Nepali dolls in traditional Sherpa dress, and a pink llama's wool poncho, also handmade in Nepal.  To the left is a pudding dish called Kheer, with lots of cinnamon and raisins. 

And, now for the Thankful's...

1.     I am very grateful that Pumpkin worked so hard on her project and earned a 100% on each written part and on today's expo presentation!

2.     Hubby is fast improving!  No word as to results of ct scan or plan of attack yet from the specialist, yet, though.  Have I mentioned I hate diverticulitis?

3.     Coffee.  <sigh>

4.     Naps.  If not for the two naps I got this week, I would have really been cranky.  lol

5.     Fuzzy and Hammer both officially were promoted to the rank of Star Scout last night at their Scout Awards Night.  Each also received some more merit badges!

Okey dokey... off to parent and what-not!

be well,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Long Run

It was 100 degrees here today.  This kitty is an effort to bring a cooler atmosphere to my life.

Sometimes you read a journal entry that makes you say 'Hmmm, I needed to hear that today."  I had one of those moments today when I read my dear friend, Raven .  Check it out.

Anyhow, Hubby has been able to avoid the ER, yet he is still in pain and having an episode.  We went yesterday from our regular docs, over to a specialist.  There is great concern because at 42 years of age, 3 episodes of diverticulitis in 15 months is bad.   Tomorrow, Hubby will have a CT scan again, with barium and an IV contrast as well.  Blood was taken also.  They are looking for a possible underlying cause.  These new films will be compared to the old.  Recommendations will be made.  <sigh>

The heat is just awful here!  We aren't used to this in early June!  In August, at least we have worked our way up to it!  Yikes!  Today the kids only had a half day of school because of the heat.

Looks like tomorrow the heat breaks back into the mid 80's, a welcome relief, but still above average for around here at this time of year! 

Signing off for now...

be well,

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hells Bells

Ahhh the kitty life, little Suzy lounging in her 'Princess' bed.

So, Hubby is teeter tottering on the edge of heading to the ER with a diverticulitis attack.  Ugh.  He has started on the meds, but it is a fine line right now. 

Hopefully, we will make it to the doctor's appointment tomorrow am, as opposed to the ER. 

His temperature is holding steady in the 101's.  If we pass into 102 land we are heading out.  <sigh>

Have I mentioned that my Hubby is the biggest freakin' lame-o pain in the arse, big baby, excuse for a patient??? 

OMG... heaven help me.

Of course, if he managed the condition better by being sure to keep very hydrated in the heat, he wouldn't be laying there moaning about how hates being sick, blah blah blah. 

Don't get me wrong, he is in a lot of pain and it does totally suck to be him right now. 

Thankfully, he just has an 'acute' sometimes condition because if he was the one with the chronic illness... oh boy!!! 

He is on a liquid diet now and will be probably until Friday.  He knows the drill with this but do you know what he is doing?  He keeps talking about all the food he wants.  ugh.  I don't get it.

Anyhow, up until this, it was a good weekend!  LOL

I will try to update you all tomorrow!

be well,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thankful Thursday

  Time for the Thankfuls!

1.     You.  Yes, you.  Each and every one of you that read my journal and leave me wonderful supportive comments. 

Cathy... thanks for seeing how I laid out the entry.  Everything is the same... to everything will never be the same. 

Julie... yeah... the kids can frazzle you to do stupid things too!  Thanks for reminding me I am not alone.

Bill... I will try to give him a break.  ;-)

I needed to vent last night and you were all there for me.  Thank you.

2.     Hubby.  I am very blessed and lucky to be married to my best friend and lover.  Still a man though... and still going to piss me off and hurt me occasionally.  Unfortunately, this week, it was a few things in row, but I am getting over it. 

3.     Hammer.   My poor sweet boy had to have his nose cauterized in three places today at the ENT's office.  Ouch.  Please keep him in your prayers that no further intervention will be necessary. 

4.     Fuzzy.  The worst winter/spring asthma/allergy suffering seems to finally be over!  Yay!  It is so nice to see him getting outside and playing and having fun again!

