Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

Yeah, still on the Meatloaf kick around here... sprinkled with some Queen and AC/DC.

We all survived the sleepover!  Yay!

Pumpkin had a great bowling party first.  She bowled a 97 her first game!  All her friends had fun, too.

Fuzzy got checked out by the pediatrician, who basically said I did everything right, but added one more medicine to his nebulizer treatment in the am and pm called Pulmicort.  Fuzzy joined us at the bowling alley, and bowled his highest ever, a 151!

After the bowling only 2 of the girls came to sleepover.  That was my choice.  We have done parties with more than that, and it was awful.  Two girls is enough.  The girls at the bowling party were not aware of the two spending the night, so no feelings were hurt.

I was tired and coughing and full of sniffles, so I went to be early.  The girls were all asleep by 1am, though.

Yesterday, was a quiet day, I rested.  The kids had their bowling league, but I stayed home.  We went out to our townie restaurant as Pumpkin got a $15 off certificate for her birthday. 

We hit the video store afterward, and Hubby and I watched 'The Kingdom' last night.  I thought it was a fabulous movie.  VERY well acted, and timely.  Uplifting and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Today we went to Borders books.  Pumpkin had received gift cards and birthday money, and replenished her nightstand supply with about 12 new books.  I picked up 4 new ones, and Fuzzy picked up 2. 

Hammer still has some to read from his last trip, so he just browsed!

Now, we are home.  Hubby is finishing the laundry, we grabbed a moment to 'pay some bills', the kids are cleaning their rooms, and working on Boy Scout badges, and then we will all have dinner, lasagna, together and relax.

Fuzzy is finally well enough to return to school!  Hooray!

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!

be well,


deshelestraci said...

I would just love to go and buy 12 new books!  Go Pumpkin!  Sounds like a fun birthday.

lv2trnscrb said...

WTG to Fuzzy for bowling a 151!!!! that's awesome!! so glad he's ready to go back to school; big relief for you and him!!

so glad the party went well!


sunnyside46 said...

what are you reading these days?
I just finished the new James Patterson Double Cross. I left it in MS over New Year's and Stacey brought it back Mardi Gras.I was in an exciting place and so glad to get it back. Caitlin is loving the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers. I read the first one and turned her on to it . the author builds up suspense very slowly and well.

coelha said...

I think it's great that your kids love to read!  :)  Sounds like a nice weekend!  Hugs - Julie

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Glad to hear Fuzzy is on the mend ... maybe you can get some decent rest now so you can feel better, too!

toonguykc said...

The last time I went bowling I dropped out after the fifth frame and went tp play pinball in the arcade.  That game frustrates me!  Glad you had a nice day.


wwfbison said...

Good news on Fuzzy getting better and it sounds like the bowling party was a big hit.  Your kids bowl a hundred times better than me!  I hope you are feeling better soon too.  Love the cats, especially meat loaf kitten - that is just perfect!!!

luddie343 said...

Sounds like everyone is busy about the business of living, so glad to see your sense of humor is intact!  "Kingdom" was very good, I agree.  As usual, kitty pix have me LMAO - thanks for the smiles, always good visiting here. xoxo CATHY    

plittle said...

Wow, Mom and Dad, that sure took a long time. You must have a lot of bills...

{::wink::} "A man he doesn't live by rock and roll and brew alone" {::/wink::}

sdoscher458 said...

I love that you do so much with your kids...that interaction is so important. Great scores for the bowling..way to go Pumpkin. Meat loaf is crackin me, Sandi

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) hope you are all feeling better


adlessor said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better.    Take care of yourself.

justaname4me2 said...

Giggling girls asleep by 1 a.m.? What did you do? Slip them some Nyquil? I usually have to threaten the girls during sleep overs around 3 a.m. with sinister possibilities to get them to go to bed.
I'm glad everyone had fun, it sounds like a great weekend.

helmswondermom said...

It sounds like a wonderful time!
I hope you get over your cold soon.
I haven't seen The Kingdom yet but look forward to it.

astoriasand said...

Sounds like  everything was fun Dawn great scores the kids got at the bowling clap clap well done  to them both.Love the graphics LOL!! Love your taste in music too.Have a pain free Monday enjoying your new books.I will note the movie to pass word on to friends.Prayers continueing for all the family.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Yay for Fuzzy being back in school. Glad to hear the sleep over went over well. Great scores for both kids on the bowling. I need a few hours just to browse a book store.....(Hugs) Indigo

mleighin21st said...

I'm glad the bowling and sleepover went well.  You guys had a pretty busy weekend.    Hope this new medication helps Fuzzy.  Love the LOLcats.  Have yourself a great week.
                                           Smiles,  Leigh

jmoqueen said...

New books?  Is there anything better than new books?  Great choices of music ;-)  Glad the sleepover went ok and the bowling party.  Hope the rest of your weekend was good xx


cherry2sweet2eat said...

i still havent seen the kingdom.

alwaysireneann said...

Bowling, a sleep over, great music--Queen and Meatloaf and going to Borders.  Sounds like perfection!

Hugs and Prayers,

ekgillen said...

Pretty smart to limit the is more wearing on the adults than the kids! :)

I haven't been to Borders in a few weeks...I will be going soon. :)

Love Meatloaf lolcat!!