Monday, June 30, 2008

Green Mountain Madness

We're back!!!  Today was a day of rest and laundry, you know how it is after vacation! 

The pictures from vacation are above for you to check out. 

Ben & Jerry's was AWESOME!  Everyone who works their is so happy!  The tour was fun and the tasting great!  The graveyard was cool!  Check out the Coffee Buzz Buzz flavor!  I wish they still had that one!  lol

The kids had a blast behind the timeshare place playing in the brook and looking for rocks.  The water was crystal clear and so pretty!

The President Calvin Coolidge Homestead and Gravesite was an excellent site!  They had a cheese factory started by the Presidents father, and baby animals!  So cute! 

We also went to a quarry and granite cutting facility.  The kids sandblasted their own individual designs on a granite tile!  You can see them above. 

One of the restaurants that we ate dinner at was made from a caboose!  It had the interior cupola of the caboose set up with tables.  You can see Fuzzy at the table, and thru the porthole!

The lake was gorgeous too.  Pumpkin fell into the lake off the boat launch!  Silly girl!  The kids loved getting their feet wet though!!

I know it is a lot of pictures... I hope you enjoy!  Too tired to do much more of an entry right now! 

be well,



deshelestraci said...

Is that a picture of you and hubby?!  Y'all are so cute!  Everyone looks so happy!

swmpgrly said...

everyone looks soooo happy and I cant believe how much the kids look like you two.
like little clones of

justplainbill said...

Dawn, enjoyed the pictures. The first one was spectacular. You had a lot of neat shots. A few of them would not load for me, probably my computer. Reminded me of a trip our family took over 65 years ago. Went up through NE some where and di historics spots. Thanks for bringing back that memory.
Looks like your kid had fun and enjoyed it. I hope they will fondly recall that trip years from now as I just did.
I have always enjoyed going to manufacturing or food processing plants/ Guess I will look around and do a few more. Herrs potato chips I know runs a tour. I did do a beer plant a few years ago. That was fun and tasty.
Get rested and have a nice summer with your kids. Bill

coelha said...

All I see are big smiles, happy faces, and beautiful places :)  I'm glad you all had a great time--it shows in everyone's faces!  :)  Julie

chat2missie said...

Looks like it was a great time.  I would have loved to go to Ben and Jerry's.

sugarsweet056 said...

Welcome back!
Glad all had a good time.  :)
Nice pics.
Have a nice week.

helmswondermom said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time!  The pictures area gorgeous!

lv2trnscrb said...

welcome back!! sounds like a wonderful vacation!


wfhbear said...

Thanks, Dawn, for the pictures.  It reminds me of why I really love Vermont.  If it weren't for the cold and snow, I think it would have been a great retirement place.

Good old Ben and Jerry's  - I still have the t-shirt I bought many years ago.  They didn't have the flavor graveyard when we toured.  I always liked "Rainforest Crunch!."

Enjoy the rest of the summer with the kids!


eml625 said...

Vermont is gorgeous ! wow.
Looks like you had a great time.
Welcome back !

sangrialel said...

The pictures are awesome Dawn!  It looks like you had a great time.  I would love to go see the Calivn Coolidge place. I like going to those historial places, it is so cool to see how they lived that many years ago.  Linda

glensfork4 said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time....loved the pictures, now I know for sure that is a place I would like to go in my life.


astoriasand said...

Some of the pics wouldn't load Dawn AOHELL I might know.Just back again and going on a ten day holiday again this Friday .Glad you had such a fantastic time.The kids look realy happy and love the picture of you and hubby.Now rest up if possible.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

rdautumnsage said...

Great pictures hon! Looks like everyone had an awesome time. (Hugs)Indigo

cherry2sweet2eat said...

welcome back!!

wwfbison said...

Oh poor Pumpkin, she got more than her feet wet!!  I thought the graveyard was cool - I got upset when I saw cookie dough tombstone but then I saw yogurt so I didn't panic!  Great pics, you all look like you are having a great time.  The caboose is cool, I bet that was neat.

ekgillen said...

Looks like a great time!!!  Awesome pics! :)