Friday, February 29, 2008

You Learn

Does anyone remember the movie Gremlins??? 

That is another movie I know my kids will love... I have to grab it on DVD one of these days!

Here is another meme I found out on the interwebs for your enjoyment!  A learning experience... maybe you want to play along so we can learn a little more about you!

The 'Last' Meme

last cigarette: I've never smoked.
last car ride: To and from AC Moore and an outdoor store with Hubby earlier tonight
last good cry: Hmmm, more than a few tears, probably a couple of weeks ago, one night in bed with Hubby when I was just feeling overwhelmed by everything.  I had just missed J's birthday party, I think.
last library book checked out: I have no clue.  It was probably in the 80's.  I buy most of my books now, used or new.
last movie seen: History of the World, Part I
last cuss word uttered: Shit, I'm sure.  It's my fave.  lol
last beverage drank: A decaf Hazelnut coffee, just now. (yes, I know decaf is the devil's blend, but it is after 11pm! lol)
last food consumed: A hard boiled egg.
last crush: Mark Harmon from NCIS, but I am over him lately.  lol
last phone call: Hubby, who called me to find out if I wanted him to pick up something for me, but then didn't want to get what I suggested.  Men.  Pfft.
last tv show watched: Battle 360 on the History Channel about the USS Enterprise just after Pearl Harbor.
last time showered: Yesterday afternoon.
last shoes worn: My Merrell's.  LOVE them!
last cd played: Josh Groban.
last item bought: Beads for jewelry, and paint for pinewood derby car.
last downloaded: Hmm, I think it was a funny video my mom sent me last week.
last annoyance: Fuzzy complaining about his cell phone sucks and his ipod shuffle should be an ipod Nano.  Yes, I did want to strangle him, but I refrained.  I have marvelous powers of restraint.  Marvelous. 
last disappointment: see 'last phone call'
last soda drank: Cherry flavored seltzer tonight while watching tv.
last thing written: I added items to the shopping list.
last key used: It will probably be 'enter' lol
last word spoken: "Go pee pees!", to Libby, our dog, who will just sit there on the top step or wander if you don't tell her to actually empty her bladder.  <sigh>  Gotta love her...
last sleep: This morning, until Hammer woke me up!
last im: I don't IM.  Last email was to Gaz earlier.
last weird encounter: Yesterday, at the bowling alley, there was a woman who sat an 18 month old on a swiveling stool with no arms and then walked away and left the child just sitting there.  Un-freaking-believable.  These are the kind of people who do that and then when the kid falls and cracks his head open and is scarred, will sue the bowling alley.  Ugh.
last ice cream eaten: Vanilla.
last time amused: Earlier tonight, the kids were funny.
last time hugged: The kids all hugged me before they went up to bed.
last time scolded: Probably earlier today by my mom, but I tend to tune her out.  Definitely last weekend by my mom, I remember that one.  LOL
last time resentful: Tonight, see 'last phone call'.  lol
last chair sat in: The kitchen chair I am sitting in right now.
last lipstick used: Smashbox, when Hubby took me out to dinner alone for Valentine's.
last time dancing: Interestingly, last night in a dream, and yesterday with the kids while goofing around.
last poster looked at: No idea.
last webpage visited:, a great site for reading addicts!!
Wasn't that fun?  Yeah... I have already left Hubby off the hook, but it was fun tozing him a bit here in the meme!
Here are two more lolcats from I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? , since it is now officially Caturday!
And, both are movie related, too - Enjoy!
be well,
ps... Can you name the movies?

Working for the Weekend

I just had to use this lolcat, didn't I?

Here is a meme called the Friday Fill-In!

1. I'm looking forward to going to my rheumatologist next week.

2. I don't handle
 the loss of Jland friends 
very well.

is something I could eat every day.

  Lights and evergreen have been missing from my life since December

Wildwood Beach Jam, here I come! (but not until May)

6. I
don't have any

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to
relaxing with Hubby and the kids, tomorrow my plans include bowling league and dinner at Applebee's, and Sunday, I want to relax some more, but will also help Pumpkin with a school project.

