Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Power of Love

Yesterday, at the bowling alley, something special happened.

I was able to show Fuzzy how kindness, and 'what goes around, comes around' or karma really means or or how it can manifest itself.

There is a great little snack bar that is a separately owned concession within the alley.  It is a family that works there, a mom probably about 50ish, and her two daughters, both married and in their mid to late twenties. 

The mom has always been kind of sour and gruff.  For years and years that we have been going there. 

Last year, with Fuzzy being in the bowling league every Saturday, we were there a lot.  The mom limps sometimes, and it is obvious that she has something chronic going on, which must be tough running a short order kitchen/restaurant.  And, heaven knows, I can relate to pain and working through it. 

All season long last year, I chatted and smiled to her, and mostly she never really engaged with me, just answered me quick, and kept her head down, no real smile or response, but it never stopped me.

The break I needed came when I saw that her daughter brought her grandson in to work as her husband had to work.  The daughter and I were chatting about his age and what-not.

The next week, I asked the mom about her grandson, as he wasn't there, and I finally got a genuine smile and little chat going.  What grandma can resist a moment to chat about her grandchild?  This was near the end of the league season, but from then on I would ask about the baby, and chat with the mom's and the daughter's. 

Even throughout the summer, when we went to practice bowling and eat some snacks, I kept up the chat.  Last week, the league started again, and I got a big smile when I went in, even though it had been a few months.

Yesterday, the mom was by herself, working the snack bar/cooking when Fuzzy and I went in.  We chatted about our town having a half day for conferences, and that her older daughter's kids conferences were last week.

I had my money out to pay up front, as they usually like that.  The place was empty, though, and she told me to wait until after.  Fuzzy also got an extra chicken finger with his meal, our french fries were overflowing, and we both got free refills of our drinks, which you usually don't get.  All with a smile, which was very nice.

Fuzzy was surprised, particularly about the free refills, and I told him.  'What goes around comes around in life'.  I explained how I had always been friendly and kind, and went out of my way to chat, and Fuzzy remembered that I had been.  'A smile and a few kind words go a long way', I told him, and they really do.

I could care less if I had never gotten a free refill, but it was an example of how smiles and kindness do go a long way. 

Maybe it's just my rose colored glasses, but I still believe one person can make a difference.  Even if it just in the lives of the few people you come in contact with in the world. 

Even if it is just a snack bar lady, or the parking valet, or the barista at Starbucks, whomever it may be...

Share your smiles, spread a little sunshine, a little happiness.  Maybe it will come back to you when you need it the most...

be well,

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The Waiting

Even lolcats for Lovecraft fans... lol

The waiting is the hardest part. 

After I found out in April about the brain tumor, but knew nothing else, I basically lost the next two months until June 5th, going to the uber-surgeon specialist, and I found out exactly what it was I was dealing with.

Oh, I can remember going to Atlantic City, because that was so out of the norm for me, but not much else.  I cannot even tell you what we did for Mother's Day.  At all.  I am so glad I have this journal to go back and read.

I did play a lot of Jewel Miner, for free, on AOL Games.  Yep.  I couldn't read, because I couldn't focus.  Playing the game is mindless.  It fills the time, and you can just 'unfocus' and not think when you need to NOT THINK.

The waiting... is the hardest part.  I hate it.  I hate it.  I hate it. 

I HATE not knowing. 

I am not good at that at all.  I am an information pig.  I eat it up.  All of it.  Good, bad, as much info as I can about anything that is a threat to mine or my loved ones health.  I read medical journals, too.  Everything.  I want to know what the doctor is going to possibly say before they say it.

But, until you know... all you can do is scare yourself with things you don't need to know.

And, so... we wait.

I don't want to wait. 

I am playing a lot of Jewel Miner, again.

This isn't for me... soon I will explain.

be well,

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning!

It is Thankful Thursday and I have many blessings to count!

1.     J-Land.  For sending me prayers and positive thoughts upon asking for them, without even explaining why yet.  That rocks, and was really nice to wake up to this morning.

2.     Coffee.  It is only 7:30am, after all.

3.     Hubby.  Although some really difficult things are going on with work, he made sure that he didn't take that stress out on me or the kids.  In fact, he was really considerate and wonderful yesterday, when I needed it.

