Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What a Weekend!

Hello again J-land!

I ended up doing a little trip to the hospital ER this weekend! 

Never a dull moment, eh? 

My arm was very painful along the vein where my IV had run on Wednesday for my rheumatoid arthritis medicine.  I called my internist when it was not getting any better on Saturday and she told me to go directly to the ER.

First, I showered, but then I went to the ER.  I mean, a girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do right?  lol

After much sitting and waiting they did a Doppler test on the arm to be sure that it was just phlebitis, which is an irritation of the vein as opposed to thrombosis which is a clot.

A clot would be bad.

Thankfully, it was NOT a clot, just a very irritated vein, which after 3 IV infusions in a row, I will not use next month, and I will begin to alternate sides. 

Apparently, my veins are not only difficult to find, small, and roly poly, but they are sensitive too!  @@  Sheesh!

I still have and had a head cold all weekend (ugh), but my flare is officially over and my joints feel good!  Or as good as they ever get!   Yay!

Sunday we went to see the movie 'RV' with Robin Williams.  Lordy, what a funny movie!!!  I laughed so hard, I almost wet my pants!  It was also a sweet movie about connecting with your family, dealing with teenagers, and what is really important in life.... LOVE!

Yesterday, was a quiet day at home because Fuzzy had a miserable headache and wanted me to watch tv with him in my bed all day.  So I did.  We watched 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' on A&E and that was good.

Then, we watched the Yankee game and that was good, too, because they won! Yay!!!  Wooohooo!!!  Go Yankees

School is almost over for the kids, thank goodness!  They have 'short timers disease' and really want out!  I do, too. 

No schedules, no reports, no projects = NO STRESS!!!!

The kids are really great, they love to learn and read, so, all summer they will keep up do fun and educational things without even being asked to do it!  It is really nice and fun for me, too.

Signing off for now...

be well,

Monday, May 29, 2006

A Salute

Happy Memorial Day to one and all!

As we go through our busy lives, it is so easy to forget that FREEDOM ISN'T FREE.

The very ground we stand on, in about 75% of this country, was consecrated with the blood of sacrifice. 

Whether it was blood from the first pilgrims and settlers in the east,

or a fight of French and Indians in the Ohio Valley, 

or a fight with Native Americans for land in the vast north and west,

or a fight with Mexicans or Spaniards for land and control of the southwest,

or the fight for Independence from our British Father's througout the colonies,

or the blood of cousins spilt over idealistic and economic realism in the Civil War...

the freedoms and the rights we hold and all the flaws that go with them have been paid in the blood of our forebears.

Remember them today.

Remember those serving for us in the U.S. Armed Forces today.

Whether you agree or don't agree with the politics that shape our lives today, believe and support the men and women who give their time and their lives to defend and protect.

Thank you,

be well,


Thursday, May 25, 2006

No Rest for the Weary

What a week!

The picture above is of Pumpkin Muffin from her school's Spring Concert last night!  She is holding her essay that she read about why she loves America!

The concert was very good, Pumpkin and her third grade classmates played recorder, and sang songs.  The first and second graders also performed individually, but they just sing.

Yesterday was also my IV infusion of Orencia.  They ran a lot of blood work, too.  My doc checked me out from head to toe.  The mouth sores seem to be under control with the Kenalog paste that they prescribed.  I am going to have hand and wrist x-rays next month to just check the progression of the disease in my joints.

Monday was the Annual Parent/Scout Kickball Game!  You long time readers may remember that last year I had a big wipe out running to base that bruised my ego more than the shin and knee that was bleeding! 

This year, Pumpkin Muffin was my pinch runner, I just kicked!

  Fun was had by all, and the parents won for the 4th year in a row, by a score of 17-5!  As usual, the boys were their own worst enemy.  By the third of nine innings they began to collapse on themselves with in fighting, and they began to not cover the bases or outfield correctly, all hovering by the pitching mound!

Tueday night was baseball practice, and they are getting ready for Fuzzy's final game of the regular season, which is Saturday, 9 am. 

Next week will begin play offs, which is usually 2 rounds.  Our team has yet to play in the big game on Championship Saturday, but this could be our year!  I am keeping my fingers crossed....

Today my SUV had to go into the dealer to be checked, as the engine light was coming on, and it was running really rough.  Turns out an oxygen sensor thingy was bad and was messing up the fuel mix.  How is that for a technical description?  I had to run and pick it up this afternoon.

