Friday, October 26, 2007

Jet Airliner

No, I am not going anywhere... 

I just can't get the line '... sometimes you go thru hell to get to heaven' out of my head.  Dealing with my own personal 'hell' somedays it seems to fit.  I hope.



Today, is 17 years since Hubby and I 'officially' got engaged, with the ring and all. 

It was also a rainy, chilly, fall Friday. 

Sometimes it seems like yesterday, other times a lifetime ago.

Love you more now than I did then... I know you know that, hon.



Fuzzy's asthma is still acting up.  This week, the last week of October, has historically always been a tough week for him and his asthma and allergies.  The changing weather, the rotting leaves, all of it bothers him.

Tomorrow, we have Russell's Bar Mitzvah to attend and the following luncheon.  I am proud and excited for Russ, he has worked very hard at this, and I am so happy his parents included us in the celebration.  The kids are excited to see the ceremony too, as they have never been.

Hopefully, my back will be less painful tomorrow.

Pumpkin, our elder cat of 12 cat years, is staring me down right now.  That is her signal for 'get up off your butt to pick me up off the floor and put me by the cat food'.  Unfortunately, with my back pain, I cannot assist.  Fuzzy just came and rescued her.  lol

Libby hates the rain as much as I do.  Funny, since labs are 'supposed' to be water dogs.  She does love playing and splashing in water or snow, she just hates rain hitting her nose as it falls.  Too funny.  I have to force her to go out and pee.  lol

Anyhow, just a lazy, rainy day here.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

be well,


coelha said...

It's not raining here, but it's cloudy.  Weatherman said it was going to be sunny, guess he was wrong.  Enjoy your lazy day..  Gee, that cat IS lazy!  LOL  Happy anniversary engagement day!  :)  Julie

mleighin21st said...

Have a relaxing, rainy afternoon!!!  And a great weekend.  I won't be back till Monday.  I work during the hours the library is open on Saturdays.  
                                    Smiles,  Leigh

astoriasand said...

Have a great day tomorrow Dawn I pray your back is much better and also that Fuzzy's asthma gets better soon.Pumkin the cat sounds like I feel tonight LOL!! Enjoy your lazy day.The cat graphic is hlllarious haaaaaa.Take Care God Bless Kath

glensfork4 said...

Stopping in to say hello...I haven't been far away, just not commenting like I usually do....Hope your back gets to feeling better and soon. My inside dog doesn't like the rain either, she sits on the porch with a look of "yeah-ok, I'm NOT going in the yard"


erarein63 said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better!  De ;)

sugarsweet056 said...

Congrats on the official engagement 17 yrs ago.  :)
Hope you get to feeling better soon. {{}}
My Gson has terrible allergies too. Poor Fuzzy.
My girls don't care for the rain either.
Hope your wkend is a good one, & pain free.

chat2missie said...

Congrats on the engagment anniversary!  We can celebrate those can't we? LOL  Have a good weekend.

tenyearnap said...

Maybe you should accompany Libby with a big umbrella over her.
Enjoy the Bar Mitzvah. I hope the back lets you have a great time. --Cin

sdoscher458 said...

Have fun at the party I know the kids will have fun. Hope you feel better soon this weather is bad for aches and, Sandi

sunnyside46 said...

that song always made me crazy.
Why are you getting on the big airliner if you dont' want to be carried too  far away?
I hurt my back too, must be contagious.
Feel better soon!

lattedah711 said...

17 years ago your new life began with the man you love.  Congrats :)     Tracy

stillh20z said...

I couldn't do anything for 17 years!  

congratulations on the benchmark, and take care of that back, yahearme??

love love :)

pharmolo said...

Congratulations on the milestone, Dawn. Hope the back improves soon.

martygord said...

Hi Dawn,
Congratulations!  And enjoy the Lazy Rainy Day ... it sounds great to just hang around and watch the Fall rain!

nightmaremom said...

Congrats!!  a little rain but mostly chilly here.

luddie343 said...

17 years, isn't it amazing and wondrous 2 humans can find what they need in each other?  I hope Fuzzy can get more comfortable, and Russell's mitzvah is a success, the kids will have many good questions.  xoxo CATHY  

cherry2sweet2eat said...

wow thats a long time. Hope you feel much better.

jckfrstross said...

Congrats :)


eml625 said...

Time sure flies by doesnt it? Congrats on 17 years.
I hope Fuzzy is feeling better today....poor thing. You too for that matter , so you can enjoy your day. It's suppose to continue with the rain though. But hope your aches and pain ease up.

queeniemart said...

sometimes i think my allergies include being allergic to grass..depending on what time of year it is, if i get around grass i am SO sick! I hope Fuzzy feels better!
Congrats on 17 yrs of togetherness with DH...i have also been with my husband for 17 yrs.
Hugs,lisa jo

lattedah711 said...

Trick or Treat!  Stop by and say BOO!      Tracy

wildautumn1 said...

Hope you & Fuzzy are doing better. Have a good weekend!

preciousone25 said...

Hope both, you and Fuzzy, are both feeling better, very soon!!


wwfbison said...

I hope your back is feeling better by now.  My chocolate lab won't go off the porch if she knows it's raining - it is funny since they love to swim.  I hope you have a great weekend.

deshelestraci said...

I know what you mean about dogs and rain.  My westie HATES to get wet.  Makes him goofy!  
Awww.  17 years ago... How nice!

cacklinrosie101 said...

Joey's asthma was bad last week.  I was blaming the torrential rain on all aches, pains, sinus problems, etc.  Hoping next week brings more smiles....HUGS  Chris