Sunday, November 25, 2007

Would I Lie to You?

Sometimes it is really fun to just listen to the kids talking to each other while they are playing video games.
Here are some snippets of conversations I heard over this weekend.
Everybody should be equally main characters in sitcoms.
It's better that way. 
If I was a girl, I'd think he was hot.
You're a boy not a girl.
I know!  I said 'if'!
It's on the end!  (pause)  No, your other end!
Don't you see the irony in that???
What's irony? 
Nevermind... <big sigh>
My farts smell the best.
They smell good?
Nooooo, they smell really bad!
Isn't that the worst then?
NO!  The BEST!   <evil snicker>
Did you hear that?
Mom wants ice cream. Why does dad act like he isn't going to get it?  I know he will, you know he will, doesn't he know he will?
Yeah, duh...
And, yes I did get the ice cream!  LOL
They are so funny! 
On Thanksgiving, my nephew J was really funny, too. 
He and Kathy had made corn muffins the night before because he insisted that you had to have them on Thanksgiving.  Something he picked up at pre-school. 
After dinner, during dessert, he insisted that in order for it to be 'more funner' the lights HAD to be shut off to eat his corn muffins!!!  So, here we are, shutting off all the lights for a minute and a few corn muffin lovers took a bite of them in the dark to make him happy!  
However, there were two grandmom's one mid 70's the other mid 80's, and my parents, both in their 60's... no one wanted the lights out long and a broken hip for Thanksgiving! 
Poor J, he really wanted the lights to stay out, but we distracted him with a Muffin Bandit, who stole the basket while the lights were out, and then he agreed the lights should stay on, too.  LOL
So, today is just a quiet football watching Sunday in our house!  We also cleaned the hamsters' cage and the kids helped with raking and leaf blowing outside.  Fuzzy and Pumpkin also had studying to do for school.
Yesterday was the first day of bowling for Fuzzy and Pumpkin.  We all went to watch.  This week and next are to just set their average and get the teams matched up.  All the kids were excited to get the snack bar fries.  LOL
Pumpkin bowled a 48, 85, 41 series.  She did soooo much better in the second game after listening to the coaches, but her arm was too tired in the 3rd game.  That will take some time for her to get used to doing!
Fuzzy bowled 120, 93, 139 series!!!  The 139 is his new high game, so he was very, very happy!  Fuzzy is bowling with his friend, Russ again, like last year, but the third teammate is someone they don't like that much.  However, I was proud - both boys really were very cordial with him.
My mom ended up in the ER on Friday night with a kidney stone.  She was in and out in three hours, just pain meds to take, not much else you can do.  The CT scan showed they were not that big, which was good news. 

Yesterday, my mom was really miserable and nauseaous, too, but after meds to help with that, today she is much better.  Back to about 90%, I would say.  The kids were so upset!  They are not used to Grandma ever being sick!!!   Thankfully, this was the first stones in about 18 years or so.
Any kindness you could send would be appreciated, but it appears the worst is over!  Thank goodness!
be well,
ps... RA and Lupus seem to have forgotten me, I am doing pretty good.  SHHhhhhhhhhh 
pss... the MRI machine is broken at the hospital I was going to have it done at... now I am considering rescheduling at a different one.


gazker said...

Actualy, my farts smell the best! ;-)
Gaz xxxx

coelha said...

Oh gosh, try being in a van for 10 hours with two teenage boys who fart and with stinky socks...  Eeek.  :)  I am glad you mother is feeling better!  :)  Julie

mztishgray0726 said...

It sounds like everyone had a great time.  I too am one of those people who thinks my farts smell the best and they are the loudest.  (giggle).  Hugs.  Tish G.

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) praying for your mom


jibaro6543 said...

Now the bowling sounds like a blast.....that is great your kids are in a brother and I were while growing up...I remember loving it and seeing how good I could get!!! (I even managed to win some trophies and patches)
I am so glad your thanksgiving was so delicious....and surrounded by family - the best part I think.
Your mom will be in my thoughts and prayers that the kidney stones go away quickly....
Like art linkletter used to proclaim: "kids say the darnest things" - you should keep a record of it might have a best seller there.
take care

chat2missie said...

Both my kids have had kidney stones and so have I.  YUk!  Hope your mom is feeling better.

nightmaremom said...

sending good thoughts and wishes to your Mom....

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm glad it seems like your mom is out of the woods.  She needs to be on top of her game in case the Notorious Muffin Bandit returns!

helmswondermom said...

I'm glad your mom is okay.  I hope she's feeling good today.
Kids are so funny when you listen in to their conversations!

tampa0503 said...

Ever pretend to read a book and listen to teenagers?  They think you are reading and you hear soooo much about what's going on in thier lives.

J sounds sooo cute....I love that preschool age!  Sorry to hear about your Mom.

hugs, Bethe  

astoriasand said...

I will agree with you there Dawn on what children say.I have listened to some real funny conversations over the years from my children and the Grandchildren lol!! Glad you got your ice-cream haaaa Mmmm.Love th e story of the dissapearing basket lol!!Well done Clap Clap to the childrens bowling session.Sorry to read Mm hadn't been too good.Prayers she stays pain free ,and for you too to stay  well.Look after yourself.Take Care God Bless Kath

toonguykc said...

I wonder if your kids think adult conversations are just as ridiculous?  hee hee


eml625 said...

I love the conversations that you overheard, funny.
I hope your mom is better by now, poor thing. Way to go on the bowling scores. I use to be on a team, I loved it.

ksgal3133 said...

lol kids are too funny!
Sending your mom many prayers...


xomywayox said...

ROFLMAO!!! About the farts smelling the best cause it is the


wwfbison said...

Good thoughts & Prayers going out to your mom - a kidney stone must be painful, I feel for her.  HAHA on listening to the kids, I bet that is riot.  So glad you are doing well!!!

mleighin21st said...

Dawn,  so sorry to hear about your Mom's kidney stones.  That can be so painful.  It sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving, and you had a good weekend, too(Ice Cream)  Those conversations are so funny.   I heard on the radio that if the playoffs were to start today, the Detroit Lions would get the Wild Card Slot.  Huh, I guess you don't have to play "really good" football to get there anymore.  
                                        Smiles,  Leigh

swmpgrly said...

kidney stones are very painfull , your poor mom.
Hope thats the last of them .
Good luck with the MRI.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Kidney stones are the worst.  I will keep your mom in my prayers.  And not saying a word but glad someone has been forgotten.  BTW:  Fuzzy is quite a bowler.  HUGS  Chris

tenyearnap said...

Oh no! Your poor Mom!! I hope she feels better as I am reading this a couple days later.

I love corn muffins. Perhaps they should always be eaten with the lights off just so you don't have to see all the crumbs the kids are dropping on the floor. --Cin

queeniemart said...

sorry to hear your mom was in daughter was on a bowling league for 10 yrs..we had some good times there.
hugs, lisa

nay0114 said...

LMAO on the kiddie convo.. Kyan is alone and says some funny stuff at 2yo I can't imagine him later on. Here soon he'll be around 4 boy cousins his age so it should get pretty interesting. I love the part where they talked about Dad and why didn't he know he was gonna do it. LOL. That is funny about the corn muffins, but yeah if you've ever seen the Thanksgiving play at school they have muffins dancing around or maybe it was just our school.
Take care, Chrissie