Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Wow, Thursday already!  Here are my Thankfuls...

1.     My family.  They are my life force, keeping me going!

2.     Boy Scouts.  I am so happy what it brings to each of my children!  For Hammer, it brings an opportunity to step out of comfort zone, and to socialize!  For Fuzzy, it helps him to learn and hone his leadership skills.  For Pumpkin, it is giving her the educational opportunities that she craved. 

3.     Coffee.  Thank the stars that Green Mountain finally got our K-cups to us!  Yay!  (I am drinking a lovely cup of Hazelnut right now... ahhhhh yum!)

4.     Russ.  Thank you for bringing I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? to my attention, and thus, to this blog for all to enjoy!!!  Yay!  Except for Gaz, who hates cats.  LOL 

5.     And, for all the great people I have met in online (including the two above), your support and friendship has meant so much, especially this crazy year!


Traci, over at My life as a transplanted Yankee, put up a list of Thirteen today also.  Hers was about homeschooling... I don't have 13 reasons... so...

I am going to list Thirteen Catalogs that I love to get in the mail!  This is the season where you are bombarded with them for holiday shopping.

1.     Land's End  (great classic styles and quality)
2.     ABC Catalog (fun and inexpensive!)
3.     Hammacher Schlemmer (love the gadgety stuff!)
4.     Herrington (well tested and good quality)
5.     Sharper Image (more gadgets!)
6.     Home Improvements (interesting householdy things)
7.     Home Decorators  (I just sigh at everything I want, lol)
8.     Solutions (all kinds of cool cleaning things & gadgets)
9.     Wireless (great nostalgic tv items & fun things)
10.    Lillian Vernon (who doesn't like to browse that catalog?)
11.     Frontgate (lots of expensive stuff I can't afford. Ever)
12.    Harry & David (food stuff, yummy)
13.     Computer Gear (great science, gaming, and geeky stuff!)

Okay... that was fun!

I am feeling a bit better... (shhhh, don't tell anyone or say it too loud... I don't want the Lupus or RA to hear... lol)

I hope you are all having a great Thankful day!

be well,

This pic below... could be my KIDS!  LOL (they don't let me play; I kill them.)

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coelha said...

Oh.. I love ABC..  I have it here at work--it's a very dangerous distraction.  I bought some really nice stuff from Lillian Vernon.  I'm glad you are feeling better!!  Julie :)

astoriasand said...

Love your post as usual I am happy you are feeling much better(Shhhh I wispered that one) lol!! Shucks I carn't read your catalogues so thats a bummer as you say in USA. Haaaa. I loved being a brownie when I was a girl and all the Boy Scouts were around us on events. Yehhh .So I am  with you on that one.Finally Don't we love our coffee.Ahh Mmm I am just gonna go make one now.I am so thankful too for Russ, he gives me my first laugh every morning I wake with Pear LOL.Prayers being said your health improves and you have a great day. Take Care God Bless Kath

cherry2sweet2eat said...

i always wondered what a cat looked like under when its legs is tucked like that now i KNOW!!

ksgal3133 said...

Great thankfuls :)
I love looking through the Harry and David catalog :)


ukgal36 said...

I'm with gaz..can't stand cats...
My Name is Lyn and I am a catologholic...;-)
Love your list!!

deshelestraci said...

Hey, thanks for the plug!  I have loved the hovercat since I saw him!  Ingenious!
I really love your list of catalogs.  I would never think to list catalogs but I love reading them!!

mail4campbell said...

I'm glad you are feelin well...I've been alittle better myself...and I LOVE cats!!! Coffee makes the day wakeup for me!!! (drink mine without sugar now!)

jckfrstross said...

praying that you get to feeling more normal:) and that you have a great friday


tenyearnap said...

I'm thankful that you are feeling better...but Hover Cat is SCARY!! --Cin

mleighin21st said...

I just love these cats.  The first time I visited the Cat-site, I laughed till I had tears rolling down my face.  Great Thankfuls, need to go do mine.  I've been kinda postless lately.  I don't get many catalogues in the mail, but that's okay, I can't afford anything anyway. :(
                                  Smiles,  Leigh

nightmaremom said...

great list!!  You always perk me up and make me remember there are good things out there.  Thank you

toonguykc said...

Good list as always.  I'm thankful you posted Hovercat!  That's one of my favorites.  Here's another website


luddie343 said...

You know, Dawn I just realized what a gift you have - no matter what little piece of personal hell life has you in, I've yet to hear you complain, whine, dwell on negatives, things you have every right to do.  Your ability to talk about all the wonderful, sweet positive things in your life, the people you love who no doubt adore you, this is truly a special blessing, I'm complimented to know you even a little.  So you like hazelnut coffee too, eh? lol ah yes.... XOXO CATHY

eml625 said...

I'm glad your feeling better. Man, you get a lot of catalogs!!! Have a great Friday

ekgillen said...

My Hubby just told me that the mailman would be the first to know if anything ever happened to us because after two days the mail box would be overflowing because of all my catalogs and magazines! :)

gazker said...

You are the sweetest lady, I am gonna check out some of those catalogues. I love the ones you get in a Sunday papars too, don't you?
Gaz xxx

Anonymous said...

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