Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yu-Gi-Oh Girl, Rascal, Dilly and Neighbor Sis and Little Bro

I didn't think I would find the perfect graphic for earlier today, which is actually now yesterday, but I did!  LOL 

I had 8 kids here today wreaking mania and mayhem over the house and neighborhood.

Three are my own and I can't send them anywhere.  One is my cousin's son, and Aunt Dawn invited him to visit for the week, so he stays, too.  He would be the Dilly in the above title.

The rest were friends of the kids.  Neigborhood Sis and Little Bro live across the street.  Today was hot and I already had six kids in the house, why not them also?  That was how we got eight. 

Rascal is Fuzzy's friend.  He is such a sweet boy!  Yesterday, we were all at the town pool together and he played great with Fuzzy, Dilly, Hammer and Pumpkin, so we invited him over for the day.

Hammer's friend, who is a girl, but not a 'girlfriend', rang the bell at about noon, as she is wont to do.  She lives nearby, and even though she could call ahead, never does, but that is okay.

I call her Yu-Gi-Oh Girl because she loooooves the card game as much as my son, Hammer, and I previously thought that to be impossible.  She is a sweet, funny, and wonderfully quirky girl who is so scarily like my quirky Hammer that they are like opposite sides of the same coin.

Scenes from the resulting mayhem follow for your amusement.

7 of 8 play Hide and Go Seek, indoors.  They can use 5 rooms downstairs and the kids bedrooms upstairs.  This results in a lot of noise and movement, back and forth, up and down.

This also results in the 4 1/2 year old yellow lab dog bringing balls to any child she can corner, and also her tripping kids as they try to pass by ignoring her.  Occasional yips and yelps of begging for attention are mingled with laughter and arguements about counting and acceptable hiding places.

At one point, I needed the Dust Buster and I was informed by Hammer, (the only child not playing) that it was upstairs in his bedroom. 

Pumpkin passes me and I ask her to bring it to me.

Fuzzy passes and I ask him to bring it to me, or tell his sister to bring it to me like I asked.

No one brings me anything.  I holler up the stairs requesting the vac, and get told the usual - okay! 

Nothing.  Then Rascal shows up with the Dust Buster and a big smile and says 'Here ya go, Dawn!' 

I say, 'Thank you, so much!  I am sorry that my own children have ignored me and you did it instead, you are such an angel!'

He had the biggest sweet smile on his face! 

That got me through the first half of the afternoon.

At one point, Hammer and Yu-Gi-Oh Girl decided to play a board game called 'The Worst Case Scenario Game'.  As I read some emails, I listened to them play.

I don't know why, but Hammer lapsed into reading the cards to Y-Girl in a Mr. T accent.  I don't even know where or how he learned about Mr. T, but there he was, reading 'I pity the fool, who answers this question....' and he continued with the silly imitation as he read the game cards. 

And, Y-Girl's reaction?  All girly giggles!  At one point, my patience gone and my head starting to spin, I said, 'Hammer, stop reading them like that!' and he said, 'But Mom, Y-Girl loves it!' and she said, 'I do!'.

Well, what's a mom to do?  I just had to suck it up!

The best part was next though, Hammer was Mr. T-ing along and Y-Girl was giggling away, and then she said, 'Oh Hammer, you are sooooo funny!' in that giggly girly flirty way that we girls say those sorts of things.

I peeked over at my son and his face was beaming, as he stammered out a thank you!

That, my dear j-land friends, made the rest of the mayhem and mania perfectly bearable until 5 pm, when the various visitors began to either walk home or be picked up! 

And, believe me, there was some other mayhem going on... but nothing closing the windows and paying for the a/c to recool the house can't fix.  My dear Pumpkin just does the darndest things sometimes!

I just love being a mom!  I am so blessed to be able to be home with my kids, and get to experience crazy fun days like today that make wonderful memories!

be well,


CarnivAOL Alert - Go read and explore new Journals!

Arrgh Mateys!  Off ye be going to read CarnivAOL and then go click the links and visit ye all the new journals! Arrrrrrrgh!

Sorry about the bad pirate imitation!  I just love Johnny Depp, though!  lol

In case you are not familiar with  CarnivAOL it is a journal that is published every two weeks by Paul Little.  The journal is actually made by us, AOL journalers and the entries we submit to Paul to be highlighted and linked out to the world beyond! 

If you are looking for new readers, and let's be honest, who isn't, put  CarnivAOL in your alerts, and when Paul asks for submissions for the next edition, be sure to send one in to him!

Paul also has a wonderful journal that I highly reccommend.

Here is that link as well: Aurora Walking Vacation

Thanks for reading my little commercial break and we will get back to the regularly scheduled programming shortly!

be well,


Sunday, July 23, 2006

5 Things Survey

I stole this cute survey from Paul  and  Dan , but I saw it in many journals this weekend!

