Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Hey Mr. Goat... whatever works!!! lol

Thursday again... my, how the time flies!

1.     Coffee.  Oh yes... I have thought about having the IV hooked up on occasion.

2.     EmergenC.  A truly amazing product!  It has multi-vitamins and lots of B12 and B6 and I have to admit that it is giving me more energy!  It is a yummy fizzy drink... and I think your body absorbs the vitamins fast that way!

3.     Kids.  Today, we are starting a new afterschool bowling league for Fuzzy and Pumpkin.  Russ is joining too, and next week one of Pumpkin's friends will join in also.

4.     Great ideas.  Last night, Pumpkin and I looked over the playroom, and found a way to set up a table for me to work at and leave my jewelry stuff out.  I like to work and take lots of breaks to rest my hands, and couldn't before, now, I will be able to do so.  Pumpkin deserves all the kudos, it was much simpler than I thought!

5.     Hubby.  I will address this directly to him - Honey, you still ROCK MY WORLD, thank you!!!

Okie dokie, time to hit the shower before the kids and pal descend on the house!

Oh and now that it is almost March, suddenly the temps are in the teens and 20's and there is talk about snow again this weekend AND next week.  WTF?  Groundhog... you suck.  Winter is supposed to be in WINTER!

be well,


mleighin21st said...

That second "lol" explains why this winter has been so weird.  The table where you can leave your projects out sounds like a great idea.  I've got a jigsaw puzzle I'd like to put together and hang on the wall, but nowhere to leave it out.  Have a great Friday.
                                                Smiles,  Leigh

coelha said...

Did he see it or not?  The shadow?!  LOL...  I never got the word.  It's pretty and spring like over here, but with all this strange weather, it won't last too long..  Good luck with your jewlery making!  Sounds fun!  :)  Julie

chat2missie said...

I think we're getting some snow tomorrow!  Yea, it sucks!  Enjoy your day.

deshelestraci said...

You could come visit me.  It snowed yesterday and was around 30 and will be in the high 50s tomorrow.  I'll take consistancy for $1000, Alex.

gazker said...

That EmergenC sounds pretty good stuff, I think it's branded under another name here.
Gaz xx

wwfbison said...

I love the goats & groundhog ~ they are so cute!!!  The bowling league sounds like a lot of fun, what a great idea.  I won't ask about #5!!!  ;)

swmpgrly said...

love the goats

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Hooray for EmergenC.  Actually, I've been using something similar called Airborne (developed by a teacher, blah blah blah) but it's the same type of concept:  Lots of vitamins and herbs in a tablet that fizzes in water.  It really seems to work.

lv2trnscrb said...

technically speaking, doesn't winter end around March 20th?? but I know what you mean, enough cold weather and bring on spring; oh wait, we had 75 degrees today :)

I like your thankful Thursdays!! so glad Pumpkin came up with the idea for you to be able to leave your jewelry table out so you can be creative whenever your hands permit


eml625 said...

My kids love to bowl ! I dont think there are any leagues around though.
We are getting the storm today/tonight also...should be fun!

ukgal36 said...

I like the EmergenC too!
glad it makes you have some energy!
have a great weekend

ekgillen said...

Never had the EmergenC before.  I may have to check it out!

gdireneoe said... now...mark thy tongue, Missy.  too hilarious on the accent there. ;)  C.

wildautumn1 said...

I love the groundhog pic! This winter has been all messed up-where is the warm soothing sunshine already?

queeniemart said...

MY 19 yr old was in a bowling league for 10 yrs....she had So much fun. I know your kids will love it.
Hugs, lisa

jmoqueen said...

Hope the bowling league goes well :o)  Bless you and your hubby xx