Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Five Little Pumpkins

I find myself tonight, thinking about Halloweens past...

Might Dickens have erred with his Three Spirits visiting that other holiday eve?

First, I find myself thinking of the very first Halloween that I held my own child.  My parents threw a party for this chubby little 4 month old!  He alternated that year between being an adorable little pumpkin and a sweet little moo cow.  Now, he's 15, dear Hammer, but how come it feels like yesterday I was holding him in my arms?

Next, I remember the toddler years, after a stint as Barney at ages one and two, Hammer became Winnie the Pooh for ages three, four, five and yes, six.  I remember wanting him to change so badly, which he did, to Superman for the next few years to his little brother's Batman.  They were quite the pair.  

Fuzzy's first year, I will not forget.  He was Elmo.  A beautiful furry red Elmo, and he slept through the entire town Ragamuffin parade, but with a countenance so sweet and adorable, that with his big bro's help, he made the front page of the town newspaper.  How did he help?  Because Hammer told everyone, 'Look at my little brother, he is Elmo, but be quiet because he's asleep.'  Such a wonderful year to remember!

Pumpkin Muffin's first years were a blur!!!  Why?  Well, she hated any strangers at all!  She made an adorable little princess... from afar.  Her first 2 Halloweens she never left her stroller, and her brother's would ask for candy for her, point her out, way over there in her stroller, and tell everyone 'She's too scared to leave her stroller!'  Such good little helpers they were!  

Then, there was the year Pumpkin was finally ready to Trick or Treat!  She dressed as a little Giants football player, helmet, jersey, shoulder pads, and pants!  It was so cute!  After an exhausting day of gathering multiple bundles of sweets, she tripped and my mom grabbed her arm - her elbow popped out of the socket!  

We went to the ER, which was a wreck.  But, my quick thinking pediatrician knowing that I was of a fearless sort, and with some medical training, described to me how to fix it.  I did it while Hubby held the phone, right there in the waiting room!  Pumpkin exclaimed!  'Hey, thanks Mommy!  My arm works again!', and we happily went back home to enjoy the spoils of the day!   My poor Mom, she felt so guilty, but really, it could have been stitches had she fallen!  

Since those early years, we have had, Princesses, Jedi's, Wonder Woman, Witches, and Ghouls.  The older they get, the more creative and scary the costumes seem to get.  

Each year gives way to new things, too.  This year, instead of joining us Trick or Treating, Hammer wants to stay back at the house and hand out candy!  In other years, he was never really interested in doing that at all.  Now, he wants to see all the little kids and their costumes.  When Hammer first told me that... I have to admit, I got a bit choked up.  Shades of the man, the dad to come, and all that. 

So, Hubby and I and Mary Read, Piratess Extraordinaire (Pumpkin) and a Teenage Werewolf Boy Scout (Fuzzy) will do the trick or treating at our town center.  Hammer will hold down the fort, so to speak, here at home. 

I am looking forward to it.  The kids are so excited, each for their own reason, and it is hard not to be swept up in their excitement, of course. 

I can even cast a rueful eye to the future.  Someday they won't want to be spending their Halloweens at home with their parents at all, will they?

But, tonight...

Tonight I long for Halloween Past.

I long for the little pumpkin, Elmo and princess.  The Winnie the Pooh, my little Batman, and the kitty cat.  Sweet little chubby faces filled with wonder that people were giving them candy!!!!

Ahhhh time, she flies.

be well,

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Witchy Woman

And, cackling hello to you all this fine Fall Tuesday!

The cool crisp air actually dipped into the 30's last night, and I was forced to turn on the heat!  Only for about an hour, but still!  lol

Busy, busy here as you can imagine. 

Tonight is the Boy Scout meeting, moved from tomorrow, since it is Halloween.  Just the boys and Hubby will go since it is all about camping issues for this coming weekend.  Pumpkin has no interest in that!  LOL

Tomorrow the plan is simple.  The kids go to school with costumes in tow.  At recess, after eating lunch, they put on their costumes.  They walk around the school one grade level at a time, showing off costumes to the other classes.  No parade for the parents anymore, this is the 'big kid' school.  lol  Then, they return to their classrooms for snacks and a party.

We have a town center that is about 6 blocks long with stores up and down each side.  After school until 6pm, they host all the trick or treaters.  That is where we will go for the afternoon.  After dinner, the kids will do our dead end block and one or two houses of friends on the adjoining street.