 The Five things... my refrigerator

1)      Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (yay)
2)      Wine, beer and non-alcoholic beer for Hubby
3)      Iced Tea, Capri Sun pouches, and Gatorade boxes for the kids
4)      1% milk for my dad, 2% milk for kids and Hubby, and Half & Half (they call it 3% I think in Canada) for coffee for all!
5)      Lemons, eggs, fruits, cheeses, tons of condiments! my closet

1)      Shoes, lot of them
2)     Various pocketbooks, different sizes, colors and designers  
3)     Various tote bags for myself and the kids
4)     Fireproof lockbox thingy for all the important stuff
5)     My son Hammer's birthday gifts from his brother and sister my purse

1)     Insurance cards for all 5 of us, a list of my meds, copies of Hubby's and my last cardiogram
2)     Ear plugs for Hammer for when he is in a loud place which hurts his ears due to his sensitivities
3)     Cell phone, laying on top of crayons for coloring in restaurants and playing tic tac toe
4)     An inhaler and benedryl for Fuzzy, pain meds for me
5)     Dentyne Ice gum and Listerine spray for my dry mouth, Purell for hands, Burts Bees Lip Gloss & Moisturizer, and face powder my vehicle

1)     A bag with an inhaler, liquid benedryl & epi-pens for Fuzzy
2)    A 'classic' medical kit for whatever may arise
3)    My favorite hand cream from Bath & Body Works
4)    A tote bag that is folded up in a mini pouch, a mini lint roller, mini nail file, and a mini flash light
5)    A cd holder on the visor (full) and a cd bag in the center console (full)

There ya have it!  Not as exciting or interesting as some that I read, but I hope you will get a chuckle or two out of another peek into the strange world of the Princess!!  lol

be well,


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Weekend Assignment 11-squared

John Scalzi is a genius!  I just love the play on the number 121 for this weekend assignment!  Numbers are beautiful things...

Weekend Assignment #121: Do whatever you want, so long as it somehow involves the number 11. Memories of being eleven, lists that have eleven positions on them, collections of eleven similar objects -- hey, whatever you want. As long as the number eleven is somehow involved, it's all good. For those of you thinking about being sneaking and using binary notation: no "11, base 2." We're talking binary number 1011 here, pal.

Extra credit: Grab a book, open it to page 11, and write out the 11th sentence.


Here is my list of ELEVEN Things!!

1)     Fuzzy, my son is 11 years old!!!

2)     On August 19th, we will be living in our house for exactly 11 years!

3)     My birthday is 11/22!  The eleventh month and the day, as you see, is 11 doubled! 

4)     My mom's birthday is also in the 11th month!  11/8!

5)     My anniversary is 11/9, also the 11th month!  I just love my month!!!

6)     On my 11 1/2 birthday, the exact date, I entered 'womanhood' by beginning that female biological process that occurs approximately once monthly.

7)     I was FINALLY, officially diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when my eldest son was almost 11!

8)     7-11, Slurpees. Gotta love 'em.  My husband, mother, and kids are totally addicted to them.  My mom drinks them all year long, it soothes sore gums for her.

9)     Ocean's Eleven, the original and the remake movies.  The original was a rat pack special, what's not to love!!!  I love Sinatra!  The remake with Clooney and Pitt, phew, I had to fan myself off a lot watching those two hotties!!! LOL

10)     Apollo 11, now that is a big 11 for all of us.  'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.'  Thank you, Neil Armstrong, your words are immortal.  Thank you to all our brave space explorers.

11)     9/11.  A sad, tragic day for the world.  It is a part of my every day life, I am sorry to say.

Sorry to end on such a somber note, but it was the right place for me.

I also think the contrast between my #11 and #10 is a very important thing to notice...

#10 a representation of man at his very best, and #11, man at his ugly worst.

Extra credit:  "On a big motor cruiser owned by North American Aviation, builder of the Apollo command module, Janet Armstrong , the wife of  Apollo 11's commander, and her two boys, twelve year old Rick and six year old Mark, stood nervously awaiting the launch."   This is the 11th sentence from the prologue of 'First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong' by James R. Hansen, the authorized biography.

Fitting for the 11 series, I believe.  Thank you, John, this was fun!

be well,


Friday, July 21, 2006

Adieu, Cinema 35

Kathy, my best friend, and sister of my heart, and I had some crazy and fun times in our younger days.  We have been very close for 23 out of the 27 years we have known each other. 

Way back then, Kathy and I lived together at my house, with my parents, and worked two jobs together.

One was at a local movie theatre, the last one in our area that was small and still privately owned.  This past Saturday, I was at the strip mall where the theatre was located, it is a short 2 miles from my house today, as it was back then.

The family, including my parents and I, had dinner at the Houlihan's restaurant at the strip mall, and it made me think back on those days.

Cinema 35, was our own private playground of sorts.  

