Sunday, May 7, 2006

My Vampire Dream - Weekend Assignment #110

Weekend Assignment #110: Recount a strange dream you've had recently. Any sort of strange dream is fine except the really explicit sex dreams. Because, you know, we're running a family show, here. Otherwise, they can be as weird as you want them to be.

Extra Credit:
Name a favorite song with the words "dream" or "sleep" (or some variation of those words).

I was not going to do this Weekend Assignment, but then last night I had a great dream!  Kind of a mini movie in itself, I love that kind!


I was at this really awesome resort in the Carribean somewhere.  The beach was right off the pool, and all the rooms faced the ocean. 

I was there relaxing by the pool.  As the day was getting late, I realized that I 'felt' supernatural' type enemies showing up and spying on me.  I was a bit famous as a witch, and this was not unusual.  A lot of the 'other worldly' types out there sometimes want to snatch a peek at me.  I had recently helped to save a school that was in a demon's path... long story for another time.

I sensed some baddies, though, as I like to call them, and they were vampires.  Just to be safe, I had to get to my room before the sun went down, when their powers would be in full force.  Maybe they were just sneaking a peek, maybe not, who's to say.  I like to err on the side of caution.

I used my cloaking spells to get me safely back to my room without detection.

Once I closed the door, I found my ex-lover, also a vampire, waiting for me.  <<< FYI his part in my dream was being played by Nicholas Cage >>>  He had been attacked and was weak, and needed my help.  I had placed special charms on my room for protection, and had to re do a few since he had to undo them to gain access and safety in the room.

'Valon, I don't know what is going on but you could have warned me...' I said as I started to make the room safe.

Before he answered, the room burst aflame!  A powerful wizard was obviously here and really pissed off at my ex.  I grabbed him by the arm and used a charm to teleport us safely out of the room, but only to the roof of the hotel.

I had to get us out fast and my power alone couldn't get us far enough away.

My ex, I should explain is not a vampire like you see in the movies.  Valon feeds off of emotion, it can be done without harming the host, however, within his kind there are good and evil, those who help to protect the human race and work with witches and wizards for good, and those who run with the demons and wreak havoc and destruction. 

Valon decided to kiss me just then on the roof, which shocked me, and then  he said, 'I've missed you.  We left things badly and I don't want it over between us.  I can make it right.' 

'Damn Valon!  This is not the time to discuss this, we are under attack!  You really pissed some people off, let's talk later, if we freakin' survive!' I yelled, while using my powers to telepathically sense what we were up against.

And, what I was sensing wasn't good.

I said, 'I have got three players of medium strength closing in on us and the one big ugly baddie...we have got to teleport out of here and need to work with you remember the charms?'

'Yes', Valon replied. 

'Then let's get home!'

At that moment a binding spell was cast at us, which I deflected and we both yelled, 'Aviaportus' and imagined being in my apartment back at home in New York City. 

This was very tricky stuff, you had to believe you were there, that is what got you safe and home fast.  Since we were working together I could sense Valon's thoughts - and he mine...  I was in the living room by the fire... he was calling me to the bedroom. 

Ugh men.  Vampires, wizards or human...they are all the same.


And, that ladies and gentlemen was when I woke up!  LOL

The funny thing is that this is probably a conglomeration of several books I have read as well as it's own little story of mine.

I hope you enjoyed!  It was one of those great fantasy dreams that you wish you could go back to sleep to dream some more, but alas, it didn't return!

Extra credit:  One of my favorite classic rock anthems, 'Dream On' by Aerosmith, way, way back in the 70's!!!

Be well,


artloner said...

You have amazing dreams, I fear, are saturated with morphine.  >lmaoooo>


xomywayox said...

Dang, that was a good dream. Cool Assignment...


sazzylilsmartazz said...

Hey, if Nicholas Cage was in that dream could you video tape it the next time you have one? (Smiles)
Why can't I remember my dreams like this? Sounds yummy to me:)

mavarin said...

Pretty darn cool! - Karen

lurkynat said...

very interesting!

pandorasbazaar said...

Wow! That's like Baldur's Gate meets Buffy and Harry Potter plus, um, Nicolas Cage? LOL!
Cosette ~

tlgf1968 said...

omg - LMAO!!~  did u have oysters for dinner before bedtime?  hehe!!~  :)~