Thursday, October 18, 2007

Requiem for a Friend

This has really been some year.  I will not be sad to see 2007 leave...

Being sicker, brain tumor, my mom's friend of 40 years, Pat, succumbing to cancer, my Uncle Larry also crossing to the Other Side.

Now this sad news.

My mom grew up with three best friends.  They all lived in small section of Jersey City called the 'Heights'.  The four of them lived in a 1 1/2 block area, less for a few.  They all went to the same Catholic school.  3 of the 4 dad's died within a month of each other. 

All four remained friends for life.

Josie lived in New Hampshire.  Josie has had it very tough for the last ten years as her husband has been consumed by Alzheimer's.  Two months ago, Josie's only son, David, 40, was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Curable, but still quite scary. 

Josie also struggled with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and they thought possibly Lupus, like me.

Sometime last week Josie was checked into the hospital due to an infection from a kidney stone.  She quickly developed some pulmonary complications, and died suddenly on Tuesday. 

She will have a service in New Hampshire, but then also in New Jersey and the funeral will be here, too.  I think Josie's heart was always still here in Jersey.

Josie was so kind and sweet.  She always read my journal and would occasionally email me kind words when she knew I needed them most. 

So, J-land friends... I feel as though this year I have pressed upon your kindness too often, but once again, will you send positive thoughts, prayers, and wishes my way, for my mom, at this difficult time. 

Thank you...

My Thankful Thursday list:

1.     Jland's love and support and kindness.
2.     My family.
3.     Kathy, who just sat and listened to me for her entire lunch hour, my sister of the heart.
4.     Libby, who seems to sense the sadness and has been nuzzled at my feet.
5.     Docs & researchers who are finding more help for RA/Lupus. 

be well,

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pharmolo said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Dawn, and wish you and all involved strength in the days and weeks to come.

coelha said...

(((((((((((  Dawn  ))))))))))))))  I'm so sorry to hear of this sad news.  Please extend a hug to your mom, and your friend's family.  I'm sincerely hoping that 2008 will be a much better year.  So sorry!!!  :(  Julie

sunnyside46 said...

My dear friend, I am so sorry.
I wish I was there to share a cup of coffee.

emabecmar said...

prayers going up for your mom and the family of the loved one lost. ((((((((hugs))))))

tenyearnap said...

((((((((Dawn))))))))) You have had a lot to bear this year. I'm so sorry. Please hug up to that Libby dog...I'm always glad that you have her and your wonderful family. --Cin

deshelestraci said...

Sending prayers.  So sorry to hear about your mom's friend.  

astoriasand said...

Oh Dawn it is so sad to read this.I am so sorry love and yes I feel many of us will be happy to see 2007 out.I too will for one.I can imagine how heartbroken your mom is .I lost my friend last year too after all them yrs and it's so hard to bare.Prayers being said for all of you at this very sad time.May perpetual light shine upon your dear friend .Take Care God Bless Kath

nay0114 said...

The greatest thing about all that sadness is you're still here and you have all your family what a thing to be thankful for.
So sorry about your mother's friend (sister of the heart). Prayers going out to her and the family during their time of grief.
Take care, Chrissie

candlejmr said...

(((Dawn))))) I am so sorry this has been such a hard year for you.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mom....and Josie and her family.


lattedah711 said...

2007 seems to be less than happy for most of us. My prayers to you mother.     Tracy

kirkbyj05 said...

I can empathise with you Dawn as I too had a horribble 2006 and was glad to leave it behind.  May the future only hold happiness for you and your Mom.  
Life can sometimes be so cruel and hard to take.  
God Bless you and your Mom and her dear friends too who have passed on.  

Jeanie  xx

gazker said...

After being away Dawn, I come back to read your mail. You have never pressed upon us in J land.
We may have all never met, but that's what J land mates are for ain't it to lean on sometimes?
Hugs, to you my dear friend and sincere thoughts for those who have pssed on.
Gaz xxx

adlessor said...

Hope it helps you to know that J-Land friends are sharing  the sorrow in your heart.   Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you both.       Dawn

sugarsweet056 said...

Lovely entry & tribute for Josie.
Sending prayers, also hugs.
Will keep all in my thoughts at prayer time tonight.
God bless,

psychfun said...

So sorry to hear of this. I hope her son is doing ok now & that someone will be able to care for her husband.

chat2missie said...

I'm so sorry.......

tampa0503 said...

awwww sweetie it is a bad yr for you.  I'm sorry!  ((gentle hugs))

Did you know I am one of those people that takes new drugs, not yet on the market, for RA??  I was in a double blind stude for 3 months...didn't know if I ws getting the new drugs or not.  The beginning of Sept I started going every 2 weeks for 2 injections.  It's a reseach drug by Norvaitis.  I'm hoping it'll work not only for me but all those with RA and Lupus.

hang in Dawn.....Bethe

libragem007 said...


swmpgrly said...

god bless you all

cacklinrosie101 said...

That is such a shame.  Sending my prayers for all her friends and family and you also.  2007 seems to have been a rough year for many.  Let's hope 2008 is better.  Hugs  Chris

gehi6 said...

I am sorry your mom lost a good friend.  At her age she probably feels as I do that when the bell tolls it tolls for thee,  so that makes a death especially sad and poignant, reminding the old they will soon be gone, too.  Hopefully all the younger ones will not be leaving so soon.  Gerry

winivere2002 said...

I was looking at my journal links and ran into yours. I think your journal is quite charming, even tho' it is full of coffee stains and kitty kats. LOL... I am sorry to hear about your mom's friend. It is nice to see your cheerful face on this page, but did you notice that your family and pets are named after food? LOL @ your beautiful sense of humor. ~ Win =.)

jckfrstross said...

oh no i am so sorry:(


martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm sending positive vibes your way, and to your mom as well.  How sad to lose a friend and you've been through so much.  Hang in there.  I sometimes think one of the best things about blogs is that it can really extend your support network.  I can tell you have a lot of great friends out here in blog-land and I know that, like me, they're all pulling for you in your time of need.

luddie343 said...

Ah yes, The Heights, not far from me and once a special place to come of age.  I'll remember Josie, and hope that even in a time when everything seems so over the top, you'll keep that warrior spirit and hopeful smile.  xoxo CATHY

toonguykc said...

How awful!  At least she had a wonderful friend in you.


tlgf1968 said...

this really has been one heckuva year, hasn't it?  here is something i want to add to your thankful thursday list since i haven't been able to post lately.  it is related to #5.  went to the rheumy on tuesday and was approached about entering a research program for sle.  someone here in ohio is looking to help us, too.  just thought you should know that.  i'm sorry about your mom's friend.  the obits have brought some surprises here, too.  what is with this world?  ((( hugs )))

eml625 said...

I aggree 2007 can go now !
I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom's life long friend.  May she rest in peace.

queeniemart said...

Prayers for sure for your mom...i am so sorry she lost a lifelong best friend. Often i sit and just say WHY.
HUGS, huge ones, lisa

wwfbison said...

I am sorry to hear you & your mom lost such a good friend.  You & your mom surely have my Prayers.

inafrnz247 said...

Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers...


ksgal3133 said...

I am so sorry...
Sending prayers,

donejustwrite said...

Oh, Dawn, I am so sorry.  I know this year has been tough.  It will get better, tho.  I promise.

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
you and your mother are in my prayers.

mleighin21st said...

Better late than never?  Of course, I'm so sorry for the loss of another friend.  You always have my thoughts and prayers, you know that.
                                      Blessings,  Leigh