There!  Wasn't that fun and long overdue???  Your turn!!!

Catch ya all later, have a fun weekend!

be well,

ps... I don't know HOW they got MY picture! lol

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Hey Mr. Goat... whatever works!!! lol

Thursday again... my, how the time flies!

1.     Coffee.  Oh yes... I have thought about having the IV hooked up on occasion.

2.     EmergenC.  A truly amazing product!  It has multi-vitamins and lots of B12 and B6 and I have to admit that it is giving me more energy!  It is a yummy fizzy drink... and I think your body absorbs the vitamins fast that way!

3.     Kids.  Today, we are starting a new afterschool bowling league for Fuzzy and Pumpkin.  Russ is joining too, and next week one of Pumpkin's friends will join in also.

4.     Great ideas.  Last night, Pumpkin and I looked over the playroom, and found a way to set up a table for me to work at and leave my jewelry stuff out.  I like to work and take lots of breaks to rest my hands, and couldn't before, now, I will be able to do so.  Pumpkin deserves all the kudos, it was much simpler than I thought!

5.     Hubby.  I will address this directly to him - Honey, you still ROCK MY WORLD, thank you!!!

Okie dokie, time to hit the shower before the kids and pal descend on the house!

Oh and now that it is almost March, suddenly the temps are in the teens and 20's and there is talk about snow again this weekend AND next week.  WTF?  Groundhog... you suck.  Winter is supposed to be in WINTER!

be well,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We are big Monty Python fans, and the kids are totally into it now, too. 

After Monty, we have given them a love for Mel Brooks.  This weekend, we finally found 'History of the World, Part I' on dvd.  I forgot how funny it was and we all laughed together. 

Now, Russell is here and they are all watching the movie together, and laughing their butts off.

Oh my... I tell you, there is nothing better than listening to a room full of kids laughing!

I did my Enbrel shot today.  And, I had an audience.  Yep, not everyone can go to their friends house and watch their mom do a shot in her thigh!  So, Russ and Pumpkin decided to watch.  Russ was amazed. 

Yep, that's me... amazing!  LOL  I hope it starts to work fast!  Pray for me!  And, I hope I don't get sick again!!!  Keeping the old fingers crossed here!

My dad made a wonderful homemade chicken soup for dinner.  A quick easy recipe.  Purdue already been roasted chicken cut up, carrots, celery, fresh cut, and added into 2 large cans of broth.  A good simmering for about an hour and half, add the egg noodles in the last 8 minutes, serve with fresh bread.  Yummy.

It was rainy and 45 degrees today.  Just nasty.  My bones ached, so the chicken soup was heaven.

The kids keep devolving into a melee involving pillow fighting, head slaps and tickling.  Hubby has just threatened to stuff Russ and Pumpkin inside Fuzzy and then will beat them all at once.  This resulted in more uproarious laughter at the thought!

They are now hysterical laughing at the 'Jews in Space' number at the end... lol

be well,

ps... here is more Monty Python...

I Am Woman

I just read a great journal entry by Cathy at DARE TO THINK .

It got me thinking.

We women have the three phases of our lives, the Goddess within, Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  Crone, although it has a negative connotation now, actually represents the Wise old woman, who imparts her life wisdom and guides her younger counterparts.

Our society, as Cathy pointed out, does not value our elderly, as it should, and it is sad.  Change starts with one at a time.  Embrace your elders, embrace your life phase.

I embrace being a Mother with all I have each and every day.  It is an honor and a blessing to raise the these three wonderful children.

I am waxing quite philosophical for early morning, aren't I? 

Well, time to get these blessings off to school! 

Have a great day!

be well,

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Monday, February 25, 2008


Today, another Warrior crossed over to the Other Side.

Irene of Meet Me At The Breakfast Table .

Please send prayers for her family and friends.

