Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Life with Kids

Remember last week that my son Fuzzy hurt his ankle by being hit with a pitch at a baseball game? 
I forgot to mention here that he ended up in the ER getting an x-ray, which was negative, but we were happy that we took him. 
It had really swelled up a lot overnight, and you just never know.
And, now for this weeks medical adventure...
Last night, Hammer went outside for a bit.  For some bizarre reason he decided to go along the fence by our neighbor's and then managed to get stuck with a thorn from a sticker bush.
Then, he decided not to mention it, even though the sticker was stuck in his finger.
He waited until, he started to have a severe allergic reaction to the thorn, and his finger doubled in size.
So, I started to try to get the thorn out, unfortunately, with all the swelling it was driven deep.  I got most of it, but could not get the last remaining bit.  Even with 2 benedryl's the swelling was moving down the finger.
Poor Hammer, put up with a lot of digging and prodding, but he realized it was time, too.
So, off to the ER for the second visit in 6 days.  Hubby took him, I stayed home with the other munchkins.
They injected it, dug it out, no stitches required, gave us a script for antibiotics, instructions to redress daily, and for Hammer to see our pediatrician next week. 
Hammer is okay today, it is just sore now, but still a bit swollen, as you can imagine.
Tonight, another baseball game for Fuzzy.  Ugh. 
Keep your fingers crossed....
They say these things come in three's, maybe I should put Pumpkin Muffin under lock and key?  Have her skip dance class?  lol
And, I seem to be flaring a little which has me annoyed.
I just had the Orencia.  Usually, that means everything is great, no swollen joints. 

Instead, my left knee is a mess along with the left elbow.  Even, my left pinky is getting in the act a little. 
Did I say I was annoyed?  Actually, I am downright pissed off.  I do not want to have a flare.  I do not have time for this in my life right now. 
I have to sit on bleachers tonight, and honestly, I don't feel like it... and that pisses me off, because I want to be enjoying my son's baseball game.
Oh well.  I don't get to be in control.
Be well,


sangrialel said...

I hope you get to enjoy the game!  I also hope for this once that things won't come in threes!! Linda

lurkynat said...

Aw! Dawn I will pray for you and for the kiddoes!
I will cross my finers on both hands and toes for Fuzzy and his game!

klconard1 said...

Yikes dear!  I am praying for you, your knee, your elbow, your pinky, Fuzzy, Hammer and preventively for PumpkinMuffin too!
loving you

jckfrstross said...

oh no i hope this flare is a quick one and you feel better soon:)


hadonfield78 said...

last time I had an xray, they said I had "too much" lead in my butt.........

eml625 said...

I hope your feeling ok...  !!!  Keep safe - no more ER visits  ! Feel better.


sunnyside46 said...

they should reserve a seat fro you in the ER LOL!
IF your joints were as good as your attitude, you would be an athlete, instead , you are an inspiration.

gdireneoe said...

...:::shaking ;)  So sorry you had a reaction...I'm late to this, so I hope it's subsided. ;)  C.