Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alive and Kicking

I was too ticked off at AOL to come back yesterday and post again.

First, they make Monday's entry disappear.  Poof.

I make an entry telling everyone it isn't their imagination... the entry is gone, along with everyone elses... stay tuned.

I even used this adorable pic to tell AOL exactly how I felt:

Then... POOF!  The 'missing' Monday entry returns, but of course, that couldn't go smoothly.  Oh NO... AOL then ate my Tuesday morning entry about the 'missing' Monday entry.

ACK!  So, that is why I didn't return yesterday.  I was peeved.

However, here I am now... for what it's worth!  LOL

Today, is the first day that both Fuzzy and Pumpkin are back at school!  Yay!  Fuzzy missed yesterday because the ear infection started to hurt, even though the first dose of antibiotic was taken.  He tossed and turned all night, and was in no shape to go yesterday morning.  Last night he had a good solid night of sleep, thankfully.

Hammer and I are fighting various symptoms of this viral cold thing.  He has the sore throat and runny nose, and so far, I have just been battling the runny nose.  Dayquil is keeping it from being too annoying though.  Hopefully, it will not become full blown for either of us. 

Transformers the movie came out on DVD yesterday!  And, yes, my insanely obsessed Transformer fan son (Hammer), was thrilled that his mom ran out to get it for him!   The special edition with all the directors goodies and extra footage, of course!  LOL

I also picked up the second Fantastic 4 movie, The Rise of the Silver Surfer and the boys and I watched it yesterday.  It was pretty good!!!  I liked it!!!  Action, humor, happy ending... as a comic based story should be!

Tonight is Hammer's teen Asperger's group and Boy Scouts.  Wednesday night is always a bit busy around here.  Fuzzy and Pumpkin are both staying after school to complete some make-up work. 

Hubby and Hammer get Wendy's on the fly tonight for dinner... My dad and I were just discussing what we may do this evening... Wendy's for us at home may be the trick... although my dad is in the mood for White Castle; the kids will want the White Castle. LOL

I am signing off for now... I will be back later.  Probably with a meme.  I know... you are all waiting with bated breath!  lol

be well,



coelha said...

We saw that movie (Fantastic Four) this summer at the U.S. military base in the Azores.  My youngest sat through the whole movie--it was fun.  Can't forget that silly dancing scene though!  LOL...  Julie :)  

mleighin21st said...

It's like entry hide and seek around here.  Everything okay now?   LOVE the last graphic, right down to the bloody tears.  Hope you and Hammer can keep this bug under control and not get knocked down with it.  You guys have a great afternoon and dinner.  I'm gonna go take a nap.  :)
                             Smiles,  Leigh


astoriasand said...

You wern't the only one who was peeved.I was too dawn Grrrrrrrrrr.AOL loved that graphic LOL!! Happy to know th ekids were back at school and I hope the colds o away soon for you and Hammer.Looks like you have been doing plenty DVD watching LOL!! Whatever is decided this evening ENJOY I hope it all goes well,and you are all feeling much better tomorrow prayers being said.Take Care God Bless Kath

sugarsweet056 said...

I was ticked at AOL too, did you visit my Tag Journal & see the ticked off tags I made?

tenyearnap said...

With all the layoffs at AOL, I guess we can stay tuned for more of the same...and no more Journals Ed Joe to help us, either. BOOOOOO! --Cin

cherry2sweet2eat said...

i have a cold they just put me out the hospital with no meds at all lol so i have to fight it on my own.

swmpgrly said...

Aol better not steal your meme.

emabecmar said...

i can't find alot of entry's people have made. aohell is at it again, grrrrrrrrrrr. (((((((Hugs)))))))

nightmaremom said...

Grrrrrrrr heard that about aol this week...  sucks!!  Hope you feel better soon

tendernoggle said...

I think someone at Aol may have been playing a Halloween trick! lots of journals had that problem!
love ya,

psychfun said...

Antibiotics take a few days to really see effects! Hope all are better soon.

deshelestraci said...

yah, and then aol fired Joe and that really pissed me off.  And you know I don't get mad for just any ol' thing.

toonguykc said...

I think AOL Journals was down because they had to load in a bunch of new banner ads.  Grrrrrrrrrrr!


ukgal36 said...

My entries never did show back up...
no toys left in my pram...;-)
have a good thursday!

sunnyside46 said...

Caitlin wants the Transformers for her birthfay. It jsut doesn't sound like the kind of thing a seventeen year old girl would want,but she has always been aan odd little bird.

gazker said...

There's a lot of poofs in this entry.
Gaz ;-)

ekgillen said...

I was a rockstar mom as well buying the Transformers movie for the boy! :)

queeniemart said...

i bought Transformer DVD for my DH for his bday in Nov. That is all he has talked about ALL week. He has no clue though. I used to love White Castles before they had it in my city...we'd drive to Columbus to get it. It tastes funny at the one in my city.
I hope everyone is feeling better by now.
HUGS, lj