Another J-land angel to watch over us all.

be well,

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day - Jersey Style

Oh Happy Day!  Finally!  Snow!  About 8 inches so far... Yay!

Here are my three kids, posing on the partially shoveled driveway!

Here is a picture aimed from the dry garage, where I was standing in my slippers and pjs, across the front of the house, to the corner.

Here is a picture from my back door.  I love the way the pine trees look in my neighbor's yard.  Again, too bad we didn't have this earlier, around the holidays!

I know so many of you have had tons of snow this winter, and you are sick of it.  We have had far below normal, with temperatures way above normal.  Strange.  So, bear with my little happy dance!  LOL

Stay warm and safe and happy, wherever you may be!

be well,

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Better Late Than Never


And, yes, I have been saving these lolcat pics for months...

My kids finally have a snow day tomorrow, and NJ is supposed to get about 6 inches of snow!  Yay!  They cancelled school because of fears of ice more than snow, but either way the kids and I get to sleep in, and maybe see some snow on the ground, like their should be in winter time!!!

Better late than never, but I would really have liked this on December 24th... lol

Now, to answer everyone's questions...

Mystic Pizza the movie, was based at a REAL pizza parlor in Mystic, CT.  Since then, they created a company and make frozen pizzas that they ship direct through their website and that you can buy in the grocery store here.

Here is the picture of the box and the website:

Frozen Pizza: Mystic Pizza Food Company Inc.

A yummy slice of heaven, I tell you.  The best frozen pizza I have ever had so far!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

be well,

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Thankful Thursday

Long time no blog... I know...

I had a quiet, but fun weekend with Pumpkin, while the boys were away.  We did some crafting, and that was fun.

Pumpkin bowled her highest game yet, a 97 at her bowling league!  Exciting stuff.

I was and am still not feeling 100%, still coughing and congested. 

Starting Monday night, Pumpkin's ear began to hurt, and sure enough, it was infected.  Then, overnight Tuesday, Fuzzy's began, too, and his was also infected.  I guess having all that congestion for all that time, it was inevitable, at least for my kids.   So, a round of 10 days of cefzil for each.  feh.

Of course, bad nights for them, has meant bad nights for me.  Including one night where both of them were in bed with me!  Ack!  Somewhere around 2:30am, I walked a mostly sleeping Pumpkin into the next room so I could finally sleep!

Motherhood... lol.

Hammer has avoided being sick so far!  His GalPal is here today, as she is on school break, and they are playing video games. 

I am hoping to be able to go back onto the Enbrel shots this weekend, maybe Sunday.  Today my hands are so swollen, and my hip is really aching again.  I would really like to get some additional RA/Lupus help.  Fingers crossed yet again. 

Seems like a broken record lately...

Thankful Thursday waits for no one though, so here are my thankful.

1.     Coffee.  'Nuff said.

2.     Mystic Pizza.  My latest comfort food. 

3.     Books.  I think I have read 6 in the last 5 days.  Pumpkin has been reading like crazy while being sick, too.

4.     Family.  My heart.

5.     Pets.  My snuggles.

6.     Internet.  My support.  :-) 

Have a great Thankful Thursday!

be well,

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Thankful Thursday

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Thankfuls:

1.     Hubby is home today and tomorrow with me! 

2.     Hammer, Fuzzy and Pumpkin... the best kids ever!

3.     Going to the Cheesecake Factory tonight with Hubby, just us two.

4.     Coffee.  Yum.

5.     Love... all kinds of love.  Hubby and wife, mother and child, brother to sister, pet to human... it's all good!

be well,


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The First Cut is the Deepest

This lolcat really makes me laugh... and reminds of a funny story.

I bet there are few of us ladies out there whom haven't taken a scissor to our own hair!

I have been cutting Pumpkin's hair for about a year and half now, and I cut Fuzzy's hair until he was about 5 and ready to cope with a barber.  On and off over the years, I have still trimmed Fuzzy's hair.

Of course, the hair I have cut the most has been my own.  Occasionally, I have given myself a whole new style, but usually I am just trimming my bangs.