4.     Kids.  They are the best kids, and they never fail to make me laugh, or surprise me!  LOL 

5.     My mom and dad.  Not only great parents and grandparents, great friends.  That says a lot, doesn't it?

6.     My pets.  Nothing like warm snuggles, cool noses, and unconditional love on a chilly November day!

7.     Lolcats at  Gotta love it!

8.     Shhhhh.  RA and Lupus are pretty quiet.  One joint is sore... that is nothing!  I can do that with my eyes closed... lol

Well, that about covers it for this morning!  I hope everyone has a great day, full of sunshine, love, and happiness as you go through your day! 

be well,

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Know What Boys Like

Isn't that puppy sweet!

Yesterday was a better day, but I still had my headache.  I did go to Borders (yes!) since I had 2 coupons, one for 40% and 25%, and my gift card.  I got 7 fluffy paperbacks, just fun vampy/witchy mystery stuff.  As, I said to Cin, they are like the sherbet in between the meatier reads! 

Today, there was a half day at school for conferences.  Mine didn't need them.  Pumpkin went to lunch with her friends, and Hammer went to get his haircut with Grandpa. 

So Fuzzy, (my son) and I had some 'just us' time.  We had lunch together at the bowling alley, and then he bowled 2 games, just for practice!  It was very nice.  We had a nice chat throughout the whole time. 

Hubby is home early, but is very stressed out over some work stuff.  I told him to pet the cats to lower his blood pressure.  I won't repeat his answer as it was off-color, but the word 'pussy' was involved.  Enough said.

Christmas shopping is moving along although Kathy and Karol are both holding me up a bit!  ::: waving :::  Hello??!!!  Send me the list!  LOL :-)

I am still waiting for the hospital's MRI machine to be fixed/replaced.  My dad is staying on top of it, employee to employee.  Hopefully soon because I really want it done and over with.

I hope everyone is having a happy hump day!  I need to ask everyone for some prayers... but I am not ready to write about it yet, so, if you could please... thank you!

be well,

ps... I did recently find a couple of ebay deals, so I couldn't resist this one!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

John Scalzis Monday Photo Shoot

I have never done one of these before!

Over at John Scalzi's: By The Way...

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Light Effects

As the days get shorter and the amount of sunlight we see is less, I thought it would be nice for this week's Photo Shoot focus on light -- and the sometimes surprising things it does:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show us light in a surprising way. Long exposures, interesting reflections, the play between light and shadow -- anything that calls attention to the light itself. This is very open-ended, so I'm curious to see what you all will come up with.

I had to join in on this one because one day last week, before Thanksgiving, I took a great picture!  Pumpkin, my dad and I were driving to a store around sunset, and while in the car, I took a shot of the amazing sky with my cell phone!

It doesn't do the 'real' thing justice, but the picture still rocks if you ask me.

Here it is:

Awesome, isn't it?

I hope you all get to see some amazing sunsets like this, too. 

Makes you happy to be alive!!!

be well,

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blinded by the Light

This kitty and the one at the bottom crack me up... cats and baths... no fun!  LOL

What a day!  Rainy, methotrexate day, and a Monday.  Ack.

Fuzzy and I had our eye doctor appointments today.   He got to leave school a little early, so he was thrilled!  LOL

Somewhere during the 2nd hour in the office, he lost the thrill.  LOL  It was a long, long time.  Our eye doc is extremely thorough, so I can't complain.  In fact, I go back for two more tests in December. 

The doctor wants to do a visual field test as a baseline now, while we are sure the brain tumor is not impacting my vision.  Smart to do, and I appreciate him being proactive for me! 

Today was also Libby's birthday!  She was treated to bacon and sausage in her dinner, a piece of our meatloaf, and a favorite Booda bone!  She has been snoring for a while now, a very happy labbie!

Unfortunately, I have had a terrible headache all day.  I think it was made worse by the bright light that the eye doc uses.  I don't know... It was better earlier from about 8-10 pm... now it is back again with a vengance.  Ugh. 

Signing off now... will catch up with my alerts and everyone tomorrow. 

Thank you for the kind words for my mom, she is even better today!  Such a relief!

be well,

ps... be kind to your kitties... lol

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Animal (s)

Here are some overdue pics of our sweet Chinese Dwarf hamsters, Peng and Brownie.