Tonight will be the first quiet night at home all week!  I am so looking forward to that and to getting the kids into bed on time!  They are all tired and cranky and treading in dangerous waters by being fresh.  Punishments are about to be levied for anymore slip ups!   Hopefully, they will behave!  lol

I have had a scratchy throat for two days and last night I was up once or twice because my nose was running so badly. 

This morning I awoke to a full blown head cold.  I could scream, but I won't, because my flare is finally starting to go AWAY! 


Colds stink...but what's a mom to do??? 

Well, I am pumping myself full of Dayquil, drinking water and coffee, and hoping to get in bed early tonight!

All the good tv is over anyhow!

Be well,

ps... I added some poetry to my poetry journal!  See the link in my 'All about me' section!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dum spiro, spero - While I breathe, I hope. (Cicero)

The title for my entry today is one of my favorite Latin quotes.

It is particularly meaningful for me right now, as I am still struggling with a flare.  My RA/Lupus - who knows what or which, but I am sore, swollen and fatigued.  The pea soup kind of fatigue... but I am trying.

And, I am hopeful.

I have my IV of Orencia in NYC on Wednesday am.  I am hopeful that it will cut this flare off in its tracks.

I have had a busy few days! 

Friday, my movie/book club went to see 'The DaVinci Code'!!  I really enjoyed the book and found the movie to be great, too!  The movie had some changes, but still remained true to the essence of the book's story.  I also felt the acting and casting was excellent for the potrayal of the main characters.

Afterward, we all went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant and discussed the book, the movie, and what was new with each other!

I don't often go out without my hubby or family, so it was a treat!  Even though I had to buck up with some vicodin just to get ready to go and to get through it.  It was well worth it!

Yesterday, I made it to Fuzzy's baseball game!  He had a great game and even hit a stand up double!  Yay!  The team lost 6-4, but everyone was so proud, this was a very tough team and they truly held their own and fought a good fight!

My sister/best friend came up and it was so nice to spend time together to catch up.  Our busy lives pull us in opposite ways, but it will never pull us apart. 

My darling nephew was a real rip - running around and playing with my kids and their friends!  Oh and with Libby!  He LOVES Libby and she loves him!  They were having lots of fun together, outside and in the house!

Then we all went out for a nice family dinner!  An excellent way to end an excellent day! 

Today, was the street fair that they have in our town each year!  Unfortunately, the weather must have scared away many vendors because it was smaller than usual.  And, it did start to rain and was chilly about an hour after we got there. 

I did get a nice knock-off purse though that my mom bought for me!  It is a pink Prada leather bag, not too big, not too small!  Thank you, Mommy!!!

Now, I am relaxing inside, catching up online with emails and journals. 

The sun popped back out and the rain cleared (temporarily) so the kids are outside, wreaking havoc around the neighborhood!  Ha ha... actually, they are playing tag and wiffle ball and what-not.  Hubby is out there, too.

I hope all is well in your world and I will be back again soon!!

Be well,




Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Honor for Me and My Daughter Pumpkin Muffin

I have some very exciting news!

I got a phone call last night, that my dear sweet angel of a daughter entered our town's yearly Mother of the Year Essay contest... and....

I won!   Actually, Pumpkin Muffin won with her essay about me!

On June 1st, we go to a Mayor and Council meeting and the honor will be officially bestowed, with a plaque and her original essay for me, and a $50 savings bond for her!

Our picture will be in the local paper together and they will print her winning essay!

I have no idea what she wrote, except that my Hubby said she never even mentioned my RA or Lupus.  That is great, because I would hate to think we were chosen on a sympathy vote of any kind.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention on journal that there was another essay contest at her school.  The Spring Concert is next week and the kids from 2nd and 3rd grade had to write an essay about America.

Pumpkin Muffin's essay was 1 of 3 picked out of about 180 kids!

I cannot wait until the concert when she will be reading it for all the students and parents, kindergarten through 3rd grade!

Very exciting stuff here!  I am as proud as a mom can be!

Only 9 years old and already showing off her writing chops!  Yay!

Be well,

I will post more info after I receive the essay and award!




Go check out the new edition of CarnivAOL!

As always Paul , has done a bang up job of organizing the entries he has received for this months edition! 

I would love to see more of you put this journal on your alerts so you can send in an entry when the Call goes out!

