Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lay Your Hands on Me

Yes, kitty... it is my happy place too!

Okay... get your minds out of the gutter, no, I did not overuse my middle finger displaying it at people!!!! lol

Nah... it's just the RA or Lupus annoying the joint.  I am going to put a splint on it... that will help.

Hammer just asked his GalPal if she would 'officially' be his girlfriend, as she was discussing some guys who like her at school.  She told him, maybe soon, but for now she wants to just stay friends and keep working toward it.  He is thrilled!  She didn't say, 'no' after all, and he wants to take it very slow, too.

I am relieved for him, I think he was worried she would kiss him or something!  LOL

I saw this meme on the internet -

10 Things You are Passionate About!

1.     My Hubby     (insert waggling eyebrows here!)
2.     My kids     (my life is for them!)
3.     My family     (my parents, Kathy, Karol, aunts, uncles, cousins, are all very important to me!)
4.     Coffee!!!     (yum!)
5.     Books     (reading keeps your mind and imagination alive!)
6.     Learning     (I love learning new things, watching educational tv, etc)
7.     Christmas     (I love hosting the holiday here at my home, and the traditions around that)
8.     Blogging & Writing    (the perspective it gives me and the support are wonderful)
9.      Tolerance     (it is a way of life, being respectful and tolerant of other religions, races, and opinions!  Embrace our diversity!)
10.     Living!!!     (does it show?  I really try to grab the most I can out of life!)

Okay... that was fun... anyone want to whip up a quick Ten for Tuesday???  lol

be well,


ktkamanski said...

This was cute - Hope you find some relief and comfort soon! Take care,

chat2missie said...

Cute meme.  Enjoy your evening.

rdautumnsage said...

Puppy love is in the air. (Hugs) Indigo

deshelestraci said...

Good list.  I am with the kitteh at the top!  My happy place!

mrsm711 said...

I like your Ten things answers.   The kitty's are cute.  :)
http://journals.aol.com/mrsm711/LatteDah/   Tracy

tenyearnap said...

Hey, I think Hammer is very brave to ask! I like your 10 things, too. --Cin

coelha said...

Any sign of the missing mayor over there?  :)  Cute Meme...  If I have time when I get home I think I can whip out a quick 10.. Julie :)

libragem007 said...

that was a wonderful Tuesday meme...it made me feel just a li'l sad because I had forgotten things I used to be passionate about.
It doesn't even add up to 10...just writing and gardening. I need to take a look at things that makes me happy and get back to doing it.
This meme is a wonderful reminder..Thank you!
Gem :-)

eml625 said...

A girlfriend??? Nooooooo It's to soon, isnt it? He's not much older than my boy ! I dont want them to grow up !!! (you seem pretty calm about it !)

randlprysock said...

Congrats to Hammer!!!  Hugs,

gazker said...

Agree with 4, 8, 9, 10.....Gaz xxxx

nay0114 said...

Wow we're getting to the girlfriend stage. This should start becoming interesting. Young love.
Take care, Chrissie

lurkynat said...

hope you fell better soon