Wednesday, July 5, 2006

July 4th Antics

My town is a sweet, small town in Northern New Jersey.  Our town is only 1 3/4 miles by 1 mile.

One of our many small town traditions is the annual 4th of July Parade.  It is a BIG deal.  All the town comes out, and many guests of surrounding towns as well. 

All of the town organizations participate and march, the police, volunteer fire department, volunteer EMS, politicians, library, schools, sports, churches, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc. just to name a few!

This year, only my mom and I were observers of the parade.  Everyone else marched!  I am so proud!

Here is the worlds biggest Boy Scout, my Hubby, decked out in full Assistant Leader uniform and carrying the flag!

Isn't he handsome!  Poor Hubby had a bad head cold, but he totally sucked it up for the kids!   And, it was sooooo hot and humid!

Here are my son's, Fuzzy on the left with black sneakers, and Hammer on the right in white.  I am so proud of them both! 

Especially, Hammer as he has never marched before!  This is his first organization that he has joined since his Asperger's diagnosis!   Wearing a uniform isn't easy for him with his skin sensitivities and neither is dealing with extreme heat, as kids on the Autism Spectrum have difficulty regulating their body temps, but he did fantastic!  Hammer was just beaming, as you can see, the WHOLE time!

Last, but not least was Pumpkin Muffin!  She had three options for marching.  She could have marched with the school she just graduated from, with her dance school or with Girl Scouts!  Pumpkin decided Girl Scouts was the one she wanted for the third year in a row!  My dad marched with her again this year!

The parade ends at our town park and all the participants are treated to ice cream from our local market.  My mom and I drove near the park as soon as the streets reopened and picked up the red-faced weary marchers and headed home to the air conditioning and some much needed rest!

Then, my Hubby, the kids and I headed out to our friend's house across town for a barbecue!  My parents were invited but decided to stay in and avoid the heat!

The barbecue was really great!  The kids swam and swam and we drank and ate great food!  At the end of the evening everyone left except for our family, and we had some fireworks!  The dad is in the National Guard and was able to procure some recently; they are illegal in NJ, but the police in our town don't usually bother anyone unless kids have them or they are done after 10pm.  We lit them at 9pm and were done by 9:15pm.

These were very pretty and not loud, and all the kids oooohed and aaaahhhed, and truthfully, so did us grown ups!

Afterward, we headed home and the kids went to bed with us following shortly after!

be well,



jckfrstross said...

so glad you had a good time:)


memes121 said...

I really enjoy your journal. Drop in some time. If I have already welcomed you, sorry. Short term memory loss is my middle name!

klconard1 said...

Looks like you had a great Fourth of July dear!  I loved the pix!
loving you

sangrialel said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!  Linda

cacklinrosie101 said...

Sounds like an awesome day.  LOL...your hubby looks so cute in that uniform.  It rained for 4 days straight in western Pa. so I was totally unhappy and bored.  All events were rescheduled for this weekend.  Have a good one!  HUGS  Chris

eml625 said...

What a great day you had, the pictures are awesome.
take care

lv2trnscrb said...

wonderful day you had Dawn! Lots of memories made I'm sure. WTG for all the parade participants, especially Hammer :)


lurkynat said...

lots of love Dawn!

coelha said...

What a nice holiday you guys had!  Cute pictures :)  Julie

ksgal3133 said...

aww what a great time and great pics :)


sdoscher458 said...

Dawn you took me back to my own childhood with this one. I was a brownie, and girl scout until I was you can figure how many parades I walked in.  Once I carried the American Flag...I was so proud. My little neighborhood in Queens was like an over extended family, everyone knew everybody....gone are those days.  So I love to hear of other neighborhoods carrying on these old traditions...what a wonderful day you had.....Sandi

sunnyside46 said...

What a wonderful a Norman Rockwell painting.
I loved seeing pics of your family that I have been hearing so much about.
it was really a triumph for Hammer to not only march, but enjoy it.
I love Girl Scouts. I have been a leader for 10 years. we are not as active as a troop now, because the girls are high school sophmores and so busy, but it was the single best thing I ever did for Caitln. it was so good to participate in activities as an equal.
I would like to hear more abou t your sounds like a treasure.

luddie343 said...

Dawn, I'm so happy you had a wonderful day which you were able to convey to others through your words.  I crashed your Journal here uninvited (forgive?) because of the name, which was once my motto.  After seizing many days, I've evolved into "Sapere aude" which is now my Journal name.  And I'm a Joisey girl too!  Hugs, Cathy

swibirun said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all!

When you first said "only my mom and I were observers, everyone else marched" I didn't realize you meant the only ones from your family.  I pictured this big parade with literally, only you and your mom, on the sidewalk, lol.


dornbrau said...

Years from now the kids will sit with their own children and reminisce about family celebrations such as these.  And the ohhhhs and the ahhhhhs will continue.