We worked there with another girlfriend, LeeAnn, and in the beginning, back in the fall of 1983, we were the only cashiers and candy girls there. 

The cashier area and candy stand was connected, and that was our domain.  Occasionally, one of the managers or ushers would come back to help us, but usually not!  We did better ourselves; we had a rhythym that worked for us when it was busy.

As a perk, we got one candy bar, and all the popcorn and soda that we could consume during a shift!  Kathy was a Coke-aholic, LeeAnn drank Diet Coke, and since diet gives me a headache, I drank seltzer, lots of it!

After the last show went in and we cleaned up, we would turn the area into our beauty shop!  We plugged in curling irons to spruce up our hair, and we did up our make-up in the decorative mirror that hung on the candy stand wall before going out dancing for the night.

Sometimes, we would have theatre parties.  After the people exited the last movie, other workers from the strip mall we were located in would come over, and some of our friends.  We would have food and drinkand music, and have a blast!

We would stash the vodka in the ice machine early in the night so it was nice and cold.  I have vague recollections of playing frisbee in the theatre, or maybe it was Nerf football.

Sometimes, we would go the restaurant and bar in the strip mall; back then it was a mexican restaurant called El Torito.  I remember many nights of having a few drinks, and laughing our heads off while melting drink stirrers into different animal shapes.

Other times, we would all go midnight bowling together!  After bowling until about 3 am, we would eat breakfast at the Denny's next to the bowling alley. 

There was lots of flirting and drinking and having fun, no matter what we were doing.

Everyone looked out for everyone else though, and we would always have designated drivers for the evening.  Of course, back then the legal limit of blood alcohol was higher than now, so even the person driving could have a couple of drinks early in the night.

Sometimes, when Kathy and I would get home we would play Trivial Pursuit for a while.  Usually, one of us was pretty drunk which made for an interesting game!  Sober, I was very proud of being the Trivial Pursuit champ of our circle of friends.  Kathy used to love it when she was the driver and I was blitzed and she could give me a good beating because my brain was mush!  lol

I remember one time passing out or falling asleep standing up in my closet!  Thank goodness, Kathy was there to wake me and get me into the bed! 

Kathy and I could party our butts off all Friday night, and still make it to work at our second job together in the Sears credit offices.  We would work until about 1 pm, and then go home and nap for a few hours. 

Then, we would head out to dinner, go to work or not, and out to dance, doing it all over again for the second night in a row. 

I wish I had an ounce of that stamina now! 

It is so true that youth is wasted on the young!!!  Oh the things I could accomplish now if I could get by on 3 hours sleep for a few days a week, like I could then!

I know Kathy feels the same, especially since she has a 3 1/2 year old toddler!

Another perk was getting to see the movie showing there for free.  The summer of 1984 was Back to the Future, and we all watched it so much that we had competitions to see who could do lines the longest without screwing up!

The perks extended to the other theatres in town, a tenplex and a triplex, with one phone call we could go there for free movies and they would come to our theatre for free movies.  It was great, and my love of movies started and was cultivated back then.  Now, it costs $50 just to get our family of five in the door, so we wait for a lot of movies to come to pay for view.

Cinema 35, our play place, is gone now.  The new owner of the strip mall turned the whole theatre area into a large retail space.  They are still trying to rent that store; I will be watching to see what goes in there.

And, if I go shopping at that store, I will wistfully remember my younger days at Cinema 35, simpler times, just hanging out with Kathy and our friends, all about having fun while making a few a bucks!

be well,


Thursday, July 20, 2006

An Update and a Thank You!

Thank you, everyone, for all your support with my Hubby and the coffee dilemma! 

I am happy to report that I am sipping a wonderful Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee, purchased last night in a set of four, as I type this.

We talked it all out and I think now Hubby understands that this little thing, although it can be an inconvenience, goes a long way toward helping me cope with my busy days!

Yesterday, I had my last Orencia treatment as part of a study.  I will continue on the drug, by IV each month, but now my insurance will pay for it.

Although nothing will change, I am a little sad.  I will still go to the same Infusion Center as I always have like when I was on Remicade.  I will still get to see all the wonderful RN's that cared for me there, that put in my IV's and do my blood, but I will not see, Peggy, the study RN anymore.

It was nice having Peggy there.  I know it was her job to supervise my care, but she is such a great person and went way above and beyond doing 'just a job', by getting to know me and letting Hubby and I get to know her.

I will email her occasionally, and she promised to stop in and visit when she can when I am getting my IV.

My finger is still sore and acting strangely.  It is 'triggering' for those who know what that is, and for those that don't it is when your joint sticks and then pops.  That isn't so bad, a few of my fingers do that, but occasionally it feels like the tendon gets pinched and that makes me jump through the roof for a second, and then it releases.  UGH.

Anyhow, we have had some wacky thunderstorms here too, and there are lots of people without power, and trees and branches down everywhere. 