Then, the big candy sort begins!  LOL  We put everything that is safe for Fuzzy to eat (peanut, nut allergies) in a big green Halloween bowl.  Green = Go, safe to eat.  The rest go in the other bowls, also Halloween specific, in purple and orange. 

Now that Hubby has diverticulitis, he will have to stay in the safe bowl, too!  lol  Believe me, Fuzzy handles it with more aplomb and ease than the big guy!  LOL

We answer the door until about 9pm, then we put out sign taped to the bell 'Do not ring' and put out a big bowl of candy for the teens and a little sign over the bowl that says 'Take one'.  It has worked for all these years, so far!


Things I love about Halloween:

1.   Candy
2.   Seeing the kids dressed up and their friends
3.   Seeing all the cute little babies in their costumes
4.   The sense of 'neighborhood' that goes along with it
5.   Decorations

Things I hate about Halloween:

1.   Candy (usually it is too much and around too long!)
2.   Obnoxious teens in costumes that are a joke
3.   Taking down the decorations

LOL  Everything has its pro's and con's, right?  LOL

Well, it's Tuesday.  My week is okay so far.  I am still trying to have a good week.  A lupus headache since yesterday has been trying to stop that from happening, but I am keeping a smile on my face so far!

Fuzzy is bringing home DogBoy today, and maybe Russ.  Poor Russ has been sick with an awful cold, he had the beginnings of it during the Bar Mitzvah! 

Happy Halloween to all in J-land!

be well,

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Assignment #189: Amuse Me!

I haven't done one of these from the Blogfather in a while but here goes:
Go here for original entry: By The Way... John Scalzi
Weekend Assignment #189: Amuse Me!

You know, I just had me a thought. I've been doing these here Weekend Assignments for, what? Three and a half years now? Every Thursday, posting something to amuse you and give you something do post about over the weekend. And what do I get in return? Well, yes, I get paid. In cash, even. But where is the love? Where is my amusement? Where is my fun? Damn it, when do I get mine? Huh?

How about now?

Weekend Assignment #189: Amuse me, damn it!

Yeah, that's right. You amuse me for a change. Tell me a joke. Tell me a story. Show me a funny picture. point to a good online video game. Suggest a good book or movie. Link me to a diverting YouTube or AOL Video, like those soda/Mentos fountain things (but not that, I've already seen those). Anything, people, just as long as it's amusing. You know, something you think I would like. Like what, you say? Well, you know. Surprise me.

Extra credit: Share your favorite pun. I love me a good pun.

I don't think I have a good pun, however, I do have amusing stuff for you, John!

I know you like cats, and science; you are a writer (an award winning one, even), and a total techie... so, voila!  What better to amuse you than something of an internet phenomenon, lolcat pictures from my favorite website, I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?  !!!

I knew you would love it!

Here we go... get ready to be amused, John:

First a little science...

Next, I know you relate to this kitty...

Will this count as a pun?

Can't go wrong with some Bond, James Bond...

Always a good geek laugh in the lolcats...

Video games... I know you have played a few...

Maybe you dream of this as does my Hubby...

Hubby thinks the Geico Gecko has long outlived its attempt at humor.

Being married, you may have heard this before...

As a computer lover, and one who needs computers for both your writing and blogging careers, I know you have been here, too...

Ah yes... haven't we all!!!  LOL

Okay, I think you MUST be sufficiently amused by now.

Just in case you are not, I know the one below my siggy really cracked me up!

Do I win?  Was this contest?  Is there a prize??? Huh, huh huh???  LOL

be well,

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Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

Hello everyone!!!  Happy Sunday!

I love listening to Pumpkin play the piano... The song above is more famous from being in Tom n Jerry Cartoons than as a stand alone piece of music.  It was called 'The Cat Concerto'.

Yesterday, we went to Russell's Bar Mitzvah ceremony, followed by a lovely 5-course luncheon his parent's hosted at our favorite local restaurant!   The ceremony was beautiful, about thanking God for your blessings.  The rabbi incorporated Russ' big sister (26) and big brother (23), as well as his parents.  There were several times I got choked up, especially when his mom, my friend, Lisa, did! 

