Monday, July 17, 2006

A Little Story About Coffee


After the Hubby, the kids and the rest of my family... not much else I love more!!!  lol

Sweet nectar of the gods,  blessed libation of genius natives who crushed the beans and boiled it in water! 

As you know, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. 

I have written before about the different symptoms, and how fatigue is really the worst one, in many ways. 

A quick review...

Tired = You go to rest and sleep and wake up refreshed.

Fatigue = You go to rest and sleep and still feel like you are trudging through life in a world of pea soup, with 100 pounds of potatoes on your back.

The new drug that I am on, Orencia, that I get by IV once a month in NYC at the Hospital for Special Surgery (see link in my side bar), is doing a great job on my other symptoms.

In the last two months, I even feel the fatigue is starting to lessen, but it is still hard to deal with.

My rheumatologist has offered me a drug that would give me about 12 hours worth of pep.  I have declined it.  I already have an IV drug once a month, 4 medicines every day, and one occasional med that I take, I really don't want another one.

Besides, I already have one that works fairly well. 


From spring until fall turns cold, I am addicted to Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee.  Large.  I have found out that if you keep them in your fridge for up to four days, they stay fresh and the ice even stays unmelted!!!

So, that is what I do!  I get 4 large DD iced coffees with cream and have one a day.  I still often have a hot mug when I first get up of my homemade Maxwell House, but, then I drink my DD Iced.

Sometimes, I drink two on particularly trying days, when I need a real boost.

Now, if you were my husband... wouldn't you just be happy that your wife, who is home with your three kids for the summer, has found this non medical way to cope with one of the symptoms of her disease?

Never mind the fact that I am not 100% pain free on any given day and I suck that up.

Oh no, my hubby has to be begged and prodded to 'PLEASE, go pick up my coffees!'  He throws little baby temper tantrums and hissy fits, when I remind him that I am out.  Even though, let him know early enough in the day that he can work the stop in himself when he chooses.

Why don't I pick them up myself? 

Two reasons.

A)   I usually don't have the $ to do so, on me, yet he does.

B)   I  am usually exhausted by the evening after dinner time from juggling the kids all day, and driving and carrying the coffees are the last thing I want to do.

Yes, I know my hubby is tired also, but he isn't coping with a chronic disease. 

And, I think I am doing a pretty good job of that on most days!

I keep praying that one day, the eye rolling little temper tantrums will stop and he will just say, 'Okay, hon.' and he will go get them.

Maybe, now that I have shared this all with you, and he will get to read it AND your comments....he will start to do so.

Bwaaa ha ha ha.... My evil plan has been launched.... Wish me luck!

be well,

ps... The kids are loud and at each others throats again...everything is back to normal!  Hooray!



xomywayox said...

Coffee, you got to love that stuff. You know Starbucks is one of my favorite stores. Why not try SB Frappocuinnos you can buy them in the grocery store and I htink their better then double d's. I swear, I would not lie about coffee!! LoL


stevietwain said...

Hiya hun...I love coffee too, althought I drink De-caf..:-(

My sleeping pattern's too screwed up to be drinkin stuff to give me energy..I'll be bouncin off the!!

Sorry to hear that you're in some pain everyday..:-( Why do crappy things happen to good folk?

all the best,

Lv Ste

jckfrstross said...

the frappicinos from starbucks are really good:) i hear ya about never being pain free i know when i am i will be dead lol enjoy your week


xomywayox said...

Oh yea, Dear Mr. Hubby. Even tho you may hate the chore of getting the coffee from double d's. But just think how happy it makes her. And a happy her is a happier you. Do not forget out evil powers that a wife has!


lv2trnscrb said...

too bad the kids are too young to drive to get your coffee Dawn. However, hope lies ahead in a few years when they want to drive that even running errands like this for mom sounds like fun. In the meantime, what can you do nice for your husband so that he willing does this for you?

I never have had a Dunkin Donut iced coffee; but now I gotta see if we have Dunkin Donuts here. My "fix" is a double shot mocha from Starbucks or some other coffee place should I need that extra boost of caffeine :)


sunnyside46 said...

doesnt he know that you are giving him a wonderful opportunity to do something for someone he loves? what greater gift can you give him than to need him?How sad would it be if there was nothing yuo could do to make a loved ones' life better! He is so lucky to have the ability to shape the joy in your day!

eml625 said...

