Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Boys are Back in Town

For Hammer, who loves Transformers...

Well, the boys are back, and in just a few hours, Pumpkin and Fuzzy are already bickering.  UGH.

The Camporee went great.  Fuzzy's group came in third place in the competitions against other scouts.  They compete and are awarded points at various stations in orienteering, first aid, fire starting, plant recognition, cooking, etc. 

Even more spectacular was that the Webelos that Fuzzy has been grooming as the Den Chief for almost two years, came in 1st place against all other Webelo troops competing!!!  It was really a proud moment for Fuzzy, as he realized that all the work he was doing with the younger boys has paid off. 

Hammer's group, although they didn't place high, received the President's Award for Achievement.  I guess their 'can-do' attitude really impressed the leaders that were doing the scoring!  :-)

Everyone is a bit overtired and cranky.  Except Hubby, who seems happy enough, but now has the cold that the kids and I have been passing around.  I think the tiredness will catch up with Hubby later, too.

Yesterday, Pumpkin, my mom and I had a great time shopping!  Pumpkin's favorite color is purple, and we finally found a great purple coat at Sears.  It is actually 2 coats!  An inner, fleece/nylon reversible, and then an anorak/parka style heavier coat that goes with it.  You can wear the two together for super cold days, maybe when she goes out to play in the snow! 

Needless to say, Pumpkin was thrilled with the find!  My mom also got a really nice black wool coat, similar to a pea coat style, double breasted, but a longer, car coat length.  Then, we went to shop for some slacks and shirts for me.  I got a brown and black pair of slacks, 2 sweaters and 2 blouses, and a pair of great new boots!  My mom treated me to everything over my budget, as an early birthday present from my mom and dad! 

Now, when I go to Atlantic City, I will at least feel like I have some nice outfits and won't be an embarrassment to her.  My mom is so thin, and trim and put together looking.  I suppose it is hard enough that I am wayyyy overweight.  :-/  Anyhow, I am really excited about going on the trip! 

Mom's close friends that will be there and sharing the rooms and having adjoining rooms with us, are sweet women that I have known since I was a teen.  I am looking forward to being with them.  I will also have some time to myself, which is nice to just read, have a coffee, window shop, etc.

Last night, we had dinner with my mom and dad at our fave town restaurant, the one where the Bar Mitzvah party was held last week.  We also had our favorite waiter, Charlie!  We also ran into an old classmate, whose dad died this week.  It was a tough week in our town, there were actually 3 deaths of friends/acquaintances family members.

Pumpkin and I didn't finish watching 'Cleopatra', but we decided to watch 'Speed' instead.  It was good!  Pumpkin loved it, she was on the edge of her seat the whole movie!!!

Anyhow, I got to take a long nap, which was the first good sleep I had since Hubby left.  The Giants are off this week, and well, the Jets are the Jets.  They apparently tied the game up, and are going into overtime.  Ack.

be well,

UPDATE:  Jets lost in overtime to the Redskins.  Dang, Jets.


chat2missie said...

Enjoy your evening.

nay0114 said...

Hope you have fun and enjoy watching your movie.
Take care, Chrissie

coelha said...

Sounds like you had a nice time with the girls :)  Those days are always fun :)  Have a great end of the week!  :)  I hope to get something out to you soon!  Julie :)

astoriasand said...

Happy to read the boys are back in town LOL!! and safe home once again Dawn.Congratulations on Fuzzy's team coming thrid.A great big Clap and well done to  Fuzzy's for 1st place Yehhhhhhhh.Well done to Hammers group  too on there award.It sounds you had a whale of a shopping trip.Whoo-Hoo new clothes and boots to go on your trip lovely.You will so enjoy that alone relaxation time.Sorry to here of the deaths in th eneighbourhood how sad.My condolances to everyone.Glad you enjoyed th emovie.Have  alovely evening.Take Care God Bless, In answer to your comment for which I thank you.You are fair of face you are so pretty, what a lovely smile on that picture you have.Kath

wwfbison said...

It sounds like Fuzzy had a very good weekend at Camporee, he should be proud of himself.  Purple is my favorite color too - the jacket Pumpkin found sounds great.  You are going to look wonderful in AC with all the new clothes you got.  How nice for your folks to do that for you.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Glad you had a mega shopping day and got yourself some goodies.  My father always treated me when he was alive.  Now, Dawn, you know your mother could care less if you are slim and trim.  I think you look lovely and will look great in your new clothes when you go to Atlantic City.  HUGS  Chris

helmswondermom said...

I'm so glad you and the "girls" had a good time shopping.  And congratulations to both the boys for their achievements this weekend!

deshelestraci said...

Glad the guys had such a nice time!  
I know what you mean about having a slim mom.  It kills my mom to see me overweight.  
Both of my teams won today!  Titans and Patriots!

mail4campbell said...

Just loved the pics of Hammer! I have a kitty named Smitten...we call her Smitty for short and one named Snickers, and he is all TOM to get that boy fixed before much longer! And Smitty TOO! I enjoyed your journal, I finally found it again...don't know how I lose these things! LOL Love2U

mail4campbell said...

OOOPS! I meant I loved the pic FOR Hammer! Hope all is going well, take care, LOVE2U

tenyearnap said...

Hahahaa...that cat!
Sounds like a great weekend for everyone. And a purple coat sounds wonderful to me, too. --Cin

preciousone25 said...

Cute pic!!  Glad everyone is having a great weekend there.... Hope you have a great week ahead, too!!


toonguykc said...

"overtired and cranky" pretty much describes me most of the time ... ;)


eml625 said...

Congrats on the boys doing so well.
The shopping went well, huh? I wanted to get to Khols since they were having a huge sale this past weekend.  I sent hubby instead! So needless to say I got nothing.
I am so happy your going away with your mom. And new clothes make the trip more special!

frankandmary said...

Dawn, you could never be an embarrassment to your mother.  She loves you & you cannot deny your own worth without actually diminishing her while doing so.  Both of you sound like wonderful caring & loving mothers.  I never think of size or clothes when it comes to that. ~Mary

queeniemart said...

finding a coat you really like can be difficult so good for Pumpkin! I love purple too..i am tickled that you went and had such a good time.....good for you too!! I cant wait for you to go on your trip and enjoy yourself. So good to hear that hubby and the boys had a good time too.
hugs, lisa

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Sounds like lots of excitement.  Too bad about Cleopatra being a snooze ... I hope it doesn't sour Pumpkin's interest in Egyptology!  That movie seems endless, doesn't it ... you feel practically mummified by the time it ends!

mleighin21st said...

Sorry about the Jets!  The Lions are doing better than I had imagined.  YaY!!!
It sounds like you girls had a great time shopping.  Have fun in Atlantic City.  
                                           Smiles,  Leigh

ekgillen said...

Love the cat pic~too funny!!

gazker said...

Ah yes, Bar Mitzvah, what a trendy place ;-) LOL
Gaz xxxx

Anonymous said...

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