Here they are in their small upstairs hut, together:

 Aren't they sweet?

Here are two pics of their cage.


It is just a regular 10 gallon glass fish tank with a special metal cage topper.  It is so cool, because using the same space, they get lots of area to run around, eat, sleep, and play!

The second pic is a close up of the top level, by their wheel and food.

be well,

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Would I Lie to You?

Sometimes it is really fun to just listen to the kids talking to each other while they are playing video games.
Here are some snippets of conversations I heard over this weekend.
Everybody should be equally main characters in sitcoms.
It's better that way. 
If I was a girl, I'd think he was hot.
You're a boy not a girl.
I know!  I said 'if'!
It's on the end!  (pause)  No, your other end!
Don't you see the irony in that???
What's irony? 
Nevermind... <big sigh>
My farts smell the best.
They smell good?
Nooooo, they smell really bad!
Isn't that the worst then?
NO!  The BEST!   <evil snicker>
Did you hear that?
Mom wants ice cream. Why does dad act like he isn't going to get it?  I know he will, you know he will, doesn't he know he will?
Yeah, duh...
And, yes I did get the ice cream!  LOL
They are so funny! 
On Thanksgiving, my nephew J was really funny, too. 
He and Kathy had made corn muffins the night before because he insisted that you had to have them on Thanksgiving.  Something he picked up at pre-school. 
After dinner, during dessert, he insisted that in order for it to be 'more funner' the lights HAD to be shut off to eat his corn muffins!!!  So, here we are, shutting off all the lights for a minute and a few corn muffin lovers took a bite of them in the dark to make him happy!  
However, there were two grandmom's one mid 70's the other mid 80's, and my parents, both in their 60's... no one wanted the lights out long and a broken hip for Thanksgiving! 
Poor J, he really wanted the lights to stay out, but we distracted him with a Muffin Bandit, who stole the basket while the lights were out, and then he agreed the lights should stay on, too.  LOL
So, today is just a quiet football watching Sunday in our house!  We also cleaned the hamsters' cage and the kids helped with raking and leaf blowing outside.  Fuzzy and Pumpkin also had studying to do for school.
Yesterday was the first day of bowling for Fuzzy and Pumpkin.  We all went to watch.  This week and next are to just set their average and get the teams matched up.  All the kids were excited to get the snack bar fries.  LOL
Pumpkin bowled a 48, 85, 41 series.  She did soooo much better in the second game after listening to the coaches, but her arm was too tired in the 3rd game.  That will take some time for her to get used to doing!
Fuzzy bowled 120, 93, 139 series!!!  The 139 is his new high game, so he was very, very happy!  Fuzzy is bowling with his friend, Russ again, like last year, but the third teammate is someone they don't like that much.  However, I was proud - both boys really were very cordial with him.
My mom ended up in the ER on Friday night with a kidney stone.  She was in and out in three hours, just pain meds to take, not much else you can do.  The CT scan showed they were not that big, which was good news. 

Yesterday, my mom was really miserable and nauseaous, too, but after meds to help with that, today she is much better.  Back to about 90%, I would say.  The kids were so upset!  They are not used to Grandma ever being sick!!!   Thankfully, this was the first stones in about 18 years or so.
Any kindness you could send would be appreciated, but it appears the worst is over!  Thank goodness!
be well,
ps... RA and Lupus seem to have forgotten me, I am doing pretty good.  SHHhhhhhhhhh 
pss... the MRI machine is broken at the hospital I was going to have it done at... now I am considering rescheduling at a different one.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Back in Black

Happy Black Friday!

To those of you working... my condolences...

To those of you shopping... my double condolences...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving... and those overseas or in Canada, I hope you had a great Thursday!

I had a very nice birthday celebration! 

We started on Wednesday, as I wrote.  We went to Johnny Rockets for dinner and then to Beowulf in 3D!  I highly recommend Beowulf, it is a great action movie, and has the historical flare.  The CGI (computer generated imaging) was awesome... it was realistic, but also 'more', if that makes any sense!

Yesterday morning the kids gave me their gifts!  They had been teasing me all Wednesday night, giving me hints for one of them!