Be well,

NOW SHOO.... GO!!!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Truth for Weekend Assignment #111

Time for the truth...

I am going to start backwards and with the stories that explain the truth, and then the lie will be revealed!

#3 is True.  I worked for Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgeons.  My second week on the job, I was at the front desk, and a butcher came in that had severed his finger at the PIP joint, the one nearest the tip. 

He handed it to me in a cup of ice.  The girl that was with me at the desk, ran to the bathroom and vomited.  I walked to the back and rinsed it with saline and showed it to the doc who needed to see if it was salvageable who was in the middle of an office surgery.

Nothing phased me like that, so I became the one to greet the parts, and occasionally, rinse and present them to the docs, if the RN's were all busy with patients, too.

I got to see several severed fingers, toes, and nose tips over the years!!!  Very cool, to see them off and then, successfully, back on!!!

But, that's just me... lol

#1 is also true!

It was a Saturday, and my favorite doc had a patient coming in for an office surgery.  The RN called in that she was sick.  The doc knew that I had quite a bit of first aid experience and certification, plus I had volunteered in the ER for a year, and I could handle severed body parts, so I was the logical choice to help him out.

The surgery was to place an allograft (pig skin graft) on an open hand wound that was healing very slowly over time.  The woman patient was to be awake for the procedure.  She was told about the RN being sick, and was fine with me assisting.

  She was very happy with our doc.  Prior to finding him, she was very close to losing her hand from infection.  She had major skin loss on her palm and wrist and no one seemed to be able to help her.  Her own skin would not graft, and she had been through hell prior to my doc.  

His word that I was capable to help was enough for her.   

I handed instruments, opened suture and squirted saline to keep the field clean and clear for my doc.  Mostly, I chatted with the patient, and held her hand. 

I knew her from the office, and she had really been through the mill in the last year. 

Afterward, she hugged me, and thanked me for being better than a nurse because she felt I really supported her more emotionally.

She even signed a paper afterward acknowledging my presence in the OR, and that she was okay with it, and had been given the choice to reschedule, or go forward.

We did a lot of office surgery, local and with anesthesia, so over the years I did get to watch many surgeries.  Hand surgeries, facial lacerations on kids, and many plastic surgery procedures!

I did get to take pictures too, occasionally, for patient charts, or for papers to be written.  Someone not scrubbed in to the surgery had to do it because the camera is not sterile.

However, #2 is the lie.  It was never my job to do so, just something I did when asked. 

I don't even know that it exists as an occupation!!

So, there ya go!  Some of you guessed right on, and others got hung up on the legal implications of #1, which I figured would draw a lot of guesses!  And, some of you thought #3 was just too gross, but hey, it happened and still happens today, somewhere!  lol

Be well,

Friday, May 12, 2006

True or False? Weekend Assignment #111

Weekend Assignment: Present three "facts" about yourself: Two of the facts true, and one of the facts false. Let people guess which "fact" is the fake one. Reveal the fake fact on Monday. You don't want to give away the fake fact too early, so be sure to make it sound plausible, next to the other two real facts.

Extra Credit: Can you lie with a straight face? Really?

This is a good one Mr. Scalzi... you are slick. 

Okay, I hope everyone comments and picks the right one!

1)     I once assisted in a scheduled surgery although I have no nursing or medical degree.

2)     I used to be a surgical photographer.

3)     I have held severed body parts in my hands.  More than once. (by parts I mean, fingers, nose, toes, etc...)

Okay, there you have it....

Two are true... and one is false.  Scary, I know!

Extra credit:  Yes, I can lie. 

Be well,


Thursday, May 11, 2006


On a good day... you wake up and you feel like the little dog.

On a bad day... you wake up and you feel like the big dog.

Today, I am that big dog.

Just getting screwed again.

Apparently, my flare is not over.  Oh no.  It is back with a vengeance today, and wielding a battle axe over my life. 

I hurt and I am exhausted.  I am swollen in several places but the worst part is walking through the pea soup world of fatigue... the world I want is out there, but I can barely see it, feel it or touch it.

Today, Fuzzy went back to school.  His car pool buddy, our neighbor's daughter, reminded him that it was Book Fair day.  I ran inside and gave him the last $15 I had in my wallet. 

And, then it hit me.  Oh crap.  I am supposed to 'work' it as a volunteer.  Oh crap. 