Russ did a fabulous job reading the Hebrew!  His studying for the last year and half really paid off.  The rabbi gave him lots of praise for always coming to class prepared and always having a smile.  And, that really is Russ! 

Fuzzy (who is in the same grade as Russ), Hammer, and Pumpkin were also very impressed with the whole ceremony and Russ' ability and maturity handling all he needed to!  It was a long ceremony, about 2 1/2 hours and they followed along in the Torah very well.  It was a great experience for all.

However, it was a long day, especially for me!  I was up first at 7ish, got myself showered, and then got everyone else going for breakfast and showers.  We had to be there by 10am.  We didn't get home until 4:30pm.

I was in my pj's by 4:35pm!  LOL

Hubby did take the boys over to GameStop where they sold back some more older video games to get the new Halo 3.  WOW.  They love it.  They got the guide book too, and between the two of them, they are quite a team.  Hammer reads it all first, and Fuzzy dives in and plays.  Hammer guides him.  Then, when Fuzzy gets frustrated or stuck, Hammer will take over for a while.  

We did peel them off the game after we had some from pizza and pierogis around 8:30 pm, and about 9:15pm we watched the Numb3ers episode we had recorded for family time.

Then, off to bed for the kids, soon followed by us!

Today Fuzzy had to do makeup homework for school and Hubby worked with him to check it.  Pumpkin had a school project she had to do a free-hand drawn, very detailed map of Nepal.  That was my job, assisting Pumpkin.  In about an hour and a half I was very happy with how it all turned out.  Interestingly, Nepal is devoid of large lakes.  You learn something new every day!  lol

By the way, I have passed 5th grade at my town's school many times..... lol

My back is back to normal.  Yesterday, it was still a bit sore... but today, much better.  The rest of me still has some issues, but hey, I am not greedy and every little bit helps.  Hubby and I even 'paid the bills' last night! <<<waggling eyebrows>>> That always puts a little pep in the step!  LOL 

And, the RAIN STOPPED!  Yay!  It left behind beautiful chilly 55 degree fall weather!  My favorite!!!!

I am planning on this being a fabulous week!!!!

Halloween is almost here!  Pumpkin is the pirate Mary Read.  That is all that is a definite right now!

be well,

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jet Airliner

No, I am not going anywhere... 

I just can't get the line '... sometimes you go thru hell to get to heaven' out of my head.  Dealing with my own personal 'hell' somedays it seems to fit.  I hope.



Today, is 17 years since Hubby and I 'officially' got engaged, with the ring and all. 

It was also a rainy, chilly, fall Friday. 

Sometimes it seems like yesterday, other times a lifetime ago.

Love you more now than I did then... I know you know that, hon.



Fuzzy's asthma is still acting up.  This week, the last week of October, has historically always been a tough week for him and his asthma and allergies.  The changing weather, the rotting leaves, all of it bothers him.

Tomorrow, we have Russell's Bar Mitzvah to attend and the following luncheon.  I am proud and excited for Russ, he has worked very hard at this, and I am so happy his parents included us in the celebration.  The kids are excited to see the ceremony too, as they have never been.

Hopefully, my back will be less painful tomorrow.

Pumpkin, our elder cat of 12 cat years, is staring me down right now.  That is her signal for 'get up off your butt to pick me up off the floor and put me by the cat food'.  Unfortunately, with my back pain, I cannot assist.  Fuzzy just came and rescued her.  lol

Libby hates the rain as much as I do.  Funny, since labs are 'supposed' to be water dogs.  She does love playing and splashing in water or snow, she just hates rain hitting her nose as it falls.  Too funny.  I have to force her to go out and pee.  lol

Anyhow, just a lazy, rainy day here.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

be well,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Poor kitty... we relate...

Fuzzy's asthma is acting up today...  This time of year is always the worst. 

Here are my Thankful Things.

1.     Fuzzy.  I am thankful that although he had an asthma attack this am, he is doing fine with home nebulizer treatments, and we do not need to go to the doctor's/ER.

2.     My Dad.  I spoke with him earlier and he said his ear is feeling better.

3.     Hubby.  That he isn't in jail for skipping jury duty.  Oh yes... see story below.

4.     My finger.  Although my back is out and I am shuffling around like a Tim Conway character, my finger is feeling better.  Finally.

