Thursday, May 4, 2006

A Day

This cartoon totally cracks me up... Isn't that the way it is sometimes??

Well, today my hubby did something sweet for me.  And, I don't even think he had any alterior motive in mind!

I have had this secret passion for 'Blow Out' the Jonathan Anton show on Bravo that chronicles his life, his hair salons and his effort to bring his hair products to market.

I have been dying to try some of the products since they went on sale at Sephora last year.

Today, hubby stopped at Sephora and picked up a sample set of three Jonathan products for me! 

Isn't he sweet?  It definitely helped to lift my mood as I am still not having an easy time of it!  I can't wait until I feel a bit better, maybe tomorrow, so I can shower and wash my hair and give the products a try!  Yay!

It is the little things in life that truly make the difference. 

And, this is one of those little things that really added a little spark of happiness to my day!

Be well,


sazzylilsmartazz said...

Your husband is a sweetie and a hard man is good to find. Wait - I mean a good man is hard to find. (Gotta stay away from the tequila:-)~
True, the little things are the ones that are most important in life and I am glad you have a thoughtful husband.

eml625 said...

Way to go hubby !!!


jckfrstross said...

way to go hubby:) have a good friday Dawn:)


sunnyside46 said...

isnt' an unexpected present much better than an obligated one

cdittric77 said...

Sweet :). When all is well, take down that barbed wire for hubby :)


libragem007 said...

LOVE the graphic  LOL! and that was so sweet of your husband..yap, sometime it's the little thoughts that counts.
Gem :-D

xomywayox said...

Awwee how sweet. When they (meaning the man in our life) do this. It makes the preivious 12 O-Crap moments seem so distance. Enjoy your new goodies. and have a great weekend.


sangrialel said...

LOL that is a great cartoon!  Linda

cherry2sweet2eat said...

hilarious cartoon lol :) That was real nice of your husband let us know how the shampoo works.

dawngepfer said...

Your guy sounds great - and I love that cartoon, too!  Unfortunately, I can really, really, REALLY relate to it!!!
The Other Dawn

lurkynat said...

aww! How sweet Dawn! :):)
ps I love the cartoon

gdireneoe said...

Aww!  Sweet man.  No pic. ;)  C.