It was smaller than a bread box, but larger than a jewelry box.  It was not jewelry.  It was not coffee related.  It was similar to something I owned, and they 'guaranteed' I would love it.

It was a Yoda bobble head!!!  Very cool!  They kids refer to me, especially Hammer, as their Yoda, so I was delighted with it!!!

Also, from Hubby and kids was a gift card to....... wait for it.....

                                               wait for it.....


You know... books are my crack (yeah, coffee, too) so I was thrilled!

My mom and dad had treated us to Johnny Rockets for dinner, but I also received a pillow from my mom that said, 'I smile because you are my daughter, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it'!!!  I have several 'fun' pillows already, and this is a welcome one for my collection!

We hit some traffic on the Garden State Parkway on the way down to Kathy's, but it was worth it.  Dinner was fabulous!  I was sooooo happy to find she was making the delicious buttery onion casserole that she made last year!  Yay!  First, Butternut squash soup.  Then, the turkey, the tenderest ever, and professionally sliced by her hubby, and served with her yummy maple gravy. 

The sides were my maple glazed carrots, a Rachel Ray green bean cider dish, cauliflower with Italian seasoning, mashed brown sugar sweet potatoes, mashed garlicky Yukon Gold potatoes, raisin bran muffins, corn muffins, stuffing/dressing with cranberries, and the aforementioned onion casserole. 

OMG, it was AWESOME!

Then, dessert!  My sweet nephew, J, decided Aunt Dawn had to have candles!!!  So, we did on top of a sinful dark chocolate cake!  There was also homemade apple pie, pumpkin pie and angel food cake with crushed strawberries and cream.  Oh yeah, it was great!!!

My sweet J (and Kathy, of course) gave me an adorable set of Starbuck's Christmas tree ornaments and a Starbuck's gift card!  Yay!  So, my other addiction was duly satisfied for my birthday as well! 

I am so thankful for all of the birthday wishes that I received, in comments, and in email, from all of my J-land friends!  Thank you again, you are the best!  I am so happy to have found you all!

Today, we are hanging out at home.  Pumpkin has a friend over, and Hammer's GalPal is also here.  Aside, from Fuzzy going to get a haircut, and Hubby getting an oil change for our suv, we have avoided all the shopping insanity that is Black Friday!

I do about 90% of my holiday shopping online now anyhow.  Works for me!

Maybe I will back later... I have a funny story about J!

be well,

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Of course, I share recipes, Maple Glazed Carrots

This recipe is so sickeningly easy...

Maple Glazed Carrots:

Boil 3lbs of baby carrots until fork tender.  Drain.  In a large skillet melt 1/2 stick of butter or margarine, your preference.  Add carrots on medium heat, and stir until coated with butter/margarine.  Add rest of stick of butter/margarine.  Begin to add maple syrup (your choice of brand).  You will use about 2 cups of syrup, I do not measure, just keep adding until the carrots are coated well.  Brown carrots, as much or as little as you like, I usually make sure one side has gotten a little brown.  Pour out into a pyrex/reheatable dish.  Reheat at 350 degrees until hot.  Garnish with chopped walnuts, if desired.  We skip this due to nut allergies. 

Told you it was easy!  Sinful!  Everyone raves and thinks you worked so hard!  LOL

be well,

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Happy Birthday Gobble Gobble

I have always called Thankgiving 'Turkey Day' and I love cats, so this tag was 'purrfect' for me, thanks Sugar! lol

Every six years, whether I like it or not, my birthday falls on said Turkey Day!  This is the year!  The kids are very excited about it, so that makes it fun.  I also get to see Kathy, since she hosts the holiday down at her house, so I am very happy and excited about that!

I am turning 42, and for all you Doug Adams fans, I guess I will now know the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, as my dear Hammer reminds me.  LOL  I'll keep you posted on that one!

Libby, my dear sweet crazy yellow lab, will be turning 6 on 11/26 and therefore, also 42.  tee hee....  If I only had her energy!

Since I am sharing my birthday with the holiday, and it has been such a sucky year (read: brain tumor, flaring), I have declared today my birthday, too!  Hubby stayed home from work to celebrate, and we went to breakfast with Fuzzy and Pumpkin before school! 

I came back and napped, and Hubby woke me with my choice of Dunkin Donuts coffees, hot or iced, both the largest they offer.  Yes!  Yummy!