5.     Coffee.  I need it.  I have it.  Amen.

So, Hubby had a jury duty notice.  It is written on the calendar, the notice hanging on the fridge, and I reminded him earlier this week.

I forgot that last night he was supposed to call to see if he was needed, but it wasn't MY jury notice was it? 

This morning, my dad remembered, bless him, and he called me at 7:30am to ask if Hubby remembered. 

Unfortunately, Hubby was already on the bus to NYC!!!

So, in a panic, I found the notice and called the number listed, and thank the fates, they did NOT need Hubby's group to report to jury duty. 

Whew... big relief!!!  I don't know what would have happened if they did!  Even if Hubby came back on the first bus he could, he wouldhave been about an hour late, I think!  Yikes!

Hubby is now up at the school for classroom observation day.  Pumpkin wanted us to see her afternoon class with her homeroom teacher, and Hubby will be there. 

He is annoyed with me that I am not going.

I am not going for two reasons:

1)   I don't feel comfortable leaving Fuzzy, even though he is doing okay now.

2)   I would have to use my cane and go up wayyyyy too many stairs, neither of which I want to do right now!  Pumpkin knows my back is out and is very understanding.  I am thankful for that too.

I think Hubby has a lot of nerve to be annoyed with me after forgetting the jury duty.  AND, it isn't like I plan for these things to happen to me or want them to happen. 

I hate these damn diseases.  I really do.

I thought I was frustrated last night.... I am more so today.

Thanks for listening.

be well,

              For hubby:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rock n Me

Somedays I think my brain was eaten by Zombies long ago...

The kids (plus a spare that we had today) are off to Boy Scouts and I now have some much anticipated quiet in the house that I am filling by playing a Steve Miller Band CD! 

Noise yes, but my noise, my choice!  lol

A quick shout out to all who are affected directly or indirectly by the fires in southern Cali.  Very scary stuff... 

Today was my mom's friend's funeral.  A hard day for my mom.  She looks so tired and sad.  My dad took off today, too.  Dad also has a wicked ear infection in his left ear.  Never a dull moment in the house.  I truly hope things will settle down.

I am in a strange mood.  Frustrated, I think would probably be the right description, but rather than go there, I think I will just go read a book, while listening to music. 

be well,


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Theme to Star Wars

Hammer and I just got back from Borders Books a little while ago.

I had a personal shopping day with 10% off my entire order from the frequent buyer club.  (Yes, of course, I belong... and better than B&N, its free!!!)

Hammer hit the jackpot!  On the bargain table for $4 was a book he wanted read that is mentioned in quite few of his physics books.  It is called 'Flatland' by Edwin A. Abbott. 

Next, we hit upon a Star Wars expanded universe novel... and some true treats... here... take a look:

Yes, that is BumbleBee the Transformer in a gummy candy!

Here are Optimus and Megatron, along with Hammer's book!

I know how jealous you must be... lol  Hammer being a total Transformers nut was quite thrilled, even though he has braces and cannot eat them!  I think they are too cool to eat anyhow!!!

I picked up a paperback treat for myself, too.

If you read the comments on my Monday hating entry, you may have noticed that Luanne and Bethe both take methotrexate, too. 

Bethe pointed out the use of folic acid to combat some of the side effects.  I also do that.  I take 2 mg ever day, except the day I take the drug, I take 3 mgs.   It keeps my hair in better shape, defintely! 

As with most of these drugs, it is a trade off, between the side effects and what it does for my disease.  The methotrexate does help keep my immune system calmer/supressed so that it doesn't attack itself so much, creating inflammation. 

Methotrexate alone isn't enough though, and thankfully, the plaquenil should start to show signs of working in November, which is soon!

I just had to run up to the school!!!  Pumpkin Muffin called in a panic because she forgot her Geography book at home!!  Yikes!  Well, now it is waiting for her in the office, and she will hopefully, calm down and eat her lunch!!  LOL

More later...

be well,

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ever the Same

The Things I Hate About Mondays:

1.     The after effects of taking my methotrexate, feeling tired, my stomach not quite right, etc.

2.     Getting the kids up on Monday mornings is always the hardest.

3.     Everyone back at work/school, and not home with me.

4.     Back to our busier schedule, having to do homework, piano lessons, piano practice, Scout meetings, school meetings, dance lessons, etc.

5.     Just because it is Monday, the day after the weekend... isn't that enough?

Yeah... I thought so...