I am in no shape to do that.  I can barely close my hands, my knee is swollen and I am barely functional.  I was pushing myself through the morning routine knowing that bed waited for me after Mom's taxi returned from the school run.

While listening the morning banter between the kids and giving my son the usual instructions after an asthma episode, 'Go to the nurse for a treatment' yada yada, I was running it through my head.

At school, Fuzzy was gathering his books when I told him I probably was not going to make it to the Book Fair.  He burst into tears and begged me to try - my heart just broke, and I agreed to try, that I would be there. 

He said, 'It's okay Mom.' as he left.

I went home and took my meds.  I drank 2 cups of coffee.  I got dressed.  All of that took longer than it would take a normal person, I had to restin between each thing.  I plopped down at the kitchen table and realized, I was a mess and really needed to just lay down.

I called my hubby for a happy word or two but he was in a meeting and couldn't talk.   

So, back to bed I went defeated, in tears, and alone. 

Well, not really alone, Hammer was home, still sleeping, but he would be up soon to do his schoolwork.

Later, when Hubby and I talked, he and I discussed that my dear Fuzzy would probably come home and cry and be angry with me. 

Who could blame him?  I was angry too...  Hubby said deflect him and he would deal with it when he got home.

Fuzzy came home but was just sad.  He told me he missed me but he knew it wasn't my fault, and that he hated the RA, but loved me.

Basically, if my heart wasn't ripped out earlier, it was now.

I am the luckiest mom in the world. 

Be well,


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Blog Six Pack for AOL Editor Joe

Here is a six pack of blogs as per AOL Editor Joe's Request!

Here is his blog: Magic Smoke - AOL editor Joe

I decided to list 6 blogs that inspire me!  Some I have listed before and some are newer to me.  I would have to do a 'case of blogs' to list all of the one's that inpire me, but here is my list for today!

I hope everyone visits them at least once!

LUANNE'S LIFE LIVING WITH LUPUS Lu is a good friend who is really stuggling with her disease as of late.  Please pop in and give her a hello!
Imaginary Ramblings Susan is an army wife and she also suffers with Lupus.  She was awol for a while, but now she is back!!!  YaY!  
Karyl's Glimpses of Eternity--  Lupus and Life Karyl has the darn Lupus too, but is full of verve!  She has this amazing porch garden that she does each spring and into the summer... please, go check her out and beg for pictures, like I do!
She Said WHAT? Andi just had surgery on her back.  Again.  And she has a bunch of medical problems but the most amazing sense of humor and love for life! 
Sometimes I Think Krissy and her husband John are going through a scary health crisis right now.  John is battling MDS, a bone marrow cancer.  Yet, they both have a positive attitude, amazing faith and let us share in the love that surrounds their lives and marriage.
DUST BUNNY CLUB OF NORTH AMERICA I am linking you to Dorn's main blog, however, check out her list on the side bar.  She has her own photo blog, her hubby has a photo blog and a link to movies that she makes!  And, the link to one of the most inspiring blogs around,  LETTERS TO GABE letters to Dorn's eldest son serving the US Army in Iraq.  I know, a link within a link.... I cheated.
But here is the thing.  You need to go to Dust Bunny to truly get a sense of the wonderful mom that Dorn is and how much she loves her husband and kids.  Through the Dust Bunny journal you get to laugh and live and love with the whole Oompa clan!  Dorn, her hubby, Dickidoo and the five Little Oompa Loompa kids!!!
I can't go through a day without getting my daily dose of Dornbrau!  LOL 
I am also so inspired by her grace in handling her son's Iraq tour.  Gabe has lost comrades and had to see some horrible things.... yet, his mom's ability to provide him support and love, have never waivered. 
Mom to mom, I am so grateful to see the grace and wisdom that she uses daily to get through it, even though her worry is palpable, like the love, the example will never be forgotten by me.  Someday, one of my son's or both, may serve.  One never knows.
So, there you have it.  My six pack and a bonus.  lol
I know you will forgive me!
Be well,

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

A Mish Mash of Information

Sometimes in journal entries, people leave comments asking questions, so in one fell swoop, I will try to answer them all!

If you need help navigating journals, whether adding pictures or customizing your colors, please visit either John Scalzi, AOL's blogger extraordinaire or AOL Journal Editor Joe, wizard of all things technical within the journals.  Both have some great links on their journals front pages and if you don't find what you need there, they are available via email.

