Tuesday, May 2, 2006

CarnivAOL - the Newest Edition #12

Hey!   CarnivAOL is out again and ready to be read!

There are only 8 entries.... I don't know why, but it is a quick read this time. 

Maybe you all were emotionally wrought from the Tribute Edition to Pam.  Okay, but next time... you all need to send Paulie some links, okay???

Okay... now - go read.

Be well,



dawngepfer said...

OK, now I've heard of CarnivAOL but have never checked it out.  I'm hooked!  Thanks for showing me the way...

lurkynat said...

thanks Dawn! hugs,

xomywayox said...

WooHoo..I just got intro to CarnivAOL. What a hoot. Hence this is how I found you, bet you didn't know you were lost. LoL