Monday, February 4, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS!


Pictures say more than I could!  Congratulations Giants!!!!

I have to say it was the best SuperBowl game in many years!  I was on the edge of my seat!  So proud of Eli, now, finally, he will get the credit he deserves!!!

By way of a quick update, I am just finishing up a Z-pak today of antiobiotics and I am going to do my Enbrel shot tonight.  My his is still quite painful, although I am not using my cane.  Keep your fingers crossed...

My Dad also got the cold/bronchitis thing and was on a Z-pak with me. 

Fuzzy ended up in the ER on Friday with what we thought was appendicitis, but he turned out to be full of shit.  Yes, literally.  He was VERY constipated, but after an enema, he felt much better, and we were sent home with a Miralax prescription, and that problem resolved. 

However, he caught the cold/bronchitis thing, and with his asthma ended up having an awful night, and an attack this morning, so he is home and on nebulizer treatments.  <sigh>

Pumpkin was sick Thursday and Friday with a virus that made her dizzy/headachey/nauseous.  She got better just in time on Saturday to pass it on to my Mom who had it all weekend.  Mom went to work today, so I am guessing that hers passed as Pumpkin's did.

Hammer and Hubby have so far been spared... cross your fingers for me!

Libby's stitches are out and she is back to a 100% looney lab!  Yay!

I will be back soon, thanks for your understanding.

be well,


glensfork4 said...

Yeah Baby!!!! that was the BEST superbowl in a LONG time....Hope you don't get it....and I hope all that have it...get better.

Love to ya.


lindaggeorge said...

I'm glad your team won, even though I have no idea what the game is about! LOL.

Linda x.

nay0114 said...

Lordy girl you guys have lots of sickness going around. Break out the Lysol. LOL I'm laughing at poor Fuzzy full of shid. Yikes not good with asthma my daughter has to be careful about that stuff too. Hope everyone gets better soon.
Glad you enjoyed the game I never watch that stuff.
Good to hear from you.
Take care, Chrissie

brendaspears97 said...

Full of poo..tsk tsk...what a trip just to find that out. Poor thing. Glad your back...


lv2trnscrb said...

congrats to the Giants!!! great game!!

sorry for all the sickness at your house, Dawn; come back when you can, we miss you, but of course we understand!!


deshelestraci said...

Well, goodness.  Sounds like y'all are a regular Petri dish of goodies!
Get well everyone!

coelha said...

Oh gosh Dawn.  I'm glad your son was just full of...  You know what. :)  I must agree with you--this Super Bowl was quite excellent!  I watched most of it with my hubby, and I hardly ever sit down and watch a football game, but I truly did enjoy it.  I'm glad you are back in Jland--I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of  you will be spared from sickness..  Not fun!!  Hugs, Julie

sdoscher458 said...

Holy crap! hope he feels better, actually all of you. I remember the days of the kids bringing home all the colds and passing it throught the house..don't miss those well, love, Sandi

chat2missie said...

That happend to my son once.  We thought it was apendicitis and ended up being he was constipated! LOL  I thought we were the only ones! LOL

eml625 said...

Wow Dawn, you guys are sure being put through the ringer. Wow.
I pray you all are feeling better real quick.

How about those Giants !! Woo hoo......

nightmaremom said...

YEAH BABY game was great!!!!   Ewwwwww sickies hope all are better now... and my fingers are crossed
love ya

rdautumnsage said...

Your house is nuts... Sorry to hear everyone has been so sick hon....It was a great game last night though.....It blazed! (Hugs) Indigo

astoriasand said...

Awwww sorry Theres been all the sickness around.You needed that win Dawn to cheer you.Thinking of you always.Hope things get better soon.Prayers continueing.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

wwfbison said...

I was happy to see the Giants win too ~ it was an awesome game!!!  You should hang an "Infirmary" sign on your door!  My goodness, so sorry to hear everyone is feeling so poorly. I am really happy Libby has fully rebounded and is back to herself, always a good sign.  Do take care & I hope everyone gets well soon.  Give Fuzzy some prune juice ;)

helmswondermom said...

Hope that Z-pack works quickly for you guys!

randlprysock said...

Hope that Z pack is working and that everyone is okay over there!!!  Way to go Eli!!

jmoqueen said...

Hi Dawn I'm new to reading your journal :o)  Sounds like you've had a busy weekend with everyone feeling sick!!


gazker said...

What a bloody nightmare week. Whats so weird is I can still se you smiling through all of it.
Gaz xxxxxx

ekgillen said...

Yikes~what a bout of illness in your world!  Hope everyone is all better soon!!