Wewere lucky, just small branches and a five minute power outage.  Phew!

Pumpkin's friend is late for the play date, and she is about to cry, so I have to go deal with this for a while!

Hope you are having a good day in your neck of the woods!

be well,


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

For Paul and To Clarify

Paul's comment follows:

<<< I dropped into our local "Country Style" donut shop and tried one of their Polar Toffee Iced Cappucinos the other day. Quite yummy, I must say, previous comments on the topic aside.
  I don't know enough about your daily routine to comment, Dawn. Do you get out and about in the car at all on a day to day basis? Where is the nearest Dunkin Donuts in relation to your home, and your hubby's office? Is there a drive through ATM near you? Does D'n'D have a drive through? What is your husband's view of the situation? Have you asked him? If you asked him, would he answer honestly?
  There are some times that I think my wife asks me to do something, not because she needs me to do that specific thing, but because she feels that I am not doing enough, and wants to send me a message. Is your request to your husband as simple as it's more convenient for him to get the coffees, or is it a veiled message to your husband that you need him to do more for you, whatever that more entails? One of the problems we have in the "battle" of the sexes, is the fact that we speak different languages, men and women. We understand the unspoken messages of other guys, and you understand the unspoken messages of other women, but when we talk to each other, we only hear what is said, not always what is meant. Learning to say exactly what we mean can sometimes be very difficult.

Comment from plittle - 7/18/06 12:29 PM >>

This begs further commentary from me.

I don't always have the car, sometimes I do.  Even on days I do, unless I drive a kid somewhere, or go to the town pool, I rarely go out. 

Today, for instance, I did go out.  The kids and I had lunch at Burger King, we usually do that once a week.  Now, the car will sit the rest of the day.

There is no veiled message of intent. 

Here are thefacts... I have a chronic disease, that I push through each and every day.  I have chronic fatigue and daily pain, that makes my life a trial. 

I do not wish for pity or to whine about these things, but nonetheless, they are there.

In fact, today my left long finger is splinted, swollen and painful.

During the day, the kids are out and about in the neighborhood, and I am 'home base'.  I will not leave them to go get coffee, nor would my husband want me to do so.

By the end of the day, I am usually pushed to my limits, tired and in more pain.  Chronic pain wears you down as the day goes on.  I could take the pain pills, but I don't like to do so because of the kids. 

I have difficulty holding things in my hands, like a tray of coffees, and problems with balance, thanks to the RA and Lupus.

So, no big mystery.   I use the caffeine in the coffee as a natural drug to counteract my fatigue during the day.  It works for me, most of the time. 

I am not asking him to do it as some Mars/Venus dance of idiocy, a 'Battle of the Sexes' thing. 

I just need the coffees and really enjoy them.

The Dunkin Donuts is not a drive thru, unfortunately, we don't have many of those around.  These are older DD's, that have been around since long before the 'drive-thru' was used.  The DD is about 1/2 mile from our house.  It takes 10 minutes roundtrip for hubby to do this at night, less, if he does it on the way home from work, as the DD is on the way.

Yes, I have discussed it with my hubby and he behaves for a few times and then, resumes whining again.  It sucks. 

To me, this seems like such a small thing for my healthy and happy hubby to do.

I hope airing this all out and having him READ it instead of HEAR it, helps.

Thanks for asking, Paul.  Really.  I think it will  help.

be well,


Monday, July 17, 2006

A Little Story About Coffee


After the Hubby, the kids and the rest of my family... not much else I love more!!!  lol

Sweet nectar of the gods,  blessed libation of genius natives who crushed the beans and boiled it in water! 

As you know, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. 

I have written before about the different symptoms, and how fatigue is really the worst one, in many ways. 

A quick review...

Tired = You go to rest and sleep and wake up refreshed.

Fatigue = You go to rest and sleep and still feel like you are trudging through life in a world of pea soup, with 100 pounds of potatoes on your back.

The new drug that I am on, Orencia, that I get by IV once a month in NYC at the Hospital for Special Surgery (see link in my side bar), is doing a great job on my other symptoms.

In the last two months, I even feel the fatigue is starting to lessen, but it is still hard to deal with.

My rheumatologist has offered me a drug that would give me about 12 hours worth of pep.  I have declined it.  I already have an IV drug once a month, 4 medicines every day, and one occasional med that I take, I really don't want another one.

Besides, I already have one that works fairly well. 


From spring until fall turns cold, I am addicted to Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee.  Large.  I have found out that if you keep them in your fridge for up to four days, they stay fresh and the ice even stays unmelted!!!

So, that is what I do!  I get 4 large DD iced coffees with cream and have one a day.  I still often have a hot mug when I first get up of my homemade Maxwell House, but, then I drink my DD Iced.

Sometimes, I drink two on particularly trying days, when I need a real boost.