I am getting pretty good at typing without using my left middle finger which is taped up, since it is still not good. 

be well,

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey Good Lookin - Whatcha Got Cookin?

Here is the recipe for those who asked:

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe


Vote for my dog/cat picture here, Updated Monday 8am:


be well,

Who are You? (a meme)

Meme Time! 

Using the third letter of your first name, answer the following questions:  Dawn = W!

1. Famous Singer : Whitesnake (group) or Wynonna

2. Four letter word : Wish

3. Street : Wall Street

4. Color : White

5. Gifts/Presents : watercolor painting

6. Vehicle : Wrangler

7. Things in Souvenir Shop : wrist watch

8. Boy Name : Wes

9. Girl Name : Willow

10. Movie Title : Wild Hogs

11. Drink : Wallbanger

12. Occupation : Window dresser 

13. Celebrity : Will Smith

14. Magazine : Woman's Day

15. U.S. City : Washington, DC

16. Pro Sports : Water Polo

17. Fruit : Watermelon

18. Reason For Being Late To Work : Wonderful morning distraction! <<waggling eyebrows>>

19. Something You Threw Away : waste

20. Something You Shout : What???

21. Cartoon Character : Wiley Coyote

22. Song Title:  When Doves Cry...


That was fun!  Come on and play along!!!

be well,

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Times They are a Changin'

Anyone with kids knows that this is how they call you...  Over and over and over... lol

Hubby took Fuzzy to work on his shotgun badge for Boy Scouts today.  There is a specific Scout approved facility about an hour away that they go to and Fuzzy will shoot clay traps.  Pumpkin went to watch.  Hubby and I feel she is still too young. 

However, before Hubby left, he whipped up my favorite chocolate chip banana bread that he makes.  It is in the oven now still baking.  Mmmmmm.....

About kids... time's have really changed, and I have an example of that.

Back in the 1970's, when I was in grammar school, certain things were patently 'uncool'.

Wearing glasses = uncool in 1970's. 

Now in the 2000's, wearing glasses is hip!  There are even kids who cry when they find out they don't need them!!!  No more teasing 'four eyes' taunts, now they check out what color your frames this time!  Amazing.

Having braces = uncool in 1970's.

Again, now having braces is very cool and hip!  Kids can't wait to see what 'cool' colors you get each month!  No teasing 'brace face' jokes! 

Here is the Ultimate kicker to me. 

Do you remember the Audio Visual Club at your school?  Back in the 1970's they were referred to as the 'Geek Squad' or other unseemly names.  They were all boys and to be a part of it was the absolute death of any chance at being popular.

Not anymore!  Fuzzy came home earlier this week with an application for the School Technical Team! 

This'elite' group of 7th and 8th graders will deliver tv's, dvd players, projectors, computers, etc, to teachers, as requested during homeroom, and return them at the end of the day, and will coordinate with the Computer Lab teacher.

Fuzzy had to fill out the form, we had to sign as parents, and he had to write an essay as to why he would be an asset to the team!  Since they get so many applications, it will be about a week before the special 'chosen' will find out!

I looked at Hubby and he looked at me, and we started to laugh!  I said, first glasses and braces... and now EVEN the A/V Club has gone all cool on us!!!  Times have changed!

Our kids think that we had very bizarre childhoods surrounded by very mean children. 

You know what... things are definitely better in some ways for our kids!  Sure, a lot of things are not, like I never had to practice lockdown drills in case of a gun toting maniac, but as for the day to day life of a kid in school, maybe things are a lot better!

Anyhow, just wanted to share our recent observations with you all!

be well,


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Clarification for those confused...

About the entry 'The Reflex':

Hubby 'hit' me by accident as he threw his arm out to grab a pillow that was laying in between us.  It is one of those 'things' that happen when sleeping with a partner. 

That's all... nothing sinister, nothing abusive!  Sorry for the confusion!

be well,

Just Another Day

Yes, it is Caturday here kitty!

This morning Hubby and the Scouts (Hammer, Fuzzy, and Pumpkin) were up at 7am to go help a fellow Scout complete his Eagle Scout Project. 