Here are the links to their respective journals:

Another question that has popped up now and again are for book recommendations!  Obviously, what I like you may not, however, here are some of the author's whose books I never pass up.
Kathy Reichs, Stuart Woods, JK Rowling, Christine Feehan, Phillipa Gregory, Jim Butcher, Steven Coontz, Dean Koontz, Greg Iles, Dan Brown, Lee Child, Max Allan Collins, Margaret Truman, Mariah Stewart, and Suzanne Brockmann. 
And oh yeah... Vince Flynn... love his books!
I am probably missing a few, but that is a good start, I would say! 

Here is a website that I cannot live without:
If you visit there, you can search the author's names above and get book reviews.  You can sign up for a newsletter that gives you great info on new releases.  The information you can access seems endless, I have never been disappointed when visiting there for book information.
I will also list some recent book titlesthat I read with my book club that were also quite good.
Here are some of the books that we read that I would recommend. 
'The Kite Runner'  by Khalid Hosseini
'Name All the Animals' by Allison Smith
'The Life of Pi' by Yann Martel
'Memory of Running' by Ron McLarty
'1000 White Women' by Jim Fergus
'A Thread of Grace' by Mary Doria Russell
'Running with Scissors' by Augusten Burroughs
   ( I also read 'Dry' the sequel to this and he just released another sequel... can't recall the name offhand)
I also wanted to let everyone know that my mouth sores are finally under control and I think my flare is starting to go away!
My son, Fuzzy, is struggling with his asthma (pollen counts are through the roof) and had a tough night requiring him to stay home from school today.  Hopefully, tonight will be better.
Be well,

Monday, May 8, 2006

Monday Photo Shoot

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Grab Bag! Show off any picture you want, and long as it's really cool. That's right, you make the call -- all I want is to look at it and say "Whoa! What a neat picture."

I don't know what people will say when they see this, but here is picture of my dog jumping up to kiss me as I was trying to take a picture of the cat!

Libby is the jealous type... especially with me!

So, there she is, my sweet Crazy Libby!

Be well,

Sunday, May 7, 2006

My Vampire Dream - Weekend Assignment #110

Weekend Assignment #110: Recount a strange dream you've had recently. Any sort of strange dream is fine except the really explicit sex dreams. Because, you know, we're running a family show, here. Otherwise, they can be as weird as you want them to be.

Extra Credit:
Name a favorite song with the words "dream" or "sleep" (or some variation of those words).

I was not going to do this Weekend Assignment, but then last night I had a great dream!  Kind of a mini movie in itself, I love that kind!


I was at this really awesome resort in the Carribean somewhere.  The beach was right off the pool, and all the rooms faced the ocean. 

I was there relaxing by the pool.  As the day was getting late, I realized that I 'felt' supernatural' type enemies showing up and spying on me.  I was a bit famous as a witch, and this was not unusual.  A lot of the 'other worldly' types out there sometimes want to snatch a peek at me.  I had recently helped to save a school that was in a demon's path... long story for another time.

I sensed some baddies, though, as I like to call them, and they were vampires.  Just to be safe, I had to get to my room before the sun went down, when their powers would be in full force.  Maybe they were just sneaking a peek, maybe not, who's to say.  I like to err on the side of caution.

I used my cloaking spells to get me safely back to my room without detection.

Once I closed the door, I found my ex-lover, also a vampire, waiting for me.  <<< FYI his part in my dream was being played by Nicholas Cage >>>  He had been attacked and was weak, and needed my help.  I had placed special charms on my room for protection, and had to re do a few since he had to undo them to gain access and safety in the room.

'Valon, I don't know what is going on but you could have warned me...' I said as I started to make the room safe.

Before he answered, the room burst aflame!  A powerful wizard was obviously here and really pissed off at my ex.  I grabbed him by the arm and used a charm to teleport us safely out of the room, but only to the roof of the hotel.

I had to get us out fast and my power alone couldn't get us far enough away.

My ex, I should explain is not a vampire like you see in the movies.  Valon feeds off of emotion, it can be done without harming the host, however, within his kind there are good and evil, those who help to protect the human race and work with witches and wizards for good, and those who run with the demons and wreak havoc and destruction. 

Valon decided to kiss me just then on the roof, which shocked me, and then  he said, 'I've missed you.  We left things badly and I don't want it over between us.  I can make it right.' 