Now, if you were my husband... wouldn't you just be happy that your wife, who is home with your three kids for the summer, has found this non medical way to cope with one of the symptoms of her disease?

Never mind the fact that I am not 100% pain free on any given day and I suck that up.

Oh no, my hubby has to be begged and prodded to 'PLEASE, go pick up my coffees!'  He throws little baby temper tantrums and hissy fits, when I remind him that I am out.  Even though, let him know early enough in the day that he can work the stop in himself when he chooses.

Why don't I pick them up myself? 

Two reasons.

A)   I usually don't have the $ to do so, on me, yet he does.

B)   I  am usually exhausted by the evening after dinner time from juggling the kids all day, and driving and carrying the coffees are the last thing I want to do.

Yes, I know my hubby is tired also, but he isn't coping with a chronic disease. 

And, I think I am doing a pretty good job of that on most days!

I keep praying that one day, the eye rolling little temper tantrums will stop and he will just say, 'Okay, hon.' and he will go get them.

Maybe, now that I have shared this all with you, and he will get to read it AND your comments....he will start to do so.

Bwaaa ha ha ha.... My evil plan has been launched.... Wish me luck!

be well,

ps... The kids are loud and at each others throats again...everything is back to normal!  Hooray!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ah... The Noise is Back!!!

Yesterday, was a wonderful day!

Hammer jumped out of the truck before Hubby even stopped it to run over to his sister first for a hug and then to me!!!

It was so nice... Hubby parked and then Fuzzy and Hubby came to hug us all... 

Things were righted in my world, all seven of us reunited again under one roof!

My hubby and I went out to lunch with the three kids but we did something unusual.

He sat with Pumpkin on one side of the restaurant (a local one) and I sat on the other with the boys!

This way each of us could get filled in from the kid or kids that we were not with for the last week!

The boys had a wonderful time at camp!  They earned 5 badges, and are now Tenderfoot level, in Boy Scouts.  They loved the whole camp experience.  They made new friends!  They did target shooting and caught toads.  They whittled.  They explored the forest.  They fell into streams, they watched counselors do skits. 

All in all, loads of fun.  Hammer was so far out of his usual comfort zone, and Hubby said he never complained even once.  He did great socially, and I am so happy for that, because it can be really hard for him sometimes! 

Fuzzy and Hammer raved about the food in the Mess Hall!  They tried some new things, but they really loved the breakfasts and the home baked bread. 

Hubby couldn't wait to be back in the A/C for sleeping!  The boys didn't think it was bad, but poor Hubby, he really missed it!

Last night, we went out for dinner with my parents, too.  They were regaled with all the camp stories as well, and loved every minute of it! 

The boys say they can't wait until next year! 

I can...  I am glad everyone is home with me...  Although, drinking a glass of wine or two and reading a book quietly on Friday night was nice... I can wait another 15 years to do it!

be well,


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quiet was nice, but I miss my babies!!!

Pumpkin is home, her sleep over was lots of fun!!

I am now waiting, rather impatiently for my boys!!!!!

Quiet was nice last night, but I want my babies home!!!!

be well,

Friday, July 14, 2006

Shhh.... Don't tell ANYONE....

I am home alone, without hubby or kids, for the first time in almost 15 years.....


It's quiet... very quiet...  ahhhhhhhhh.  <sigh>

be well,

Answers for YOU!

I asked, you asked, now, I answer!!!
Help me out, here! Just what in the world is a LOOPY mood? I, too, have used this mood choice in the past. Now I'm curious as to what I actually called myself! It's a shame we can't choose our own custom moods! Mine would be a bit more colorful, to say the least!

Take care!
Comment from bruno64056rs 

A 'loopy' mood to me is when I am feeling silly and happy and mischevious all wrapped up in one!  I also wish we could pick our own moods, too.  Who knows, maybe someday!

Flying by to wish well to the "dawn" who "seizes the day" - glad you got to see Luna!  CATHY

Thanks for the shout out, Cathy!!!

Do you think that the right wing Republican party's attempt to translate the American government into a theocratic dictatorship will succeed, and if so, will...

Sorry, I just reread your entry. Never mind.

Comment from plittle 

Ha ha ha, Paul.  And, I answered you in email, and you didn't even acknowledge it!!!

how long is a battleship?    TRUE OR FALSE?
Comment from bosoxblue6993w
Oh John, it's truly a wonder that Pennie hasn't been sainted on earth yet! 

If I were your fairy godmother and offered to grant you three wishes what would those be?
Comment from sazzylilsmartazz 

Ooh this is a fun one!  First, I want a bank account that whatever I write a check for the money is there.  Second, I want a cure for all immune system diseases.  Third, I want good, healthy, happy long lives guaranteed for my family including myself.  Yay!

Crabs or lobster?  With what on the side?