They scrubbed graffiti off of playground equipment at a local area and also layed matting, and re-mulched the entire park.  Good hard physical labor!!!  According to Hubby, they all worked very hard, but Pumpkin seemed best suited to manage the project at times!  In fact, a couple of the leaders commented on her motivational/supervisory skills!  LOL  Yep, she can be a good 'boss'!  It's a girl thang, I think!

My munchkins and Hubby are pooped!  Tonight should be an early night of sleep!  Of course, they don't think so!

Thank you again for all your support and kindness!

Just wanted to make a quick update...

be well,

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Reflex

So, tonight I treated myself to some wine.

I figured it would help me fall asleep after a stressful day.

I went to bed around midnight and fell asleep.

Hubby had fallen asleep around 10:15 in the family room.

Apparently around 1ish he decided to join me in the bedroom.

He actually made it into the bed without waking me, but before you give him a thumbs up, hear what happens next.

So, I am happily sleeping and the next thing I know... BAM!

Hubby swats me with one of his giganto sized ham-hocks of a hand!   I go 'WHAT  THE...' as he grabs the pillow I was using to elevate my sore, swollen left hand/wrist, murmurs 'Ooops, sorry.' and rolls over!


So, now he is sleeping the sleep of angels, and I am wide awake with a sore cheek, sore wrist/hand and everything at this point, lots of adrenaline (thanks to being woken up by a freakin' ham hock to the face) and NO BUZZ.

Yeah.  Just great.  I am so going to make him pay tomorrow.

be well,


Requiem for a Friend

This has really been some year.  I will not be sad to see 2007 leave...

Being sicker, brain tumor, my mom's friend of 40 years, Pat, succumbing to cancer, my Uncle Larry also crossing to the Other Side.

Now this sad news.

My mom grew up with three best friends.  They all lived in small section of Jersey City called the 'Heights'.  The four of them lived in a 1 1/2 block area, less for a few.  They all went to the same Catholic school.  3 of the 4 dad's died within a month of each other. 

All four remained friends for life.

Josie lived in New Hampshire.  Josie has had it very tough for the last ten years as her husband has been consumed by Alzheimer's.  Two months ago, Josie's only son, David, 40, was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Curable, but still quite scary. 

Josie also struggled with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and they thought possibly Lupus, like me.

Sometime last week Josie was checked into the hospital due to an infection from a kidney stone.  She quickly developed some pulmonary complications, and died suddenly on Tuesday. 

She will have a service in New Hampshire, but then also in New Jersey and the funeral will be here, too.  I think Josie's heart was always still here in Jersey.

Josie was so kind and sweet.  She always read my journal and would occasionally email me kind words when she knew I needed them most. 

So, J-land friends... I feel as though this year I have pressed upon your kindness too often, but once again, will you send positive thoughts, prayers, and wishes my way, for my mom, at this difficult time. 

Thank you...

My Thankful Thursday list:

1.     Jland's love and support and kindness.
2.     My family.
3.     Kathy, who just sat and listened to me for her entire lunch hour, my sister of the heart.
4.     Libby, who seems to sense the sadness and has been nuzzled at my feet.
5.     Docs & researchers who are finding more help for RA/Lupus. 

be well,

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vote for My Pets at Icanhascheezburger!!!

Finally!  After several submissions to icanhascheezburger.com with my pets pictures, this one:

... has made it!!!!  Yay!!!  Now, I just need everyone to go vote for it so I can get it moved to the front page!!!!

Here is the link... you may have to move a page foward to find it but I will keep updating.

Updated link Sunday 1pm:


I am so excited!!!!!  I hope I get on the front page!  Yay!

be well,

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Alive and Kicking

I was too ticked off at AOL to come back yesterday and post again.

First, they make Monday's entry disappear.  Poof.

I make an entry telling everyone it isn't their imagination... the entry is gone, along with everyone elses... stay tuned.

I even used this adorable pic to tell AOL exactly how I felt:

Then... POOF!  The 'missing' Monday entry returns, but of course, that couldn't go smoothly.  Oh NO... AOL then ate my Tuesday morning entry about the 'missing' Monday entry.

ACK!  So, that is why I didn't return yesterday.  I was peeved.

However, here I am now... for what it's worth!  LOL

Today, is the first day that both Fuzzy and Pumpkin are back at school!  Yay!  Fuzzy missed yesterday because the ear infection started to hurt, even though the first dose of antibiotic was taken.  He tossed and turned all night, and was in no shape to go yesterday morning.  Last night he had a good solid night of sleep, thankfully.

