Saturday, July 15, 2006

Quiet was nice, but I miss my babies!!!

Pumpkin is home, her sleep over was lots of fun!!

I am now waiting, rather impatiently for my boys!!!!!

Quiet was nice last night, but I want my babies home!!!!

be well,


wfhbear said...

Sometimes the din of life is what we yearn for. Silence is nice but, it dosen't beat with the sounds of family. My Regards, Bill.

stevietwain said...

Aww bless ya!

I hope you're now surrounded by your babies!!

Lv Stevie

sazzylilsmartazz said...

You know that the quiet was just a tempory respite. You love the joys and noise of your family. 'Fess up:)~

jckfrstross said...

nothing better to a mothers ear than her children:)


eml625 said...

A nice break though, right?


mominmntna said...

glad Pumpkin had a lot of fun, Dawn; hope by now your boys are home too :)

betty, AKA Lv2Trnscrb (signed on my mistake with my other screen name)

xomywayox said...

Heaven & Hell...can'thave one without the other. I understand how you feel.


cacklinrosie101 said...

When mine were younger and would go visit grandma and grandpa for a few days, it was nice but eerie.  Megan went to France for two weeks two years ago.  Joey and I were so lost for a few days.  It was too weird.  Now, that my baby, Megan, is 20 and Joey is 22, they are out and about so much that I sort of like the quiet.  LOL..of course, I have my Grizzly pooch shadowing me constantly.  I also have a 25 year old daughter, Becky, who lives on her own.  They grow sooooo fast.  Enjoy them now because when they start fluttering those wings, they fly.  HUGS  Chris

lurkynat said...

LOl! kids you cna't live wiht them, you can't live without them! lol!

luddie343 said...

Know the feeling, Dawn.  Certain types of "quiet"can be too much, time to get back to normal!  Cathy