Comment from fisherkristina

Can't it be both?  I like crab cakes with a spicy remoulade on the side, and I like lobster tails with drawn butter.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?
Comment from sunnyside46

A favorite memory... 7th grade John Maloney.  Yummy.  It was just a kiss and a fleeting friendship, because he moved shortly afterward in the summer. 

If you had unlimited money , what would you change?

Comment from eml625

Not much.  The peace of mind would be the most important thing.  I would do the rest of the updating to my house that I want to do, travel with the family more, and not have to worry about college funds, which would be really nice!

What is the best recipe you can cook?

Comment from jckfrstross
I can cook many very well, can't say which is best!  I will say that my one of my Hubby's favorites is my Fried Ravioli Appetizer.  I can email the recipe to anyone who asks, it is actually super easy!

What's the best thing that has happened so far this summer for you and your family, Dawn?

Comment from lv2trnscrb
The best thing would have to be Hammer joining the Boy Scouts and marching with them in the 4th of July Parade!  It is such a huge accomplishment for him with his Asperger's, and we are so proud!  The best part is that it was his idea and he is so enthusiastic and excited!!! 
Here is my burning question. How in the world do you find time to do all you do?
Mary ~ Just Mary ~ my little Jersey Journal
Mary, thank you for this question, that you sent via email. 
It made my spirit soar!  I feel like I am never doing ENOUGH!  I am always making allowances for being sore or tired it seems.  It is nice to know that maybe someone else, looking in, doesn't see it that way.  Maybe, I am even being too hard on myself.
I have to say that the way I do get to do so much with my kids is a direct result of all the help I get from my hubby and my parents.  Having my parents here, is huge!  My dad cooks most of the time, my mom cleans and helps with laundry.  It frees me up to be able to rest and do the things that matter with the kids.  The same for my hubby, he has more free time when he comes home from work or on the weekends because my parents help so much!
Thanks for all the questions and making this lots of fun!!!
be well,

Thursday, July 13, 2006

22 by 2 Things Survey

First, I need to beg for more comments on my journal!  Come on people!!!  Leave me a bone!!!  LOL 
Thank you...
Okay, now to the 22 by 2 things that I stole from Linda at
Sangria Times !  Here we go...
1.  Two weird things about yourself: I read super fast and I like to play (some) video games with my kids on GameCube  
2.  Two physical attributes you like about yourself:   My eyes and my hair
3.  Two personal attributes you are thankful for:   My intelligence so I can homeschool my scarily genius son and my overly big sensitive heart that let's me see the world through my own version of rosy glasses
4.  Two changes you feel could change the world:  A little Paxil in everyone's water and universal worship 
5.  Two things to be thankful for today:  My family and my pets (the latter bring joy and comfort without much demand, sometimes, especially when I am struggling with my illness, that goes a long, long way)
6.  Twoof your favorite things (not people): My wedding rings and my books 
7.  Two things you detest doing:  Cleaning toilets and vacuuming
8.  Two things you know you should do more: Walking and eating better 
9.   Two things you want to do before you leave this world: Go to Paris to see the Louvre and see my grandchildren  
10.  Two things about your house you'd like to change:   My kitchen needs a re-do and I would like my bedroom made bigger with a jacuzzi added (just for my RA, of course ;-D )
11.   Two favorite celebrities, and why: Bill Gates because he gives back and Hugh Jackman because he is HOT! 
12.  Two celebrities you don't like, and why: Tom Cruise because of his horrible word against psychiatry (if even one person takes his stupidity to heart, that is too many) and oh a whole bunch annoy me, but none as much as he. 
13.  Two favorite past (not necessarily passed) presidents: Abe Lincoln and John Adams ( read the David McCollough book if you can!) 
14.  Two cases of odd things that go together nicely:  7-11 (get it 'odd'?) and my Hubby and I!! 
15.  Your two most "famous" scars:  My c-section scar times 3 kids and my lip from crashing into a glass coffee table while demonstating my handstand ability indoors at age 3 (also my first and far from my last set of stitches) 
16.  Two things you've accomplished today:  Taking a good, long shower and washing my hair with new products and getting my dear Pumpkin to the store for craft supplies (can you say 'lanyard, lanyard, lanyard'?)
17.  Two things you intend to accomplish today:  Getting my dear Pumpkin to bed at a decent hour, in spite of her dad and brothers being away and starting a new book shortly after the first feat is done! 
18.   Two favorite things about Summer: My kids are home with me and we have no schedule to keep or assignments to do!  (whoops, that was three....)
19.  Two favorite things about Winter:  Snow and the winter holiday season!
20.  If you had the money and time, what two things would you do in the next year:  Go to Europe and go to Hawaii!!! (all of us!!!)
21.  Two things you'd like to experience, but feel you aren't brave enough to do:  Be a contestant on AmazingRace and go in a shark cage with a great white nearby. 
22.  Two people who've passed on with whom you'd like to have just one (or one more) conversation with? My grandma and my hubby's grandad.
Okay, now I hope to see a bunch of you give this a try!  It was fun and easy!!! 
be well,

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Not so Daring Query

Thank you Dianna for the gorgeous graphic!  Click the link in my 'All About Me' section to check out more of Dianna's amazing psp artwork!