In a little while, he and the kids are going shopping... what for... I don't know!!  LOL 

We might go to see Beowulf tonight!  I loved when we did the poem in my high school English class, and the movie looks amazing!  Going to a movie for my birthday has been something we seem to do a lot.  One year it was a Harry Potter, another year, James Bond.  I do love my action films!  LOL 

I do have to make my Maple Baby Carrots to bring to Kathy's house for tomorrow, but they are easy and quick to make, I may even do them tomorrow morning.  They will still be warm then and easier to heat up for dinner! 

It may be Friday before I blog again, so please, have a blessed Turkey Day, and remember to count your blessings.  It is the perfect day to give acknowledgement to them in your heart, and to communicate, and validate them from your lips.  Appreciate the little things, and the big. 

I thank you J-Land for being one of my many blessings.

There are many of us who have chronic illness, but illness can sometimes be a great clarifier, helping you to truly 'see' the value of all the 'good things' in your life. 

I am blessed by my chronic illnesses to remember to never, ever, take anything for granted.  Tomorrow, I will give many thanks.

be well,

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The Game is On!!!   And you're it!

Describe ME in one word....just one single word.  Post it in my comment section.  Then put the same request in your journal, so that we can visit you... and do the same thing...  and see how many strange and interesting things we say about you.

Play along, it's fun.

be well,

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Tickets to Paradise

Have you ever seen the commercial where the guy gets back from vacation and asks his wife to bring over the dessert cart? 

Yeah, that's what I feel like...

Reality isn't as fun as the fantasy world of Atlantic City, but I missed my reality... my kids, my hubby and dad, my pets, my computer, my bed, wow... yeah... I really missed my bed!!!  So, it is really great to be back home!

Here are two pics from out of our hotel window.  We stayed at The Tropicana.

The first was in bad weather, the second on a beautiful sunny day.  That hotel in the foreground is empty and being gutted and renovated.  It was a Days Inn.

Monday we picked up my mom's friends, Mary and Jackie, and headed down the Parkway.  The ride took a little over two hours and there was no traffic at all.  We checked in had a quick lunch, unpacked, and then mom and I played some slots. 

Dinner was at CUBA LIBRE RESTAURANT, and it was amazing!  I was really excited about dinner there, since I went there only for lunch in May with my Mom.  I had an appetizer of three different empanadas, one traditional, one chicken and one steak.  Yummy.  Then, for the main meal I had another appetizer platter, all different meats cooked in various Cuban ways.  Chicken, two types of beef, pork, and chorizo sausage.  Yummy!  I also had plantains (green bananas) as a side dish, done meduros style.  Can you believe that I don't remember if we had dessert? 

Tuesday was the big convention day.  The New Jersey League of Municipalities convention.  This is something my mom has done for years (since the 80's), so it was very cool to be able togo to it and experience it first hand.  

Stupidly, I had worn heels, comfy boots heels, but still heels, and between that and the bed.  I was sore.  The bed was comfy but only if I lay on my right side.  It was strange, but that caused my right leg to not get enough rest during the night. 

I wore flats, but after walking the hard concrete floor for about 3 hours, I had reached my limit!  We got lots of goodies from the vendors there, candy, calculators, pens, bags, paper clip holders, toothpick holders, highlighters, all kinds of booty!

I went back to the hotel and rested for a while before our dinner.  This dinner was not only with my mom's friends, but also some of her customers and with her boss.  It was at Red Square , which specializes in traditional Russian cuisine.  I tried a beet salad, with greens and goat cheese.  Yum.  Did you know that there are yellow beets?  I didn't know!  My entree was Chicken Kiev.  I figure when at the Russian restaurant, eat something traditional!  It was sooooo good!  

And, oh yeah, their vodka martini's were good too.   lol

Wednesday, there was a brunch for the Tax Collectors and Treasurers Association and it was at our hotel.  It was very nice, and again, I got to experience part of my mom's world, and meet people from it, that I have been hearing about for years. 