'Damn Valon!  This is not the time to discuss this, we are under attack!  You really pissed some people off, let's talk later, if we freakin' survive!' I yelled, while using my powers to telepathically sense what we were up against.

And, what I was sensing wasn't good.

I said, 'I have got three players of medium strength closing in on us and the one big ugly baddie...we have got to teleport out of here and fast....you need to work with me...do you remember the charms?'

'Yes', Valon replied. 

'Then let's get home!'

At that moment a binding spell was cast at us, which I deflected and we both yelled, 'Aviaportus' and imagined being in my apartment back at home in New York City. 

This was very tricky stuff, you had to believe you were there, that is what got you safe and home fast.  Since we were working together I could sense Valon's thoughts - and he mine...  I was in the living room by the fire... he was calling me to the bedroom. 

Ugh men.  Vampires, wizards or human...they are all the same.


And, that ladies and gentlemen was when I woke up!  LOL

The funny thing is that this is probably a conglomeration of several books I have read as well as it's own little story of mine.

I hope you enjoyed!  It was one of those great fantasy dreams that you wish you could go back to sleep to dream some more, but alas, it didn't return!

Extra credit:  One of my favorite classic rock anthems, 'Dream On' by Aerosmith, way, way back in the 70's!!!

Be well,

Sweet Sunday

Yesterday, Fuzzy had a baseball game at 9 am... too early for me... but I got there and made it through! 

The team won, which started the day off great! 

I came home and took a nap. 

The kids had friends over and had a really nice day.

Then off to On the Border for the little known holiday Seis de Mayo.  We took one of Fuzzy's friends who slept over.  His dad is in the National Guard, and it was nice to give his mom a break, only one child to deal with instead of two!  lol

Dinner was fun and tasty! 

The kids came home and played outside for a bit and hubby and I ran the dog around for a while.  Gotta keep her in shape!  Labs lean toward being chunky and she isn't, but can easily go that way.

Then the kids all came in and watched a movie.  Even bedtime was uneventful.

I figured out why I was flaring.  I had been skipping the methotrexate because of the mouth sores!  So, I started it again last night.  I should hopefully feel better in a day or two, and the mouth sores are under control.

Thank you for all the prayers, they must have helped.

Be well,

Oh, and I forgot!  Very soon my jewelry items will be featured in an Ebay store!  Yay!  As soon as I have the link and the info, I will put it up for you all to check out!

Friday, May 5, 2006

Estas Viernes Gracias a Dio!

It is Cinco de Mayo... thus the heading in spanish, which translates to 'Thank God it's Friday'!!

We are hoping to go out tomorrow night to a local mexican restaurant to celebrate the little known holiday of Seis de Mayo.  LoL  

Can't go tonight due to the kids schedules.

Moving on to the State of the Princess....

Unfortunately, my entire left side is a disaster.  My left knee feels thick and swollen and sore.  Same with my left elbow and left wrist and left hand. 

I took 1/2 a vicodin, which I hate to do during the day, but it is a must today.

I didn't try my new hair products... just scooped it up into a pony tail and put on ultra comfy capri pants and a t-shirt.  If Fuzzy didn't have a friend coming over, I probably would have stayed in my jammies.  Again.

Enough of that.  Doesn't do any good complaining.

Remember my rant the other day?  I should explain. 

You may or may not remember that I have begun making beaded jewelry by hand as a form of therapy for my hands.  I have enjoyed doing it a lot and have so many items that I was going to sell them at a street fair later this month that is in my town each year. 

However, money is a bit tight right now and it costs a chunk of money to get the booth and then I would need to spend money on more things needed to display, sell and package my stuff... money that we can't spare right now. 

Sure, I probably could have forced the issue, but that would have been selfish.  I agreed with my hubby that I would have to skip this years fair and find an alternate means to sell my wares.

Somewhere after that, the rant popped out.  It is hard to let go of a dream that was close enough to touch, but it was the right thing to do.

The good news is that I do have an alternate outlet in the works, and will give you all the details on that very soon.

Please remember me in a quick prayer that my flare will abate soon so I can enjoy this beautiful spring weather that we are having.

Baseball tomorrow morning, 9am.  I will be going.  Come hell or high water.  I will make it.  I do not want to let Fuzzy down again.  I can always rest after.

be well,

Thursday, May 4, 2006

A Day

This cartoon totally cracks me up... Isn't that the way it is sometimes??

