Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lemons??? Make Lemonade!!!

Yesterday, I was soooo tired after the long night of getting Pumpkin settled.

I could have used a nap, but, that was not to be!  Instead, I was up early, well, early for me, at 9:30 am.

Pumpkin decided with her neighborhood friends that yesterday was the perfect day for a lemonade stand!  Actually, they decided to sell lemonade, iced tea and water.

Yes, water.  And, they sold some!  I guess an cold glass of water is worth the 25 cents they charged for it!  Just plan old tap with ice cubes... lol

The price for the fancy stuff was 50 cents.  The iced tea was made by moi - just the local food store mix.  However, my neighbor blessed the kids and everyone else with fresh squeezed lemonade! 

I told her it was too good to sell!  And, it really was delicious!  I think that is why the kids ended up doing so well in sales!  They made $30, split 6 ways, at $5 a kid for 3 hours of work.

Not bad at all! 

They had a $9 tip that put them over the top by a neighbor's twenty three year old son and girlfriend!  Most people gave them at least a dollar and said to keep the change. 

There are a lot of nice people out there in the world!

In fact, one teenage girl screeched her car to a stop and scared the living daylights out of me!  She popped out of her car and ran across the street and said to me, 'I almost missed it, sorry!'  I smiled and muttered okays. 

Then she said, 'I read online a list of ways to 'Pay it Forward' and one of the ways is to always stop and buy lemonade from any kid's stand you see!  So, here I am!' 

I just about burst with a smile and thanked her as she gave the kids $2 for the 50 cent cup and went on her way!!!

For those of you out there who only think that Pay it Forward was a movie with Kevin Spacey, here is a link to a website that explains what the movement is all about.

Pay It Forward Movement 

I think anything that encourages kindness to others is a good thing for the world.  Check it out.

Next Monday, the neighborhood lemonade stand will be up and selling again!!  I can only hope that the kids still have such a wonderful response again!

I would also like to thank all of you who stopped over at my friend Luanne's journal yesterday and paid her with a kindness.

I know it went along way.

be well,

ps... I did get to bed early last night and feel better today!  Yay!




jckfrstross said...

wtg pumpkin:) i had a koolaid stand we sold more water ( we lived in the mountains) for the animals in the cars and we also had painted rocks. lol what fun memories she is making


lv2trnscrb said...

What a great summertime activity; having a lemonade stand. We have had a few in our days of kids. And after the very first one we did when people were very generous with tips, etc I made a vow to stop at as many of them as I could and do the same (kind of like the Pay It Forward concept). Lots of fun they are.

Glad you got a little caught up with sleep last night :)


sangrialel said...

I am going to go check this site out.  I loved the movie too.  Linda

eml625 said...

What a great idea , to have a lemonaid stand !!!!  Great way to learn how to earn some cash!

klconard1 said...

Congrats on making great memories!
loving you

helmswondermom said...

Congratulations to your daughter and her friends on their lemondade stand.  My daughter and I were checking out yard sales one particularly hot day when we saw a little girl and boy operating a lemonade stand.  We bought two glasses and it was wonderful!

lurkynat said...

what a sweet tale!

lurkynat said...

how sweet!

lurkynat said...

how sweet!

lurkynat said...

what a sweet tale!

lurkynat said...

what a sweet tale!

pharmolo said...

That's a nice idea, and some generous people that came by

Found you through CarnivAOL


barbpinion said...

There really are nice people in the world. Glad the children did so well.
Barb- http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK

sazzylilsmartazz said...

"I think anything that encourages kindness to others is a good thing for the world."

Agree with you here but now I want some lemonade:(

bhbner2him said...

I firmly believe that any gift or kindness that is given/done with no ulterior motive, blesses the giver a thousand times over the receipient.  ;o)  Happy CarnivAOL.  -  Barbara

cacklinrosie101 said...

Such a lovely entry, Dawn.  Now how did I miss this one?  It's so nice to know that there are still many, many wonderful people in this world.  I love that concept of Pay It Forward.  Thanks for sharing the link.  HUGS  Chris  (Now, I want some of that delicious lemonade also.)