Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Am Woman

I just read a great journal entry by Cathy at DARE TO THINK .

It got me thinking.

We women have the three phases of our lives, the Goddess within, Maiden, Mother, and Crone.  Crone, although it has a negative connotation now, actually represents the Wise old woman, who imparts her life wisdom and guides her younger counterparts.

Our society, as Cathy pointed out, does not value our elderly, as it should, and it is sad.  Change starts with one at a time.  Embrace your elders, embrace your life phase.

I embrace being a Mother with all I have each and every day.  It is an honor and a blessing to raise the these three wonderful children.

I am waxing quite philosophical for early morning, aren't I? 

Well, time to get these blessings off to school! 

Have a great day!

be well,

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deshelestraci said...

I getcha.  I took a class at church all about finding your purpose in life.  Not a problem for me, thank you.  Raising girls is my purpose in this season of my life.  I feel bad for those who don't understand.

lv2trnscrb said...

I might not embrace the philosophy of where this might have come from, I do embrace the season of where the Lord has me right now; its taking awhile to truly be thankful for it, but each day is a little bit better

it is a joy to raise children; a joy that has its up and down moments

enjoy the day


chat2missie said...

She's right.  I don't think our elders are getting the respect they should.  Have a great day.

sunnyside46 said...

I especially think that as I near it myself! LOL

coelha said...

We are living in a world where people are living longer.  It's time for the "crones" to unite!!  Motherhood is and always will be the most important role any woman can play.  Take care :)  Julie

brendaspears97 said...

I agree as a whole that we do not care for our elderly. But I must say I look forward to those years. Have a wonderful day!

Ciao Bella Latte Princess

gazker said...

I'm glad I read this tonight and not when I got up at 5 am, I think I might have froed my brain ;-)
Gaz xxxxxxx

mleighin21st said...

Being a woman fast approaching the Crone phase- I agree with you, and just think of all the wisdom we'd have if we asked, listened and learned?  Hope you had a wonderful day.        
                                               Smiles,  Leigh

sangrialel said...

Me too.  Linda

dcmeyer420 said...

I am a crone but within me all the others live and I revisit them as often as I can. Old age needs to be celebrated. It's stage in life where you can pursue the dreams you put on the back burner because of all your responsibilities. The children will be on their own and you will be more financially stable. Look forward to it. Visualize yourself vacationing in Europe...

lindaggeorge said...

Nite nite, from an old Crone who is just going to bed.

Linda x.


swmpgrly said...

it is a shame how we treat the elderly.

wwfbison said...

I can tell you embrace being a mother and with that you are raising wonderful people who WILL respect not just the ederly but everyone.

frankandmary said...

I think everyone has OVERHEARD my feelings about respect for the elderly LOL.  ~Mary

sdoscher458 said...

Yeeks, I guess I'm a crone...but I don't feel like one. I still want to play, laugh and have fun, fun, fun...can still manage to get down on the floor with the grandbabies too. I don't wanna grow up! So goes the life of an Aquarius..lol...love, Sandi

adlessor said...

I guess I'm another Crone, although I'd like it better if you called me a Wise old women.  LOL       Dawn

thesheatons said...

Our society doesn't value mothers either. If it did it wouldn't take two incomes to support a family. Love the Siamese.


martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
You're right ... we should embrace and honor our elders.  One day, God willing, we'll be in their shoes!

rdautumnsage said...

Native Americans actually honor our elders....I think everyone could take a page from history on how we treated our loved ones. It's sad that the coming generations don't acknowledge the lessons and stories that are every elders legacy. Life is an endless Spiral. We came into this world babes, needing to be cared for, we leave it in the same way wrinkled and decayed still needing to be cared for......Such a simple understanding that so few get. (Hugs) Indigo

cherry2sweet2eat said...

Yes to actually consider yourself A woman is a huge step there is so much behind the word and to the word. I consider myself a young woman because i still have alot to learn and face.

jmoqueen said...

Certainly though provoking but your right very little is cared about the elderly in this country and that sucks :(  I'm glad that you are proud to be a parent xx



justaname4me2 said...

Wax any day with such sage thoughts.
I for one, cherish the elderly, very much. Which is why I have gone into volunteering my time at hospice......because I do believe the older have something to say and I want to listen to every single piece I can get.

gdireneoe said...

I agree completely...on all fronts.  I've been the oddball in this day and age, with my outlook.  Now...where's my crown...;)  C.