5.     Pumpkin Muffin.  Pumpkin won a special poetry contest!  More on that later!

6.     Coffee.  This blog is powered by it.  ;-)

7.     My parents, and the rest of my family and friends.  I am very blessed.

8.     Pets.  Even as I am typing this the shenanigans going on around me between Suzy, the kitten, a shoelace, and Libby are making me laugh out loud!  AND, laughter is the best medicine.  Hands down.


As I mentioned in the mood above, I am sore.  Ouch.  Rain storms are coming through nearby, occasionally sprinkling on us for the second day in a row. 

Last night my hands were swollen and hot and keeping me awake.  Finally around 5am-ish I took a vicodin, which helped me get the sleep I needed. 

They are better, but still very sore.  The worst they have been in about 2 months.  Ack!

I am such a book addict.  I am literally jonesing because I have no new reads around.  Ack. 

I hope everyone is having a good Thursday!

be well,

ps... My kids, especially Hammer, used to love Pokemon!  I couldn't resist these lolcats because of that.  Maybe some of you remember them, too!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ever the Same

Have you ever noticed that as much as things are different, they stay the same? 

I have certain discussions it seems over and over with my Hubby and I just don't get why. 

I have rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.  Some things just are.  This affects my ability to do some things.  I do not like having to address the topic of my shortcomings over and over again.  Yet, somehow, we do. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have spoken the words, 'You seem to forget about the RA and Lupus.' and it isn't always to my Hubby, but it does seem to be to him a lot recently.

One of the more unpleasant aspects of these two lovely chronic diseases is what we call 'brain fog'.  It sucks.  Sometimes I do stupid things.

Monday, while helping Fuzzy on and off with a report, I also ran to the car to grab some cd's that Hammer specifically wanted uploaded to itunes.  I had just figured out how to do it, and was happy to oblige him.

Stupidly, in the rush, I left the car turned to the 'on' position with the keys in the ignition.

You guessed it.  Battery dead.  Which we found out as Hubby jumped into the car to run off to a leader's Boy Scout meeting. 

Yeah, I did it.  I don't even remember doing it.  Big duh on my part.  However, I did NOT do it on purpose or to ruin anyone's night.

After a car jump and about 15 minutes, Hubby was off.

I was left behind feeling like an idiot. 

Sure, he came home and apologized, and told all the kids he was wrong to make such a big deal out of it, yada yada... but still, it hurts.  Still.

And, it sucks to be reminded that I am not the same person I used to be.  Who never had to make lists, who never got confused, who never screwed up big stuff and little stuff in big and little ways. 

Anyhow, I have rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and I can't forget it.  Not even for a minute.  For even on the best days, of which I have been having many lately, things are not the same.

Never the same.

be well,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rock n Me Baby

Listened to some Steve Miller Band today... I guess you can tell?  lol

Whew... I have had a busy weekend and the last few days! 

I had a wonderful visit with my cousin Karol and the boys!  It was so nice to spend time together to catch up!  And, the kids really had fun together, too!

Sunday was mostly a day for laundry, and working on some school projects with the kids.

Yesterday, at Hammer's request, I finally figured out how to upload our cd's onto itunes!  As it turned out, it was NOT difficult at all; just time consuming! 

Today, Hammer and I went through the new songs and created his playlist for his ipod shuffle. 

Also, exciting news today!  My cousin Karol is letting us purchase a time share week from her and today we booked a week in Killington, Vermont!  No, it isn't skiing, but there are lots of year round activities to do also!  There is swimming on site and mini golf and other lawn sports.  Nearby there is a lake beach, boating, horseback riding, fishing, a water park, and an alpine slide, which is like bobsledding on concrete down a mountain! 

AND, the two most important fun things, good shopping and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream tour!  Yay!  We are also going to look for some museums and what-not nearby, too! 

Just what the doctor ordered... a nice relaxing family vacation and we leave the weekend after the kids get out of school!  Yay!   Two and half weeks!!!!  Yippee!!!

Thanks again, Karol!!!  You are the best! 

More tomorrow!

be well,