I guess I began to do my bangs somewhere around age 13 or 14.   I thought I knew exactly what was what.

However, it can be quite a different story when you cut someone elses.

Kathy moved into my family home when I was 18.  This the end of 1984, and bangs, layered cuts, and big hair were a must!!!

Kathy's bangs were not cooperating and were falling in her face, so like every good best friend would, I stepped in to help out!

Kathy was a bit nervous, she (strangely to me) had never done any home trimming.  I felt I was quite competent to help after doing my own bangs for the last 4 years!

Kathy sat on the toilet seat, hair wet and I casually pulled out the hair, sized it up while looking down, and snipped.

Oh no.

Immediately, I realized my error. 

Cutting my own bangs, I pulled the hair down straight in front of my face and trimmed across the eyebrow line looking straight ahead.

My perception was NOT the same standing above Kathy, as it would have been had I had HER stand too, and cut straight across.

I was now looking at my best friend's bangs that were about 1 1/2 inches long, maybe, and only in the middle of her forehead, far above the eyebrow line.

And, most of all, WAY WAY WAY too short!

It all happened rather fast.

::: snip:::  'Uh oh!', escaping my lips and Kathy leaping up to look in the mirror. 

Oh my, if looks could kill, I certainly wouldn't be here typing this right now!!!

I blabbered how sorry I was and that I knew what I did wrong, but needless to say, I never cut Kathy's bangs again!  lol

We tried to camouflage it as best we could, but as we worked and went out together over the next few days, I took all the abuse on the chin as Kathy informed everyone, that 'Dawn cut my bangs!' 

I have to say that over the years, we have laughed about it, and I think Kathy will laugh now as soon as she sees the lolcat above, thinking the same thoughts.

I love looking back at what seemed to be a disaster then, and finding the humor now.

I hope you enjoyed it, too. 

And, be very careful if you cut your bangs!

be well,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hips Don't Lie


This is Pumpkin's Bowling Pin birthday cake, and Pumpkin blowing out the candles.

I love the effect with the candles blazing...

So, I am still hacking up phlegm, ewww, I know.  Bronchitis back in full bloom.  Feh.

No Enbrel shot for me, which sucks.  My hip is getting more sore as the days go by.  Feh.

I refuse to turn this into a complaining entry...

Anyhow, remember the brain tumor/thingy?  Yeah.  I forgot about it for a while, too.  Denial ain't just a river in Egypt! LOL

Well, my mom didn't forget, as I found out on Friday when she informed me to poop or get off the pot, about getting myself back to the doctor.

Hubby and I decided that next week he will bring my MRI cd from December to the Uber-neurosurgeon.  This way he can look at it and decide whether I need to come in and see him or not.  Hopefully, it will not have changed, and I will not have to go in to Columbia-Presbyterian for a visit. 

Wouldn't that be nice?  It has been nice living in denial pretending the brain thingy isn't there and hasn't grown.  Not knowing can sometimes be fun.  :-)

Honestly, knowing won't change anything, anyhow.  If it is growing, there is nothing to do.  Just wait to have symptoms eventually, which hopefully will take years.  Feh.

I think that is why I have been lackadaisical about getting to the uber-neurosurgeon.

Does any of this rambling make sense??? 

OH!  By the way, Pumpkin was asked by her friend, and our next door neighbor, Chris (also 11), to be his Valentine!  Isn't that sweet?  Her very first 'official' Valentine, as she has pointed out.

I hope that this entry finds you all happy this Monday!

be well,

Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Yeah, still on the Meatloaf kick around here... sprinkled with some Queen and AC/DC.

We all survived the sleepover!  Yay!

Pumpkin had a great bowling party first.  She bowled a 97 her first game!  All her friends had fun, too.

Fuzzy got checked out by the pediatrician, who basically said I did everything right, but added one more medicine to his nebulizer treatment in the am and pm called Pulmicort.  Fuzzy joined us at the bowling alley, and bowled his highest ever, a 151!