I also love the DD iced coffee.... have you ever tried to make it yourself??  I have, and it's  NEVER the same.  I will take your tip however and store them in the fridge, as for hubby.....listen  Mr Dawn, please plan on stopping at your local DD on the way home, this way, MRS Dawn, will be so happy with you that you might be rewarded !!!

hugs to all !

tendernoggle said...

I love your journal!!!
I knew I would when I opened it up and there sat Maxine!!! My favorite woman! lol
I have not tried the iced coffee but I will now! Only thing is, I live in a small town and  will have to travel 32 miles to get it!!! ( SO I best not get hooked on it , huh???) Wish I was close by...I would go get your coffee!!! lol
You have everything that my Danny had....Hon, I know well how much pain you can be in. I saw my husband crying with it....many a day...and he could not sleep for it....The week he died from the massive heart attack; , he was suppose to get started with the iv' yes, I know what you go through....I use to feel so  helpless seeing him suffer so...
Take care and God Bless you,

luddie343 said...

Interesting entry, Dawn.  As I stopped drinking coffee 3 years ago I may be missing out on the ambrosia of Starbuck's and Dunkin Dee's, but now I'm a non-coffee drinker so I can only blame myself for my healthier life!  Cathy

plittle said...

  I dropped into our local "Country Style" donut shop and tried one of their Polar Toffee Iced Cappucinos the other day. Quite yummy, I must say, previous comments on the topic aside.
  I don't know enough about your daily routine to comment, Dawn. Do you get out and about in the car at all on a day to day basis? Where is the nearest Dunkin Donuts in relation to your home, and your hubby's office? Is there a drive through ATM near you? Does D'n'D have a drive through? What is your husband's view of the situation? Have you asked him? If you asked him, would he answer honestly?
  There are some times that I think my wife asks me to do something, not because she needs me to do that specific thing, but because she feels that I am not doing enough, and wants to send me a message. Is your request to your husband as simple as it's more convenient for him to get the coffees, or is it a veiled message to your husband that you need him to do more for you, whatever that more entails? One of the problems we have in the "battle" of the sexes, is the fact that we speak different languages, men and women. We understand the unspoken messages of other guys, and you understand the unspoken messages of other women, but when we talk to each other, we only hear what is said, not always what is meant. Learning to say exactly what we mean can sometimes be very difficult.

coelha said...

Okay, Dawn, this is for your husband:  Dear Husband, this is to remind you that your wife needs her DD coffee.  It's coffee, for God sakes and she needs it!  It helps her function, and gets her through the day!  It's not like she is asking you to go to the store to pick up tampons or nylons!  Be grateful she is there all day, through these hot summery months with the kids.  You are lucky she hasn't be driven to drink yet!  Julie :)  

wfhbear said...

I can only dream of DD coffee. We don't have any in town. I can suggest that you go to Gevalia and order the Breakfast Blend. They will send it to you through the mail so yuou don't have to ask anyone to go get it for you and it tastes somewhat like the King of Coffees, good old Dunkin Donuts. My Regards, Bill.

swibirun said...

One question......have you tried pushing his easy button?????

ha ha ha:)

bosoxblue6993w said...

would it be possible to somehow brew a shitload yoursef and keep it in the fridge?

cacklinrosie101 said...

You know men like to whine about the smallest things but get over it.  I am addicted to coffe myself...totally.  Amazing that it cures a lot of your ills.  HUGS  Chris

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Dawn - I like coffee too!!!

dornbrau said...

I wish that I could indulge in fancy coffees, but truth be known, I have neither the $ nor the time to do so.   Therefore I make my own iced coffee (thanks Mom!)  Sometimes I even sneak a little bit of whipped cream on top of it... don't know why because I'll suck it off right away before even starting on the coffee.
Yep, coffee is my miracle medicine as well.  I wouldn't die without it, but I'm sure others would... until I finally got some!

madmanadhd said...

Paul has written quite eloquently about the hubby situation... I second his thoughts. I'm not being insensitve or taking sides but methinks there is more to this than the eye can see. It's obvious hubby loves you dearly and cares for your welfare so sumting else is brewing otter dan the java.

Now as for coffee... you may ask how am I getting the DD done (damn dissertation) I tell you in one word... COFFEE!!! Nothing fancy... gotta save the deneros to pay the piper when this is done. But I have a reserved table at local coffee shop where the lassies keep my mug full and offer kind words of encouragement. I can sooooooo relate to your love and reliance of the java juice.

By the by just finished chapter 3 (53 pages) and sent it away to my committee chair. Just two more chapters left.

Back at it.