Saturday, July 22, 2006

Weekend Assignment 11-squared

John Scalzi is a genius!  I just love the play on the number 121 for this weekend assignment!  Numbers are beautiful things...

Weekend Assignment #121: Do whatever you want, so long as it somehow involves the number 11. Memories of being eleven, lists that have eleven positions on them, collections of eleven similar objects -- hey, whatever you want. As long as the number eleven is somehow involved, it's all good. For those of you thinking about being sneaking and using binary notation: no "11, base 2." We're talking binary number 1011 here, pal.

Extra credit: Grab a book, open it to page 11, and write out the 11th sentence.


Here is my list of ELEVEN Things!!

1)     Fuzzy, my son is 11 years old!!!

2)     On August 19th, we will be living in our house for exactly 11 years!

3)     My birthday is 11/22!  The eleventh month and the day, as you see, is 11 doubled! 

4)     My mom's birthday is also in the 11th month!  11/8!

5)     My anniversary is 11/9, also the 11th month!  I just love my month!!!

6)     On my 11 1/2 birthday, the exact date, I entered 'womanhood' by beginning that female biological process that occurs approximately once monthly.

7)     I was FINALLY, officially diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when my eldest son was almost 11!

8)     7-11, Slurpees. Gotta love 'em.  My husband, mother, and kids are totally addicted to them.  My mom drinks them all year long, it soothes sore gums for her.

9)     Ocean's Eleven, the original and the remake movies.  The original was a rat pack special, what's not to love!!!  I love Sinatra!  The remake with Clooney and Pitt, phew, I had to fan myself off a lot watching those two hotties!!! LOL

10)     Apollo 11, now that is a big 11 for all of us.  'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.'  Thank you, Neil Armstrong, your words are immortal.  Thank you to all our brave space explorers.

11)     9/11.  A sad, tragic day for the world.  It is a part of my every day life, I am sorry to say.

Sorry to end on such a somber note, but it was the right place for me.

I also think the contrast between my #11 and #10 is a very important thing to notice...

#10 a representation of man at his very best, and #11, man at his ugly worst.

Extra credit:  "On a big motor cruiser owned by North American Aviation, builder of the Apollo command module, Janet Armstrong , the wife of  Apollo 11's commander, and her two boys, twelve year old Rick and six year old Mark, stood nervously awaiting the launch."   This is the 11th sentence from the prologue of 'First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong' by James R. Hansen, the authorized biography.

Fitting for the 11 series, I believe.  Thank you, John, this was fun!

be well,



lv2trnscrb said...

that was great, Dawn; enjoyed reading how special the number eleven is for you. Lots of things happen in the month of November for you, don't they? Almost a big celebration for the whole month in addition to Thanksgiving :)


wfhbear said...

I only know one thing that is 11 and you said it 09/11/2001. Regards, Bill.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Really interesting. birthday is Nov 9th.  You sure did have tons of life events relating to 11.  HUGS  Chris

monponsett said...

Look up "Neil Armstrong" and "Mr. Gorsky" on Google somne day when you need a laugh.

helmswondermom said...

Great list!  Of all the ones I've read so far, I believe you are the only one to have included a 9/11 reference.  It's such an obvious "11" that I'm surprised no one else has used it.  I didn't even think of it, which is a little embarrassing!

xomywayox said...

Way cool 11, you have some really cute answers.


libragem007 said...

WOW! Dawn...honestly (and obviously) I have not read other's entry on this assignment, but so far....I LOVE yours!
Gem :-)

plittle said...

  In response to Lori, it's so obvious that people may be avoiding it, thinking that everyone will be using it. That happened with one of John's Monday Photo Shoots recently. We were supposed to show a picture of something related to the letter "M." I immediately thought of putting up a picture of "me." Then I figured everyone else would be doing it because it was so obvious, so I didn't bother. And no one did. Phooey!

  In response to your comments about 9/11, Dawn. While the tragedy was caused by a group of people displaying humanities worst qualities, what followed, the combined efforts of emergency personnel from all over the Northeastern United States and parts of Canada, the generosity of hundreds of people in the tiny town of Gander Newfoundland, and the response of people from all around the world displayed the absolute best of humanity.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Well, you certainly did make good use of the number 11. The only thing I could have thought of was 9/11 and I kinda wouldn't want that number to stand alone - so I think I'll pass:)

oddb0dkins said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my journal. Thought I'd repay the compliment.
I love your list, you sure have some celebrating to do in November. ;O)  B. x

coelha said...

Weird how the number 11 always comes up in your life, huh?  My number is 4...  I was born on 4/4/66-4th child, at 12:04 am...  I could just go on and's really weird.  I thought my 4th pregnancy--my son would be born on 11/4--but, no such luck, he was born a little after midnight on the 5th...  Oh well..  Julie :)  

fisherkristina said...

I liked your list!  Oh, and I LOVE Slurpees!  They don't have them in this part of the country.  Boo hoo.  In VA, where I used to live, they even had diet coke Slurpees, along with Coke Slurpees.  Yum, yum!


lurkynat said...

great journal entry Dawn! kudoes!
I loveya,nat