Jackie, Mary and my Mom went back over to the convention center for the afternoon.  I decided to read a book that I had brought.  It was a nice restful afternoon of me time, something I don't often get!  I did some gambling, too.  I think at this point, I was actually ahead!  LOL

Dinner was again with my mom's boss and clients, but over at the Borgata Hotel, in the Old Homestead restaurant.  I had their french onion soup as a starter, and it was very good.  My entree was the filet mignon, with bernaise, served with their 'famous' hash brown.  It was excellent.  I eat mine well done, and this was perfectly cooked but still melted like butter in my mouth!   Dessert was an amazing variation of Bananas Foster that I could not pass up! 

Each night we would come back, get the ladies settled in and mom and I would go back to gamble together.  It was fun. 

Thursday morning after breakfast, my Mom took Jackie back to convention center, and I helped Mary meet her ride, as she was going home early.  Then, I spent the afternoon reading the second book I brought with me!

Each day was an early call for me, even though we were usually sleeping by 11pm, I am not used to getting dressed up and walking around and doing a lot of stuff each day, so it was tiring.  I rested as much as I could, but I couldn't actually nap during the day. 

Thursday night was dinner in our hotel again, this time at The Palm, and it too, was fabulous!  I had no appetizer because I learned my lesson last year!  LOL  I had the crab cakes, they were amazing, with a hollandaise on the side, and their famous three cheese au gratin potatoes.  Oh my!  It was heavenly good!

My mom and I had hoped to have a lot of luck gambling after dinner to recoup losses and go home winners.  Lady Luck had other plans... but we did have fun. 

Are you still reading this???  If you are... I applaud you!  LOL

Here is picture of the Star Wars slot machine, and a picture of the Christmas decorations in front of the restaurants.  They actually have it snowing indoors... amazing... real snow from machines.  It was so pretty!


So, as I was saying... I got home on Friday afternoon.  I was really tired.  I had been fighting Hubby's cold off all week, and I needed to rest a lot.  I missed the kids, they missed me.  We just spent the weekend doing stuff together.  We had shopping to do, school work to be done and organized, etc. 

Yesterday, we drove to a Borders that is open on Sundays (as ours is not) and spent a few hours there.  It was awesome!  I got two books I had been waiting on.  The new James Patterson 'Alex Cross' mystery was one of them!  I didn't start it yet...

Sorry it took me a while to get here to the blog.  I just didn't have enough 'oomph' to get here sooner.  Dang RA/Lupus... it doesn't like me changing routine very much.  Ack.

Pumpkin has been fighting some ear fluid from allergies, and last night it kept her awake.  Today she stayed home and rested.  I gave her some decongestant to dry her up, and she seems better.  Whew. 

Okay... this entry is wayyyyy too long... signing off now, thanks for all the welcome back wishes!

be well,

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Happy Caturday!

Did you miss me???  I missed you!

So, Atlantic City was great!  We didn't win, but my Mom and I had fun playing.  The best part was the food... OMG... Yum!  Unbelievable dinners each night!

I will update soon with all the details, just wanted to drop a quick hello!

be well,

Monday, November 12, 2007

Babe I'm Leaving 2

Yeah... not fun.  However, I am heading out to Atlantic City this am!

Now, you all behave while I am gone and have a great week!

be well,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's Day


I wanted to take a moment and thank all of those who have and are currently serving our country.  Each and every man and woman who don that uniform are heroes in my book.

I salute Uncle Ed (Vietnam, army), my Uncle Larry (Korea, Navy, now deceased) and my Dad (Vietnam, Navy), for their service.

Today, on Veteran's Day, I hope you have taken a moment to reflect on the price of freedom and the wealth we have in the US. 

And, although I, and I am sure many of you are not happy with the Iraq situation or the administration, never make the mistake of taking that out on member of the service.  They serve at the will of the President.  However, and wherever that may be. 

be well,

Going Away

I love this LOLCat! 

I am packing and organizing for my trip to Atlantic City!  Yay! 

Last night, Hubby and I went to dinner alone at another restaurant we love, and it was great.  We are saving the expensive seafood one for the week of my birthday, I think, when he is feeling hopefully 100%.

Yesterday, Hubby confirmed what I said earlier.  The kids are very, very thankful that I am the chronically ill one.  He had several temper tantrums, all directed at the wrong people, all childish, and all a result of him being a man and being sick.  Oh puhlease!!!  lol

Anyhow, Hubby did get his head of his butt, and we had a nice evening. 