Well, today my hubby did something sweet for me.  And, I don't even think he had any alterior motive in mind!

I have had this secret passion for 'Blow Out' the Jonathan Anton show on Bravo that chronicles his life, his hair salons and his effort to bring his hair products to market.

I have been dying to try some of the products since they went on sale at Sephora last year.

Today, hubby stopped at Sephora and picked up a sample set of three Jonathan products for me! 

Isn't he sweet?  It definitely helped to lift my mood as I am still not having an easy time of it!  I can't wait until I feel a bit better, maybe tomorrow, so I can shower and wash my hair and give the products a try!  Yay!

It is the little things in life that truly make the difference. 

And, this is one of those little things that really added a little spark of happiness to my day!

Be well,

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

At home I wallow...

Here I sit.

At home.

Fuzzy's game started about 20 minutes ago. 

I gave in and took a vicodin.  That should help. 

It is cloudy and damp and icky out, and I know that if I sat out in that and watched the game - I would pay for it tomorrow.

I feel badly enough today, I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better.

The one good thing is that since I didn't go, I kept Hammer home to baby his finger.  Poor thing.  He is such a trooper. 

The Maxine above captures my mood and look right now, perfectly.

<< sigh >>

I guess, I should be happy that I haven't flared since late November and early December. 

Somehow, that knowledge leaves me empty right now. 

be well,


Life with Kids

Remember last week that my son Fuzzy hurt his ankle by being hit with a pitch at a baseball game? 
I forgot to mention here that he ended up in the ER getting an x-ray, which was negative, but we were happy that we took him. 
It had really swelled up a lot overnight, and you just never know.
And, now for this weeks medical adventure...
Last night, Hammer went outside for a bit.  For some bizarre reason he decided to go along the fence by our neighbor's and then managed to get stuck with a thorn from a sticker bush.
Then, he decided not to mention it, even though the sticker was stuck in his finger.
He waited until, he started to have a severe allergic reaction to the thorn, and his finger doubled in size.
So, I started to try to get the thorn out, unfortunately, with all the swelling it was driven deep.  I got most of it, but could not get the last remaining bit.  Even with 2 benedryl's the swelling was moving down the finger.
Poor Hammer, put up with a lot of digging and prodding, but he realized it was time, too.
So, off to the ER for the second visit in 6 days.  Hubby took him, I stayed home with the other munchkins.
They injected it, dug it out, no stitches required, gave us a script for antibiotics, instructions to redress daily, and for Hammer to see our pediatrician next week. 
Hammer is okay today, it is just sore now, but still a bit swollen, as you can imagine.
Tonight, another baseball game for Fuzzy.  Ugh. 
Keep your fingers crossed....
They say these things come in three's, maybe I should put Pumpkin Muffin under lock and key?  Have her skip dance class?  lol
And, I seem to be flaring a little which has me annoyed.
I just had the Orencia.  Usually, that means everything is great, no swollen joints. 

Instead, my left knee is a mess along with the left elbow.  Even, my left pinky is getting in the act a little. 
Did I say I was annoyed?  Actually, I am downright pissed off.  I do not want to have a flare.  I do not have time for this in my life right now. 
I have to sit on bleachers tonight, and honestly, I don't feel like it... and that pisses me off, because I want to be enjoying my son's baseball game.
Oh well.  I don't get to be in control.
Be well,

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

CarnivAOL - the Newest Edition #12

Hey!   CarnivAOL is out again and ready to be read!

There are only 8 entries.... I don't know why, but it is a quick read this time. 

Maybe you all were emotionally wrought from the Tribute Edition to Pam.  Okay, but next time... you all need to send Paulie some links, okay???

Okay... now - go read.

Be well,


Monday, May 1, 2006

Maybe, I won't be Good


Why do I always have to be good?

Why do I have to be the one to be kind?  To be helpful?  To be forgiving?

Why do I have to be the one to put everyone elses needs first?


Maybe, I won't do that anymore.

Maybe, I want to be selfish.

Maybe, I want to angry.

Maybe, I just want to scream.


Maybe, I just want to be seen.

Maybe, I want it to be about me for a change. 

My wants, my desires, my hopes, my dreams, my needs.


Maybe, I am just frustrated.

Maybe, it is the pain.

Maybe, I am justified.



Needed to rant and rave tonight, sorry J-Land.

Be well,