Sunday, October 21, 2007

Times They are a Changin'

Anyone with kids knows that this is how they call you...  Over and over and over... lol

Hubby took Fuzzy to work on his shotgun badge for Boy Scouts today.  There is a specific Scout approved facility about an hour away that they go to and Fuzzy will shoot clay traps.  Pumpkin went to watch.  Hubby and I feel she is still too young. 

However, before Hubby left, he whipped up my favorite chocolate chip banana bread that he makes.  It is in the oven now still baking.  Mmmmmm.....

About kids... time's have really changed, and I have an example of that.

Back in the 1970's, when I was in grammar school, certain things were patently 'uncool'.

Wearing glasses = uncool in 1970's. 

Now in the 2000's, wearing glasses is hip!  There are even kids who cry when they find out they don't need them!!!  No more teasing 'four eyes' taunts, now they check out what color your frames this time!  Amazing.

Having braces = uncool in 1970's.

Again, now having braces is very cool and hip!  Kids can't wait to see what 'cool' colors you get each month!  No teasing 'brace face' jokes! 

Here is the Ultimate kicker to me. 

Do you remember the Audio Visual Club at your school?  Back in the 1970's they were referred to as the 'Geek Squad' or other unseemly names.  They were all boys and to be a part of it was the absolute death of any chance at being popular.

Not anymore!  Fuzzy came home earlier this week with an application for the School Technical Team! 

This'elite' group of 7th and 8th graders will deliver tv's, dvd players, projectors, computers, etc, to teachers, as requested during homeroom, and return them at the end of the day, and will coordinate with the Computer Lab teacher.

Fuzzy had to fill out the form, we had to sign as parents, and he had to write an essay as to why he would be an asset to the team!  Since they get so many applications, it will be about a week before the special 'chosen' will find out!

I looked at Hubby and he looked at me, and we started to laugh!  I said, first glasses and braces... and now EVEN the A/V Club has gone all cool on us!!!  Times have changed!

Our kids think that we had very bizarre childhoods surrounded by very mean children. 

You know what... things are definitely better in some ways for our kids!  Sure, a lot of things are not, like I never had to practice lockdown drills in case of a gun toting maniac, but as for the day to day life of a kid in school, maybe things are a lot better!

Anyhow, just wanted to share our recent observations with you all!

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winivere2002 said...

OOOO @ please send recipe for your hubby's chocolate chip banana bread. It is still too hot here to bake, but I may have to make an exception. Yep @ how what we thought was uncool is now cool. Have an awesome day. PS... so hard to keep up with all your entries! You do get on the computer a lot! LOL... kiss kiss.......

tendernoggle said...


queeniemart said...

times are scary now or maybe it seems that way because i am a mom...i had a paper route in the 80's and now i would never let my kids deliver papers.....i am tickled that Fuzzy may be a part of the TV/DVD club at school....yes, times sure have changed. I always wanted braces even back in the early 80's......only the rich kids had them then.
Hugs, lisa

cacklinrosie101 said... kids went to school in the late 80's and 90's.  Braces and glasses were still way uncool.  Funny, now but Megan loves to wear her glasses many times instead of her contacts and has at least two different pairs.  ROFL...I'm not even sure if we had an Audio Visual Club in my high school.  Have a good Sunday!  HUGS  Chris

helmswondermom said...

So many things have changed.  Some good and some bad, and I guess it's always going to be that way.

tenyearnap said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Fuzzy getting on the Geek Squad. --Cin

toonguykc said...

I was a geek with bad grades -- that's, like, a whole new category!  LOL


eml625 said...

Hey girl,
I have to aggree. My daughter wants glasses (her eyes are ok right now) and she cant wait for braces (she will need those soon enough)....yes, times are  changing.
And my son, was in the "Technology club" They had so many applicants, they had to split the kids in two groups, with different meeting days.

deshelestraci said...

That is a change!  Too funny!  I do remember wanting glasses in the 6th grade.  All of my friends had them.

wwfbison said...

Now you made me feel really old..........time sure have changed.

mleighin21st said...

I wore the glasses, but it wasn't the A/V Club that labeled me a geek, it was the library.  Now, my son informs me that at his community College, being a geek is cool!  Especially in the Art Dept.  (HUH?)  Imagine that.  
                                           Smiles,  Leigh

gehi6 said...

That dad one is so cute.  You really know how to do this.  I have gotten such a kic out of some of your captions, and that tiger one.  Gerry