Hubby should be on his way home from a birthday party with Pumpkin right now.  The Giants are kicking off shortly against Dallas at home.  GO GIANTS!  Jets are on a buy week.

Fuzzy was with me in his Jets shirt the other day, and the manager of the salon where I got my hair cut told him, 'Maybe next year for the Jets, but this year they are going for the first of the first round draft picks.'  How true.  If they end up in LAST place they will 'win' that privilege.  lol

The kids have been a bit clingy since I am leaving.  Even though they don't think so, it is good for them to be without me for a bit.  Makes them appreciate the Mommy all the more!!!  LOL

Pumpkin just came in from her party!  She made some beautiful jewelry!  A necklace and matching bracelet! 

Hubby ran to the tv for the game, just in time to see Dallas score.  ACK!

Okie dokie... I am off to pack some more!

be well,

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Second Time Around

I was tagged by Gillie Time and, decided to play along.  I did this a long time ago, and I am sure I have new readers now... so, here I go!


4 Jobs I've Had

Medical Coding and billing

Commercial Credit Analyst

Movie theater manager, projectionist, and candy/ticket girl



4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

Star Wars

Harry Potter




4 Places I Have Lived

3 towns in NJ... that's it!


4 TV Shows I Love To Watch

Criminal Minds


Dancing with the Stars



4 Places I've Been To On Vacation

Wildwood Crest, NJ

Lake Placid, NY (my honeymoon!)


St. John and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


4 Websites I Visit Daily

Free clicks (hunger, mammograms, pets etc)


4 Favorite Dishes

Bungalow Dish (a family favorite, right Kathy and Karol?)

Filet Mignon with Bernaise Sauce

Italian (damn near anything)

Crab cakes with remoulade


4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

At my now postponed Anniversary dinner, with a NOT sick Hubby

Away in the Poconos alone with Hubby

Away with my family ANYWHERE

(those three cover it I think!)


That was fun, Gillie, thanks for tagging me!  I tag THE WORLD!  Bwahhhahahaha!!!! 


So, I guess by now you have figured out that Hubby was too sick for us to go out for our anniversary.  Yep.  He's totally stuffed up, coughing his head off, and his ears hurt.  He started a Z-pak, thankfully.


And, by now, everyone in the house is happy that I am the one with the brain tumor and chronic illnesses as Hubby is so pathetic when sick.  I guess that is how it is when you don't get sick often!  lol


Today, I got my hair cut, and I hate it.  The girl totally forgot how to do what I got last time, and now I look like Frankenstein.  You will not be getting a picture, so do not ask.


Hammer and his GalPal went to the Mall together, and browsed stores, and snacked together.  Very nice.  GalPal is also staying for dinner!  She is such a sweet girl, it is our pleasure to have her here.


While they were at them mall, and Hubby was vegetating on the couch, I took Fuzzy and Pumpkin and went to Borders!  After all, I think a whole 10 days passed since our last visit!  LOL


The kids got some needed books, and I got 3 paperbacks for my week in Atlantic City.  Although, I will probably read one this weekend before we go!  LOL


I also started the process of setting up for closed MRI, under sedation, that I have to have later this month.  They got all the info, but they have to call back to schedule due to an equipment problem.  Hubby will make the appointment for me... we are aiming for the week after Thanksgiving. 


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  And, remember, I tagged the world, so do the meme!  LOL


Russ, Gaz and Paul, I am still waiting for you to do the Mate Meme from earlier this week!


be well,


Thursday, November 8, 2007

How Sweet It Is!

Today, I got a wonderful card and package in the mail!

Bill (from Comments on the events of my life ) and his darling wife Libby sent me the perfect coffee cup!

Now, I just don't know how they knew I like coffee and have the nickname Princess, do you????  LOL

Needless to say, I will be enjoying big cups of the 'Elixir of Life' in my new mug and thinking of my two sweet friends in Las Vegas while I do so! 

You see, Bill and Libby are NJ transplants, and we really get each other!!!  Of course, I think they are insane to live in a desert, and forsake the snow, but I love them anyway!

Thanks again, guys!  You made my day!!!


The kids gave my mom a gift certificate for three manicures at her favorite salon, one from each of them, for her birthday today!  Then, we dined at Houlihan's, and it was yummy! 