I am going to steal a game from Paul who stole it from  Lahoma, but I am going to change it a little bit.

It is called 'Ask Me Anything'! 

Leave me a comment and ask me any question you would like for me to answer, and in a few days I will do any entry answering them!

The only difference for me is that in this journal I have deliberately avoided 2 things, and they are religion and politics, so, please refain from asking questions related to those topics!

Thank you and let 'em rip!

be well,

ps... don't put anything TOS'able either please!!

Lemons??? Make Lemonade!!!

Yesterday, I was soooo tired after the long night of getting Pumpkin settled.

I could have used a nap, but, that was not to be!  Instead, I was up early, well, early for me, at 9:30 am.

Pumpkin decided with her neighborhood friends that yesterday was the perfect day for a lemonade stand!  Actually, they decided to sell lemonade, iced tea and water.

Yes, water.  And, they sold some!  I guess an cold glass of water is worth the 25 cents they charged for it!  Just plan old tap with ice cubes... lol

The price for the fancy stuff was 50 cents.  The iced tea was made by moi - just the local food store mix.  However, my neighbor blessed the kids and everyone else with fresh squeezed lemonade! 

I told her it was too good to sell!  And, it really was delicious!  I think that is why the kids ended up doing so well in sales!  They made $30, split 6 ways, at $5 a kid for 3 hours of work.

Not bad at all! 

They had a $9 tip that put them over the top by a neighbor's twenty three year old son and girlfriend!  Most people gave them at least a dollar and said to keep the change. 

There are a lot of nice people out there in the world!

In fact, one teenage girl screeched her car to a stop and scared the living daylights out of me!  She popped out of her car and ran across the street and said to me, 'I almost missed it, sorry!'  I smiled and muttered okays. 

Then she said, 'I read online a list of ways to 'Pay it Forward' and one of the ways is to always stop and buy lemonade from any kid's stand you see!  So, here I am!' 

I just about burst with a smile and thanked her as she gave the kids $2 for the 50 cent cup and went on her way!!!

For those of you out there who only think that Pay it Forward was a movie with Kevin Spacey, here is a link to a website that explains what the movement is all about.

Pay It Forward Movement 

I think anything that encourages kindness to others is a good thing for the world.  Check it out.

Next Monday, the neighborhood lemonade stand will be up and selling again!!  I can only hope that the kids still have such a wonderful response again!

I would also like to thank all of you who stopped over at my friend Luanne's journal yesterday and paid her with a kindness.

I know it went along way.

be well,

ps... I did get to bed early last night and feel better today!  Yay!



Monday, July 10, 2006

My Time is not My Own

May I ask a favor?  If everyone could visit my friend, Luanne, as she is having a tough time lately, I would appreciate it.


Thank you!

The kids and I have been busy! 

Friday, we went to my sister Kathy's and had a fun day swimming in the pool!  Fuzzy stayed overnight and Kathy returned with him on Saturday.  We all had a nice visit together then, too.

I was supposed to go with my Book & Movie Club to see 'The Devil Wears Prada' on Saturday night.  I was really looking forward to it, and the date was set about 2 months ago, but I had to cancel.

My hubby and boys were leaving for Boy Scout camp on Sunday morning, and the boys, especially Fuzzy, wanted me to have dinner with them Saturday night and spend the night at home with them.

How could I say no?

Last night, Pumpkin and I went out for a quiet dinner with my mom and dad.  I say quiet, because 4 family members as opposed to 7 makes for a calmer and overall quiet dinner, however, Pumpkin rarely stops talking!!!  So, the 'quiet' thing is relative... lol

Then, Pumpkin and I started our Girls Night Alone!  We watched Robin Hood on cable, the movie version with Kevin Costner from 1991.  I love that version, very romantic and full of action, and Pumpkin really enjoyed it, too.

Pumpkin didn't want to sleep upstairs, as her brother's room across the hall was empty.  So, she came into bed with me.  She also didn't want to sleep with the light on, so, I told her I would read until she fell off to la la land.

Sounds like a plan,right?  Going to bed later than usual should have helped it all along.  Right?


Pumpkin burst into tears at about 11:30 pm, crying that she couldn't sleep without her daddy and brothers in the house. 

We talked about how she went to her Girl Scout sleep over and we all missed her and how it was now the boys turn.

Pumpkin informed me that she only feels good and safe when her family is all together. 

I smiled.  I feel the same. 

So, I told her that, and then told her this...

That over the years now, more and more, they will start to spend time out of house, doing new things.

As a mom, when I held her and her brothers, for the first time as babies, I knew her dad and I had a really tough job ahead of us. 