After the bowling only 2 of the girls came to sleepover.  That was my choice.  We have done parties with more than that, and it was awful.  Two girls is enough.  The girls at the bowling party were not aware of the two spending the night, so no feelings were hurt.

I was tired and coughing and full of sniffles, so I went to be early.  The girls were all asleep by 1am, though.

Yesterday, was a quiet day, I rested.  The kids had their bowling league, but I stayed home.  We went out to our townie restaurant as Pumpkin got a $15 off certificate for her birthday. 

We hit the video store afterward, and Hubby and I watched 'The Kingdom' last night.  I thought it was a fabulous movie.  VERY well acted, and timely.  Uplifting and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Today we went to Borders books.  Pumpkin had received gift cards and birthday money, and replenished her nightstand supply with about 12 new books.  I picked up 4 new ones, and Fuzzy picked up 2. 

Hammer still has some to read from his last trip, so he just browsed!

Now, we are home.  Hubby is finishing the laundry, we grabbed a moment to 'pay some bills', the kids are cleaning their rooms, and working on Boy Scout badges, and then we will all have dinner, lasagna, together and relax.

Fuzzy is finally well enough to return to school!  Hooray!

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!

be well,

Friday, February 8, 2008

Point of No Return

You know, it's going to be a bad day when you are fantasizing about Martini's by early afternoon.  <sigh>

Fuzzy is fed up with being sick and taking all his frustration out on me.  Life is not fun with a cranky 12 (13, in 5 weeks) year old boy. 

My solution?  Allowing him to get his frustrations out by playing Xbox live, and giving me a break to get on the puter.  Yeah, not exactly the stellar parent of the year, huh?  LOL

Hammer on the other hand is being his usual helpful, kind, thoughtful self.  He is doing my parents 2 loads of laundry, since they are sick.  Hammer also has a bit of cold now, but he just took the 2 Sudafeds and doesn't complain.  He also took the time to make me coffee and rub my shoulders. 

This was the child that we were so unbelievably frustrated with before his diagnosis and after when we were worried we wouldn't be able to help him grow to be a well adjusted kid/teen/adult.  Now, he is a dream come true, he has grown and matured and coped with his difficulties with Asperger's far better than we could ever have imagined. 

We are so blessed and thankful for that.

I woke up completely congested again.  It started last night, I knew I was sick again... un- freaking- believable!!!   I alcohol swab, Purell and wash my hands like crazy!  But, caring for sick kids... I knew I would probably get it again.  Ack.

AND, today is Pumpkin's birthday party.  First, we pick her and some friends up at school and head to the bowling alley.  They will have 1 1/2 hours of unlimited bowling from 3:30 - 5pm with pizza and drinks.  There are 5 girls, plus Pumpkin.

THEN, 2 girls are coming back her to the house to watch movies and sleepover.  Yay!  <sigh>

Thankfully, both girls staying over have basketball in the am, and will be getting picked up at 10am.  I think they may try to sleep too, since they have a game, but who knows? 

Send me prayers, wishes, and light candles, because I am going to need all the strength I can get!!!  LOL

Hubby will be helping with the bowling party but then he has a Boy Scout event in the evening.  That's okay, because I am hopeful that the girls will entertain themselves.  Ha. 

Well, it is life with kids.  And, truly, they are my life, my inspiration, my everything.  I just hope someday they appreciate it.

My mom and dad both finally seem to be turning the corner with their colds/bronchitis. 

Guess what?  My mom hasn't smoked since Tuesday!!!  YAY!  Maybe she won't ever go back... she was only smoking about 10 a day, anyhow... I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Love and peace and happiness to you all...

be well,

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong

Thank you so much for all the 'welcome back' messages! 

I hope this doesn't upset anyone, but I am only 'partially' back.  I am posting, but I haven't turned on my alerts yet.  I'm sorry, but things are still hectic here, as you can see.  Maybe soon!

Have a great Thankful Thursday!

be well,

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Yep... slayin' dragons... we all have to do it sometimes! 

