Sunday, October 14, 2007

Monster Mash Redeux

I started to laugh reading the comments so far!!! 

So many of you seem to think that we do a lot of Halloween decorations and go 'all out'.  Actually, and I don't know if this is a NJ thing or not, but for our town/area, our display is rather small and tame!!!  LOL

But, thank you for all the compliments, just the same!

Here is a picture of Frank with his light on!

This is a picture of the house front and bushes all lit up!  You can't tell but the lights are a mixture of dark purple, like this text color, and bright orange!

Here is another picture of Pumpkin, with a little decorated pumpkin that she got today at the local nursery.

They are both pretty cute, huh?  She named it 'Twinkle'!

My sweet little Pumpkin has quite a cold!  It started as a sore throat, now is the whole kit and kaboodle, runny nose, clogged ears etc.  In fact, I am worried about her ears... we will have to keep an eye on it!

We had a very quiet weekend.  Yesterday, slept late, worked on the decorations yesterday and today.  Went to Fuddrucker's with Ilene and Bob and kids.  Saw a cockroach.  Eww... won't be going back anytime soon!  Came back here, had some wine, chatted the night away. 

Today, got up and went to local luncheonette for breakfast with mom, dad, and kids.  Came home and took a nap.  Finished Halloween decorations, played cards with Pumpkin, did journal entries.

We will haveour 'family time' and watch tv all together in a few minutes.  We will watch AFV together, now that the  new season has begun!

My left middle finger is still swollen and sore.  Hubby thinks I need to get a cortisone shot.  I say - not gonna happen!  lol  I am really great with all kinds of shots and stuff, but not that kind!  Not yet anyway!   I will try to put it off as long as I can! 

Basically, my whole left side is all messed up again.  UGH!   It didn't stop me from enjoying the weekend though.  No, we didn't do anything exciting or strenuous, but with Pumpkin being under the weather too, it all worked out! 

Pumpkin is sniffling right next to me right now! 

By the way, the Jets lost.  Boo.  The Patriots are kicking the Cowboys asses up and down the field right now, and Tom Brady has a career high of 5 touchdown passes in the game!  Woohoo!  I hate Dallas... being a Giants fan... that is a given.  Giants play tomorrow!  Oh yeah, and Brett Favre won today, too!  Yeah!

be well,

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jibaro6543 said...

the halloween pics are great---we do not decorate here---I am not a fan of that particular holiday....but I love your decorations---too cute!!!
I also love the decorated pumpkin!!!
Hope the rest of your evening goes well and that your daughter feels better in the morning!

nightmaremom said...

great decorations.. love 'em!  As for football I hate both  the pompous ass Romo made the comments about only losing to Buffalo if he went over the Falls... and Brady... grrrrrrr  I cheered for both to get hurt.  LOL  Kidding...  it's a closer game now obviously as 11 points isn't kickin butt Dallas has to have their d show up and stop 'em in order to have a chance....   I don't care who wins I hate both.  LOL

swmpgrly said...

being from MA. I love Tom Brady but I am disapointed in one thing, He was supose to have my baby not

tendernoggle said...

I too hate Dallas....I am a long time hater too! lol I also like the Giants.
You just had to show Frankie all lit up didn't you ????lol :-(
Hardly anyone around here decorate for Halloween anymore...:-(
Hope pumpkin gets better real soon...chicken noodle soup time!!!
love ya,

coelha said...

Whoa..scary at night!  :)  I hope pumpkin is feeling better soon!  :)  Julie

emabecmar said...

love your decorations. i hope your pumpkin is feeling better soon. (((((hugs))))

tampa0503 said...

Aaaaawwww cool!!  Wish I could decorate.  With no kids and the temps continue to be in the 90's, it's hard to get in the Halloween mood here.  I am almost wishing to be up in northern NY. Well, almost, at least until the first freeze.  :-D

Thanks for th pics!  And,yes, Pumpkin's cute!


queeniemart said...

my right middle finger has hurt me for weeks....i think your decorations are great and here in Ohio they go all out too....i love love Halloween decorations.
I hope your daughter feels better QUICK!

deshelestraci said...

You live in a funny area.  No one decorates for Halloween around here.  One or two people but that's about it!  Your decorations are the bomb!

mleighin21st said...

Hope Pumpkin feels better really soon, and that you don't catch her bugs.  They( the decorations) look really Ghoul at night, too.  Tehehe.
                                    Smiles,  Leigh

gazker said...

I wanted to say 'Hi' before I say goodbye for a week. I hope Pumpkin's cold gets better before I get back.

Hugs to yas, Gaz xxx

astoriasand said...

Hey  The house looks fabulous.I wish people would decorate there houses in England for halloween.Guess it's only the kids and some grown ups that dress up Grrrr.It looks realy fantastic.I also love Pumkins Pumkin LOL! it is cute.I hope she soon gets well shame she is out of sorts,but I would keep a check on her ears as earache if it starts can be realy painful for anyone let alone kids.Cockroaches OMG Ahhhhhhhh!!! I would have been out of there in flash LOL!!In all you sound to have had a great weeknd I hope your finger swelling goes down and is less painful.I agree on the cortisone iv'e had enough of them injections for frozen shoulder to last me a lifetime thankyou OUCH they kill haaaa.Have a great Monday.Take Care God Bless kath

chat2missie said...

I love when houses really decorate for the holidays.  Hope your daughter feels better.

eml625 said...

The house looks SCARY !!! LOL ...really cool Dawn. Love it.
Hope your little pumpkin feels better soon. And your finger too...keep an eye on that !

sangrialel said...

The house looks great!  I hope pumpkin is feeling better soon.  Linda

tenyearnap said...

You and Pumpkin just take it easy for awhile. You must both be in top form for Halloween! --Cin

nay0114 said...

LOL my nephews are die heart Dallas fans. I'm not a football fan myself. My great nephew is the only Giants fan in that whole family so he takes a lot of heat. LOL. Hope Pumpkin gets better soon. I love how she's so girlie and names her pumpkin cutie patootie names.
Take care, Chrissie

libragem007 said...

I love to decorate for Halloweens too.
nice decor!
Gem :-)