Our job was to care for each and every one of their needs as infants, and to love and protect them. 

Then, as they grow, our job begins to expand and get harder.

We still love and protect and provide for their needs, but with each year that passes, we also teach them to care for some of their own needs, the first steps toward being independent. 

It is our job as parents to teach you to someday be able to leave us as responsible adults that live and work on your own, leaving us and your 'nest' if you will.  All the while we will be loving you, and supporting you, as well.

Each year, more and more, they grow and thrive, and are getting closer to that goal, and going to camp, and sleep overs, are all a part of the process.

Someday, I told her, she and her brothers will have three nests oftheir own!  And, her dad and I will visit them there.

Of course, they can always come visit their home nest, because wherever her dad and I am, will always be their home as well. 

Pumpkin stopped crying as I gave this long talk, and didn't cry again. 

But, before settling in to fall asleep, she told me that although what I said was true, she didn't have to like it.

No, my dear sweet little Pumpkin Muffin, you don't have to like it.

And, neither do I.

be well,

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

July 4th Antics

My town is a sweet, small town in Northern New Jersey.  Our town is only 1 3/4 miles by 1 mile.

One of our many small town traditions is the annual 4th of July Parade.  It is a BIG deal.  All the town comes out, and many guests of surrounding towns as well. 

All of the town organizations participate and march, the police, volunteer fire department, volunteer EMS, politicians, library, schools, sports, churches, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc. just to name a few!

This year, only my mom and I were observers of the parade.  Everyone else marched!  I am so proud!

Here is the worlds biggest Boy Scout, my Hubby, decked out in full Assistant Leader uniform and carrying the flag!

Isn't he handsome!  Poor Hubby had a bad head cold, but he totally sucked it up for the kids!   And, it was sooooo hot and humid!

Here are my son's, Fuzzy on the left with black sneakers, and Hammer on the right in white.  I am so proud of them both! 

Especially, Hammer as he has never marched before!  This is his first organization that he has joined since his Asperger's diagnosis!   Wearing a uniform isn't easy for him with his skin sensitivities and neither is dealing with extreme heat, as kids on the Autism Spectrum have difficulty regulating their body temps, but he did fantastic!  Hammer was just beaming, as you can see, the WHOLE time!

Last, but not least was Pumpkin Muffin!  She had three options for marching.  She could have marched with the school she just graduated from, with her dance school or with Girl Scouts!  Pumpkin decided Girl Scouts was the one she wanted for the third year in a row!  My dad marched with her again this year!

The parade ends at our town park and all the participants are treated to ice cream from our local market.  My mom and I drove near the park as soon as the streets reopened and picked up the red-faced weary marchers and headed home to the air conditioning and some much needed rest!

Then, my Hubby, the kids and I headed out to our friend's house across town for a barbecue!  My parents were invited but decided to stay in and avoid the heat!

The barbecue was really great!  The kids swam and swam and we drank and ate great food!  At the end of the evening everyone left except for our family, and we had some fireworks!  The dad is in the National Guard and was able to procure some recently; they are illegal in NJ, but the police in our town don't usually bother anyone unless kids have them or they are done after 10pm.  We lit them at 9pm and were done by 9:15pm.

These were very pretty and not loud, and all the kids oooohed and aaaahhhed, and truthfully, so did us grown ups!

Afterward, we headed home and the kids went to bed with us following shortly after!

be well,


Monday, July 3, 2006

Pot Pourri of Fun

Things have been busy and fun around here!

Friday night was book club and it was so nice to be out without the kids and doing a 'grown up' thing!  lol  Ahh, the little things in life!

Saturday we spent the day at the town pool as a family!  It was a lot of fun!   You would think that kids that are my kids age would be running off to play with friends and would barely see their parents.... but, not my kids! 

Instead, they insisted that hubby and I play with them in the water and we were surrounded by their friends, too.  I won't complain a bit, someday, they will want to ditch us!  So, for now, we play all together and have lots of fun!

I did a 'class' of sorts, on Dunking without Breaking Necks.  They were fast learners... but they couldn't keep me from being able to dunk them!  lol

Yesterday, my sister Kathy came up with my darling nephew for a nice visit!  Pumpkin Muffin treated my three year old nephew to his first romp through a sprinkler!  They were very cute and very soaked, pretty quick!   We all went out for a good dinner in the evening, to end the day.

Today, Hubby took Hammer and Pumpkin to the town pool while Fuzzy and I spent the day together doing some shopping and browsing.  Fuzzy wasn't in the mood for the pool, and it gave me an excuse to stay out of the sun which is better for me, especially with my meds.  Same for him with his asthma.

Tomorrow, we have our town parade and then we will spend the day at a friend's house, swimming, eating and maybe even having a drink or two!!!  ::: shhhhh, don't tell my liver ::: lol

I will catch up some more with you all soon!

Have a happy and safe 4th!

be well,