Hammer and I are fighting various symptoms of this viral cold thing.  He has the sore throat and runny nose, and so far, I have just been battling the runny nose.  Dayquil is keeping it from being too annoying though.  Hopefully, it will not become full blown for either of us. 

Transformers the movie came out on DVD yesterday!  And, yes, my insanely obsessed Transformer fan son (Hammer), was thrilled that his mom ran out to get it for him!   The special edition with all the directors goodies and extra footage, of course!  LOL

I also picked up the second Fantastic 4 movie, The Rise of the Silver Surfer and the boys and I watched it yesterday.  It was pretty good!!!  I liked it!!!  Action, humor, happy ending... as a comic based story should be!

Tonight is Hammer's teen Asperger's group and Boy Scouts.  Wednesday night is always a bit busy around here.  Fuzzy and Pumpkin are both staying after school to complete some make-up work. 

Hubby and Hammer get Wendy's on the fly tonight for dinner... My dad and I were just discussing what we may do this evening... Wendy's for us at home may be the trick... although my dad is in the mood for White Castle; the kids will want the White Castle. LOL

I am signing off for now... I will be back later.  Probably with a meme.  I know... you are all waiting with bated breath!  lol

be well,


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You are NOT Mistaken...

...Aohell did eat my last entry.

Kitty says to AOL:

More later...

be well,

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blinded by the Light

Pumpkin had a terrible night with her cold!  She didn't fall asleep until after 2am. 

Then, Fuzzy was up at 3am complaining of a sore throat and feeling stuffy, too.  Not a lot of sleep for me, until I slept in late.

Both stayed home from school and went to see the pediatrician. 

I was certain Pumpkin's ears would be infected, but surprisingly hers were clear and Fuzzy's were infected instead!  Ugh!  A round of cefzil for him!  Both had the quick strep come back negative, but we did the overnight one for Pumpkin, just in case, since she wasn't leaving on antibiotics!

Never a dull moment, as they say! 

be well,

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Monster Mash Redeux

I started to laugh reading the comments so far!!! 

So many of you seem to think that we do a lot of Halloween decorations and go 'all out'.  Actually, and I don't know if this is a NJ thing or not, but for our town/area, our display is rather small and tame!!!  LOL

But, thank you for all the compliments, just the same!

Here is a picture of Frank with his light on!

This is a picture of the house front and bushes all lit up!  You can't tell but the lights are a mixture of dark purple, like this text color, and bright orange!

Here is another picture of Pumpkin, with a little decorated pumpkin that she got today at the local nursery.

They are both pretty cute, huh?  She named it 'Twinkle'!

My sweet little Pumpkin has quite a cold!  It started as a sore throat, now is the whole kit and kaboodle, runny nose, clogged ears etc.  In fact, I am worried about her ears... we will have to keep an eye on it!

We had a very quiet weekend.  Yesterday, slept late, worked on the decorations yesterday and today.  Went to Fuddrucker's with Ilene and Bob and kids.  Saw a cockroach.  Eww... won't be going back anytime soon!  Came back here, had some wine, chatted the night away. 

Today, got up and went to local luncheonette for breakfast with mom, dad, and kids.  Came home and took a nap.  Finished Halloween decorations, played cards with Pumpkin, did journal entries.

We will haveour 'family time' and watch tv all together in a few minutes.  We will watch AFV together, now that the  new season has begun!

My left middle finger is still swollen and sore.  Hubby thinks I need to get a cortisone shot.  I say - not gonna happen!  lol  I am really great with all kinds of shots and stuff, but not that kind!  Not yet anyway!   I will try to put it off as long as I can! 

Basically, my whole left side is all messed up again.  UGH!   It didn't stop me from enjoying the weekend though.  No, we didn't do anything exciting or strenuous, but with Pumpkin being under the weather too, it all worked out! 

Pumpkin is sniffling right next to me right now! 

By the way, the Jets lost.  Boo.  The Patriots are kicking the Cowboys asses up and down the field right now, and Tom Brady has a career high of 5 touchdown passes in the game!  Woohoo!  I hate Dallas... being a Giants fan... that is a given.  Giants play tomorrow!  Oh yeah, and Brett Favre won today, too!  Yeah!

be well,

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