Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Poor kitty... we relate...

Fuzzy's asthma is acting up today...  This time of year is always the worst. 

Here are my Thankful Things.

1.     Fuzzy.  I am thankful that although he had an asthma attack this am, he is doing fine with home nebulizer treatments, and we do not need to go to the doctor's/ER.

2.     My Dad.  I spoke with him earlier and he said his ear is feeling better.

3.     Hubby.  That he isn't in jail for skipping jury duty.  Oh yes... see story below.

4.     My finger.  Although my back is out and I am shuffling around like a Tim Conway character, my finger is feeling better.  Finally.

5.     Coffee.  I need it.  I have it.  Amen.

So, Hubby had a jury duty notice.  It is written on the calendar, the notice hanging on the fridge, and I reminded him earlier this week.

I forgot that last night he was supposed to call to see if he was needed, but it wasn't MY jury notice was it? 

This morning, my dad remembered, bless him, and he called me at 7:30am to ask if Hubby remembered. 

Unfortunately, Hubby was already on the bus to NYC!!!

So, in a panic, I found the notice and called the number listed, and thank the fates, they did NOT need Hubby's group to report to jury duty. 

Whew... big relief!!!  I don't know what would have happened if they did!  Even if Hubby came back on the first bus he could, he wouldhave been about an hour late, I think!  Yikes!

Hubby is now up at the school for classroom observation day.  Pumpkin wanted us to see her afternoon class with her homeroom teacher, and Hubby will be there. 

He is annoyed with me that I am not going.

I am not going for two reasons:

1)   I don't feel comfortable leaving Fuzzy, even though he is doing okay now.

2)   I would have to use my cane and go up wayyyyy too many stairs, neither of which I want to do right now!  Pumpkin knows my back is out and is very understanding.  I am thankful for that too.

I think Hubby has a lot of nerve to be annoyed with me after forgetting the jury duty.  AND, it isn't like I plan for these things to happen to me or want them to happen. 

I hate these damn diseases.  I really do.

I thought I was frustrated last night.... I am more so today.

Thanks for listening.

be well,

              For hubby:


lattedah711 said...

Funny entry.  Your right - whew that he didn't have it.  Ihear they don't take kndly to people who don't show up for duty.  All is well anyway.     Tracy

buggieboo1 said...

good things to be thankful for!

I should do this!

~make it a great day!~

coelha said...

HA HA HA...  Please don't stress over the jury duty stuff.  Believe me..  I work for county government--they will not throw you in jail for missing jury duty-even though they will print that statement on the back of the notice.  County governments don't have the manpower or the time to do it.  I praise you for wanting to be a good citizen and fullfill your civil duty!  I wouldn't be able to leave the house either--I'd be too busy worrying about Fuzzy.  I'm sure he'll be okay, but mom's have to worry-it's part of the job specs.  Have a good and relaxing day today!  :)  Julie :)

chat2missie said...

Thank goodness your husband didn't have jury duty!  I can't imagine what trouble he might have gotten in.  Try to enjoy the rest of your day.

helmswondermom said...

I like your thankfuls list.

astoriasand said...

In England I think you get fined without a Dr's letter to say you aere sick,if you do not turn up for Jury Servics.You hve to attend and if it means waiting all day long and you are not called you still have to go.Grrrrrr.I was sent for this duty for two weeks about twelve yrs ago.I hated every minute I was there.I am sorry you ar enot too good and I hope fuzzy's asthma keeps at bay.Glad Dads ear is feeling better too.Forget about what Hubby said and have more of that delicious COFFEE LOL!! MmmmI'm having one with you right now .Take Care god Bless Kath

mleighin21st said...

I sure hope  You and Fuzzy will soon be on the mend.  I wouldn't want to leave  him home alone either, you'd just spend all your time worrying.  Sometimes others, even those closest to us don't realize that we're not SUPERWOMAN,  and you are so great, so don't sweat it.  A couple deep breaths......
                              {{{Dawn}}}   your friend,  Leigh

deshelestraci said...

I am struggling with the same stuff with my hubby.  I am not his momma!  And yet...I could create a list!  Grrrr.  Glad it worked out.  Sorry you are feeling ra-ish today.  

tenyearnap said...

You and Fuzzy just stay home and take care of yourselves today. That's important.

I don't blame Hubby for missing jury duty. Hahaa--Cin

luddie343 said...

Go ahead and feel frustrated if you need to.  Then get back to living as you always do. enjoying the good moments.  Close call about the jury duty thing.  If I may, don't concern yourself with anyone else's frustrations now, it's your turn to scream and color on the walls.  Why not.  xoxo CATHY  

queeniemart said...

i HATE jury duty...they call you alot in Ohio and NO ONE ever gets out of it. Grr.

tampa0503 said... the RA graphics!!  I don't look sick either and no one ever asks if they can help me.  My dtr seems to know and always asks me if things are too much for me.  

Both my kids had asthma....I don't know how I survived with so little sleep!  And oh, how we need our sleep!!

Hope you feel better soon, Bethe    

preciousone25 said...

I think you had GOOD reasons for not going.   I think I'm the only person in the whole wide world who actually LIKES jury duty.  I usually have found the cases interesting, and take the responsibility seriously..... (besides you get long lunch breaks, you go home early, and you don't have to be at work!!!  LOL!!!!)


erarein63 said...

Oh that is too funny about the jury duty!  I almost forgot once too and remembered at 5am.  And husbands are dumb, dumb, dumb (can you guess my DH is not in my good graces right now?).  Glad Fuzzy is feeling better.  Hope you do too soon.  De ;)

eml625 said...

I HATE Jury Duty, hate it, hate it!!!
Hubby needs a swift kick in the butt for being annoyed with you! I will come there and do it myself.  Don't you let him make you feel bad for not being there. You would if you could.
Love ya

libragem007 said...

hugs to you (((Dawn))))

Gem :-)

donejustwrite said...

{{{Dawn}}}  You constantly amaze me with all that you do while dealing with all you have to deal with!  You are awesome and everyone in your family is lucky to have YOU!  I enjoy your journal so much - I just spent the last 30 minutes reading from 10/4.  You spark so much in me to write myself...  haha, that's a joke.  I hardly ever journal anymore, but I am going to!  It's on "the list."

Read ya soon,
the other Dawn

wwfbison said...

Awe, poor little Fuzzy - what a wonderful mom you are!!!  Isn't jury duty just a big pain?  Feel better soon!

gazker said...

Oh Dawn, what a ghastly few days! Ya poor thing. I know I am late, but I hope my comments find you better now.
Gaz xxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

I hate that you feel so bad, Dawn, but you always bring a smile to my face anyway.  Now, how to men luck out so much?  Missing jury duty and not having to  Big Hugs  Chris

fisherkristina said...

Dawn, I am so proud of you, for being thankful despite your illnesses.  You are not one to go around complaining.  Good for you to tell them you couldn't do jury duty when you couldn't.  The same thing happened to me recently b/c of my fibro, narcolepsy and a couple other illnesses.  Mostly narcolepsy.  I would fall asleep during the trial and miss something.  I didn't feel bad about canceling at all, nor do they feel bad about saying it is fine, there are lots of able bodied people to take your place.  Anyway, I just wanted to say I really admire you, being so thankful (as I know you are, seeing your Thankful Thursday each week), while still going through the illnesses you do.  You really inspire me.

Krissy :)