Thankful Thursday...

1.     Two arms.  That I can use to hug my dear Fuzzy, who is very frustrated that when you get sick with asthma, it is never easy or quick. 

2.     Enbrel.  I did my shot, and I did not get sicker!  Yay!  I am also hopeful that it will begin to work soon.

3.      Pumpkin Muffin!  Today is her 11th birthday!  Each and every day, you are a blessing and a joy in our life, my dear daughter!

4.     Hubby.  Sometimes that man of mine is trying to keep all the plates spinning (you know, those people that spin them on sticks) and still finds time to make me feel special.  Thank you, my love.

5.     Hammer.  I thank you for reminding me how much I love Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell, both the song and the album.  Seeing you rock out to it all week on your ipod has given me a lot of happiness!

6.     Coffee.  Perfection in a cup, you get me going and keep me going, even when the days and nights are long with sick munchkins.

7.     My Dad and Mom.  Although, both are struggling still with their colds and coughs, they still make time for the kids, and that is so incredibly special. 

8.     The Giants.  Thank you for giving my kids a wonderful example of how if you want something badly enough, you can achieve it; it may not be a straight line, or look pretty on the way to the goal, but dang it - YOU CAN DO IT! 

9.     Internet.  I am so thankfully for the support and friends that I have found here that so enrich my life.

Well, that is that for this weeks thankfuls!  I am truly blessed in many ways, many more than even listed here!!!

be well,

Monday, February 4, 2008


Yes, I am back again.

It's a funny thing, friendship and kindness.

I have had RA/Lupus and the chronic pain that goes with 'officially' since 2002. 

My Hubby has done some special kindhearted things for me over that time, and my parents have given their whole hearted full out assistance in ways I could never repay. 

Kathy left her son and hubby to spend the day with me in an ER when I didn't want to be alone, and she has had to drive up here to me 90% of the time because I just cannot do the travelling to her as easily, all very much appreciated.

I have been blessed when I have had to ask for assistance and I am so grateful.

But, so rare and blessed are acts of pure kindness.

Most of those have come from friends I have never met, never even spoken to on the phone.

Today I was blessed again.  I received a beautiful letter and gift to pamper myself with from my friend, Rebecca Anne, of In The Shadow Of The Iris today.

We have never met.  Never spoken on the telephone.

Yet, the kindness and understanding in her letter, and the intent with which she sent her gift has touched my heart, so deeply and brought me so much joy, that my mere words cannot express it fully.

Thank you, Rebecca Anne.  I am truly blessed for the coincidence of life that brought us to AOL, and then for us to find each other in J-Land.


be well,

We are the CHAMPIONS!


Pictures say more than I could!  Congratulations Giants!!!!

I have to say it was the best SuperBowl game in many years!  I was on the edge of my seat!  So proud of Eli, now, finally, he will get the credit he deserves!!!

By way of a quick update, I am just finishing up a Z-pak today of antiobiotics and I am going to do my Enbrel shot tonight.  My his is still quite painful, although I am not using my cane.  Keep your fingers crossed...

My Dad also got the cold/bronchitis thing and was on a Z-pak with me. 

Fuzzy ended up in the ER on Friday with what we thought was appendicitis, but he turned out to be full of shit.  Yes, literally.  He was VERY constipated, but after an enema, he felt much better, and we were sent home with a Miralax prescription, and that problem resolved. 

However, he caught the cold/bronchitis thing, and with his asthma ended up having an awful night, and an attack this morning, so he is home and on nebulizer treatments.  <sigh>

Pumpkin was sick Thursday and Friday with a virus that made her dizzy/headachey/nauseous.  She got better just in time on Saturday to pass it on to my Mom who had it all weekend.  Mom went to work today, so I am guessing that hers passed as Pumpkin's did.

Hammer and Hubby have so far been spared... cross your fingers for me!

Libby's stitches are out and she is back to a 100% looney lab!  Yay!

I will be back soon, thanks for your understanding.

be well,