Thursday, May 25, 2006

No Rest for the Weary

What a week!

The picture above is of Pumpkin Muffin from her school's Spring Concert last night!  She is holding her essay that she read about why she loves America!

The concert was very good, Pumpkin and her third grade classmates played recorder, and sang songs.  The first and second graders also performed individually, but they just sing.

Yesterday was also my IV infusion of Orencia.  They ran a lot of blood work, too.  My doc checked me out from head to toe.  The mouth sores seem to be under control with the Kenalog paste that they prescribed.  I am going to have hand and wrist x-rays next month to just check the progression of the disease in my joints.

Monday was the Annual Parent/Scout Kickball Game!  You long time readers may remember that last year I had a big wipe out running to base that bruised my ego more than the shin and knee that was bleeding! 

This year, Pumpkin Muffin was my pinch runner, I just kicked!

  Fun was had by all, and the parents won for the 4th year in a row, by a score of 17-5!  As usual, the boys were their own worst enemy.  By the third of nine innings they began to collapse on themselves with in fighting, and they began to not cover the bases or outfield correctly, all hovering by the pitching mound!

Tueday night was baseball practice, and they are getting ready for Fuzzy's final game of the regular season, which is Saturday, 9 am. 

Next week will begin play offs, which is usually 2 rounds.  Our team has yet to play in the big game on Championship Saturday, but this could be our year!  I am keeping my fingers crossed....

Today my SUV had to go into the dealer to be checked, as the engine light was coming on, and it was running really rough.  Turns out an oxygen sensor thingy was bad and was messing up the fuel mix.  How is that for a technical description?  I had to run and pick it up this afternoon.

Tonight will be the first quiet night at home all week!  I am so looking forward to that and to getting the kids into bed on time!  They are all tired and cranky and treading in dangerous waters by being fresh.  Punishments are about to be levied for anymore slip ups!   Hopefully, they will behave!  lol

I have had a scratchy throat for two days and last night I was up once or twice because my nose was running so badly. 

This morning I awoke to a full blown head cold.  I could scream, but I won't, because my flare is finally starting to go AWAY! 


Colds stink...but what's a mom to do??? 

Well, I am pumping myself full of Dayquil, drinking water and coffee, and hoping to get in bed early tonight!

All the good tv is over anyhow!

Be well,

ps... I added some poetry to my poetry journal!  See the link in my 'All about me' section!


jckfrstross said...

isn't it no rest for the wicked LOL glad the flare is calming down:) its  got to be summer soon:) i have the crud also tummy hurts heads full of snot no appetite it sucks to be sick in the summer:( feel better my friend


sazzylilsmartazz said...

She's cute!!

sangrialel said...

Pumpkin looks great!!!  You must be proud!  Linda

cdittric77 said...

I hope that everything works out for your quiet evening. You need one, that's for sure!!!!


libragem007 said...

rest well Dawn..
Gem :-)

eml625 said...

Dawn, You've been busy !  Hope your feeling better and enjoy the long weekend.

xomywayox said...

Muffin looks so cute!!!! Now, if I didn't have my engine light on. I would worry, ever car I've ever had. It stays on. LoL Don't know why, I guess its just a Me thing.
Hope your cold goes away quick, quick!!! Feel better and have a great weekend.


newsworthy822 said...

hi there! I am just checking out your journal for the first time. your daughter is adorable. aren't kids' school events just the best? sorry you have a cold. I cannot do Dayquil. For some reason it makes me very jittery & wired. Don't understand why, because my husband says it gives him medicine head. Hmmm..
Well have a great weekend!

lurkynat said...

Dear Dawn,
hugs! your pumpkin is soo much like my big girl! they inspire!:):)
congrats wiht her!

shadierush said...

Great picture, brought back a lot of memories of when my girls were younger. Thanks.

wfhbear said...

You sure keep busy being a Mom. I'm surprised that you are not exhausted all the time but, I think you enjoy all of it. Have a nice weekend. Regards, Bill.

swibirun said... SUV has the check engine light on.....I've been putting off going in but I have to now:)


sazzylilsmartazz said...

Yay to Mother of the Week!!!!!!