As I said, November is a big month for us, and tomorrow, which is now today, 11/9 is my wedding anniversary!  Yes, Hubby and I are celebrating 16 years of marital (ahem) bliss!!! 

I have said it before, I am very lucky to have found my soul mate, a partner for life, a friend, and a great dad in my Hubby! 

I look forward to the next 16 years, and the next 16, and the next 16 (I can dream, can't I), my dear! 

And, no matter what the years bring, I do know that you will always be able to make me laugh.  That means a lot... more than you know, honey.  Especially, dealing with all the crap (RA, Lupus, brain tumor), being able to laugh with you, is often the best part of my day! 

This picture should show you how much I care...

 Yeah, he barely tolerates the cats... that's why it's so funny!  LOL

Hubby and I have plans to go out to a favorite expensive restaurant with fabulous seafood, but his dang cold is flaring back up!  Yesterday, it was almost gone, today, it is worse and seems to be in his chest, too!  ACK! 

If we have to postpone, it is no biggie to me... we have forever!!!

be well,

Thankful Thursday

Yes, that is how much I am loving my coffee today!  LOL

Today is Thankful Thursday!

Here are my thankfuls...

1.     Kids.  Including the Spare.  They are so happy today being off of school, and having fun together.  You can't help but smile along with them!

2.     Coffee.  Yup.  See above.  Gotta have it.  Love it.  Worship it.  Got it?  lol

3.     J-Land.  Your constant support and kindness helps me cope with all my icky illness stuff.   Thank you!

4.     My mom!  Today is my mom's birthday!  Happy 62nd, Mom!  Thanks for always being there and finding away to make my world better. 

5.     The Fall weather.  How can you not love the cool, crisp autumn air?  It is just wonderful!  I love it!  You can always put on a jacket, but you can only get so naked in the heat, people!  lol

Well, I am off to play Uno with Pumpkin!

be well,

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cuts Like A Knife

First, a shout out to Donna.  Donna's dear sister has crossed over to the Other Side, after a battle with Cancer.

Please go visit Donna at her journal This and that, and hockey! and give some support in her time of grief. 


Tomorrow, our schools in NJ are closed for the teachers convention.  So, tonight, the kids, they party!  lol

The boys had Scouts, and then Russ came back for a sleepover.  They have basically been playing Halo 3 most of the night, with pauses for a frozen pizza and a drink.  LOL

I think they are now going to watch something on tv, Letterman I think.  I remember that being a huge deal when I was kid, of course, it was Johnny Carson, I couldn't wait to sneak a peek at! 

The kids are so happy to have off for a few days!  This month goes by very fast, next week is full, but then it's Thanksgiving week, and more time off!

My arms are beautiful shades of purple, red, pink and greenish yellow from the blood draws.  If I was a normal person, with bad veins, like I used to be years ago, I would have been much more demanding about how they draw my blood.

However, now, after years of monthly blood draws, and IV's for rheumatology meds, I know that my veins are scarce and very problematic.  And, getting upset with the tech, won't do any good. 

That is why I rarely have blood done anywhere but at the specialists I go to, but sometimes, I have to just suck it up!  lol

I hope everyone has a good night, and I will catch up with you all tomorrow!

be well,

Rock Me Steady

Yes, another meme... You know you want it... lol
Meme: 5 Things

A. Found in my room
1.  Many, many books
2. Wedding picture
3.  10th Anniversary Picture
4.  My stuffed Yoda from Hammer, since I am his teacher.
5.  Jar candles

B. I have always wanted to
1.  Write a book
2.  Travel
3.  Learn more languages fluently
4.  Be a mommy
5.  Be healthier

C. Found in my Bag
1. Cell phone
2. Chapstick
3. Lipstick
4. medicines (just in case)
5. Ear plugs

D. Found in my Wallet
I don't have a wallet

E. I am currently into
1.  Coffee.  No really, I am sure you didn't notice.  lol
2.  My family
3.  Blogging
4.  Reading
5.  Writing
F.  Non Family/Friends Phone Numbers in my Cell
1.  Fuzzy and Pumpkin's school
2.  Movie theater
3.  Favorite townie restaurant
don't have a 4 and 5!  lol
Okay, that was fun, but not as much fun as the one about our mates! 
be well,