Friday, February 29, 2008

You Learn

Does anyone remember the movie Gremlins??? 

That is another movie I know my kids will love... I have to grab it on DVD one of these days!

Here is another meme I found out on the interwebs for your enjoyment!  A learning experience... maybe you want to play along so we can learn a little more about you!

The 'Last' Meme

last cigarette: I've never smoked.
last car ride: To and from AC Moore and an outdoor store with Hubby earlier tonight
last good cry: Hmmm, more than a few tears, probably a couple of weeks ago, one night in bed with Hubby when I was just feeling overwhelmed by everything.  I had just missed J's birthday party, I think.
last library book checked out: I have no clue.  It was probably in the 80's.  I buy most of my books now, used or new.
last movie seen: History of the World, Part I
last cuss word uttered: Shit, I'm sure.  It's my fave.  lol
last beverage drank: A decaf Hazelnut coffee, just now. (yes, I know decaf is the devil's blend, but it is after 11pm! lol)
last food consumed: A hard boiled egg.
last crush: Mark Harmon from NCIS, but I am over him lately.  lol
last phone call: Hubby, who called me to find out if I wanted him to pick up something for me, but then didn't want to get what I suggested.  Men.  Pfft.
last tv show watched: Battle 360 on the History Channel about the USS Enterprise just after Pearl Harbor.
last time showered: Yesterday afternoon.
last shoes worn: My Merrell's.  LOVE them!
last cd played: Josh Groban.
last item bought: Beads for jewelry, and paint for pinewood derby car.
last downloaded: Hmm, I think it was a funny video my mom sent me last week.
last annoyance: Fuzzy complaining about his cell phone sucks and his ipod shuffle should be an ipod Nano.  Yes, I did want to strangle him, but I refrained.  I have marvelous powers of restraint.  Marvelous. 
last disappointment: see 'last phone call'
last soda drank: Cherry flavored seltzer tonight while watching tv.
last thing written: I added items to the shopping list.
last key used: It will probably be 'enter' lol
last word spoken: "Go pee pees!", to Libby, our dog, who will just sit there on the top step or wander if you don't tell her to actually empty her bladder.  <sigh>  Gotta love her...
last sleep: This morning, until Hammer woke me up!
last im: I don't IM.  Last email was to Gaz earlier.
last weird encounter: Yesterday, at the bowling alley, there was a woman who sat an 18 month old on a swiveling stool with no arms and then walked away and left the child just sitting there.  Un-freaking-believable.  These are the kind of people who do that and then when the kid falls and cracks his head open and is scarred, will sue the bowling alley.  Ugh.
last ice cream eaten: Vanilla.
last time amused: Earlier tonight, the kids were funny.
last time hugged: The kids all hugged me before they went up to bed.
last time scolded: Probably earlier today by my mom, but I tend to tune her out.  Definitely last weekend by my mom, I remember that one.  LOL
last time resentful: Tonight, see 'last phone call'.  lol
last chair sat in: The kitchen chair I am sitting in right now.
last lipstick used: Smashbox, when Hubby took me out to dinner alone for Valentine's.
last time dancing: Interestingly, last night in a dream, and yesterday with the kids while goofing around.
last poster looked at: No idea.
last webpage visited:, a great site for reading addicts!!
Wasn't that fun?  Yeah... I have already left Hubby off the hook, but it was fun tozing him a bit here in the meme!
Here are two more lolcats from I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? , since it is now officially Caturday!
And, both are movie related, too - Enjoy!
be well,
ps... Can you name the movies?


lv2trnscrb said...

I love to read other people's meme's; never think to do them myself


sdoscher458 said...

Good answers, I love the cat graphics...zool lol. and I loved the Gremlin movies..your kids would love it too. Hope the shots are working for, Sandi

tlgf1968 said...

loved the gremlins ichc - and the movie =]  will be doing this meme w/i the next day or so if i get a chance.  it's been too long since i've done them and you've inspired me.  [thanks for the comment, btw, and i am counting down the days ... ]  hope you have a great, pain free weekend! ((( hugs )))

gazker said...

I was reading this and thought........ Mmmmmm a hard boiled egg? I haven't had one of those for years. We don't even buy eggs! I am so wanting a hard boiled egg. I just love your powers of restaint too ;-)
Gaz xxxxxx

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

deshelestraci said...

A meme!  Finally a meme!!!!  I was bereft without one!  I won't do it now but maybe tomorrow.  I've got to get ready to babysit.  I love the last annoyance.  Remind dear Fuzzy of the kids in Africa who have to fight to stay alive and remind him how lucky he is to HAVE an ipod.  LOL  

queeniemart said...

i was at a restaurant once when a mom left the kid on a seat that swung around and the kid fell off and an ambulance had to be called. Funny you had that happen at the bowling alley.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Aw, this meme was cute.  Glad hubby is off the hook.  My son and I just pulled out the Gremlins and watched it.  It's actually a VHS movie.  We weren't even sure it would play anymore.  We love that movie.  My son is addicted to the History  Have a good weekend!  HUGS Chris

sunnyside46 said...

it's amazing some kids survive, isn't' it?
I know one is Saturday Night Fever, but I dont' know the other.
give clues?

sunnybethe said...

Good ones, Dawn.  Definately get "Gremlins".  The movie was releases when my kids were 6 & 8, they loved it.  That one and "Goonies".  Have a Great Caturday!

hugs, Bethe    

glensfork4 said...

I will be doing this meme sometime today or tomorrow.

Love the gremlins.....My son & daughter got an iShuffle for xmas from my dad & Tony & I got Nano' you know how that went over right??? restraint...yeah...that is a good word.


jmoqueen said...

Gremlins is a great movie but don't forget about gremlins 2 ;-)  I was additcted to that movie when I was about 12 lol........Great meme ~ Interesting answers and loved the 'last phone call' bit lol


wwfbison said...

Love the pics, of course!!!  I love reading your memes.

gdireneoe said...

OOO...BookReporter...bad place...bad bad place...hehehe. ;)  C.