Sunday, May 7, 2006

Sweet Sunday

Yesterday, Fuzzy had a baseball game at 9 am... too early for me... but I got there and made it through! 

The team won, which started the day off great! 

I came home and took a nap. 

The kids had friends over and had a really nice day.

Then off to On the Border for the little known holiday Seis de Mayo.  We took one of Fuzzy's friends who slept over.  His dad is in the National Guard, and it was nice to give his mom a break, only one child to deal with instead of two!  lol

Dinner was fun and tasty! 

The kids came home and played outside for a bit and hubby and I ran the dog around for a while.  Gotta keep her in shape!  Labs lean toward being chunky and she isn't, but can easily go that way.

Then the kids all came in and watched a movie.  Even bedtime was uneventful.

I figured out why I was flaring.  I had been skipping the methotrexate because of the mouth sores!  So, I started it again last night.  I should hopefully feel better in a day or two, and the mouth sores are under control.

Thank you for all the prayers, they must have helped.

Be well,

Oh, and I forgot!  Very soon my jewelry items will be featured in an Ebay store!  Yay!  As soon as I have the link and the info, I will put it up for you all to check out!


jckfrstross said...

waiting to see the braclets:) hope this flare will stop already enough enough i said LOL have a good week my friend


lurkynat said...

Dearest Dawn,
(((Dawn)))) wow! Im so glad you're better adn that yuo made it tot eh game! cool!

dawngepfer said...

Dawn, I'm excited about the Ebay store!  Can't wait to see everything.  Your uneventful weekend sounds lovely - and has inspired me to write about mine...  stay tuned for an entry!  :)
The Other Dawn

eml625 said...

Glad to hear to figured out what caused the flare up.
Cant wait to see your jewelry!!

xomywayox said...

Sounds a great family weekend. Don'ttca loves times like that. And can't wait until the new show case. That reminds me, I need to set up my pay-pal account.


sazzylilsmartazz said...

Hoping you feel well soon:)
Good luck with Ebay!

gdireneoe said...

Yay!  Go Fuzzy!  Go Fuzzy! ;)  C.